Dalmatian FTW

Allkpop said: "The boys of Dalmatian recently made a surprise appearance at an all-female high school in Suncheon on June 20th.

The reason for their unexpected appearance was for one particular first year student at the high school, who left a post on Dalmatian’s official fan cafe expressing her desire to meet the boys in person. Dalmatian happened to come across the post and decided to grant her wish with a surprise event.

Once at the high school, the boys remarked, “We heard there was a fan who wanted to meet us, so we have come just for her. We’re very happy to be able to meet her like this. Please continue to support us.”

Dalmatian interacted with the students in the classroom for about an hour, taking photos, shaking hands, and more. In addition, the members personally handed out snacks and signed CDs they prepared as gifts.

A representative of their agency stated, “We are planning to continuously hold these sorts of surprise events, so we hope fans throughout the country look forward to it."


WAAAAAAAAAAAAH~ DALMATIAN!!! You guys just gained so much respect from me O__o Haha I love these kind of stuff. It makes the idol seem more real and down to earth. I don't really like Idols that act like divas (not Jo Kwon diva, just divas that think they're better than everyone).

Dalmatian clip spam ^3^


They're so adorable TToTT Father and Mother watching their son going on stage XD And the two derps Youngwon and Jisu "Simon fighting!" x325436
Youngwon's and Daniels expression <3 XD HAHAHAHAHAHA


There's one thing I'm confused over and that's Jisu/Jesu/Jee su's freaking name! They spell it different everytime @___@ So my way is "Jisu"! If anyone knows how his stage name is spelled... please comment this post XD

*5 minutes later*



I can't help but feel like a proud mom everytime I see Youngwon *he's only 5 years older* xd I remember when I saw that manager thing and they started to talk about him "Everytime he dance it's like he's in another world, he can't hear nor see you..." and the funny thing is that they proved it right XD
Ahh~ And now he's all grown up dancing like a god!

Truth to be told I'm like "wth are they doing?" everytime they do that... >_>

Daniel's voice problem

Yesterday I just realised that I haven't really heard/seen a complete and HD performance from Dalmatian's E.R. So I started to search a bit and watched their first comeback performance they did:


I was like O___O The fudge happened...?! Well they seemed a bit nervous. Youngwon and Jisu didn't really bring all they got, it was pretty low and off sometimes. But the biggest schock was Daniel... What was that?! :O It is absolutely forbidden to lip-sync during these kinds of performances, well if you don't have a really good reason and I know that Daniel is a great singer and you could clearly hear him trying to sing sometimes.  


It's the same (Daneil) during this performace too so I finally started to read the freaking comments XD And it's rumoured that he had a throath injury/was sick so he couldn't really go all in. I started to get teary and all XD Lol... However you can clearly see the developments in this performance. Jisu and Youngwon are great! And Inati and Simon has bean amazing since their comeback stage! I'm starting to like Simon more and more he is really talented ;-)



Their best performance so far in Inkigayo 3 days ago!! And it seems like Daniel has gotten much better he even injured his leg not so long ago. But they seem to be a bit spiritless <-- probably tired *the bitch has come XD* however it is their best performance, no doubt!! :D Everytime I watch Inati I start to think about the things he said in their show Manager goes on Strike, that deep talk he had about him beeing a trainee for 9 years wating for their debut TT^TT

sadfkjsdnlfkn Dalmatian keep fighting!! <3 You got a new Dalmate on you side ^o^



Dalmatian schock...

I'm sorry but it feels like the bomb need to be released somehow... You can't have missed Dalmatian's comeback right?!?! I started to squeal for myself 12 am ASDJGSDLJ DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT?! I've actually been searching on Dalmatian a lot, even before their comeback but their songs weren't really something WOW for me, but E.R is just amazing!
And I'm getting quiet mindfucked here, I'm watching their show "Manager goes on strike" and that was during their debut days. It's quiet hard to see who is who now when everyone has pumped up their bodies ksdjgfbksdj Jeesu/Jisu, Daniel/Drama & Youngwon WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS?!?!?!

They aren't puppies anymore, they're full grown dogs! lol...

Especialy Jisu that guy... O_O

LOOK AT HIM! It was pretty schocking for me to see that plain guy turn into that in a few seconds O_O (You know youtube clips XD)

From left to right: Inati (Leader) HaHa, Youngwan, Jisu, Simon (New member), Drama/Daniel (maknae)

It's funny cuz I'm watching the episode where Haha is with them and he looks 210984x bigger than them and now they're all like beasts! Wait a minute... that isn't haha right? XD HAHAHAHAHA It's their producer I think XD

And for you who didn't know, Dalmatian was actually a 6-members group. Dari is in the army while the other member Day Day quit the group because of personal reasons so Simon joined the group.

Dalmatian 2nd mini-album

And Dalmatian makes a fierce comeback with their 2nd mini-album "State of Emergency" and the new member Simon!!!

01. E.R

HNNNNNNG!!! I actually went HNNNNNNG when I saw them xD DAMN DALMATIAN!!
And the song, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! I bet you guys that Dalmatian will be something big. I can feel it in my fingers.. (I feel it in my toes~)

Hahahaha and when they wen't all topless xD DAJKBAEKLAJJAEGSRNGSR!!!
But I didn't really get why the girl kissed his forhead and why she smiled at the end O__o

02. Drive

03. Still By Ur Side

04. Hurt Me

Let me just say, I'm really diggin' their style!!! xD

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