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Block B’s U-kwon in a relationship

Allkpop top story here we come!




On December 2nd, U-Kwon left a post for BBCs on the group’s official fan cafe, disclosing his relationship with the model.


He wrote, “I have a girlfriend. I believe a lot of you already know that. When I talked about my first love recently, the person I was talking about was Jun Sun Hye, a model four years my senior. Whenever I was going through a hard time or about to fall, she was always by my side and supported me to stand back up again. We’re a source of strength for each other and are meeting with good intentions. We make each other happy. I’m sorry to all of the fans that I’m surprising with this sudden piece of information. I think my girlfriend will be surprised as well that I’m writing a post like this.”


He continued, “I wanted to be closer with my fans but wasn’t able to because of small incidents and misunderstandings which upset me gravely. I was too embarrassed to smile at you all without telling you the truth. I want to show who I truly am now without hiding anything and be loved by my fans for who I am, Kim Yu Kwon.”


Concluding the message, he stated, “I’ll continue to show a more truthful and brighter image of myself to our fans. I promise to continue to work hard and improve as a member of Block B. I’m sorry to all of BBCs. And thank you.”



Oh my god.... XD HAHAHAHAHAHHA This year! THIS YEAR has been amazing yet heartbreaking XD Even if we're really happy for his or her sake the fact that our biases here and there are revealing their relationships somehow breaks my heart, and don't deny this my dear friends -__- 


Imagine beeing this girl and all of a sudden read this, I wonder how she or even her company will handle this o_o But AMAGOD CONGRATULATIONS U-KWON!!!!!! 



Block B’s Zico and Hwayoung dating?


A recent hot rumor in the K-Pop idol scene is that Block B‘s Zico and ex-T-ara member Hwayoung, have been dating for a few months now.


We reached out to our sources at Stardom Entertainment and although the company denied the rumors, an employee who wishes to remain anonymous has confirmed that the two have been and are still dating.


- Allkpop




Imagine that you visit allkpop and all of a sudden you see this as the #1 popular story...

I'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything but gosh I find this pretty hilarious ;D The source seem to be a bit ehhh and they don't really... "fit" together if you know what I mean. I could never imagine both of them to date each other. But if they do congratulations! :D (y)

This year has been epic with all of these "breaking news" 

As Bo said the king and queen of scandals this year totall fit each other~





Swedish celebrity wrote a song for Block B

Yesterday I found out that the Swedish "star" *trollface* Kevin Borg who won Swedish Idol actually wrote my favorite song in Block B's album "Blockbuster". Hw wrote the song Mental Breaker and I was like O___O
                              Photo: I received Block b's new album this week all the way from wonderful Asia ! Very glad that the album Blockbuster is doing so well with me being one of the Songwriters/Producers on it. Yeah Babyyy !!
"I received Block b's new album this week all the way from wonderful Asia ! Very glad that the album Blockbuster is doing so well with me being one of the Songwriters/Producers on it. Yeah Babyyy!!"

Well I have to say that I'm fangirling and beeing surprised at the same time! Sure there are a lot of swedish songwriters who compose songs for kpop idols but this is Kevin! Keving Borg! XD 

Block B - Mental Breaker

I haven't uploaded Block B's album yet because there are too many songs =__=
However one of their songs "Mental Breaker" must be one of the best songs I've ever heard hahahahah XD It's from Kyung's teaser:
Love everything about this song! That "oh oh" intro and that jazz feeling asdfghjkl!! XD 
They should've made a MV for this one as well, that dance is epic! Have to learn it :3

Block B - Nillili Mambo [MV]


My bad I didn't really have the time to write about the MV XD
Was it only me who started to get teary and all that kind of stuff? I was like "They're finally back! ;w; *sobs* I can't believe that the whole controversy thing was half a year ago O__O Time flies by pretty fast .___.
Back to the MV... I-LOVE-IT! This is what I mean with doing a whole new theme/concept but to still have the group vibes in it! This was seriously awesome! One of their best songs/MV's.
Seeing Kyung chasing a chicken seriously made my day~  And imagine seeing Jaehyo running around on the street shirtless :3
Aaaaand U-kwon's fail at the end (with the gun) ;'D
Amagod I'm spazzing like a freak XD I'm happy that they're back and I can't describe how much I love their concept this time (YYY) Now I need to search for the lyrics :p

