Koreans + English (part 6) B1A4

Haha too cute!!! The guys.. omg xD And did Baro really say "I know sh*t" at 0:37?! Hahahaha, and Saendul "NOO!!" at 0:33. It's asnfsdgnsdlkgr, HE SOUNDS SO AFRAID! xD

Haha, these are some of the english parts from "Hello Baby" ep. 4

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 5)

BoA - Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese (basic)

Crown J - English

G.NA - English

Iconiq (Ahyoomi) - Japanese

Isak - English

Jang Ri In - Mandarin Chinese

Jay Park - English

John Park - English

Rain - English

Sung Si Kyung - English

Tasha - English

Tiger JK - English, Portugese (conversational)

Younha - Japanese, English

HAHAHAHAH, Omg.. 2PM ^3^

There!! This was the last part of my "KPOP idols, what languages do they speak?". Hope it helped. It sure helped me, because now I know which idol I can marry. Why? Well.. if he didn't speak english, how the hell are we supposed to comunicate? Even though if it's just conversational, *caugh* Lee Joon *caugh*, It's still english!!

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 3)

Gyuri - Japanese
Nicole - English, Spanish (conversational)
Seungyeon - English

LED Apple
Hanbyul - English, French (basic)

D.Kash - English
Jaerim - English (conversational)

Thunder - English, Tagalog, Japanese (basic)
Joon - English (conversational)
Seungho - Japanese (conversational)

Kangnam - Japanese, English (conversational)

Miss A
Min - English
Fei - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese (basic/conversational)
Jia - Mandarin Chinese

Monday Kiz
Hanbyul - English

Nine Muses
Hyuna - Japanese (conversational)
Sera - English (conversational)

Aron: English, Japanese

Eunho - English
Jonguk - Mandarin Chinese

One Way
Chance - English
Peter - English
Young Sky - English

Hyunyoung: Mandarin Chinese

Joy - Thai, Japanese, English
Riko - Japanese
Leejo - Mandarin Chinese

Eugene - English
Shoo - Japanese

Key - English, Mandarin (basic)
Onew - English (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Minho - Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Taemin - Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Jonghyun - Mandarin Chinese (basic)

Eric - English
Andy - English 
Hyesung - English
Dongwan - Japanese

Dasom - English (Basic)

Jiwon - Japanese 

Hyunjoong - Japanese
Hyungjoon - Japanese, English (conversational)
Youngsaeng - Japanese
Jungmin - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Kyujong - Japanese

Super Junior
Sungmin - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese  (basic)
Donghae - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Eunhyuk - Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Kyuhyun - Mandarin Chinese (conversational), Japanese (basic)
Siwon - Mandarin Chinese, English (conversational)
Kibum - English
Henry - Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, English, Taiwanese (basic), French (basic)
Zhou Mi - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese 
Ryeowook - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Heechul - English (conversational), Japanese (basic)


Hahaha Heecul.. so cute xD

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 2)

Daniel - English
Simon - Japanese, English

Dal Shabet
Jiyul - English

Dragon N’ Tiger
Karin - Japanese

K9 - English
Keunhwan - English
Kyle - English
Jihoo - English
Kyungmin - English

Epik High
Tablo - English

Chanyeol - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Chen - Mandarin Chinese
Kris - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English 
Lay - Mandarin Chinese
Lu Han - Mandarin Chinese
Tao - Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, English
Xiumin - Mandarin Chinese

Nuri - English

Victoria - Mandarin Chinese
Krystal - English, Japanese (conversational)
Luna - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Amber - English, Mandarin Chinese

F.T Island
Jonghun - Japanese
Hongki - Japanese
Minhwan - Japanese
Seunghyun - Japanese
Jaejin - Japanese

Fly to the Sky
Brian - English

Girls Generation
Jessica - English, Japanese (conversational)
Tiffany - English, Japanese (conversational)
Sooyoung - Japanese, English (conversational)
Taeyeon - Japanese (conversational)
Hyoyeon - Japanese (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (conversational)
Sunny - Japanese (conversational)
Seohyun - Japanese (conversational), English (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (basic)
Yoona - Japanese (conversational)
Yuri - Japanese (conversational), Mandarin Chinese (conversational)

Hello Venus
Yoo Ara - Japanese

Tony - English
Kangta - Mandarin Chinese (conversational)

Wooyoung- "Is it my turn already?"
Yonghwa- "Isn't my turtle ready?"

