Groups you haven't hears of (part 34) [Special 1/10]


Well this group seem to be... just like MYNAME XD They've just vanished as Idon'tknowwhat.


I've only heard about them 2 times and after searching a bit, they're a 5 members group who debuted... last year O_O huh... I thought they debuted 2010 or 2009. They debuted with the song "One last Cry" and there isn't any information about them since then.

Jung Jung Kyun age 24, is the leader and vocalist of the group.

Jung Seung Hyun
age 24, is the rapper and vocalist of the group.

Lee Jong Min
age 23, better known by his stage name Soul J, is the main vocalist of the group.

Song Yu Jin
age 20, is the maknae and vocalist of the group.

Kim Sang Woo
age 20, is the lead vocalist of the group

Funny couse Song Yu Jin and Kim Sang Woo are both borned February 22

This was something different... It isn't that typical "the-whole-group-are-in-a-dark-room-dancing-their-ass-off-trying-to-show-their-amazing-dancing-skills"
They surely are in a room but the concept was more like a Dream Girls concept except for them not beeing girls... and having showy curves with bling bling dresses. Okay I should stop -_-

The member Sangwoo looked like Daesung while leader Jungkyung looked like Lee Hong Ki. I've actually been listening to this song a lot of times right now but it isn't "my thing" I actually liked the blonde guy's and Sanwoo's voices but I didn't like the rapper. And 2 of the members, I can't believe that I'm saying this... had REALLY irritating voices XD
It was a new irritating feeling that I've never experienced before and gosh I hate it! Jungkyun and Yujin has the "worst" voices I've ever heard O_O *cruel* Okay worst is a bit too much they can sing but I just couldn't enjoy hearing them...

Jungkyung looks like Lu Han over here...

Groups you haven't heard of (part 33)

Wow this was a really long time ago... O_O I'm quiet busy right now, with school so I don't really have time to check a new group inclusive their songs and so on. That's why the G.Y.H.H.O posts has decreased XD
But I checked here and there yesteday and found this:

Free Star

There has been many new groups that have made their debut this year, however the rookie group craze has yet to die down, at least with girl groups.

Brand new girl group Free Star has recently entered the K-pop scene with their debut single Diss which was written by 4Tune's J-Rod. The group consists of 4 members: Min Jung (Main Vocal), CEO (Leader), TK (Rapper & Dancer), and Dam Yoo (Vocal).

All of the members have previous experience with musicals and films, and are know to be frequently practicing their dancing skills.

credit: allkpop

They're apparently a hip hop girl group but they disbanded 2011 because all four members left the company...

Phu~ It was quiet hard to find a song from this group =_= But I can't deny the fact that this song surely has some pop in it and efter listening to it 2 times... it's catchy. O_O And one of the girls had an interesting voice :3

Groups you haven't heard of (part 32)

This... was a long time ago... I found an old group out of nowhere XD


To tell you the basic stuff, they debuted 1998 and the group consists 3 members (that sounded wrong -.-) but they're a shemale gruop a.k.a mixed :3
Apparently the group has been through a lot of *piip* so here's some more details about it:

Cha Seung Min left for the U.S. to study abroad. Kim Jong Min replaced him starting from their third album. Kim Goo was jailed for possession of ecstasy in 2002. During this time, Koyote performed as a duo until Kim Goo was replaced by Kim Young Wan, previously a member of the group Cola and dance team Friends. Jung Myung Hoon replaced Kim Young Wan for the fifth album. He was previously a member of the group OPPA and PLT. He left to serve his compulsory duties for the military. Bbaek Ga replaced him starting from their sixth album.

Uhuhuhuhuhuhuh THIS IS A FREAKING COPY! From Turbos Black Cat!! (I wrote about them in G.Y.H.H.O part 30)
But I do like this, even if it's copied. I thought the girl was a boy and the group consisted 29324 people *including the background dancers* e___e

Hehehehe kpop during 90's. While korean listened to this I tried to dance with Britney Spears song's - Baby one more time <-- old favourite XD *awkward*
But the kpop songs in the old days wasn't that bad either, it's not like I'm suffering while listening to this :P Well well it's nice to learn some kpop history~
So take the opportunity to read this stuff instead of google it by youself ^_^

Only me who thinks dirty here... 1 girl 2 men.... AKSFNSLAÖFASLD I should stop >__>

Groups you haven't heard of (part 31)

Hm.. I'm somehow finding this group intresting but they aren't that good. You can clearly see that they're a rookie group and they need A LOT of training.
Some of you may have heard about them but I bet that the majority haven't ^^


They're a 5-members group who debuted 2009 but they are trying to promote the group in Japan right now. The meaning behind SHU-I is: "So Hot Union for Idols". I'm sorry but that cracked me up... the members has also been given 'specific trait' they will be known for:

  • Inseok (leader)
  • Hyungjun (pretty boy)
  • Minho (main vocal)
  • Jinseok (dancer)
  • Changhyun (charisma)

  • Their debut song BOMB BOMB BOMB.
    It was, okay? Nothing that will make you go WAAOOWW! But I didn't like the MV. *gonna be a harsh bitch now* They don't dance so well, I read that they had been training together for 2 years but the way they dance in this MV seem stiff and awkward. They're also out of sync sometimes and they don't really "give all they got".

