Boyfriend - Janus [MV]

Janus. Only me who pronounced it J-anus? It sounds so dirty.. hehe.

Who are they and what have they done to Boyfriend? O__o Haha no, but seriously!! They actually kind of pulled it off. Except for the twins.. I feel like they will always have this cute image because that's just what they do best. I actually liked this song. Haha who would have thought!? Especially the chorus "you're not a bad girl!" If that's what they're saying. It sounds like it is.

Oh, and the twins.. Kwangmin is the one rapping and Youngmin is the one singing.

Now to the MV. I didn't really get it. I bet that it has this amazing story behind it, but you need to understand the lyrics to get it. And I start school soon so I don't really have time to read the lyrics. But you can read them here.

So, was it a great story behind it? :)

Boyfriend comeback + concept photo!

“meet a Boyfriend you’ve never seen before. Boyfriend will show you a charisma that is different from other ordinary manly concepts through their stage.”  - Starship Entertainment
I have to admit it doesn't look like boyfriend at all o_o I had some difficulties to find the twins and I've only found one of them XD They look pretty... hot OuO 
Me and Bo aren't really that fond over Boyfriend, it's maybe because of all that cuteness that we can't handle (Sure B1A4 has a cuteness as well but THAT we can handle) I hope that their comeback will be more fierce >:3
Their comeback will be on November 8th, more than a week left ;)

Boyfriend - Be My Shine [Full PV]

No idea why, but this reminds me of a christmas song ^^
Boyfriend.. they've still not caught my attention. I don't think they ever will because their style is cute, and I like more edgy stuff xD But yeah, because the song sounds so christmasy in a way, it makes me like it. Other than that.. yeah.. haha nothing much.

Boyfriend - Be My Shine [PV]

The song is.. OK. Hahaha Boyfriend has never really gotten my attention.. but we'll see. This is only a short version of their Japanese debut single. They're releaising the entire song "Be My Shine" on August 22nd. Then I can judge more xD So for now, enjoy!!!!

Boyfriend - Love Style [MV]


Double up on the MV right now! <-- ha?

This is a typical post where I don't know how to start. First of all you may know that I'm not a über big fan of Boyfriend but I've seen/heard all their MV & Songs and I can say that after 1 year they're still hanging on with the cute concept but their dancing skills has improved a lot. But gah I'm somehow waiting for the day when they'll become really badass with a dark concept :3 *dreaming away~*

And I'm totally biased on Minwoo TT^TT So pretty... and cute... and wonderful OuO And the little gurl XD The disappointment when she didn't show up :p

                                                                           Lucky girl...


Boyfriend - Love Style [Teaser]


*u* Dunno how many time I've watched the teaser but I can't get enought!! Minwoo is so god damn cute and all of them are seriously... growing up O_O Loved the 80 sound and the intro was cool as ****!
However they could've skipped the makeup on the little girl... it was a bit too much >_> Even BO said that~

Gahh Minwoo so pretty TT3TT


Did You know that...

The Jo Twins (Kwangmin & Youngmin - Boyfriend) was in Sistar's MV Push Push? Trolololo I truly feel retarded now... It's the first time I'm clicking around watching other girl groups MV's (except for BEG, 2NE1 and Miss A) so it's a freaking schock for me everytime I see a boy from another group beeing in another MV xd

Apparently they're only 15 here, pretty young. 2 years ago? Yeah probably 2 years ago, Boyfriend didn't exist by then. Oh shit I just read that the Jo Twins has appeared in 300 comercials HAHHAHAHAHAHA WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?!?!

                                     Well this weeks discover XD Wonder what the next one will be...

HAPPY 1 year ANNIVERSARY Boyfriend♥

I'm not such a big fan of boyfriend but these guys deserv a happy 1 year anniversary post~
Well HAPPY 1 YEAR BOYFRIEND!!! They debuted May 27th with their debut single "Boyfriend"







The Jo twins

Jo... ;'D hehe *bad morning humour*
Well I found 2 pictures on the Jo twins from Allure(?) They're probably old (The pictures xd) but I've gotta admit... they looked akjfbakdjfba cute? Pretty? Something~ -_-

I wonder.. is there other famous kpop twins out there except for Kwangmin and Youngmin (To be honest I don't even know if the blonde one is Kwangmin or if he's the brown haired one >_>)
It must be quiet annoying to be with your brother 24/7, but you'll also feel at ease and secure in the group... I think?

I'm just... yeah U_U  *confused~*

*giving you a cute pic so my confusion will be less noticable*

Boyfriend - I'll Be There

IT'S OUT?!?!?!?!?!! It came out December 7.. When did I post the teaser?? O.o
Hahhaa anywhoo, I said that this was a song that I think I'll actually like.. a lot.

What do you think? I liked the first 20 seconds. Hahahhaa, they tricked me so good!! I thought the song would sound something like the beginning/teaser sounded. I guess the song was.. average. They're still not my style. Maybe next time ^^

Boyfriend - I'll Be There (Teaser)

I've never really been found of Boyfriend, but it feels like I'll like this song. A lot ^^ Just hope that I don't have to high expectations, because then the song will suck -.-

And it feels like the boys have grown. They looked so small and tiny in Boyfriend (the song) and now they look like this O.o Mehehe, me like 8D

Boyfriend - Don't touch my girl (Unedited version)

Yesterday (October 30) the groups agency released Boyfriend's newest Singel 'Don't touch my girl' in an unedited version. 

What do you guys think? I don't knoe why, but I enjoy these type of videos more then the "real" ones. It's the same thing with MBLAQ's G.O.O.D luv. I LUUUUV that video ^^

Anywhoo, hahaha at 01:53... FAY-UL!! ^^ Read this comment on youtube:

Haha, had no idea that it were the twins that made those FAY-UL's.. fail (that last fail was meant to me. If you didn't get that then... FAY-UL to you! ^^)

Boyfriend - Don't touch my girl

OMG!!! This was like uploaded just a few hours ago!! :D
Remember the teaser I posted up a few days ago? Well, here you have the MV!

Do you guys see that their style have changed? I kind of like it (*^^*) They look soooo much hotter now. Before, they just looked cute ^^

I mean, this was some of them before:

Boyfriend - Teaser

Don't know if it's the teaser for Don't touch my girl or if it's for You're my lady.

It says that it's for Don't touch my girl, but in the end they sing "You're my lady"?
Anywhoo, here you have it! Boyfriends new teaser!!!

So what do you think of their new style? I kinda like it. But It's still a bit to much. Not their style, but the cute image they always have. Like in the end? WTF.. haha sorry, but that was a bit to much for me. Was he crying out of happines or was he sad.. but smiling? ^^

But on the plus side, Boyfriend got their own category! :D

Sorry about the thing earlier boyfriend here you go, a compensation for you guys... T_T

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