Once again, fangirl problems

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More fan Problems~

Minzy facts ÒuÓ

Found a tumblr post full with Minzy facts ;'D But I somehow lost it so I can't give you the link -_- However I saved some of them so here you go Minzy fans~
Lol, okay... I don't think anyone would mind this :p

Exo facts~

Well here are some Exo facts for all the EXOticts out there. For more facts visit THIS site, I've been picking a few ones and made it into "picture-fact-things.."

Lol, this was a random one X''D

Kpop fangirl problems..

Lol so true XD
Thanks a lot kdramas...
When Himchan landed in America, he was blonde. The day of KCON, he had black hair. Then a few hours later for the concert, he&#8217;s blonde again.
I feel sorry for his scalp.
Like now...
*sarcasm* Because obviously one person&#8217;s actions reflects an entire group&#8217;s.
The #1 rule of all fandoms: Don&#8217;t be a belligerent cunt jerk.
Never be a jerk towards other fandoms

80 facts about Teen Top

One of those random fact posts, I don't really have the time to rea every single one of them but I read a few and though about sharing with you guys XD *lame*
* TEEN TOP’s balloon color is pearl light lavender purple. Their balloons have white stars on them.
*Changjo looks up to BIG BANG’s Taeyang a lot as a dancer.

* When he lived in America, L.Joe used his real name, Lee Byeonghyun, but the people around him nicknamed him Joe.
*The only person using his real name as his stage name in Teen Top is Niel. Niel is short for Daniel, his first name.
*Chunji’s stage name means ”to have a voice that covers the heavens and the earth.
*If you put Chunji and Changjo’s names together, “chunji changjo”, it means “the creation of heavens and earth”.
*When Teen Top where guests on Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha’s radio, Changjo said his ideal girl is Narsha.
*Teen Top practiced their debut song “?? (Clap)” for about 3-4 months before their debut.
*A month after Teen Top’s debut, when asked about the changes in a month’s time, Chunji answered that he grew taller.
*When Niel was younger, he admired Se7en a lot. L.Joe liked Fin.K.L.
* Ricky likes to play board games, such as Monopoly.
*I f L.Joe could get close to any celebrity he’d want, he’d wish for it to be his role model, G-Dragon (BIG BANG).
* When Changjo was younger he did taekwondo and jeolkwondo. His dream was to become a bodyguard.
* One of C.A.P’s hobbies is design. He does graffiti a lot.
* Meeting the fans personally, like at a fan sign, makes Ricky happy.
* Niel describes Supa Luv as a song with a cold name but refined melody. He says it’s a dance song with a good beat.
* The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”, which means “rough and arrogant man dance”
* C.A.P has three tattoos:one on his neck, an angel/demon on his left shoulder blade&“carpe diem”written on his right shoulder.
* Leader C.A.P says they will become a Teen Top who always gives us different images of themselves.
If TEEN TOP were to choose between a sexy noon/a cute noona: Chunji&LJoe pick a sexy noona.Ricky&Niel pick a cute noona.
* Changjo admired Dong Bang Shin Ki a lot when he was younger. Ricky admired Jewelry, and Chunji g.o.d.
* L.Joe lived with his father in Korea before he joined TEEN TOP. His mother lives in the US.
* For Niel’s birthday last year, L.Joe stayed up at 3 AM to compose a birthday song for him.
* L.Joe lived in California for 5 years.
* The first time Changjo met Niel, he thought he looked like a Simpson.
* Niel relieves stress by tormenting Ricky.
* In TEEN TOP’s dorm, Niel and Ricky are roommates since they’re the loudest members in the band.
* Ricky says the Teen Top hyungs treat him and Changjo really well.
* When Brown Eyed Girl’s Narsha asks Ricky if he knows how old she is, he shyly replies “two times my age”
* When asked about a manly member in Teen Top, Ricky answers that it’s C.A.P and adds that “he looks like a really cool man”.
* According to the other members, Ricky is the shyest/most embarrassed member of TEEN TOP.
