Day 30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

Last day!!!

Haha so eazy ^^

Kikwang (B2ST)


Junho (2PM)

Jonghyun (SHINee)

Haha maybe not as much "eye smile" as Kikwang or Junho, but it's still so adorable!! xD

Day 29: A k-pop song you never get tired of

Hahaha there's the obvious one:

MBLAQ - Stay

Don't really feel like I need to explain why ^^

And then the more random ones I never get tired of:

Block B - NalinA

B.A.P - Warrior

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby

Haha, and so so so so soooooooooo many more! Like
B1A4 - OK & Beautiful Target
2PM - Heartbeat & 10 out of 10
NU'EST - Face
That weird korean song I put up once


Day 28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist


ZE:A - The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars)

I know this isn't a cover, but it still kind of is haha ^^ They're just so adroable! xD This is one of my favorite covers out there by KPOP-stars 8D

And I actually just heard this other cover, but it's amazing:

SUJU-M's Henry - Give Me Everything Tonight (Ne-Yo ft. Pitbull)

This version is just.. and that he's playing the piano so good.. and his voice is just.. and when he rapps.. and his english is like..

I think I'm in love *3*

Day 27: Your favorite dance battle

Only seen like.. 3 dance battles ^^


1.Imma Be - The Black Eyed Peas.
2. 768 by Naturally 7.
3. Crunk De Gaulle (ft. TTC, Busdriver, and D-Styles) by edIT
4. Last Carnival by Norihiro Tsuru

Hahahahha omg, Joon, so random! I don't get why on stage he's so comfortable showing his skin, but as soon as the song ends he get all shy xD Maybe he has this alter ego on stage and when the song ends he turns back into normal? ^^

But anywho, love this battle, because they are all such good dancera! And shesus, back then Thunder was so skinny!!! (2:13). 

And the girls reacting to Lee Joon's shirt rip:
3:17 - Crazy Fangirls
3:19 - Shy Fangirls
3:22 - B2ST's DooJoon xD
3:28 - Can't stop blushing Fangirls

Another one I really like is this one

They're both so awsome! Love that they did covers of eachother as well 8D
HAHAHAHAH and SUJU at 3:16, WTF!!!! x'D

Day 26: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist

I have postponed this post for a while now. Why? Because I don't know what my "favorite cover of a kpop song by another kpop artist" is :c I wan't this post to be serious, but since it's me we're talking about, these are my favorites:

Big Bang - SES

2PM, 2AM, SHINee & SUJU - Gee (by SNSD)

I like this one mostly because of 2PM ^^

Teem Top - Shy girl (by Secret)

2AM - Bad boy Good boy (by Miss A)

They Actually sound good O_o hahaha Jokwon xD

And last but not least
MBLAQ, SUJU & SHINee - Muzik (by 4Minute)

The first time I heard this song was here. After listening to the original.. I preferred this version ^^

Lots of crossdressing. Only crossdressing as matter of fact.. I LIKE BOY'S OKEY?!?!?! I'm not.. a girl lover -.-' hahaha if you know what I mean ;)

Day 25: Your favorite k-pop music video

I have some I really like

B.A.P - Warrior

It's just so f-ing awsome! It has a new style that KPOP hasen't really done before. It's so hard-core! All my friends that don't really like KPOP like this MV. They might not like the song (which is very hard to believe), the LOVE the MV!!

Block B - NalinA

Gives a very "B.A.P - Warrior" feeling, don't it? And because I loved B.A.P's Warrior so much, it's not hard to understand why I love this MV ^^

Big Bang - Love Song

I've told you guys before WHY I like this MV so much. It's like they made the whole thing within one shot. They're also moving in slowmotion which means that they had to film it all in double speed (so their lips would move insync to the song). It's all just very hard to make, and I love that they did something different. Maybe not so different now, but back then! And not that I listened to them back then, BUT YOU GET MY POINT! xD

Big Bang - Fantastic Baby


Day 24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

Don't want to be mean but there are some I feel are a little bit overrated :c

2NE1 - Minzy
SHINee - Taemin

Sure, Minzy is awsome at rapping, singing and dancing. A real triple threat. But people are overdoing it all by saying "OMG, she is the best dancer ever!" and stuff like that. I mean, there are plenty of other girls that can dance as good as she. The only difference is that she dances more of a hip hop/popping style, and the others dances sexy/cute. Reason why Minzy is so cool is just because that she dances those styles. Would other Idols start dancing like her, I believe they would be just as good!

