M! Countdown - MBLAQ & Rainbow Pixie

Just wanted to share this with you guys. Rainbow Pixie performed today at M! Countdown with their song 'Hoi Hoi'. MBLAQ also performed with their song 'White Forever' (One of my favorite Christmas songs ^^) AAAAND a special stage for their new singel 'This is War'!!!! xD


White Snow

This Is War

JDQJ3123¤!#"¤" Am I the only one seeing how extremly great this is?! Haha, and am I also the only one realizing how buff they've all become?! I mean like, Thunder has a great looking body, Mir has chest muscles and G.O's arms!!!! haha, Seungho doesn't really have to have a body to look smoking, and Lee Joon has always had a body ^^

I still don't get if Rainbow Pixie is like.. Rainbows sister group.. or something ^^ This is what allkpop says: Rainbow‘s first ever sub-unit, Rainbow Pixie, has just recently stepped into the music scene with their debut title track titled “Hoi Hoi“. But I still don't get it? O.o Anywho, here you have their performance!! ENJOY! :D

Couldn't find their performance O.o but here you have their debut stage! ^^

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Restaurangen heter "kimchi" men det är även en maträtt, det finns olika sorters kimchi och jag åt kimchi gryta :D

Rainbow Pixie är 3 tjejer från Rainbow :)

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