B1A4 - Beautiful target [JAP. MV]

WHAAAT!??!?! B1A4 released a Japanese version of their WONDERFUL AMAZING song Beautiful Target! xD

Hahaha that awkward moment at 2:46 xD
(But I don't get the end. Did she spray him? haha)

OMG, this is like the cutest thing ever!! My brother was standing in front of me while I was watching the MV and.. haha yeah.. I don't think he thinks I'm normal anymore. I SPAZZED SO MUCH!!! Jinyoung, wae so damn cute!!? (The guy that falls in love) and all the others, HNNNG!! And not HNNNG in a hot sexy way, but in the most cute and adorable way there is. I love their fan-service. It's crazy how I actually like ALL of the members in B1A4.

I haven't really paid much attention to them lately, but now that they did this MV... I fell in love with all over again ^^

But the song. It dosen't have as much power as it did when they sang it in Korean. Like when Baro sings "Oh, oh, I'm up and high" the High word should have more power. Yeah.. hahahah other than that I don't have much more to say. This is one of the few JAP. songs I like ^^

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