Same thing here. Because so many people love him, they overrate him. He's a great dancer no doubt, and unlike Minzy, I don't really think many can dance as good as him. So he's a good dancer. But then people go "AND HE SINGS AMAZING" and he gets to go on shows like 'Immortal Song 2'. Isn't that show for like.. main vocals? So Jonghyun should have been in that show, or like Onew. Why the heck did Taemin participate in that show? Because he's overrated... -.-

Oh taemin, don't be sad


Day 23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated

I honsetly don't know. There are some I believe is overrated, but not really underrated. G.O of MBLAQ has a really great voice, but people don't seem to pay so much attention to him. Does that count as underrated? I mean, people know that he has an amazing voice, but they're more interested in all of the other members O__o

So I guess that's my awnser. G.O is underrated!!!!

How can you not want to pay any attention to this guy? X.X I mean, just look at him!!

Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group

I had these pictures in my "30 Days of MBLAQ", but since they are one of my favorite I'll post the again ^^

and now just random gifs

OMFG, MBLAQ in my heart forever <3

Day 21: Your favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias

I have a girl bias, but I don't really stalk her as I do with other kpop idols. So I don't really have a favorite picture O__o So I'll just post random pictures xD

CL (2NE1)

Dara (2NE1)

Minzy (2NE1)

I know it says "faorite PICTURE". But I like GIFs more!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Day 20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias


I don't really have a favorite. I like all the pictures my changsun is in (yes.. his real name is changsun. Lee chansung. Chocking ey?! xD)

Day 19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group

TVXQ's Changmin talks about.. special videos:

Haha, but I love the fact that he's very open about it. And that his mom is there.. xD

SHINee talks about special videos too! ^^

If you listened to Changmin's interview, you heard that 99.9% of thw world has watched special videos. I really believe that SHINee is one of those 99.9% xD


Jonghyun: o.0 How in the world does he know?!

Minho: -_- Poker face. Must.Keep.Poker.Face

Key: :O What?! Not in front Taeminnie!

Taemin: *_* Hyung~What's Porn?

Hahahahhahahahaha! ^3^

Day 18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

There's not that many KPOP idols that are younger than me. But if I could choose anyone it would be...

2AM's Jokwon! Hahaha don't really know how to explain why, but this dude is so amazing!!! xD He would be awsome as my younger sibling! It would be like having a younger sister as well ^^

I couldn't find a compilation of Jokwons moves (alone). This is the best I could find, but you do see Jokwon, right?! xD Hahaha, damn guuuuuuurl~


And yet, he's this really pretty boy!

My reaction at 0:05


Day 17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling

Probably MBLAQ's Mir! Since I can't really see him as a bf or husband. But because I reeeeeeeally like him, I figured he would be the perfect brother! xD

He's just like me! Very hyperactive and just very childish. I have my days when I'm not like that, but the days I am.. man, people think I'm crazy! ^^

Here's one of my favorite clips of Mir:

Would love to have him as a big brother <3

Day 16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation)

Yeah.. definitely not TAKEN's "Young Boy" xD Or maybe I should pick that one.. just because! Haha, there are some weird-ass lyrics out there ^^

I don't know if the challenge asks me to pick on in korean AND one that's translated. I'm going to take it as if that's what they want.

My favorite korean song would have to be.. O__o NalinA, Lonley, Stay, Blue and that weird song I put up two days ago in "day 14".

My favorite song translated would have to be.. to be honest, I don't really read all of the lyrics translated. I always watch them at least once, and if they're not like TAKEN's "Young Boy" I don't really care. I know what the song is about and that's all that counts. I don't care WHEN every ord popps up, or know the exact lyrics but I still love the songs.

So a song I like the meaning to.. Lonley, Stay, Blue, BAAAAAD BOY!!!! I like Big Bang's "Bad Boy" as a favorite korean song as well xD

Day 15: A k-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss

Yeah.. I don't really have one of those yet.

