BtoB - Lover Boy [MV]

Urm.. I don't like the name of the song. Want to know why? Because it's the same name as A-Peace's song. The song I love and cherish.. and the worst part is that I'm probably the only one who knows that "Lover Boy" is the name of a song from A-Peace.

Haha but then again, there are soooooo many songs out there with the same name! "Bingeul Bingeul" by Big Bang and U-KISS & "Hands Up" by Big Bang and 2PM.

W-w-w-what?! The thing at 1:43.. it doesn't feel safe O__o and YESSSSSSSSSS, another one of those MVs I love xD But it's not really.. amazing. These MVs usually are, but it felt too professional. It need to be almost like they filmed and edited the MV themselves. Those are the kind of MVs I love ^^

But the song was nice. Like their song "WOW" a whole lot better though, and I recently started to listen to their song "Irresistible Lips". A-mazing xD

BtoB - WOW [Dance Ver.]

Haha, feels like I'm posting so many clips these days. But there is so much going on!

I.. freakin' love this! The dance during the chorus is just to die for! I get in such a dancemood when I hear this song, and when I see them dance.. I don't know what it is but I feel like fan-girling, but in a much more mature way? Can't describe it -.-'

And they dance so good! Maybe not like 24K.. did anyone else notice Sungjae's mistake at 1:24 (all the way to the right). That's the only mistake I noticed though ^^ so WELL DONE BOYS!

BtoB - WOW [The Making Of]

"Get away.. I'm cooler than him" - Changsub (3:52) HAHAHAH xD
And look at the guy with the silver jacket at the end (the guy in the top left). Look at that pose. You go girl! ^^

Why did it say that this was part two? Haha isn't this part one?
And this is part two:

And this is part 3?! Omo.. what happened to part 1 O.O
Waaah, when they played that game xD So cute!! ^^  And they're so mean to Eunkwang. Why do they keep trying to send him away?! xD
From 04:08.. random.. hahahah

BtoB - Press Play [2nd Mini Album]

01. WOW

02. Press Play ft. G.NA

03. I Didn't Know About Love

04. My Girl

Ok, so there is no doubt that the first song is my favorite. However, "My Girl" and "I Didn't Know About Love" are very good as well. "My Girl" is like this amazing RnB song that makes me very relaxed and.. it makes me feel good!! ^^

One more thing.. I didn't know that the entire album would be 90s inspired xD They all have that hint of the 90s in them. Or maybe not a hint, it's super obvious that the entire album is 90s inspired!! ^^ AND I LIKE IT!! I love the 90s (the music.. and the clothes that they wore during that time ^^), and the 90s was my entire childhood. So thumbs up for that!!!! ^3^

So what did you guys think? I didn't really like "Press Play", but I adored all the other songs ;D

BtoB - WOW [MV]


WOW!! Haha the way the scream wow.. rawr xD
But man.. I LOVE THIS, I LOVE THIS, I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS!! Hahaha and the cloths, omg.. such memories ^^ Even if I was born in 1995, and missed 5 years of the 90's.. it still brings back memories! You guy do see what they're wearing right? It's like typical 90's. But there is so much swag in it! LOL.. swag ^^

So you probably already know that I love the song. But the MV?
I aboslutley fell in love with the dance (even though it wasn't all that). Haha did you guys notice the butt-touch at 02:04, and the "I Am the Best"-dance at 03:16? ^^
But I didn't really get the MV ^^ Or.. maybe I did. Ok, so there's this girl.. and she's like WOW. Then you can see how she blows everyone away, literally (02:28). And the boys LIIIIIIIIKE IT, th-th-they LIIIIIIKE IT~ ^3^

Haha, I'll be playing this song on repeat for the next couple of days ^^
Now we're waiting for a live performance!! 

BtoB - WOW [Lyric Trailer]

What the fudge is a lyric trailer?

So that's a 'Lyric Trailer'.. It's amazing.. O__O Hahahah omg.. this song! I'm almost ready to put this teaser into my phone. "put this teaser into.." sounded wrong hahahahha. Well you know what I mean~

Gosh, you gotta love the guitar, and when they go up in falsetto (0:37 - 0:55), OH MY SWEET LORD!!! And how they just made the teaser in general, genius. It almost felt like karaoke xD Yeah, and I'm still sticking with my
"Backstreet Boys/Michael Jackson/NSync"-feeling for this song. Haha this sounds just like the 90's, BUT I LOVE IT! However, their english pronunciaton could have been better (talking about the first few seconds..)
Dude.. I can't wait for this MV and entire song to be released. ARE YOU READY?!!!! OH-E OH-E OK!!

