Day 30: Favorite CNBlue song:

Last day, WOOP WOOP!

So CNBlue. I remember the first time I heard their song "I'm a Loner" hahahaa I laughed so hard when B.R.A told me what it meant (I didn't know the songs name by then).

I'm a Loner / Alone

Haha only me who didn't get the story at first? But then I read the comments below:
I really like the video and I don't get why people are saying that they don't understand it cause for me it was pretty simple... It shows that they were 'loners' and that in the end they came closer through music. The scream is to show that they all had enough and that they don't want to keep living their lives the way they had so far... I find this video meaningful and I love cnblue :D 

I felt so dumb while reading it! ^^ But I mean I got some of that, like that they had enough and.. stuff like that xD But yes, this is my favorite song from CNBLue 8D

Day 29: Favorite Block B song:

YAAAAAY!!! Only 2 more days xD

Now to more serious business.. What the hell guys. I really miss Block B :( I really liked them, and now none of them are singing and it's all because of a interview..
These guys had talent for crying out loud! And I bet they still do.

But yeah.. I guess this is the world we live in. So my favorite song is definitely this one:
NalinA (Gorilla Dance ver.)

But I also like, correction, LOVE Freeze

When Block B comes back

I’m just gonna


Day 28: Favorite M.I.B song:

My God!!! I don't know if you guys remember the S.O.T.W I did with M.I.B's song "Celebrate".. But I'm still super duper in love with that song. I think I've listened to it everyday for like.. 4 weeks ^^ So here it is:


Why is it still so little views?! I seriously don't get it. The song is AWSOME and the MV is so fun to watch!!! I love the whole color-thing and the way they did the MV. It's like.. yeah fun! ^^

I just feel like M.I.B should have sticked to this type of music though. I remember when I heard "Only Hard For Me" I felt like this wasn't them. Because we had G.D.M and Celebrate from them first.. and then this? ^^ Maybe their trying to attract a different kind of group of people. But I support them :D However I perfer the old them..


Day 27: Favorite Miss A song:

Why is there always like two songs that I really really like and can't chose which one to pick -.-
Haha I guess I'll just put up both xD

Bad Girl Good Girl


Yes, not going to write so much.. ^^ These are my favorite Miss A songs! :D

Day 26: Favorite A-PINK song



They all look so adorable TT_TT But THIS^ holy crap this!! I don't know why but I'm absolutely in love with this song! Have been ever since it came out xD

Day 25: Favorite ZE:A song

Here I Am


These are my favorite songs. I don't know much about ZE:A, so I don't have much to say ^^ Their latest song Aftermath is probably my favorite, but Here I Am is so cute!!! So yes, these are the songs ^^

Day 24: Favorite JJ Project song:

Yeah, because this is such an obvious choice I'll just spam you guys with gifs ^^

Bounce (Live)

Day 23: Favorite Rain song

Hmm.. I guess.. well it's between Love SongHip Song and Rainism..
All of them has something catchy. Love song has that sexy-dance, Hip Song "Hip Song ROCK TONIGHT!" plus the dance and Rainism has "Bad boi~ gonna be a bad bad boy~" and the dance ^^

But because I am who I am.. I chose sexy-dance xD
Love Song

When he sings.. I get goosebumps O__o His voice is so good!! It sounds exactly like the recorded version but it's live. And RAAAIN, U SO PRETTY!!! Seriously, he is so God damn pretty!! I can't stop looking at him TToTT

Ahahaha and from 1:30 when the girls start screaming.. he got so much more cocky? Haha no but you could see in his face how he went all "they want me" xD But I don't blame him!!!! Evryone wants him ^3^
Then from 1:43 when the sexy-dance starts hehohohihieheho ;D

That moment when he didn't really show his body because he had a vest under is shirt under is shiny thing -.-

Day 22: Favorite BoA song:

Definitely this one

Eat You Up

Two reasons. #1, that it's in english and pretty much ghetto-swagarific. #2... THE WAY SHE DANCES!! Can you get an dancegasm? Because I think that's kind of what I get when I see her dance hehe. I mean when she dances.. DAAANG, I get so into it, and she is so hot when she dances. Hahahaha please don't mind me drooling all over BoA, but seriously. When she dances.. she dances better than the freakin' backup dancers!!