Block B - Nillili Mambo [MV Teaser]

Oh. My. God!!! IT SOUNDS AWESOME! THANK GOD!! I was so affraid that their "new" style would be very boring. I honestly didn't like many of the songs that was played in their teasers.. but this, THIS!!! This is just like the same old Block B I remember xD Swag, good sound and just awesomeness all over it ^^

AISH, and P.O looking fine as hell, and U-Kwon.. and ZICO!! And they all know how to dance now.. and they're all so schmexy!!~
SPAZZ!!!! djaisofhdasusf1k4ej23torhfwopwa!"!"RTGFEhrthjprse

The MV will be released tomorrow.. WHO ELSE IS EXCSITED?!

Block B - Zico & U-kwon [Teaser]

Lol the Korean version of Jack Sparrow XD And shaving his non-existing beard (y)
Went all asdfghjkl when I saw his dreads and those blue eyes at the end O__O This is getting more and more interesting THE ALBUM WILL BE RELEASED OCTOBER 17th!!!! 2 days left!! :D
Totally forgot his teaser XD
This didn't give that Block B vibes as well (just like Jaehyo's) :3 Was it only me who wanted to sing "lost my mind nananana"  after that "Ahhh" at the end XD (You know EXO's song..)

Block B - PO [Teaser]

I think Zero just jumped put of Vampire Knight XD
This didn't teally "hype" me up except for his looks, that sounds so bad -__- A lot of people say that he gives that T.O.P feeling but is it only me who doesn't think that way? Sure his voice his quiet similiar when they rap but that's it...
I'm really hyped about U-kwon's teaser, BrandnewStardom release it already!!!! And Zico's XD

Block B - Taeil [Teaser]

This was really beautiful ^3^ That sweet voice of his~

I'm seriously wondering what kind of strategy they have this time... It's different songs and different teasers and I love it! It's not that "Hey let's introduce each member in different teasers but it should be the same background and the same song".
I was somehow waiting for something random to plopp up especially after Jeahyo's and Kyung's teaser XD But I really love this! Will they do a MV for every song, or...?

Block B - Teaser [Kyung]

HAHAHAHA, omg, this made me laugh xD WTF?! He reminds me of my brother haha, he looks so funny but it feels like he's a bit serious ^^ and that makes it so much cuter xD HAHAHA and that random guy that started to dance with him (0:11), or the old man at the end looking at him like "Oh no! He's coming closer O__o"

Haha I love Block B's style in these Teasers. Don't know about the music though.. it's not really me. I liked their old sound much more, but then again.. they might surprise us!!

7 days now (October 17th), BLOCK B FIGHTING!!!

Block B - Teaser [Jaehyo]

HAHAHAHA omg the ending xD Well.. the song wasn't that good. I perferred Minhyuk's (B-BOMB) crumping teaser. Gosh, that teaser was actually sexy!!~

But this had a bit more humour in it ^^ I hope their album will be as good as their previous one. That sh*t was amazing!! Their full length album will be released on October 17th. ONLY 9 MORE DAYS!! 8D

Block B - Teaser [B-Bomb]

I actually find this pretty depressing, this morning when I visited youtube's channel I saw that Brandnewstardom uploaded this teaser clip 5 minutes ago but I couldn't watch it ;w;
Everybody say WEEHOO!!!~ They're back!!!
I've been listening to Block B's albums these days and I miss them .____. The whole controversy was just ridiculous (according to me) but that is quiet forgotten now however they've been through a lot of shit during that time. But then Nichkhun and T-ara came hahahaha XD *mean humour*

To be honest I started to laugh at the beginning because it looked lame but daaaaamnn! that was swag on high level! The whole thing just badum tsakfjasljdfbsajfd~
The MV will be released October 17th so they have plenty of time to release other teasers ^_^
Btw was it only me who couldn't stop focusing on his nipples?! O___O

Block B comeback?