    Something positive is that their vocals isn't that bad...

    Their way of dancing was MUCH better compare to BOMB BOMB BOMB. But some of the members in the back look a bit stiff,

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 30)

    Wooo~ number 30! . . . -.- Well I wrote that I would do a G.Y.H.H.O on that old group:


    Well ehm... Turbo debuted 1994 (lol before my birth XD) and it consisted 3 members:

    Kim Jong Kook
    Kim Jung Nam

    You may know Kim Jong Kook from Running Man (I can't take him seriously here . . . >_>) but Turbo disbanded around year 2000 even though they were famous. They disbanded because Kim Jong Kook wanted to go solo and was offered a contract worth 700 million won (more than half million USD). Wow.. now he sound like a complete douche -.-

    Lol the intro ;''D

    They debuted with the song My childhood dream. Their MV is not really the best one, but I've got to admit the song isn't bad at all :O I thought it would be much, much worse...

    Comments referring to this song

    (the conversation goes from down to up)

    Hahahaha the fight between these two. Have to love the fact that the whole "I made a smiley" thing is true u__u I also do that.
    No smiley - You're a dick/douche
    Smiley - You're a nice person

    This must be my favourite song from Turbo XD Kim Jong Kook... I just.. yeah... but his voice isn't bad at all. He was quiet pretty when he was young :o

    trolololo :3

    He somehow looked like Siwon there :O

    Is it bad if I say that Kim Jong Kook looks really good here T___T He's 35 years old after all... akdsvnskdj U_U

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 29)

    I always tend to write a weird "intro" text before the group but let's skip that crap for now and get down to business! ô__ô


    I've been thinking on this and my conclusion is that they got the inspiration for the group name by the three P:s


    They're one of those unknown groups that debuted last year (fail if you know them XD) They're a girl group consisting 5 people and the leader Jinsoo was going to debut with Rainbow, :O dam dam daaaam~

    Well that's all I know -_-

    Shake Ur Body

    It was catchy as hell, buuut (everything has a butt <-- se what I did there? :3 hohoh)
    Some of the dance moves seemed a bit awkward and their pronunciation wasn't that great. It was hard to hear what thay said (I'm refering to the English words right now) so I thought they said: "Shake you, fatty"

    BOM SHAKA LAKA! (<-- See what I did there again? :3)

    Groups you havent heard of (part 28)

    This must be the group I have least info about:


    They're a mixed group consisting 2 guys and 2 girls. They debuted 2009 (the same year as 2NE1 :o) but they disbanded last year (2011) because some of the members left the group due to "personal reasons". 
    Really... o__o

    Their comeback song during 2010

    The first thing I thought of: Group incest XD You know they left because of "personal reasons".. My god now I'm getting all dusgusting again X'D

    Right?! But Troublemaker took it to a whole other lever ê__ê

    Big difference right? Could you imagine that the blonde haired one is actually the black haired guy in the first pic? O_O

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 27)

    I've actually heard about them before *busted* Well not "heard" but when I checked allkpop I saw that there was some articles about them.

    Brown Eyed Souls

    The similiar group to Brown eyed Girls (but the male version, I think)
    They debuted as a 4 member-group, 2003 (9 years ago) gosh that's like... forever! *fake-barbie-voice* the same year as TVXQ/DBSK. But a new member joined the group 2010.

    Some of you have probably heard about them before, but I haven't :3

    ASKFNALSJDFB Your daughter goddammit!

    Really... well look at that! ;3

    They've released 1349813 songs but I'm too lazy to upload it here... xd But listen to their song Go, it's a beautiful one ;')

    So... they are the Brown Eyed Soul... I'm sorry but they look like members from the Yakuza or something XD

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 26)

    Well this is a complicated group XD ... or maybe not...