The only thing I didn't like with this MV was that it didn't have a story. At all. Hahaha ok.. so she dances. Meets a lot of people.. goes to this audition place and destroys everything. Just because she feels like it haha xD I don't really get what that has to do with the song. But the dancing is so AMAZING that I don't mind at all!! She can do whatever she want's in this MV, as long as she dances ^^

And now to the song. I love the actual song, but she dosen't have the best accent. She says everything right, but there is something there though that dosen't make it sound 100% correct. And it feels a bit autotuned.. other than that I give this song/MV two thumbs up!! :D

Day 21: Favorite B.A.P song:

Hahahah.. dude -.- "Warrior" is a classic, but I LOVE "Power".. So I choose.. POWAAAAARIOR!!! hahaha like B.A.P



Both of these songs are so powerful! The song is like WAAAAH!!! IN YOUR FACE!! kind of.. haha. And the MV's are so bad-ass and the dances O__o In both MV's they have this part where they just dance. On Warrior they have that "stomp the yard" feeling, and in Power they have that "spray away the insects" feeling. Both look awsome, and their rapping parts!!!!! They have such good rappers!!! BYG with his intense deep voice and Zelo with his super-duper fast skills ^^

Nothing more to say. I love ALL their songs. 

Day 20: Favorite T-ARA song:

Urrgh.. it bugs me so much that all of their MV's are like 20minutes long -.- I never watch them. I really want to but I'm to lazy!!! O__o RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE


But ok.. so I like this song a lot:
Lovey Dovey (Zombie Ver.) [trimmed]

I absolutley LOVE this version. Ok.. haha this is the only version I've seen xD But I saw the entire thing okey?! This is the trimmed version though, so not all those movie parts are in here ^^ If you want to see the entire MV, click here.

But then we have that classic T-ara song.. hehe
Bo Peep Bo Peep

They have a version where they only dance. Yeah.. a dance version xD It's more cute than sexy like this one. At first I was like "WTH?!" haha but then I remember I read a comment that explained everything. After watching it again I got the story ^^ But the song is so cute!! And then you see this MV hahahaha.

Day 19: Favorite 4Minute song

I reeeeeeeally like these:



Heart to Heart

I really don't understand why they have so little views.. these songs are actullay not that bad. I like all of them!! And I like all of the MV's O__o 4Minute is kind of hard-core, which I really like!! Except for the last one hehe, that was more like their über-cute MV ^^ 4Minute IS a really good group, good singers, good dancers, good rappers *caugh*.. HyunA is their rapper -.-' Yeaaaah, for you who don't know. I have a hard time liking HyunA haha. But still, that dosen't change the fact that I like this group. I'm drugging their "Muzik" everyday actually!!

Day 18: Favorite MBLAQ song:

Yeah.. I don't know how many times I've told you guys what my favorite MBLAQ-song is. So here it goes again..

OH YEAH!!!! Haha.. jk


And Lee Joon looks so f-ing hot!!! 8D and so does Mir, but I like their looks better in "Oh Yeah" hehe..
So why I love this song. This is the first song I fell in love with from MBLAQ. The first song I ever heard from them was "Oh Yeah". I liked how they looked.. but not the song. I did later, but that was after I fell in love with this song. So this has always been my ultimate KPOP-song!!!! MBLAQ was the first group I fell in love with and this was the first song. It's also the first song I learnt ^^ Kind of.. I know the sounds, but not the word xD

Anywhoo, I've showed you this clip before but I want to show it to you guys again since it's just so cute!!!

HAHAHAHAHAH those hands!!!!!! xD And Seungho just standing there like "..yep." And OMG MIIIIIIIIR, you look so amazing!!! ^3^ And G.O at 2:32 HAHAHA, wtf dude?! xD And Thunder's jacket...
BUT IT'S STILL ALL SO CUTE!! I freakin love you guys. If I don't get to see you.. my life isnt complete TToTT

Day 17: Favorite KARA song:

I like their song "Step", but I definitely perfer..


