GD's tattoos

I've probably written a similiar post a long time ago on GD's tattos. However he sure has some new ones since then.
Hm.. five of them seems to be new (for me). The one with a text and a heart (in the middle), the one with a heart, F and $ (lol.. love, fuck and money) , the crown, those two X on his stomach and the one with Roman numerals. 
Totally digging the dead smiley on his stomach XD And the crown does it represent Big Bang? o_o
Lololololo *facepalm* XD "New tattoos" my ass X'''''D So he got 4 new ones. The heart, F, $, the one with the crown, Roman numerals and the on & off tattoo behind his ear, 
I plan to have a tattoo behind my ear as well but with a music note instead. 

Did you know that...

G-dragon had a small part in 2NE1's "Fire" MV
HAHAHAHAHAHA I seriously didn't know this! I thought the gif was photoshopped or something but after cheching the MV it's true ;D
at 3:17 XD 
It's funny because I've seen this MV sooo many times but I've noticed him there X''D

PSY & Big Bang Drunk at MAMA after party

I don't know if you guys have seen this yet but I found it on fb XD

Daesung go home, you're drunk XD 

Love the fact that all of them are randomly screaming here and there, are they singing "Open condom style"? Or gangnam style O__O 
I was like who is that idiot who's standing over there with a coat when it's so ho......t, oh it's T.O.P

Me: O__________________________________________________O dafuq?!
The title should be more like "Big Bang's Daesung drunk" ;'D There are some fans out there who are probably shocked by this but I bet that the majority of you are thinking just like me "They're human beeings, grown ups as a matter of fact and they can drink as much as they want!" And I wouldn't mind beeing at a party with the YG family either :3
And I seriously love Daesung's hair OuO



GD's latest tattoos...?

A few hours ago GD uploaded a picture on his instagram and we (Me and BO) suspect that it is new tattoos? Or stickers? Or..? XD The heart looks like ink (from a pen) but the cats look real, like tattoo real, not real real.

I'm usually a sucker when it comes to tattoos but why two cats? o_O It's not really 100% sure that it is his tattoos but if they were... why two cats? XD Why not dogs? I mean.. he has two dogs? They won't be so pleased seeing these.. stickers? tattoos? haha xD

Seungri has created a Twitter account :3

Woot woot~
Latest news Big Bang's little maknae created a twitter avoount 5 h ago, or that's how long I could go back in his tweets and he's really active XD 110 738 111 221 followers in 5 hours isn't bad O__O Damn 500 more followers after a few minutes >_>
Lol like that name X'D So far Heechul's twitter name was the best ;''D Heedictator <3 
                   Embedded image permalink
He even started a conversation with Ashton Kutcher XD
@aplusk Hey! Do U remember me!! We met the 3 days ago in L.A! SlS!!!!
Embedded image permalink

GD's latest tattoo

After EMA ended I checked out some twitter posts here and there and saw that Taeyang receantly uploaded a picture of him getting a new tattoo so I wanted to wait and see how long it would take allkpop to write about it and look at that! After 2 days! :3 *ironic* 
Well Taeyang isn't the only one getting a new tattoo. GD uploaded a picture on his instagram where he showed his latest tattoo and damn... I LOVE it!
I want one as well XD I think I'll have a tattoo behind my ear when I'm old enough. Maybe a music note? 
But it looks so good and well done! I thought it was a photoshopped picture at first glance o_o

Those !?@#&!

Pfft... those basatards just gave me away like I was some trash flying here and there -___- 
I wish... hahahhahahahahahha XD
Well he's not the first one the same thing happened during Suju's concert ;'D 

Just wanted to confirm...

I've actually been witing to write this post but I thought that all of you might already know this. But let's post it anyway XD *just because I can*~
To make it simple: The chick in GD's MV for Crayon isn't him. Or at least not the first part where she walks. Allkpop seemed to mindfuck everyone by saying "G-Dragon is getting positive comments on his curves" or something like that XD I never read that post so I don't know if they were serious about it or if they just trolled around with their readers. e__e
All the signs goes to his tattoos
He's still pretty as a girl but chilllaaaxx it wasn't him, the whole time... wonder who the girl was :o
[Bo Bae] UPDATE: But I mean the girls arms.. their so toned!!! And since GD don't have the biggest arms in the world (just some shape) I first actually thought it was him.. because of the arms. But then again.. because of the lack of tattoos (on the arms) we can see that it's not him. So her arms made me think it was GD but her arms made it clear that it wasn't.. HAHAHAHHA got it? xD

Big Bang members talk about Seungris Scandal

The members of Big Bang have updated fans on Seungri following his recent scandals, and spoke carefully, yet honestly about their feelings on the situation.