    They're a 5 members group. They debuted as a due but 3 where added to form a 5 members group (easy mathematics) XD
    They debuteed 2009 and they're from the same company as Teen Top :O (TOP Media) but this groups doesn't seem that well known as Teen Top... However the one who "produced" this group is Andy Lee currently the maknae in the boy group Shinwha (Who'll celebrate their 14th year this year ^^)

    All the fact squeezed xd

    This is the only song I found >____> So... yeah...don't know what to say... it's a song? XD It wasn't something for me. But I liked the beat in the beginning it was a "light" one ;3

    This is probably when they were a duo (ink. the MV)

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 25)

    This will seurely be a short one because I couldn't really find sooo much info about them but let's give it a try ^^


    Have you heard about them? O__o Well I haven't XD They're a 6-members group who debuted 2008 (That's a long time ago...) 
    Ehm that's all I know...
    Oh... -.- They disbanded 2009 *fail* Only 1 year?! o__o

    It's so weird they give me a SS501, TVXQ and a tiny tiny bit TVXQ feeling... But most SS501! One of them even has a similiar voice just like Young Saeng...
    They were pretty OK~

    Almost as SHINee's Hello (The concept of the MV)

    Park Jung Jin
    Byun Jang Moon
    Sung In Kyu
    Lim Han Byul
    Japanese member Tomo
    Chinese member Haiming

    Ha? Chinese and Japanese members... ê__ê
    (They even sang the song "Yearning of the Heart" for the drama, Boys Over Flowers :O )

    "Groups" you haven't heard of (part 24)

    Gonna go straight to the point right now ^^ Yesterday I wrote about the show "Block B MTV Match up"

    So I wanted to do a research on the group:


    They're a ballad group consisting of 4 members. Hahaha that's all I know XD And Mino was a former trainee with Block B.
    AAAND everytime you search of B.o.M, 2NE1's Park Bom plopps up -__-'
    That's it. Nothing else U__U

    Their debut song: Without you

    *Le members*
    <--- That just sounded... bad and lame ;__;

    To be honest I'm not a big fan when it comes to ballads. It's pretty rare for me to like that, right now I like 2-3 ballad songs but that's it :/
    But for you guys who like it, here you have B.o.M ^^ 

    Thought of something. Isn't it hard to go from a Hip Hop training/group to a ballad group and not move at all? =__=

    The guy on the right is Mino
    (The only member I recognise XD)


    Groups you haven't heard of (part 23)

    I somehow feel depressed everytime I write that part ... XD
    This group is pretty wonderful fell in love right away!~


    Started to think of Niel O_O
    Well this band where formed 1999 but they debuted 2002. They're 4 members ^^ Read that they "get" their insperation from British bands and one of them is Muse. I listened to Muse a lot before I started to listen to kpop ^^ asume band~

    But they went on hiatus 2008 for military service (That's what I wanted Suju to do. That EVER member enrolled the military service thing and made a comeback 2 years after instead that one here and 3 there would go -__- , gosh I nag a lot...)

    Well... there's a rumour that this grup will make a comeback this year o3o wonder if that's true.

    Really love this song, it sounds so... clean o__o Hard to describe but it's simple but really good (y)

    Then we have this one, but I still prefer the first one <3

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 22)

    I wonder if it is anyone out there who's actually reading all of my "Groups you haven't heard of" U__U
    Well this is a quiet messy group. They debuted 2006/2007 but they changed members like a human changing clothes everyday >__>

    A lot of people who's in famous boy groups today, were once in this group:


    Apparently they disbanded 2009. They were actually a 5 members group. Here's the list with the ones beeing in this group but eventually droped out.

    Hahahahaah Everyone from D-NA is former members from Xing XD

    Their debut song In your hands. Aww It feels like watching videos from when you where a child T___T Kevin looked so different here O___O And Kibum...
    Who the heck is the rest 0.0

    I actually liked this song :O
    Hahaha I was like "What's with the foreign people invading this MV -__-' " Then I read the title HAHAHHAHAHA "Study abroad" XDD Pfftt...

    Woo new members here hahahahah XD Just found out that the guy with Pony tail in D-NA, his name is Injun. The funny thing is he's right in front of us... (The pic before you start the youtube clip) You can spot him anywhere he never change XD (the appearance)

    Well, they seem to be a ballad group...

    Ohh Kim Kibum :O

    Woo Kevin ;D

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 21)

    Well got all hyped yesterday and wrote that "Like a baws" post and here's the funny thing with times G.Y.H.H.O
    This kpop group's name is:

    The Boss

    Hahahahahha XD Perfect~
    DAMMIT! >___>

    The Boss is just one of their names otherwise they're also called D-NA -.- It's a pretty "popular" group even I know about them, sheesh... It's not a group we haven't heard of anymore U__U *le sadface*

    Well let's write about them~ na na na~~

    They're a band... really a band? Consisting 5 members. They debuted on March 4th 2010 and I read that they're gonna release a new album this year. Damn it's gonna be a lot of songs and groups this year xS Well I should maybe start listening to them (^3^)
    They spend 2011 to promote their songs in Japan, I guess that's why I haven't read that much about them in allkpop XD <-- my only connection towards the wonderful land called Korea...

