You're Beautiful Actors-Style [Eye Candy wannabe]

Just finished the drama "You're Beautiful" in 4 days.. Haha I'm in love!!! With Shinwoo (aka Yong Hwa from CNBlue ^^)



Not really eye candy.. but I still enjoy watching these gifs ^^

CN Blue's Jonghyun on Vouge Girl

CN Blue's pretty boy Jonghyun was on Vouge Girl a while ago, but I never uploaded those pictures -___- It's a shame that CN Blue is so underrated because their music is really good.
I've said this to BO before but I'll say it here as well. In the kpop world there are 3 different stage-popularity and you can clearly notice it on youtube:

#1 - The popular/well known ones (usually between 10-30 0000+ viewes)
#2 - Those who are in the middle (usually between 2-9 0000 viewes)
#3 - The rookie/underrated ones (usually between 100 000 - 900 000 viewes)

Sure my numbers aren't really exact but you can check it for yourself when you see someones' MV.
Okay back to the point yes CN Blue is underrated and they're #2 on the list. But here are the pictures from Jonghyun's photoshoot~
Lol looks like a janitor on the last picture XD
But he's really pretty *u*

CN Blue - Come On [Tracklist + PV]

The word PV says the whole thing (If it's Korean or Japanese) so yeah this will be CN Blues' third Japanese album and they'll have their comeback August 1st.
It'll also be aviable in 3 different editions:

Limited Edition

01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)

DVD: 01. “Come on” Music Video
02. “Come on” Special Feature
Bonus: 01. 44-page Photo Book
02. 4-fold Mini Poster
03. Original Jacket + Sleeve Case
04. Serial Code

Regular Edition
01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)

Bonus: Serial Code (First Press Only)

Lawson Edition
01. Come on
02. Wake up
03. My miracle
04. Come on (Instrumental)

Bonus: 01. 5 Calendar Cards
02. Lawson Edition Original Jacket
03. Serial Code



Compared to their other Japanese song (for example "In My Head") this song must be their most powerful one! It was quiet good but it feels like the song will be 10x times better if they released the whole song *duhh* instead if a small part of it XD I just realised the thing I just wrote makes no sense hahaha of course it will sound better it the whole song was released =_=

That limited edition album doesn't look wrong at all :O So much stuff and posters OuO

Did You know that...

Jungshin (From CN Blue) was in 4minute's MV Heart to Heart? HAHAHAAHAHAH I just realised it yesterday when I sat and geeked 4Minute ;D And the funny thing is that he's playing a playboy heheihihohoh and another funny thing is how brutal that MV is. Not do they only mess up his life but they also get him arrested because of him flirting with other girls =__=

Gosh he's so pretty TT^TT The scene where he and Hyuna sits together is quiet worrying. Because I somehow consider Jungshing beeing prettier than Hyuna xd

CN Blue - Ear Fun [3rd Mini album]

Hey you

Still In love

Dream Boy

Rock 'n Roll


In My Head [Korean ver]

Hohohohohoh This was some good stuff! Listened to every song and I enjoyed every second! CN Blue didn't disappoint me at all!! Started to get all hyped when I saw that thay made a Korean version on In my head. I've been listening to the Japanese (<-- original) everyday now . . . T____T
I've got to admitt it feelt weird. I sat and waited for Jonghyun's "Kokoro" XD But the top 3 songs was Hey you, Still In Love and In my head.

Release more awesome albums!!!!!! ^_^

CN Blue - Hey You (MV)

I'm just going to put this MV up. Because B.R.A is such a bigger fan than me, I'm going to let him say stuff.. haha xD But just basics. This is "Hey You", CN Blue's title track song for their third mini album. 

Cool MV (That's the only stuff I'm going to say ^^). The full third mini album to be released on March 27th.