On September 25th, G-Dragon held his ‘GD Friends Live‘ through portal site Naver, and was also joined by fellow members Taeyang and Daesung for a talk session.

The three of them began by updating fans on T.O.P., who recently injured his hand on the set of his upcoming film, ‘Alumnus‘. Turning to the topic of Seungri, G-Dragon began, “Seungri is doing well. He’s filming in Japan right now. He’s fine.”

Despite the message, the three of them looked a bit uncomfortable talking about him. Taeyang spoke carefully, “I’ll just be frank about this. We reprimanded him a lot. He’s reflecting on his actions now. Don’t people make mistakes? I think for us, as his brothers, we need to forgive those mistakes. These are problems that we must carry with us. Once again, we reprimanded Seungri and will make sure that it won’t happen again.”

G-Dragon knelt down on his knees and held his hands up following Taeyang’s speech while Daesung added, “Shall we finish this off by saying ‘Seungri-ya, we miss you. We love you’?”

Taeyang honestly replied back, “I can’t actually say that I love him right at this moment. I think he needs more time to reflect.”

G-Dragon also stated, “I nor any of us, are in any position to be reprimanding anyone, but I will work hard if it means that we can show a better image to everyone. I think it’s all up to us as to how well we do. He’s currently self-reflecting, I know because I’ve been through it before. These times aren’t just wasted times, but times that truly help your life. Thinking about it in a different light, you can see it as a good experience as well. If you all view him in a good light, I’m sure that Seungri will be able to show you a better image as an even better man and adult.”

Concluding, G-Dragon stated towards Seungri, “Seungri, I don’t love you yet as well but I will love you and I miss you. Fighting.”

- Allkpop

What the hell is Taeyang looking at?

Sounds a bit.. harsh? No but like.. I totally understand them, but to say that they don't love him is a bit rough. It's now that he needs to be loved. But maybe this will also give Seungri a chance to really think about what he did. And it's just like TOP said. We're all human, we all do mistakes and we learn from them. Just look at GD. Last year was not the best year for him with his scandals, but he learnt and people love him now more than ever! Just give Seungri a chance to fix the mess he has made (ehm.. just realized how that sounds. You know.. because of the scandal ^^). Hahaha maybe you guys aren't ready to joke about this, but I am. I never even felt like this was such a big scandal. But other people did, and that's why Seungri is now self-reflecting.

Oh, and reprimanding means reprove.. which means:

1. To voice or convey disapproval of; rebuke.
2. To find fault with.

G-Dragon - Crayon [MV photos]

Guhahahuhauahh I started to drool when I saw the second picture I have to have it as my background picture on my phone OuO He has been clearly working out if you see his arms ^o^

G-Dragon - Crayon [MV]

Words cannot describe the awesomness in this MV!!! O___O

HAHAHAHAHA OMG where to start?!?! I went through like... 3194879 different emotions while watching this! Hyped, happy, exited, dorky, fangirl etc. I started to hype as hell when he took of that shirt OuO And laughed through the whole MV. This is a new side of GD I haven't seen and it's awesome! And that girl part... ahh~ X'D
The song itself is quiet good, I still prefer That XX and lastly One of a kind. It's not bad but I still love That XX :p Btw is it only me who thinks G-Dragon is getting ***** hot? O____________O I never got those vibes during tonight or from their first albums but after Alive he has gotten more and more handsome! ^3^
Did he really pierce in his ear?! ê___ê It must hurt like ****!