    Their debut song "Admiring Boy"

    Oh gosh it's them? :O I've actually heard this song before... That fingersnap thing in the beginning reminded me of Boyfriends, Boyfriend (Which genius name their debut song as the group name -.- It sound so... lame O__O)
    The whole image gave me a boyfriend feeling to be honest, you know that über cute thing BUT! They're at the limit actually. It's all cute and so on but you can still watch it and actually think that this is ok.  
    So they pulled it off, however they're really cute *u*

    I'm seriously a sucker when it come to guys having a small pony tail~ ASJFBASLJFCBSADLJ HE'S SOOOO CUUTTTEEE ^3^ And his voice isn't bad at all

    I think I got a epileptic attack while watching the black and white change dramaticly =__=

    To be honest... the blonde one looks like a girl...


    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA This made my night ;')
    The first part was just random XD *stoneface* a few seconds later *trololololo*
    and Karam (apparently his name) ... no words...

    Walking - falling
    Standing - falling
    Dancing - falling
    Running - falling

    You don't even have to try sitting, just go and sleep >___> XD HAHAHAHAH aww no seriously he's worse than me...

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 20 <-- wooo!)

    I've been pretty lifeless, I think I'm starting to get sick AGAIN. Dunno why but during the holiday my eating habits have been pretty... wierd. Can't eat so much anymore and I'm ALWAYS getting sick >__> I've been sick 4 times now during the break O__O It's sick... Have to eat more XD <-- my only solution for a worthless problem over here... and I've sometimes been spitting blood from my mouth -.- urgh yeah that sound pretty bad when I'm writing it down...

    Okay back to the point  a group we haven't heard of. It was the first group who where written on the list of 2010 debuting kpop groups and that is *drums*

    Bebe Mignon

    Gosh they where TOO CUTE for me ê___ê You get "uhhh =__=" Well I'm only writing my opinions over here.

    Doo Bi Doo Ba

    The first part however is pretty catchy XD Doo Bi, Doo Bi, Doo Bi, Doo Aeh <-- something..
    They've also done other songs as well but I didn't want to hear them xd

    Stupid Oppa

    the blonde one seem so short XD She even wore high heels...

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 19)

    Well I said that I would write about a specific group XD
    Here we have them:


    It's a female group O_____O
    There isn't so much info about them -.- They debuted 2011 and are a 3-member group. However one of them quit so they're probably 2 left (easy mathematic... XD HAAHHAHA... haaahah...haa.. ha... TT__TT) and they haven't disbanded yet. That's all I know!

    I'm sorry but you can clearly see that they're one of those "mistake groups" during 2011 (sounds harsh xS)
    I wonder why the companies do this -.- Doesn't they lose a lot of money somehow?

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 18)

    This group was pretty random... XD Nahh just kidding!

    Black Beat

    They're the... can you say 1st generation idols? o.o Bu they where a 7-member group but they're always 5 in their MV. They debuted 2002 but disbanded 2007. They were "under" SM but they refused to promote them after their 1st album.

    Got a shock when I heard this O___O It's so beautiful! One of the best thing is that everyone have an "equal time to shine'' compared to idols now.

    True, true...



    Groups you haven't heard of (part 17)

    A group I haven't even heard of =__= but I've ben geeking their song a while now *__*


    It was pretty hard to find info about this group but they are a duo that debuted in 2010.
    It's their debut song My Luv that I've been geeking (duno why but their song reminded me a lot of the Chinese boy group, Hit-5 - Running)

    Now we also know the members XD
    They look old ... hahaha x) around 21+ ? Oh my god! Have you seen what kpop have done to us (me) -.- beeing 20 right now is old for us (for me XD) actually 20 is the beginning of your life!!! I'm sick ê___ê


    Mehehehehe ö_______ö

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 16)

    Just wanted to make the GYHHO really short today.
    This group have also been through a lot. They debuted 2005 but went to hiatus 2008 because one of their members died. I think that they were a 7-member group, but one died and 3 of them transfered to another group.

    Monday Kiz

    I. can't. find. any. words.


    The guy with glasses, his way of singing and his voice sometimes reminds me of Lee Hong Ki. (When he takes really high notes)
    Really beautiful, listen!!

    Don't know the name of this song -.-

    The member who died, Kim Min Soo, was 24 years old when he passed away and died in a motorcycle accident...

    Groups you haven't heard of (part 15)

    This is actually an impuls G.Y.H.H.O found this group yesterday before I went to sleep. They aren't on that kpop list I check. Got pretty surprised ^^ They all look so good :O

    Read some comments because I thought it was a bit strange... they are a Chinese group O__O


    I got a big shock O_____O They don't look like Chinese guys, the song doesn't sound like Chinese either...
    Man I'm so confused now...

    But seriously does that sound like Chinese to your ears?

    It was a big blow right on my face o______o

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