Gayo Daejun red carpet - asdfghjkl feels ;w;

Oh god I just made a big fat post but everything got deleted =__=
My internet hasn't been working for the past 2 days and I'm using my internet from my phone right now. AND I missed Gayo Daejun during these 3 days ;w;  *brb running to a corner while hitting myself*
Oh right EXO "debuted" as well last year on Gayo Daejun while dancing with other dancers ;3
CN Blue
Ohh I like their coats
I'm sorry but what the heck are you wearing Minho?! It looks like my grandma's shirt together with my mom's long dress. It just looks bad... .___.
Miss A
They looked so freaking gorgeous in their dresses ;w; Idols usually wear short and daring outfits but they look so elegant~ 
Super Junior
Kang Sora
Her dress seem to be a bit short at the front
Aw They look so handsome
She looks gorgeous :O

Gayo Daejun!!!

I had completely forgotten it! I thought it would be around 30th december but nooo -_-
Apparently the other shows SBS and the other one will show tomorrow and the 30th
Here's two links for KBS Gayo Daejun
The first link sucks and the second one has a really bad quality but ehh..

Music Bank with B.A.P, U-KISS & F.CUZ


U-KISS - When Love Stop & DORADORA

F.CUZ - No.1

Who do you think should win? I don't know yet O__o


just press here:!streams/vstc11=justin-tv

Right now SHINee is performing Lucifer!!!!!!
You can see Music Bank Live right now!!!!!!!! CLICK IT!!!

M! Countdown - MBLAQ & Rainbow Pixie

Just wanted to share this with you guys. Rainbow Pixie performed today at M! Countdown with their song 'Hoi Hoi'. MBLAQ also performed with their song 'White Forever' (One of my favorite Christmas songs ^^) AAAAND a special stage for their new singel 'This is War'!!!! xD


White Snow

This Is War

JDQJ3123¤!#"¤" Am I the only one seeing how extremly great this is?! Haha, and am I also the only one realizing how buff they've all become?! I mean like, Thunder has a great looking body, Mir has chest muscles and G.O's arms!!!! haha, Seungho doesn't really have to have a body to look smoking, and Lee Joon has always had a body ^^

I still don't get if Rainbow Pixie is like.. Rainbows sister group.. or something ^^ This is what allkpop says: Rainbow‘s first ever sub-unit, Rainbow Pixie, has just recently stepped into the music scene with their debut title track titled “Hoi Hoi“. But I still don't get it? O.o Anywho, here you have their performance!! ENJOY! :D

Couldn't find their performance O.o but here you have their debut stage! ^^

KPOP stars shuffle!!

WOOOW, they were not bad at all!!!! xD

First group: INFINITE
Second group: I think it was IU ^^
Third group: Super Junior!!
Fourth group: .. everyone

So, don't you think that they did a job well done? ^^ Well I really enjoyed watching it, and I really liked the remixes of the songs! 8D

Some of the performances...

Go Yesung~
Go Yesung~

Screamed like a pig XD HAHAHAHA He was even more cool with the sunglases! <3

MBC Gayo daejun

I may sound like a bitch but I agree... I don't know the way Hyuna "present" (or dance -.-) it, is pretty slutty... for example the clip I uploaded from SBS Gayo daejun (I think?) Were she rubbed herself against Hyung Seung. Sure it's a choreography but the way she does it is... yeah. Gain and Jokwon had the same choreography as they did in Trouble maker but Gain made it more, sexy..

Ohh interesting version...
I think I get the point with the balls/balloons to smash them away you have to put your hands up ^^ hohohoh *bad humour* x)

That woman... the shirt... all of them.. just... pasdfnk!
That's why I wanna see them live one day...

*nod* *nod* hahahahah *u*

An angry A+

I heard that during yesterdays MBC Gayo daejun MBLAQ and U-KISS got some different treatments XD I saw a clip on MBLAQ's performance on Sanna's blog. Man I got angry as *******************

G.O, Thunder and Seungho's mic! :@
W-T-F -.- You could see the the confusion on G.O's face... Well, not gonna let out all my rage now. Instead let's read other fans rage XD

Obviously Gayo daejun this year sucked... Everything can't really be perfect, of course there'll be some problems here and there but it feels like they should've been a bit more professional when they know that the biggest event/concert/something of the year will be held by them. (Aiming at the 3 of them SBS, KBS and MBC)
Let's hope that this years Gayo daejun will be better (y) This was my first one after all XD

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