B1A4 - Tried to Walk [MV]

Urm.. saw on the Mnet Chart that B.R.A put up that B1A4 released a song? I'm sooooo late with all the new stuff that are happening! As you may know, my internet didn't work, so I'll just blame my internet ^^

Tried to Walk


Feel bad for laughing at CNU the first time I saw him (1:43). He doesn't fit in that hair style, but in the end, it all was amazing!!! CNU didn't get so much to sing though.. same thing with Gongchan. They barely got any screen time. It felt like it was all about Baro, Sandeul and Jinyoung.
Sandeuls voice btw.. has it gotten deeper? O__o I like it ^^

I like it all!! just not the fact that not all of the members got so much spotlight..

Koreans + English (part 6) B1A4

Haha too cute!!! The guys.. omg xD And did Baro really say "I know sh*t" at 0:37?! Hahahaha, and Saendul "NOO!!" at 0:33. It's asnfsdgnsdlkgr, HE SOUNDS SO AFRAID! xD

Haha, these are some of the english parts from "Hello Baby" ep. 4

B1A4 - Oyasumi, Good Night [PV]

So this is a remake of their korean song "Baby Good Night". The guys will be releasing their second Japanese album on August 29th!

AWWWW, THIS MADE ME BLUSH SO HARD!! but the ending.. f*cking bastard O__o He's like cheating on them?! I don't like it anymore. From absolutley loving it to freakin' hating it T_T
Because I mean, it was so cute how they helped each other and all the stuff he did for the girl.

Some things I realized though. The car's steering wheel is on the right side? Yeah.. haha and the girls at 02:30 haha

Here's the korean version:

OMG hahahaha they're both cheating here!! I perfer the Japanese MV. It was so much cuter xD But yeah.. don't like the fact that they're cheating -.-'

Well, got to go! I'm dancing, dancing, dancing in the moonlight~

Hello Baby season 5 [Preview]

Hahaha the beginning xD They look all "If the baby does anything.. BAAM!! *Slams hammer on the ground*" And the quality of this season looks really good. Like it's HD or something ^^ I just hope they're funny to watch, like SHINee xD I honestly don't think ANYONE can beat SHINee's season of "Hello Baby". But I'm really glad they keep doing it, because you never know hehe.
So the show starts airing tomorrow.. B1A4 FIGHTING!!

B1A4 - Beautiful target [JAP. MV]

WHAAAT!??!?! B1A4 released a Japanese version of their WONDERFUL AMAZING song Beautiful Target! xD

Hahaha that awkward moment at 2:46 xD
(But I don't get the end. Did she spray him? haha)

OMG, this is like the cutest thing ever!! My brother was standing in front of me while I was watching the MV and.. haha yeah.. I don't think he thinks I'm normal anymore. I SPAZZED SO MUCH!!! Jinyoung, wae so damn cute!!? (The guy that falls in love) and all the others, HNNNG!! And not HNNNG in a hot sexy way, but in the most cute and adorable way there is. I love their fan-service. It's crazy how I actually like ALL of the members in B1A4.

I haven't really paid much attention to them lately, but now that they did this MV... I fell in love with all over again ^^

But the song. It dosen't have as much power as it did when they sang it in Korean. Like when Baro sings "Oh, oh, I'm up and high" the High word should have more power. Yeah.. hahahah other than that I don't have much more to say. This is one of the few JAP. songs I like ^^

That comment... XD

Before I start I just wanna say "AWWWWWW SOO SWEEETT!!" I saw that comment that a fan? Can you say that a blog fan? XD Well he/she sended it yesterday and gosh you made my day TT_TT I started to scream XD Okay let's just... continue...

A few days ago I wrote this post:

And a while ago I saw this comment:

HAHAHAHAHAHA *trollface* Well now I got a bit disappointed, It fits so... WELL! T_______T
Well thank you hahahaha this somehow made my day *failday.com* ;D

Those stuff B1A4 got...

When I searched on Sandeul to find some picture for that U.P.A.H.I I had earlier today, I found a picture on a member that made me go all OMO AKSDFNSLIKF!! O_O
That was a surprising picture I have to say...

Well let's start like this: Did you know that Jinyoung has abs?

                                                      WHOA. Ok so you thought that B1A4 was full of cutie pies with nothing really adult and masculine to offer? At least, not enough to perv on correct? We are oh so very glad to be proven wrong by Jinyoung here. Now if only you and CNU could get the rest of your band members on the “stripping” train then a whole LOT of bana’s lives would be made.

Now you know it...

*____* daze...
He doesn't really have that OMG PACK! But it's coming. I thought that eveyone from B1A4 would be flat you know, because of that über cute and skinny (wtf..) image. But this was like a big fat fist on tha face...
However he was inhumanly pale/white/bleached in this picture. He's a whiter and more cleaner version Edward in Twilight XD At least he doesn't sparkle (y) Well well this was todays schock for me, Jinyoung having abs... la la la~

B1A4 - Baby I'm Sorry (MV)

0:18 ♥ Baro ♥

0:32 ♥ Jinyoung ♥

0:59 ♥ Sandeul ♥

1:16 ♥ CNU ♥

2:01 ♥ Gongchan ♥

BARO!!! Omg his hair! xD It looks great, but I liked him more with blond hair O__o
And CNU, haha that side-cut he has, every other person here in Sweden had that before.
AND GONGCHAN HAS GONE BLONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little boys are growing up :') They feel more mature now. But I do miss the "Beautiful Target"-days ^^

And now to the song/MV. The MV was good! Haha you should've seen my spazz at 1:15. IF I WAS THAT GIRL.. I wouldn't be able to hold a straight face. I mean come on! xD Sandeul is like stroking her hair.
The song was awsome! Especially at 1:00. That's when the song really kicks in!

