B.A.P - Warrior [Misheard]

Hahahaha guys, this is amazing. I love these misheard things, even though I never ever ever ever heard them sing that to begin with.

See what I mean? I never heard them sing those things, but while looking at this video and reading the lyrics... ahhahahahaha omg x'D It actually sounded like they were singing it!

Favorite lines:
- Water is back (0:04)
- No. Girl, show your caaaandyyyyy~ (1:13)
- My ship can butter ten girls!! (2:01)
- Yeah punch your mother. Sue the other guy... (2:06)

Gosh, I love B.A.P ^^ <33

Bang Yong Guk's siblings

I randomly found a picture on facebook, on BYG, his sister and his brother. I didn't even know he had a brother & sister o__o *lost*

Lol I thought the guy on the second pic was BYG with a wig hahahahahahahahahhahaha X''''D 
I did not expect that .____. His sister is hardcore as ****! :O She doesn't look Korean at all, she reminds me of Queen Latifa, but he's an exact copy of his brother ~ô_ô~ 

B.A.P - B.A.P

Lol I just have to love TS Ent. sometimes XD Naming the clip B.A.P
Everyone is hyping around wondering what this is *cough me* and I have noooo idea. Maybe Comeback? Announcement for a tour? They don't have "Stop it" or "Crash" in the MV mix.
So TS Ent. What are you up to...?

Tosh.0 offended B.A.P?

For you who don't know who Tosh.0 is, he's a comedian who can sometimes cross the line. I personally love to watch his show but I don't really know how to take this:

Of course we only have one Miley Cyrus but Asia has five.

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His jokes are ususally like this and I would somehow be a hypocrite if I got offended by this XD So I'm a hypocrite right now... But it's a shame that B.A.P is getting "known" like this in the US -__- 



B.A.P - Stop It [3rd Single Album]

B.A.P Just keeps on releasing new albums. It has not even been a year and they're already on their 3rd mini album!!

Stop It

AMAZING!! If you want to know what I think of this MV you could just click here <---- I don't feel like writing it all again ^^

Yes Sir

Not bad.. kind of has that old school feeling to it. But nothing more than that. I don't know.. I like all of their songs, but this song didn't really catch my interest. Plus that it's very very short xD

Happy Birthday

YES, THIS^ I LIKE! It's not amazing right now, but I guess it will be after repeating it a couple of times ^^. Don't know what it's with me and slow songs lately xD I just perfer them nowadays..

B.A.P - Stop It [MV]

I know that I write this all the time, but DAAAAAAAAANG!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!!! Hhahah I was actually going to bring up the tail thing when I saw it in the beginning. I first thought it was just something that got stuck (0:43). Because after that it was gone? Then in the end.. she squeezed it? Hahahha Didn't really get that part, but I get that she saw him. But how? That, I don't get ^^

Something else that made me laugh was in the beginning when she flipped her hair (0:08). She has no hair -.-' You get my point ^^ And when that sandwich "drops" on him. Hahahahhahaha and BYG's acting!! xD Then we have Zelo and Jongup. Everytime Jongup starts dancing (1:28).. I can't really contain myself xD Even though he didn't really dance. AND HE GOT TO SING?! Not very much, but more than he did in "No Mercy".

And himchan? He got happy when he hit her? Or just happy because he got to touch her? And seriously, what's up with the tail?! hahahaha yes, this is my reaction to the MV ^^

A MV I really like, a MV with a story behind it. A cute story!!~

  • Alright, I think I've seen 하지마 (STOP IT) MV enough times do draw some conclusions about Yongguk and the MV in general. Prior to getting hit by Daehyun, he is a human. Once he wakes up again he's been transformed into some kind of creature with a tail. While going after the girl we notice that he is invisible to her and others.
  • Hypothesis: He is an incubus. His existence is to have sex with people in their dreams/sleep and can't be seen in a conscious state of mind, i.e being awake. However here he is also a mischievous saboteur.
  • Conclusion 1: Zelo and Jongup are adorable school kids.
  • Conclusion 2: Youngjae is an adorable ahjusshi.
  • Conclusion 3: Himchan might have a thing for rough play.
  • Conclusion 4: Daehyun was able to see Yongguk as a human and as a demon so maybe he is an incubus as well.
  • Plot twist: At the end the girl can actually see Yongguk so she herself is probably a succubus or another demon that did in fact notice Yongguk beforehand.
Found this on tumblr. I can agree on some of the conclusions hahahah (the last 3 ^^).

