Asians.. [part 2]

My dad tells childhood stories (of him of course...) and I really love to listen to them, because he's a person who has the talent to talk and persuade. However yesterday was a bit... 

Me: *Strolling down the stairs around 10 pm - to the kitchen - getting a glas of ilk and cookies*
Dad: B.R.A come here a second. 
Me: Yes.. 
Dad: Sit down
Me: *noticing 4 cans of beers on the table* oh f*ck
Dad: Did you know that when I was 5 ... 

LITERALLY *3 hours & 20 minutes later* - 01.20 (am) 



Mom: *trying to close the window*
All of a sudden: *crash* *boom* *afhdsanfdks* <---- = knocked down some things.

Me: If that was me you would've yelled at me for over 10 minutes.

About 21/12

So... what did you guys do? XD 
I was actually at a "graduation" party (more like a holiday party) we swedish people have some compicated.. ceremonies in school >__> I thought ehh even if I'm going to die tomorrow at least I can die somewere random. So I was in the subway and at 12.01 am I listened to:

I'm back?

*phew* Yesterday I mentioned that I had a big exam tomorrow and I decided to postpone it until next year so I've been feeling really bad about it but it's for my own *my ass my own...* my grades sake XD So I don't have any school work left! HEEEY SEEEXY LADEY!
I saw some fancams on Big Bang's concert in London and I'm like ;______________________;

Oh well I need to rest a bit and charge myself for next years hell, literally.
*abrupt ending*
Oh right, a friend of mine decided to start a fan blog about GG so check it out ;)

Some people don't see the beauty in kpop...

Yeah I was chatting with a friend a few minutes ago..
The worse part is that the macros on Big Bang's secret garden plopps up after a few posts XD

Because tumblr doesn't work

Tumblr doesn't work
I handed in my work 1 sec too late (literally...)
I suck at math

And we will update later tomorrow because tumblr doesn't work XD *end of life*
- Current state -

Party hard x2

I'm like:
After 72 freaking hours I'm finally done with my exam and it went on 9 pages! 9 freaking pages! So I'm finally Sexy, free and single but not ready to bingo yet. I'll be ready for that one next week... >__> *lame*

A little slow here...

yeah I've been writing my exam the whole night so I haven't been able to do any posts but here they come~

*brb running towards a corner*

As bored and lazy as I am, instead of going to sleep or study, I decided to check out that event button thing and see the next birthday that will plopp up (facebook friends XD) And I came across with this...
*5 minutes later*


To watch Kobra tonight on SVT 9.30 pm folks *swedish folk's* XD

It's chaos over here! We can't even handle snow anymore XD I was over 1 hour late for the first lesson and after the lunch break all the teachers had a "Code Idon'tknowwhat meeting" and said that we should go home because of the "typhoon". It was nice because it was my longest day today buuuuut. I sat there with some guys trying to plan a way to get home but everything was canceled!
But I'm home... nerding kpop :3

I just realized two things...

Firstly, Sandara's birthday was yesterday (12th November) so I practically wrote every b-day post one day before =__= 
Lol random...

Secondly, after thinking for a while... you know prom is that "special" day for a teenager where you go with a nice partner and have a good one-night dance XD You know like those tyical American movies -_-
Do you guys know how my prom was?

I was a self independent women who went to the prom in a limo together with 8-9 other people without a partner and the only person I danced with during the prom was... BO ;__________________________; I saw the pictures a few days ago and damn We didn't even wear our shoes XD 


A gif that's probably on behalf of Bo as well ;______________________________;
I've been attending school for only 3 days after 6 weeks and these 3 days made me go all 
That's why we've been a bit off... I'm tired, cold and want to watch criminal minds.

Sorry for the bad update:

I've been sitting here trying to find some inspiration at the moment so our bad ^~^
And we hope that everyone who's living in the US are beeing careful because of Sandy! It'll be over soon...

Current state:

=______________= I had a Spanish assignment that I had to hand in technically yesterday. We had to read a freaking book in spanish and make a reviewe. The funny thing is that I found out about our assignment 2 days ago so I've been translating the whole book (yeah I suck that badly) and wrote a review on it during these 48 hours *like a boss* I just want to shoot myself...
Our holiday has finally begun so we're going to spend some extra time and fix this blog, se be ready folks ;-)

That's why...

I haven't been able to make any posts today... Well I'm not a intern anymore, finally done after 5 weeks :3 I got an invisible friend too, a dreamer (for you who don't know it's... ahh~ Just click on M2stasch on the categories XD) I have a friend in Kambodja now. Imagine in 10 or 20 years from now on a random chick/dude just plopps up and asks if you're his/her invisible friend ;w; It's impossible but you never know ^o^
                                                                           Iphone pictures ftw!~
I also bought these wonderful, gorgeous, tiny awesome puddings from a chinese/japanese/korean store ;w; *careface* hey deal with it XD As you can see 1 is missing and that's because of a little girl who stared at me in the bus @___@ Damn her for staring at me . . .

Life is harsh sometimes...

And guys... this happened a few minutes ago .____________________.


I've been working non-stop the whole week and I'm tired as f***! That's why the update sucked today ;w;
I actually find swedish people... amusing, if that's the right word. Some of you know that I'm currently an intern at a company called "Invisible friend" we had a giveaway a few days ago.
We're currently in an exhibition trying to advertise the company by talking and selling those dolls. And today....
I made a woman cry and after a few minutes she bought a doll O__O

I was like... this doesn't make any sense but sure here you go~
But it's fun I guess, tomorrow will be the last day and the updates will be mucho better ;'3
                                                              ^ Me right now~~ So.freaking.tired

That moment...

When you can't sleep and create random pictures with paint...
Urgh I need to sleep =__=
But I have to admit, my paint skills are getting better ê___ê

Lol:ing all the way to Narnia~

Loling...?! Obviously my vocabulary is getting very poor =____=
A few weeks ago a broker came to our house to check it out. My dad usually calls them over to get am idea of the value of our villa (don't get any high hopes, it's just a plain villa..) and of course they visit every room in the house. That includes my room, and I got 2 big-ass pictures, one of 2PM and one Big Bang poster and the guy who came a few weeks ago stared at those posters wondering what kind of human beeing I was...
Now another broker is here *note: When I mean now I mean literally right now* and checked out our house and this time I also have a Super Junior "Mr Simple poster" (2 weeks ago) on my wall. This one:
HAHAHAHAHAAH His expression was priceless! I promise that the expression was like finding out that your 80 year-old mom is having.. triplets. XD


;w; And I've missed you guys~ ... >__________>

I had 3 exams today and I'm like asdfghjl finally ovaahh!!! I'll be away from school for about 6 weeks ^^ I'm going to be an intern (praktik) somewhere, starting next week so I can update mucho >:3

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