This literally made me L-O-L xD

KPOP idols, what languages do they speak? (part 1)

As many of you 100% know, our beloved KPOP idols speak more than one language. Or at least most of them do ^^ So here is a list, so you can see if you can comunicate with your future husband/wife in future or not. I know I can talk with Jay, but itäll be very hard for me to understand Lee Joon ^^


Changmin - English (conversational)

Jokwon - Mandarin Chinese (basic), English (basic)



CL - English, French (basic), Japanese (conversational)

Park Bom - English

Sandara Park - English, Tagalog

Minji - Japanese



Nichkhun - English, Thai, Mandarin Chinese (basic)

Taecyeon - English



Juwon - English


After School

Kahi - Japanese (conversational)



Changwoo - English



Naeun - Mandarin Chinese

Namjoo - English, Mandarin Chinese

Yookyung - English

Big Bang

Taeyang - Japanese, English (basic)

Daesung - Japanese

Seungri - Japanese

G-Dragon - Japanese (basic), English (conversational)

TOP - Japanese (basic)


Block B

Kyung - English

Zico - Japanese (conversational)



Donghyun - Japanese, English (basic)

Minwoo - English (basic)


Brave Girls

Yoojin - Japanese, English (conversational)


Brown Eyed Girls

JeA - English (basic)

Miryo - English (basic), Japanese (conversational)


Chi Chi

Nara - Japanese



Juliane - English

Melanie - English

Min Soa - English

Tia - English



Cheryl - English

Meng - Mandarin Chinese



Horan - English

Alex - English

Christina - English


C.N Blue

Yonghwa - Japanese, English (conversational)

Minhyuk - Japanese

Jungshin - Japanese

Jonghyun - Japanese, English (basic)



Jaewon- English

Sangwoo - English, Japanese

Sol - Mandarin Chinese


CSJH The Grace

Dana - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese

Lina - Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (conversational)

Sunday - Japanese

Stephanie - Japanese, English, Spanish (conversational)

LOL, 10:20 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA (didn't watch the whole thing -.- was there any more funny parts? ^^)

Source... facebook -.- hahaha

Koreans + English (part 5) Big Bang



Hahahaha those "Mr.Black" scenes made me laugh so hard xD Then at 1:57, GD pokerface hahahaha, and when he went "I'm rapper TOP, I'm rap" and that whole part.. I kind of misunderstood the whole thing


Hands down the best one!!! Hahahaha when he talks to the girl from singapore and he goes "UHMM.." for like a whole minute xD And when she says "they're sleeping" and the guy in a white shirt just says "OK.." hahaha so super awkward ^^ And when he says he want's to be a white horse.. and GD says he want's to ride him O___O yeah.. this was just so... AWESOME! xD


"What's up, we're big BANG" x4
It's really sad.. I haven't seen Daesung in any of these videos :(

Koreans + English (part 5) Zelo Compilation

THE END?! He rapped to Kriss Kross's song "Jump". You know, JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP!! that song.. no? haha never mind xD

But he wasn't too shabby right? I don't know if it's that he spekas english well or if it's just that the company taught him those lines he said and that he dosen't really know what they mean. But I don't think so because it felt sort of natural when he said it. SO WELL DONE ZELO!! xD

Koreans + English (part 4) Teen Top

Ricky: How is the weather today?
ChangJo: It's fine
Ricky: Fine, and you?
ChangJo: WHY?!?!

Hahahhahaha, They made my day!
And L.Joe is so hot -.-'

Why does koreans always sound so feminine while speaking english, but so manly speaking korean? O___o

Koreans + English (part 3) B2ST


Best moments:
1,20 When Yoseob says 'bless me' after sneezing
4,19 yeah it is my FACE. charming. HAAHAHAHAH
7,02 My position is lappo HAHAH (when he tried to say rapper xD)
11,08 Give me four stars, i give you my young sister ROFLMAO AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

Best moments taken from Paula~
Hahahhaha, I totally agree with you gurl! Those ARE the best moments xD

Koreans + English (part 2) MBLAQ

Hahaha I know that mir is messed up (in a cute/funny/adorable way), but because I've seen this vlip so many times, the thing that this time made me crack up was the way Seungho said 'friend-u'!! Hahahah, Oppas!!!

You can see Onew, Shindong and many others in this clip too. However from 0:00 to 4:30, it's only Lee Joon. All of the other members of MBLAQ you see from 4:30 until the end ^^ Hahahha they're so cute!!! And they do actually know some english.. kind of ^^

Well, at least Seungho and Cheondoong know their english ^^

Last one:

Mir is just... to great!!! xD He makes me laugh (a)

Found this comment on youtube for this clip:

Hahahahha, can only imagine how funny that moment must have been ^^ Wish I could have been there and experienced it myself.. :/

Koreans + English (part 1)

Hahahaha, their accent is awesome. But Leeteuk.. didn't seem to understand what Nichkhun was saying ^^

2PM and 2AM members trying to speak english. Hahahah, and Taec who is fluent in english is all "what the fudge?!" And tell me if I'm wrong, but dosen't it sound like Jo Kwon is saying: "What the fuck do I...?" at 0:20? O.o

They both speak very good english. I posted this mostly because it's so funny to see how jealous Yoseob gets ^^ He's just sooooo cute!!! xD

Anywho, so that was it for this 'Koreans + English'! :D

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