Troll... ^^

B.A.P - Stop it [Teaser]

Mohahaha it's out >:3

I don't really think that this one will "break out" from their previous sounds either but hey... what did you expect. No but it's B.A.P after all and yeah I'm gonna stop ruining the mood now.
Did anyone else notice that Bang Yong guk, Himchan and Youngjae were half naked XD And we will never get rid of that whistle but I'm pretty fond of it. And Daehyun's voice ;w; Makes me go asdfghjkl everytime he does that scream-thing ;'D
The MV will be out 23rd!!! Only 2 days :3

B.A.P - 3rd single tracklist



Track list

1.Yes Sir


3.Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday...? That was a bit random XD You can pre-order the album now at kpopmart och yesasia. I'm trying to save money for 2PM's comeback....... that will be in 100 years





B.A.P - Youngjae & Himchan [teaser photos]

Lol I started to freak out for a while... I didn't know who was who XD And I still don't know, but fb helped me there. The pink one is Himchan and the orange one is Youngjae. I thought Himchan was the orange one =__=
Hohoho the teaser will be out soon >:3

B.A.P - Jongup & Zelo [teaser photos]

That's... a lot of eyeshadow on Jongup hahahaha XD
But I hope that their album this time will be a bit more WOOW!! :D No mercy didn't really give me that hype feeling as warrior did because it was pretty similiar to that (warrior) and Power. So I want something new but at the same time they should be able to keep that B.A.P vibes :3
Exactly 1 week left!!~

B.A.P - Yongguk & Daeuhyun teaser

I didn't know that they would release another album O__O 4 albums in 1 year!! It's sick XD Not even NU'EST or EXO has done that...
Their 3rd single album will be relesed 23rd October just 1 week left :o
Ah I love teaser pictures~ XD Lol I feel like a freak :3
A friend of mine uploaded a picture on B.A.P in L.A and apparently everyone are blonde again. They did fit in brown/pink/blue or what so ever but blonde is just their trademark so I'm happy that they're blonde once again ^o^

8 months with B.A.P

A lot of babys' *lol* are having a mini celebration nao~
It's B.A.P's 8 month anniverary, today, yesterday, tomorrow .____. They debuted with Warrior, September 25th but everyone seem to celebrate it today e__e
And I'm like "Wat . . . ~____~"
They've actually done A LOT during these 8 months... 3 different albums/MV's, actually 4 inclusive Crash, a lot of interviews and shows... That's what I call a hectical year. A lot of people *cough, me, cough* usually think that B.A.P, EXO and NU'EST are the most "wow" groups this year. Or the be more exact they're the top 3 boy groups who has left a good impact/impression for us kpop fans (there are other groups as well, note: I said top 3) but if you compare these top 3 groups B.A.P is the one who has been onging all the time and then NU'EST, lastly EXO. <-- sure they've done a lot of concerts with SM Town...

You know what I can probably write a whole essay on this without having a point... so let me just say well done B.A.P and may you always release powerful albums!~  happy 8 months ;D

B.A.P - Crash [MV] + I remember [Audio]

B.A.P Just released their repackaged album Crash, It contains 2 new songs. "Crash" and "I remember" ft. Daehyun.


YAAAAAY!! another "Homemade" MV ^^ They just , keep coming it, and I love it! And the song was awesome! And so was the MV!! And they all were just so cute... 8D

And they also released Bang Yong Guk's song "I Remember" but ft. Daehyun instead of B2ST's Yoseob. I absolutley love this song.. so I hope the remake is well done.

Bang Yong Guk ft. Daehyun

I don't know.. I perfered the version with Yoseob. This wasn't bad, but Yoseob had more feeling when he sang Daehyun's part.

HAPPY 1 year ANNIVERSARY Bang Yong Guk♥

Hohoh I still have 6 minutes left till the day will end...
A fast Happy 1 year anniversary to leader Bang yong Guk!! It's 1 year since he made his solo debut XD

B.A.P facts~ (part 5)

Lol... XD


You got to love the companies that always keep us fans updated with these type of videos xD

What the.. hell are they wearing??? O__o hahaha and Zelos pants rip at 1:56 8D
And when Daehyun "interviewed" the other members.you notice that his banana was opened? Hahaha he probably wanted to eat it.. but yeah ^^

And all these body paintings!!! xD But their best body paintings were in power, sooo sexi~ ^3^
AND BYG?! He's so adorable!! O__o and I totally stick to my decision picking him as my #1 idol with the best smile!!

B.A.P facts~ (part 4)

Olé~ Let's continue with some B.A.P facts ^___^ If there's any specific group you want me to find facts from (to the point that you're actually too lazy to search for it or can't find any) then write a comment and I'll try to find.. something :p

B.A.P facts~ (part 3)

Duhh if I joined SM I would run up to SHINee, Suju, EXO, SNSD, f(x) or ANYONE for an autograph XD
Really?! O__O
OMG HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA Everyone got trolled!!! XD I can totally see this scene in front of me when everyone stands in a cirkle seeing that every memeber have blonde hair ;D

B.A.P - No Mercy [Dance Tutorial]

Anyone planning on learning the dance to "No Mervy" by THE B.A.P?! Haha well here you have Zelo and Jongup showing you the steps

Love how BYG goes "yeah, we are the B.A.P" veeeery slow in the background at 0:32. I have to go now, but I'm so gonna watch the entire thing later hahaha. Good luck to anyone trying to learn it!!

B.A.P facts~ (part 2)

Yesterday I part 1 was a bit small so let's continue with part 2 today~ ^___^


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