Youtubers React to KPOP

HAHAHAHHAHA OMG, I think I freakin' snapped when they played Lucifer by SHINee (because it's like one of the songs that introduced me to KPOP ^^)

Favorite moments:
0:52 - hahahahahahahahha, it's like ridiculous. But I like it O_O.
1:06 - They look like characters from every 'final fantasy' game I've ever played.
2:31 - I got a boy on my shin~
2:59 - (Ryan's smile)
3:07 - especially the lady in the center. (Taemin NOOOOOOOO xD)
3:28 - Dreamy guys...! (HELL YEAH BUDDY! We got another one to join the darkside ^^)
3:40 - Yeah.. yeah, I can definitely fap to this (O__O)

Omg, the girls reactions though! Hahahahah "fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap". HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
I absolutley adore these videos ^^


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