B1A4 - Time Is Over


That was kind of hard to read.. right? ^^ But yes! A full album will be released on March 14th. They've actually already released a song, 'Time Is Over', and this song will be one of 10 songs that will be in their album IGNITION

B1A4 - Time Is Over

Very different from their other songs. If you compare this song to Beautiful Target or OK! Haha damn, they've sure become more mature, or at least their music has ^^

B1A4 Sesame Player

GUYS! Remember when me and B.R.A watched MBLAQ Sesame Player (or Kkael player) for like 2 days straight? No..? Oh okey, but we did! ^^ And then apparently INFINITE did the show, and now B1A4?! I HAVE TO SEE IT!! xD It was sooo much fun watching MBLAQ do this show, can only hope B1A4 will be as fun to watch. However I bet that INFINITE was pretty fun ^^ At least they seem funny.. looking! Haha naah, but seroiusly.

If you want to watch the first episode of B1A4 Sesame player with subs:


You're welcome!

perogogo:  Soft Left Side: Modest Jinyoung holds his lower stomach, while cutie Baro hold his inner thigh but both spread their legs the widest Into it Right side: Secretly sexy CNU & Mischievous Chansik both GRAB THEIR CROTCHES LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW. AW YEAH. Moral of the story: B1A4 ARE AMAZING. THE END.

Miss A's Min and B1A4?

These pictures have been circulating. The photos was snaped in B1A4's recording set. The guy is Baro and see the girl? Yeah, according to WM Entertainment it's Miss A's Min!!! I LOVE HER! xD

So I guess B1A4's comeback is getting closer! I know they haven't set a date (or revealed the date) for B1A4's comeback. But I guess it's soon! :D

B1A4 CF for Wuttisak!

HAHAHAHAH, it looked so forced!!!! Not their cuteness (that's all natural baby!!!), but their reactions and their "WOW"s and "OOOH"s. Don't tell me you didn't notice that O__o But what can you do. ALL CF's nowadays feel fake. Only reason I look at them and enjoy them is.. well, because of groups like B1A4. I'm satisfied with just watching them ^^ *le perv*

So Wuttisak Clinic is a Thai cosmetic company. It's funny how B1A4 does stuff in Thailand now but not in Korea. I WAN'T A FREAKIN' COMEBACK FROM YOU GUYS!!! But maybe it's smart to wait a couple of months, knowing that like 103e214fu82 other groups are having their debut/comeback now. So yeah, you wait guys. However, I'll be waiting for that comeback of yours O______o

Can't sleep without it...

Have to thank Sandra, (or maybe not -.-) who uploaded this cover on fb.

I got stuck! It's so freaking amazing!!!! My whole body shivered, have to listen to this song everyday now T^T
I haven't really been a B1A4 fan but now I'm all in on Sandeul XD
ASDFJSDVASNFK just listen 30 seconds!

Original by Park Hyo Shin

To be honest I like Sandeul's cover 100 times more than the original :3 His voice is to die for...

Hot Debut Star

OMG!!!! B1A4 won:


YEEEEES!! hahahaha, okey no. Don't really know if it's such a big deal, but I sure am glad for them! xD


Omg!!!!!! Saw this on Jasmin's blog and could not help but to post it up to.

At the beginning of the clip I was like "naaw.. cute :)" but in the end.. GOSH I FREAKIN' SPAZZED TO DEATH!!!!!!!!! How cute wasn't that??!?!?!?!?!?! My B1A4 husband's reaction after getting kissed was also to die for ^^

It's right, right?

I haven't really talked about this group B1A4 that much, they're okay nothing I've been WOOOW or ADSGAFH over. But BOs wb future husband is here X'D



B1A4 concert sold out!

The tickets for B1A4's concert in Japan was sold after only one minute!!!!
Hahhahahah B.R.A ... what did I tell you???~ ^^ When we are going to buy tickets to an 2PM, SHINee or MBLAQ concert.. we need to be ready and have like.. 10 computers in front of us O.o. Just to make sure that we'll get the tickets 8D

"B1A4 will also keep busy with their follow up song “My Love” from their second mini album."
CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

B1A4 - ... A song

Hhaha, don't know the name of the song.
Anywho, I found this video yesterday of B1A4 while looking around in Youtube.

The first 2 second. PRICELESS. Hahahha, Shin Woo (CNU) looks so... pervy(?)
Have you guys ever heard this song before? It was released on July 13 this year O.o
I really liked their other songs 'Beautiful Target' and 'OK'. But I don't really know about this one..

*1 hour later*

OMG, keept looking on BA14 music videos on youtube and found a song called 'Only Leard Bad Things'. I had never heard of it, so I clicked and ended up on this MV!! So yeah.. the song *pointing up* is called Only Learned Bad Things.

B1A4 - OK

How come I haven't posted this song before? I've actually liked it for a while now O.o
Well, well.. better late then never, right?! :D

Really like the part: "I love yoooooooooou~" (*^^*)
Don't you guys like it? *Eyes wide open, looking crazy.. expecting a yes*

I miss these guys. Where have you been? I've heard that they went to Japan, but for how long? *le sadface*


OMG!!!!!!!!!! Saw this video on Jasmin's blog. It's B1A4's member Gongchan (*^^*)
Can't help but... but to almost.. cry? Yeah!!! My eyes are actually watering up :'S

I will from now on be an EMO until I go to Korea -.- Do you have any idea of how jealous I am?! I bet you do, cuz' you feel the same, right? ^^ Let's be sad together!!!

Well, now i'm going to keep on raping the replay button until I get a bit happier ;)

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