It's BtoB ya'll.. you better be ready O__é


BtoB - WOW [MV Teaser]

0:15 Peniel

0:16 SungJae

0:17 HyunSik :) <XD

0:19 EunKwang

0:20 IlHoon

0:24 ChangSub

0:29 MinHyuk

No. F'ing. Way. THEY'RE BACK!! I've been waiting for you guys! xD And this teaser is amazing. The song first reminded me of MBLAQ's "Oh Yeah" and after a while I started to think about Michael Jackson's "Black or White". Then it reminded me of something else.. can't really remember what the song was called, but I think it's from something the Backstreet boys did ^^ And they're all good, so this song can't be anything below good!

But then again.. I've been wrong before. The entire song will be released on September 12th. Only 5 more days!

Eunkwang (BtoB) & Yoo Sung Eun - Love Virus [MV]

SOOOO CUTE!! The song wasn't amazing, but it works ^^ Haha saw this comment on youtube:

O__o that is so true!! I knew I recognized him xD2
Haven't heard from BtoB in a while now. I'm actually listening to their song "Insane" right now. It's really really good, COME BACK GUYS!!! I want more good music ^^

BtoB - Irresistible Lips [MV]


*daze* did you guys see those kisses... O____________O

Oh my where to start ehhm... I didn't even know that they had a song called Irresistible Lips and the whole "releasing a MV" didn't make it better XD
Well about the song it feels like I have to listen to it a few more times. It'll probably stuck in my head just as Insane and Father but it'll take some time. And that ADGBADLJB Minhyuk ;w; He looks like Hyun Bin AND someone I can't put my finger on...
But his acting is really good O__O Or everyones acting is really good!

It was a cute story, Ilhon and Sungjae never fails to impress me. I have to say the way to promote this group is quiet different because I haven't really seen a rookie group before that releases so many songs/MV's at the same time. They usually debut, perform their song and then train for a few months and make a comeback. That's the typical thing for a rookie group but BtoB just bomb out stuff XD Not complaining over here I actually like it (y)


BtoB - Father [Special MV] + Special Parents Day [CLIPS]

The special MV for 'Father' (Once again)

Parents Day (Part 1)

Parents day (Part 2)

As you guys may have known, on May 8th was Parent's day. It's just like Mothers Day but because you didn't want the fathers to feel left out, they made it PARENT'S DAY!! ^^

Allkpop said:

The first part shows BtoB members Ilhoon and Sungjae visiting Hanrim Arts High School, where they passed out carnations to students. The video was heartwarming as it showed the students’ warm support for the group’s new single. BtoB then made a surprise visit to Changsub and Eunkwang‘s homes. The boys brought tears to their parents’ eyes at the sudden reunion when they performed “Father”.

BtoB further touched the hearts of fans with tearful video messages for their parents. In part two, BtoB transformed into messengers of love when they visited the home of a lonely father, who sent his family overseas for his daughter’s studies, and performed a special stage for him.

The recently added video features the boys spending an enjoyable time with their family, friends, and neighbors. BtoB shows their variety show skills and the cute video, along with the editing, made the special event that much more emotional and enjoyable.

That is so adorable!! You guys should definitely see these clips!

BtoB - Father Special ver [MV]


Hahaha I felt like one of those impatient bitches that waited for the "Special version" I thought they would dance or something but the ending was soo cute *u* Their childhood pictures! :D

I actually like Father a lot, because you can clearly "separate" everyones voices and it sounds so "clean" and real XD Bad way on explaining...  and I have to say that of all the maknaes out there Sung Jae is the who has taken me... by storm (heheh see what I did there? >:3)  Well sure Zelo was a freaking talent god sent by Idon'tknowwho but Sung Jae must be the first maknae that has so many lines and he sings with pure emotions. He's amazing!

Is it only me who thinks that my texts are dirty sometimes? XD

BtoB - Father [MV]

It's so beautiful T3T BtoB, they haven't made one single song that I haven't liked so far.

0:04-0:26/1:36-1:47/2:44-2:55 ChangSeob (lead vocalist)

0:29-0:40/1:27-1:35 HyunSik (lead vocalist, lead dancer)

0:42-0:52/2:31-2:33/2:38-2:40 MinHyuk (lead rapper, main dancer, vocalist, visual)

0:55-1:06/1:48-1:59/2:56-3:07 SungJae (vocalist, rapper, maknae)

1:07-1:22/2:02-2:14/3:09-3:23 EunKwang (leader, main vocalist, blonde hair)

2:15-2:26 Ilhoon (main rapper)

2:27-2:30/2:34-2:36 Peniel (rapper, lead dancer, vocalist)

Saw another comment on youtube that made me tear up a little

As a Korean American immigrant, my parents sacrificed a lot in order for me and my sister to grow up here. They gave up great jobs and left their families in Korea. It was really hard with all the language barriers and cultural differences and when I was little, I didn't realize all that they've done. I was mad at them because they worked all the time and had no time for anyone. This song makes me reflect and tear up. Thank you for such a great song BtoB!

