3 things I don't get in the kpop world...

I'm finally back on track in the kpop world after 2 days. I've been listening/watching 42985729 Mv's .___. However the thing I don't get is the big hate towards the rookie group Wassup. I haven't seen the MV for their debut song yet because youtube is blocking it -_- But I've seen live performances and teasers and I seriously don't get why people are hating. Sure twerking isn't really the best dance move out there but why the heck are some people saying that they will ruin kpop, dafuq?! Idols try new moves for example shuffling, acrobatic moves, pole dancing etc. Twerking is one of them and some of you (probably 95%) don't like it and it's fine to state it but NEVAH say that it'll ruin kpop! I personally think that the song is catchy and twerking doesn't look completely bad at some places. People seem to hate and judge before they've seen the entire MV or their live performances.
Okay guys, allkpop, dailykpopnews, homo sapiens sapiens stahp. It's bad that the idols are enlisted as celebrity soldiers, they should serve their country like "normal" people. (well that sounded a bit wrong...) and the fact that they've been trolling around doesn't make things better. Just give them the punishment and stop ship your oppa for a while. It's reality folks, if someone breaks the rule, punishment awaits them. 
People should love these girls more! Walking around with helmets and sh*t! XD 
This is how I roll~

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Haha jag tänkte precis på de här sakerna, jag håller helt med dig! Hatet mot Wassup är ju otroligt onödigt! Föresten, har du sett hur alla hatar Clara? Hon är en skådespelare, jag har sett på allkpop :p Asså folk kommenterar fett mkt om vem den här random tjejen är, varför inte googla upp henne? Om du vet vad jag pratar om så förstår du nog vad jag menar, hehe :p

2013-08-10 @ 23:32:21
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