Jay Park - I Like 2 Party [Dance Practice]

Oooo boy, o boy, o boy, o boy!!!!~
I just love Jay Parks dance videos, since he us such an amazing dancer!!!!!!!!! Gaaah, just want to do.. things to this boy! xD

I don't know what it is with Jay, but I can't stop loving him. I remember before when I had a little problem accepting his language (he cusses a lot), but now I'm used to it? So now I'm back in love with him. Gosh.. haha stop doing this to me!

And just to show you guys exactly how amazing this boy is at dancing, check this out:

He's got a cute butt.. ^^
And I don't know what it is with me and those "aaahhh" sounds. Like the one he does at 0:33. LOVE IT!!!~
I know it's not him doing the sound, but he does that sound in a lot of his songs haha ^^
And yeeeah. SEE HOW AMAZING HE IS!!!!!!! ♥.


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