SM & C&C Merging

It took me while to actually get these [THIS & THIS] articles but I think I've gotten a grip on it. To put it simply SM ent. and Woolim will practically merge into one big entertainmment. Woolim won't really belong to SM but you can say that... they're a sub entertainment called Woolim Label :p (like kpop sub groups). 
A lot of (particularly) Inspirits' seems to be unhappy about this matter and I'm a bit, meh, as well. It'll benefit the groups in Woolim ent. A LOT but I'm a bit unhappy revolving the "pride perspective". For example, Infinite was seriously, a piece of dust when they debuted but they've risen to become such an inspiring and strong group by themselves. However it feels like they'll ride on a train together with SM now. But I'm still happy over the fact that they can become more popular over a short amount of time, thanks to SM. 
I can't really comment anything regarding how the music will turn out, but I seriously hope that Infinite will have their awesome beat and personality in their songs. We have to wait and see guys, wait and see.


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