GD's tattoos

I've probably written a similiar post a long time ago on GD's tattos. However he sure has some new ones since then.
Hm.. five of them seems to be new (for me). The one with a text and a heart (in the middle), the one with a heart, F and $ (lol.. love, fuck and money) , the crown, those two X on his stomach and the one with Roman numerals. 
Totally digging the dead smiley on his stomach XD And the crown does it represent Big Bang? o_o
Lololololo *facepalm* XD "New tattoos" my ass X'''''D So he got 4 new ones. The heart, F, $, the one with the crown, Roman numerals and the on & off tattoo behind his ear, 
I plan to have a tattoo behind my ear as well but with a music note instead. 


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