G-Dragon - 1st Mini Album [Photos]

O___O Lol the last one XD the difference between the first and last picture XD I actually liked it, a lot. Especially that "old-theme" pictures.
However was it only me who LOVED the 4th picture? I want that hat ;w; And his lips asdfghjkl *dead* ///

G-dragon - That XX [Audio uncensored + Tracklist]

I don't know if some of you have searched or found this yet but a few days ago I found the uncensored version and I can clearly say that it sounds better without those *piips* XD
The lyrics are quiet meaningful that's why I love GD's songs. However I always wondered why the song got censored, obviously it was something bad in it but what? They also write XX on the translation but then i saw the comment XD

Me: Ohh... OHHHHH!!! Dat was some dirty language!
XD But it makes sense now ;D
I really want to buy his album, it looks so cool :O You can pre-order it now but I want to listen to all of his songs before I buy it. I want to see if I love the majority of the songs in the album ^o^ *lame person*
      G-Dragon 1st Mini Album - One of a kind

01.One Of A Kind

02.크레용 (Crayon)

03.결국 (ft. ? of YG New Girl Group)


05.Missing You (ft. 김윤아 of 자우림)

06.Today (ft. 김종완 of Nell)

07.ALBUM BONUS TRACK : 불 붙여봐라 (ft. Tablo, Dok2) 
It's so pretty ;w;

G-dragon - That XX [MV Pictures]

Firstly I just want to say that I totally fell in love with this song! I cried over 4 times when I heard it for the first time XD *lame* but it was so beautiful and there was something that made me think of.. something? The song had that typical french flashback? Or was it only me who got those "I'm in Paris walking down the street" vibes while listening to the song, especially at the beginning.
And GD O__O Shazaaammm he was so freaking, hot! I haven't really thought about GD beeing hot or anything, more like the shy and cute leader with good sense of fashion but this MV was mindblowing!
I spazz everytime I watch the bathtub scene,! It's a big difference compared to this MV and One of a kind XD

I can't decide if I should chose this one or the previous picture as my background picture ;w;

G-Dragon - That XX [MV]

Was this the MV that was supposed to have an age limit at like 19+? Well.. they put beeps in the song, so I guess it's ok now? The song is honestly so good, but the beeps ruin everything -.-' And that makes me wonder.. what the hell is he singing about? It should be love, because he sings "Love is blind, oh baby you so blind". It sounds kind of funny.. "you so blind"?? Hahaha but I get what he means. So it should be about love right? But why all the bad words? And why was it supposed to have an age limit so that only people over 19 could see it?

But then again, the MV looks sad. And happy? Haha because first they look happy, then they cry and go mad.. then at the end they're together.
Yeah.. need to check the lyrics xD

But I like GD singing, but I perfer him rapping ^^

Taeyang on instagram!!!

A lot of idols seem to create instagram accounts and this time it's Taeyangs turn :3
If I'm not wrong, Min (Miss A) and G-Dragon also have instagrams and I bet more idols do.
UPDATE: from Bo Bae.. some of the members from B.A.P also has Instagram ^^
Follow him on "Youngbeezzy"

G-Dragon releasing a new single!!!

I don't really need to copy and paste allkpop's text over here XD The picture speaks for itself. Woop woop only 3 days left until his single will be out :D However... what happened with that new law about idols releasing MV's and Teasers? They were going to make it even more stricter or did they reject it? o___o

G-Dragon - One Of A Kind [MV photos]

Saw that YG ent. uploaded some pictures on G-dragon's One Of A Kind MV. Those hair styles makes me go asdfghjkl why he have braids?! XD He looks like a girl from Holland...
I mean this one >______>
Damn, you can clearly see that he has been working out OuO
It was rumoured that he worked out A LOT because of his comeback but he never flashed his abs or anything except his arms... it feels like he did it for his sake rather than his comeback :3 (Y)

G-Dragon - One Of A Kind [MV]

HEEELOOOOOO, is that what he's saying? XD
It's so weird in many ways but I laughed trough the whole MV and I love it! Sure Heartbreaker was more catchy but it feels like the meaning behind this one is somehow bigger and more personal. Have to look up for the lyrics. This song didn't really make me go WOOW! but it's quiet entertaining. I think I died more than 3 time while watching the MV. Especially the part were he played with the kids.
And dear lord his hairstyles XD I bet it was over 15 different styles...
And Teayang in the end, priceless!!! ;D Did anyone else see his sushi dance?!?!
Just search on "Taeyang sushi dance" on youtube~

I'm going to search for his album now and see how the rest of the songs are ^^ Adios~

Big Bang's Seungri dances to PSY's "Gangnam Style"

Omg.. brb *dying* HAHAHAHAH SEUNGRI!!! You big lump of cuteness xD Love that he keeps doing these kind of videos. Like either showing us a tutorial. wishing someone a happy b-day or just.. ^these wonderful clips! And he did the dance very well!! Props for that ^^

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