This song is about the love and gratitude for one's father, so yeah.. I got a bit touchy there ^^-

BtoB (BTS, Polishing Diamonds)

                                               No Idea what they're saying in the beginning..

This clip was released two weeks ago. But I still want to put it up! BtoB will probably make it big time, don't you think? Or at least make it xD And I love how these guys aren't those typical "pretty bois~" that all the other boy groups are. These guys feel more relateable in a way.

What do you think og BtoB? Like them? LOVE THEM? ^^

BTOB - Insane MV

A bit late but the MV is finally out~

Now the "B.R.A the critics" will come out a.k.a the bitch XD The MV and the song was much much much better than the 1st teaser they released. I never checked the second one but the first one sounded really bad. But I wasn't 100% happy with this either.

The good stuff was obviously their acting skills as a rookie group. It was really good especially if you compare them with EXID >__> And ohohohoh there was a guy his voice was like  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *________* They had some good rappers (especially the first guy *pointing down*) and I saw a lot of look alikes like Hyun bin, L.joe (only because of the blonde hair XD) and a Ki Kwang :O

I wanna meet their makeup artist. Look at the eyeliner/eyeshadow difference between the right and the left eye hahahahaha XD Or should it maybe look like that? :O

But there was some parts that was a bit "eh.." *simpson style* for example 2:23 seemed so lame XD I wanted some more BAM! and HUA! In their voices, sure they sang loud but I wanted some power in it~ They somehow held in something -.- Except for the Ki Kwang look alike, his voice sounded so pure and clear T3T
Their dance was also a bit average, it wasn't something you remembered, so it wasn't REALLY GOOD nor bad.

However their Engrish was really good and the chorus was really catchy ^ω^
But let's see what they got. Gonna wait for other songs ;-)

BtoB - Imagine & Insane

HOW COULD I MISS THIS?!?!?! BtoB has released their debut title tracks!


It's so beautiful TT_TT I don't know why, but this song reminds me SOOO much of another song, but can't tell which. It's very annoying -.-'


They're both so good!!!! But I prefer Imagine ^^ or do I? Haha can't really make up my mind.

Now all that's left are the MV's. BtoB, you're definitely a group that could ruin my bias list. (But never take Lee Joon's place. No one can EVER take is place!!!!!!!! xD)

BtoB - I Stole the Lips (from sitcom)

I don't know what this is. Well it's a performance *duh*, but where is it? O__o they didn't really say anything in the info-box except that they'll debute on March 22. But what did you think of the performance? And why are they only 5?

OH WAIT, this is from a sitcom that a part of the group is currently starring in. It's JTBC's sitcom 'I live in Cheongdamdong' and they play as trainees dreaming to become the next big idol group. Haha isn't that pretty much what they're doing IRL? ^^

But I liked this song! The performance was not WAOW, but it wasn't bad either ^3^

BtoB - Insane (MV Teaser)

OMG, we got so much of the song!!!!!!!!!! xD "So insane. She gave me so much pain~" Naaah, you poor bobo :c But damn, this year is really though for debut-groups to debut O__o I mean B.A.P, NU'EST and now this. I kind of feel bad for them, because if they're not great, people might not pay so much attention to them.

But hey, this song was pretty badass and so was the video! On March 21st they will release the ballad track, “Imagine”, and this up beat dance track, “Insane” as a double title track, which will be released digitally.

#1. What does it mean that they'll release the songs as a double title track?
#2. What does it mean that it'll be released digitally? Like on youtube?

Haha, got that last sentence from Allkpop, and that's why I have a problem understanding it. It's not that I don't understand what I'm writing xD

A New group in tha house - BTOB

Or "Born To Beat". I believe that most of you have heard of them by now and they released a teaser from their song earlier today.

A lot of people relate them to B2ST (Well they're from the same agencies..) but I don't think that they give the same feeling as B2ST at all. The standard for this year is awefully high right now and this song didn't really give such a PAOW feeling.
I'm not saying that all the songs should be in a hip hop way but the piece Cube gave us was pretty bad. How can I say it in a good way... It feelt like their music didn't have any soul in it.... you get it? XD
Or to be more exact the one who sang it, didn't sing with his feelings.

I didn't get that fuzzy feeling I get over a good song on this group (yeah it's hard to explain), they only had the looks. That's it. 

But I could be wrong... 


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