It's been a while that we haven't updated this category .___. but the news about Block B having a comeback has been out for a while now:
A lot of people got distracted because of his tattoo but was it only me who started to jump here and there when he laughed at the end of the clip? I'm like "YES! they're alive..."
About his tattoo, A LOT of people are freaking out here and there because of it and I found a good explanation on tumblr.
The tattoo on Zico’s chest, the one you can see from the collar of his shirt, isn’t real. It’s fake like the ones on his forearms. They were made temporary for their new MV shooting. I think most people have seen the pictures, but for those who have not, he had fake tattoos in the ones that were leaked. I’m not going to reupload or share them publicly out of courtesy for Stardom.

But! In their pictures from Incheon Airport, his forearm tattoos were faded. The one on his chest isn’t going to be as faded though, because that part of the body doesn’t come in contact with a lot of stuff unlike the underside of his arms.

Zico hasn’t had the time for a new tattoo (the time between their last performance and roughly around the time they started filming). It wouldn’t be ideal. It wouldn’t have been healed properly. It would most likely still be scabby and gross looking.

You can tell the ink sits on top of the skin - even in the low quality of the video. When you have a tattoo, it becomes matte looking, because the ink is under the skin. The color wouldn’t be as bold and vivid in comparison to the temporary method they used.



Seems legit





Block B - Burn Out [OST, Phantom]

So Block B just recently released their OST for the SBS drama "Phantom", so glad that they still make music :')

P.O in the beginning, haha such a husky voice xD The song was not bad, but what's up with their voices in the beginning?

Fact is.. I really like this song? It's calm but still not. Haha yeah, it makes me happy, but yet sad. It makes me hungry but still very full. Okey.. maybe not haha, but it IS very good!! But I can't really tell who is who by their voices.. is Zico in this song?? O__é


Block B - Action (remix) [MV]

"O-lala, O-lala, O-lala, Olala~"

Only me who smiles during he MV? I get very happy when I see all of them happy. Especially P.O.
Zico wasn't in this MV due to his struggle with a bout of vocal cord nodules.. I miss seeing his face :c
Block B FIGHTING!! <3



RUN AROUND LIKE A FREAK!!!!! It's not a proper comeback but they're releasing a repackage. Oh dear god they aren't gone *singning halleluya* But all the BBC's will support you guys! I'm really happy that you've stayed strong to make a comeback. GO BLOCK B!!!! TT3TT

Haven't seen this teaser yet, gonna do it when the class ends~





Omo I nearly forgot! (No I forgot...) That it was exactly 1 year ago Block B debuted with the song Freeze. Or they debuted yesterday, 13th april. So I'm 1 day late -_-

BUT HAPPY 1 YEAR BLOCK B!!!! I really hope that you'll come back stronger than ever not as a single person but as a group. See this as a test and come back like bosses!! It's not over yet, all the BBS's, inclusive me are waiting for you guys! <3<3<3






HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA HE'S SINGING A FREAKING SONG ON HOW MUCH HE HATE CHINESE TAKE-OUT?!?!?!?! The heck hahaha XD This made my day! (y) "Why does everything cost 6.50$ our budget is only 5$ (SHIT*)" Oh lord hahaha Just listen!

I'm happy as Idon'tknowwhat that this song isn't "famous" because they would only gain more hate, this time from chinese people XD I'm half chinese but I don't really get offended. I totally agree with him. Chinese take-out is greasy as hell and you'll only feel nauseous. It somehow represent Chinese food in a bad way because the food isn't like that at all. Oh god I'm actually arguing about Chinese food XD

Kyung family photo

Yesssssss.... The guy standing in the right corner is Block B's little Kyung. The girl is his older sister and the boy his younger brother (and the omma and appa)

Found another blog with some Block B facts so CLICK HEERRUUU if you wanna read it, funnt facts ^_^

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