Haha can't stop thinking about Yoseob, Kikwang, Nichkhun and Wooyoung when I here this song xD If you don't know why.. you must be a new reader. If you are, check out this post. HAHAHAHA xD

This song.. this dance is so funny. Not like funny HA-HA, but funny in a way that I like it. It's happy and silly to me ^^ Don't know why.. So yes, my absolute favorite KARA song is Mister :D

Day 16: Favorite U-KISS song

Now.. this is a really really hard one for me. If there were like two songs I liked the most, I'd put both of them up. But right now it's like 1,2,3,4,5.. 5 song's that I absolutley LOVE from U-KISS ^^ So I'll basically just put up the ones with the best MV xD

But lets first list the songs that i love from them ^^
- DoraDora
- Man Man Ha Ni
- 0330
- Neverland
- Amzing
ACTUALLY there is one more that I love xD
- Bingeul Bingeul
Oh.. and one more
- Shut Up

To be honest though... 0330, Neverland and DoraDora must be my absolute favorite ones ^^ But I really like all of their songs. I don't think they've done one single song I don't like O__o

So to the MV's.. there is one that has a GREAT MV that actually has a story (like their only MV that has a real story xD). It's so awsome and.. just AMAZING T_T


Day 15: Favorite 2NE1 Song

Again, I have two songs I absolutely love!! So I pick both ^^

Can't Nobody (eng. version)

How can you not love this song?? And the reason why I picked english version is because I can sing along to it xD I feel so freakin' badass singing to CL's rap, then a little bit ashamed when I try to sing Bom's part ^^ I can't really sing that high.. B.R.A can, but not me -.- I'm more like the rapper of this group xD

And then of course.. we have I Am The Best

Minzy!!! I really think I'm in love xD She dances soooooooooo well!!! She is so pretty and so fierce and her voice OH MAI GOSH!!! hahaha, but this song just in all is so daebak! And the dance practis video is so fun to watch that I almost like it more than the actual MV ^^ Just saying..

Day 14: Favorite BEAST/B2ST song

My favorite B2ST song.. I have two that kind of shares 1st place ^^ So I'll pick two!!!

Fiction (Orchestra Version)

Of course I like the.. no I LOVE the original version, but this one is so beautiful!! So that's why I picked this version instead ^^

I Like You The Best

Haha Yoseob so cute!!!! Don't know why but he really is in this MV xD Or, he's always cute hehehe.
And one funny thing I always remember from this MV. When they hit Kikwang at 1:56 there is Dongwoon, Junhyung, Yoseob and Kikwang. At 2:24 Doojoon plopps up.. with a red jacket!!? OUT OF NOWHERE!! Why would they make him so up in your face?? Hahaha, yeah.. that's funny ^^ And so are the bloopers at the end!! Some of the bloopers though are from their song Beautiful (the songs that plays while the blooprs are showing). I also REEEEALLY like their song "Beautiful", but I choose these two ^^

Day 13: Favorite f(x) song

Yeah.. like lots of other groups, I've only heard a few songs from f(x). My favorite songwas between Electric Shock and the one I'm actually picking ^^


Don't know why but at 0:44.. there is something about those dance-moves and that part in the song that brings up a memory.. with MBLAQ? ahhahahaha xD

Anywhoo, the song is so catchy and the MV is so fun to watch! Love the dance and the setting and the cloths and the hair and the makeup etc. etc. ^^

Day 12: Favorite Brown Eyed Girls song

Well.. I've only heard one ^^


Ehm.. haha the MV to me is a bit weird xD But as we have established before.. I like weird ^^ And that "Frontal Dance" they do, hahaha I remember when I was practicing for the Swedish KPOP-Flashmob and did that dance in school. My classmates didn't really know what KPOP was back then.. hahahaha those looks I got!!! xD Hahaha memories.. ^^

Day 11: Favorite FT Island song

Hello Hello

I like a lot of their songs, but this one is so catchy xD And when Hongki does that weird thing with his hand when he sings "hello hello" and "goodbye goodbye" haha. I don't know.. it's weird ^^ But I love how FT Islands MV's always has a story in it. Like Severely. I looooove that MV O__o

Anywhoo, so this is one of the songs I like most by FT Island :D

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