Okay B.R.A taking over! >:3 ksadjbfskdfb <333333 I fell in love with the intro <3__<3 it was amazing for god sake! But Yong Hwa's lips wasn't really in sync with the song so it looked pretty ugly XD The chorus was just great!! It's just like the teaser but it gave me a different feeling with the melody however the studio thing reminded me of FT Island's - I hope (duh...)

Some stuff I'm a bit dissapointed on, are that Minhyuk and Jung Shin doesn't sing at all TT_TT I know that Minhyuk can sing because he did it in Heartstrings however I'm doubting on Jung Shin but if you're a member of a band (especially in Korea) you should at least be able to sing in a average voice or something.
The last thing I'm disturbing myself on a bit are the foreigners. I'm like Dafuq?! Why are the foreinger all over the studio? I bet that they don't have a cameraman/manager/cleaner/crew who're foreigners or is that a special theme they have?

Oh well AWESOME CN BLUE!!! Really looking forward to your album!!

CN Blue 4th teaser - Yong Hwa

Yalalalalalal! *MYNAME thing~* A lot of teasers and MV's will come up now because they've bombed us with teasers and MV's today ô_ô

I talked with my friend yesterday and we spazzed over CN Blue's comeback. I was waiting for Yong Hwa's teaser and now it's out!!!!!! He got the longest one XD Everyone had between 20-30 seconds and Young Hwa plopps up, like a boss with 43 seconds >:3
Huhuhuhuh I'm sitting here like a 3 year old kid waiting for something...

But Jung Shin had the coolest teaser ^u^

CN Blue 3rd Teaser - Minhyuk

UUrrgghhhh T^T *sounds dirty*
I'm seriously freaking out with these teasers. 2012 seem to be the year of teasers. It's the "new it" -.- What happened with the old days when you had 1, 1, ONNEEEE teaser for a comeback, song, or a group.

Totally refering to EXO right now XD

I'm not taking it bad, in matter of fact I'm waiting like a hyped dog for Yong Hwa's teaser. Of all the teaser... Jungshin's end was a ANKSFASLJ HALLELUJA moment for me *__*
And can you believe that this is Minhyuk?! THAT MINHYUK WHO PLAYED IDON'TKNOWWHO IN HEARTSTRINGS!!!

CN Blue - Hey You (Teaser)

Holy crap!! Is that really him playing? O__o
This has such a typical CN Blue sounds ^^ It sounds like the only song I've heard from them, "I'm a loner". Don't you agree? xD

Oh, btw, it was Jong Hyun in the video (The guitarist and vocalist. Wait.. that means that it was him singing in the end? DAMN this boy got talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm a loner TT_TT

Yes.. after watching Heartstrings I've become CN Blue biased... really hard =__=
I'm listening to their songs 24/7 ,watching some reality shows with them and spazzing everywhere! And they're going to release their 3rd mini album soon!!!! ksadjnskd!!

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH I was like "SHIT! Since when did Young Hwa have abs AND look like Lee Joon?!" Then I saw G.O in the corner XD

Ohh I've seen this photo shoot, it's from CN Blue making the artist ^_^

More like Power Rangers~

Forgot to upload this on *le blog*
Was that really Jungshin singing?! I haven't really heard him sing Solo before, but DAAAAMN if that was him O_O

Minhyuk pre debut (high school) picture

As I said I'm currently watching Heartstrings and you can't hate Minhyuk's character!! TT_TT So.freaking.sweet. Sure I would be annoyed and creeped out as hell if a guy like that stalked me 24/7 but he's so adorable!

