Exo fans banned to attend Inkigayo

I just saw someone post this on fb:
Starting from this week, EXO fans have been officially banned from attending Inkigayo. This is due to the issue of fans taking photos during the recordings and posting them before the official broadcasting - it's not allowed. So if you see anymore of these pictures, please do not RT or Re-post them. Think about how EXO would feel if they had no EXO fans downstage to cheer them on and do fanchants while performing. It's also terrible to pretend to be part of another fandom and sneak in. 
"exo fans pretended to be in other fandoms to get into Inki BC exo fans were chased out but cheered when exo came out so others were angry :( "(happyluhans)
This is worsening other fandom's impressing of us and EXO's image so please, remember to not RT/re-post/spread pictures of EXO during live recordings anymore.
Omg lolololo X'd Exotics </3 I don't really know what to say... I'm sorry but the Exotics should seriously win "The-most-crazy-assed-fans" award this year. They're pretty equal with cassiopeia's, I'm not saying that all of you EXO fans are like this but probably 75% of you are crazy... ass fans XD 


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