2AMs Jo Kwon in a Gay Bar?

One K-Pop Boyband Member Visit Gay Bar in Thailand?

Shocking news came from K-Pop idol. Recently a photograph with the caption 'famous Korean idol seen in gay bars in Thailand' outstanding. Photos are spread across a variety of online communities in Korea and Thailand is also reaping the attention of many netizens.

On Monday (15/07) of the sources said if one member idol group 'A' was in Thailand. Quoted from the Daily Star News, the source upload a photo similar to the one of the Korean idol group members who were visiting a gay bar in Thailand.

Shortly member idol group 'A' the writing on his Twitter account when he was on his way to vacation, which adds unsuspecting netizens thought that if one of these idol groups could be true is in Thailand.

After seeing the photo postings, many netizens who assume if the group members are Jo Kwon of 2AM. But the truth of it is still a question mark because of the assumption that the evidence was not strong enough. What do you think, Chingu?


So.. what do you guys think? Shocked? Haha I'm not. And even if he really went to a gay bar, it doesn't necessary mean he is gay. But nevertheless.. I've always had second thought about Jo Kwon. But I don't mind if he likes girl or boys or even both! Do what makes you happy brotha'!


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