Found a picture on him during his high school days:

The left one is his high school picture... not the right one XD

Heh hard to believe ey? Actually not... His face is still the same (exactly like heartstrings) the only thing that's different is hair and makeup. That's it! He hasn't changed at all! That picture is probably 2-4 years old and to me looks the same, maybe a bit skinnier.
The wonders of makeup... gonna kidnap a Korean dude, style him a bit and put some makeup and then ta-dah~

CN Blue - Still In Love (MV)

Not such a big CNBLUE fan, but I really liked their song "I'm A Loner". This song actually reminds me of "Im A Loner" ^^

So this song was composed by no other than Yonghwa (Leader and Lead vocalist), not bad! Believe me or not, I honestly liked this song ^^ AND it's my kind of MV. Almost. You probably know by now that I like MV with random clips of the group just having fun performing, playing etc. This song was clips of them recording the song. Maybe not the same thing, but at least it looked like they were enjoying themselves! xD

The entire mini-album will be released March 26th!!!!!!!!

Younghwa pre-debut pictures

Two words: Picture bomb!


Wahh how cute!~
It's pretty funny to watch old pre-debut pictures when the idols where... themselves ^_^
No makeup, no have-to-look-perfect-in-front-of-the-camera-look and no worries u__u

Yonghwa <3 - Is it meternal reedy

As you know I've been geeking RM everyday now (well duhh ... Running man*) and Yonghwa has plopped up, in RM 5 times now (!!) and 2 of them have been dubble episodes. I cried when Joong Ki left but if there's anyone, ANYONE out there who would replace Joong Ki. Then it should be Yonghwa. I'm falling pretty hard for this amazing guy right now~!

Wooyoung like a boss "Is it my turn already?" then yonghwa... *facepalm*


Have you seen this? *retarded smile*

I've NEVER seen CN Blue's "whole" MV for I'm a loner... (Gosh the name XD I'm a loner hahahahha depressing >__>) 
I thought the one I always saw was the Full MV T__T The full MV contains their.. gha~ How can you say it... Whole story? -__-'  + Live performace in the end?! Ha?...

Well it's only the beginning though, so yeah...

Have you seen it before!? o_______o


I read on allkpop first that it was CN Blue's 2nd year anniversary. I doubted a bit so I had to research a bit. To be more exact they debuted August 19th 2009 in Japan. But they debuted January 15 2010 in Korea.

BUT HAPPY 2 YEARS ANNIVERSARY DUUUDEES~ They're gonna release a new albume soon, really looking forward I love these guys and their indie pop XD
They also got cell phones apparently... Hongki gonna be mad... <-- Oh my school anyone?

Yeah... tiny photos...

Hahahah everyone looked at each other instead of the camera XD

TT____TT ^3^

Underrated groups (1/2)

There's 2 groups that people just know who they are (or just their names) but their music is pretty underrated I want them to get a "puuff" up so people can discover them even more.

Tha first one is: CN Blue

Some of you are like "Ohh yeah it's them *smiley face*" But have you listened to one of their songs? Do you know what they've been doing? Or is it just one of those groups name that you know... my bad not group, *band* They're a real band after all...

All their songs are different compared to other bands, it's like... a indie kpop band? No dunno but it has that catchy rythm that you enjoy listen to ^__^

One of my favourit songs from them:

Hohoh the badass:ness XD
Have to love that the guards are foreigners hahahahah ;D

Jung Shin that pony tails of your TT^TT


He look so pretty ô__ô

Well my point over here is try to listen to their songs~

CN Blue canceled their concert

I bet that most of you Swedish readers have known this from Foki XD She were supposed to go on their concert that where held in Thailand but it got canceled because of the flood. Instead it'll be held next year in February.

Was it only me who WO-HO:ed for myself (beeing an ego XD ) but hey! I want to see them too ;___;

Such an annoying gif hahahahahah -_-

At least it's going better and better for them. They're getting more famous around tha Asiah

CN Blue opens for Linking Park!

Yepp, you read right!!! CN Blue is apperently opening for Linking Park's concert “A Thousand Suns Japan Tour 2011.” on September 10th. That means.. this saturday!!!! :D OMG. hahaha, CN Blue fighting! Well done guys. Can't wait to see you take over USA :D

CN to the Blue! Totally hooked on this song <3

No matter how many times I listen to this song, I always laugh at the part were they scream xD

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