Men are supposed to cry 3 times in his life...

I have actually heard this quote before *pointing up* or actually a long time ago. I didn't really check when they're supposed to cry but I did it a few months ago. The quote is actually, funny enough, a well known Korean saying. 
“Men are supposed to cry only 3 times in their life”
- "When he is born, when his parents die, and when he loses his country."

The born part is quite unexpected because everyone cries when they're born (duh.. or there are actually special kids.. nevermind). I thought that "When their kid is born" would've been there.
The most uncommon one is actually the last one. I couldn't really find an exact answer, but it is a bit influenced from their history. You know those years where the nation was colonized by Japan. 
So I actually fins these things interesting :3


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