Kpop groups/duo without a fanclub name

It's known that evey kpop group/duo out there usually have a fanclub name, where fans can call themselves... their fans XD *captain obvious*  No.. but there are some groups out there who (still...) doesn't have any official fanclub name and that's quite weird imo because the groups/companies usually announce the fanclub name after a few months. (from their debut)
Well here you have the nameless fandoms .___.
I'm surprised that f(x), Exo and JYJ doesn't have any official fan names... f(x) fans are calling themselves aff(x)tions or nameless while Exo fans call themselves Exotics. SM Y U NO GIVE FAN NAMES?!
There are actually A LOT of nameless groups/duo's and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. However I just picked some "popular" groups. 


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