2PM's "10 our of 10" makes me miss Jay Park being a member of 2PM? I know that he was let go from the band before I listened to KPOP, but when I started to listen to 2PM the song I listened to was songs with him in it. So I got used to him being there. Then when I started to listen to "Put Your Hands Up" and other songs I got disappionted. Jaebum :c

Again & Again

10 out of 10

Jay is in both of these songs :')

Day 14: A k-pop song that makes you smile

There are two songs that actually makes me smile. Like really smile!

The first one is MBLAQ's Stay. I smile because everytime I hear it, I think of the time when I just started to like MBLAQ and KPOP overall. I remember how I mostly just had a crush on Jonnie and how G.O had his m2stasch (c what I did there? xD).

The other song.. I don't know if it qualifies as a KPOP song. But it is in korean!

You have no idea how hard it was for me to find this clip!! Because it's all in korean and I have no idea who's singing it, I had nothing to search for on google. I know the chorus of the song and tried to search for that but that didn't work.

So what I had to do was copy the name of it from my phone like this:

Then the hard part was copying the letters. I went on to google and found this thing that told me what each letter stood for (but I had to find the letter my self and puzzle the thing together.) I actually found out the first word which is jang! But that didn't help. After 15 minutes I found this virtual keyboard. THANK YOU GOD! And that's how I found the clip xD

This song makes me smiley because.. whenever I hear it I keep thinking "WTH am I listening to nowadays? What if somebody hears it through my headphones O__o" But the fact that I really love this song is undeniable!

Day 13: A k-pop group you dislike and why

I could make this simple and just say 4Minute, but I don't think that's fair. Only reason I dislike them is because of HyunA, and only reason I dislike her is because of that whole "HyunA and Lee Jon" thing...

So a group I dislike besides HyunA....
I don't really listen to groups I don't like (not that I don't like them. It's just that I don't like their music). So if I don't like their music, I don't feel like I want to learn more about them. So I just don't. And because the ones I do listen to I like.. I don't really have a group I dislike (because I don't know anything about the groups I don't listen to). Savvy? ^^ *Jack Sparrow style* I don't really know if I was "savvy" about this text, but if you were, WELL DONE!!!

So yeah, that's my answer!! I dislike HyunA.

Yeeeeah.. I might not like her, but I like this song xD

Day 12: The very first k-pop song you’ve ever heard

Honestly, I'm having a hard time remembering if it was SHINee's "Ring Ding Dong" or MBLAQ's "Oh Yeah". Either way, that was NOT a good start for me. Introducing a person to KPOP, you should let the person listen to something that sounds like the music the person's already listening to. You know, so the person first gets an idea of what KPOP is, not the whole thing ^^. You don't want to show the person a crossdressed guy at first, ahahahaha, man.. that's not a good start at all!

I didn't see a crossdressed guy, but I did see guys with makeup singing "Ring ding dong, Ring ding dong~" and dancing some weird-ass moves along with it. Haha, my thoughts back then were not so positive xD And after hearing this song and MBLAQ's "Oh yeah" (which was not a good song either to start with, because I was a hiphop person, and those songs were just too... KPOP ^^) B.R.A let me listen to 2PM's "Hand Up".

Now THAT'S a song he should've let me listen to first, because that song sounds like the music I used to listen to before
KPOP! I was still sceptical towards KPOP after that, but I eventually got into it and here I am! Long post.. No photos O__o


I remember how weird this was for me xD

But even back then, Joonie made me go HNNNNNG! ^^

OMO.. two things
Picture 1: Is he wearing contacts? O__o
Picture 2: HAHAHHAHAHAHA look and Thunder xD

Day 11: Your favorite k-pop music video

Damn, that's a hard one. I.. don't know :c

I can't really think of any MV that I've been all like "OMG, THIS MV!!!". But I do like B.A.P's "Warrior" and Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby", "Love Song" and "Haru Haru".. AND their "Bad Boy" MV ^^

Then I like all those music videos that's not really a MV, like MBLAQ's "G.O.O.D Luv" and "Baby U".

But there isn't a single MV I don't like ^^

Why I like this song is that it looks like it was all filmed in one shot, plus that it's slow-motion which means that they had to film everything double speed so the sound would be right ^^

Big Bang after the recording of the MV:

Haha, they're like little babies! xD

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