* Ricky is the fake maknae and always claims to be the maknae even though Changjo is the real one.
* The most talkative member is Niel and the quietest member is Changjo.
* Chunji has a pink phone with a Hello Kitty sticker on it.
* C.A.P told Chunji that he has a small face.
* Niel was jealous at RickJoe, when they are practicing their kissing scene in mnet japan, elle photoshoot.
* Ricky was L.Joe’s first kiss.
* Niel Said To the students who think that uniforms are plain, you can wear it with a cool bag!
* C.A.P’s ideal girl is Jihyun from 4minute, while Ricky’s is Hyomin from T-ara. Chunji and Niel both like Song Yuri.
* Teen Top’s average age is 16.3 years old.
* C.A.P likes English but he makes lots of mistakes with English spelling.
* Changjo’s height is the same as niel’s which 1cm shorter than c.a.p
* Changjo doesn’t have sharp jawlines.
* When i become an adult, i want to fall in love.” – Niel
* CAP likes to write his own rap.
* "The raising of shoulders dance in Supa Luv is nicknamed “kkadonam chum”; rough and arrogant man dance.”
* “C.A.P says Shinhwa’s Andy taught them directly before entering the army, and he always supports Teen Top, so they always feel thankful and stronger.”
* Since the fans keep on cheering for Teen Top enthusiastically no matter where they are, Changjo feels that Teen Top are getting more popular little by little.”
* Ricky always gives his hyungs a lot of aegyo and he talks a lot. -Chunji
* Ricky’s really mischievous and he’s like Teen Top’s adrenaline. -L.joe
* When I am watching the movie with others, I love scaring them at suspenseful parts. -Changjo
* I always try to have a kind heart. -Changjo
* He has a brother who is five years older than him. – Chunji
* He went for private audition and showed his skills by singing Neyo’s So Sick – Chunji
* He likes brain-game and loves to re-arrange puzzles. – Chunji
* He loves to play games on his iPod whenever he has free time in the dressing room.
* He often do 1000 pieces ones puzzle. He didn’t do it at the dorm, he usually do it at home with his father.
* He usually takes his dirty clothes home once a week and bring it back the following week. – Chunji
* Chunji & Ricky wanted to go to Disneyland when they were in Japan.
* If he get a chance to do solo concert, he wants to sing a ballad song. – Chunji
* Chunji got abs.
* Chunji looks like Jessica [SNSD]
* Chunji can’t sleep without pajamas, and him will feels weird.
* When I have free time I’ve gone by myself to the theater. -Chunji
* Ricky is the most hot tempered out of all members.
* His dream was to be a doctor specialized in cardiothoracic surgery. – L.Joe
* He has played piano for about five years and has a lot of interest in composing songs.
* He often look at the mirror to look for the perfect angles in showing his expressions on stage. – LJoe
* During the audition, he rapped to his own song and also a song by Epik high and Dynamic Duo. – LJoe
* He began to like G-Dragon from boy band Big Bang from when he promoted his song “Heartbreaker.” – LJoe
* He said that he prefer to be a couple with Chunji instead of Ricky. Because Chunji can sing as well. – LJoe
* He promised the other five members that he would write each of them a song. – LJoe
* He said that Ricky was the one who welcomed him warmly when the first time he went to the practice room.
* L.Joe is the apparent skin ship devil.
* He was a model student and got A’s.
* LJoe first couple was Niel, then he ran away to Ricky and Chunji.
* L.Joe went to America when he was 12 and came back to South Korea when he was 17.
* L.Joe is the shortest member. And he wants to grow taller.
* Chunji likes solving puzzles. He usually does the ones with 1000 pieces.

2NE1 facts [part 2]

If you haven't seen part 1, then CLICK HERE ^3^


2NE1 facts [part 1]

All the facts actually come from a tumblr blog but I did it... my way instead

2PM facts~ ^o^

Taecyeon will turn into one of those who is more noisy, over-react and get aggressive when you're dealing with a woman
Chansung was a taekwando and Gumdo champ
Taecyeon is good at skiing and cooking
Jo Kwon of 2pm was so close to Jaebum that he easily cries when Jaebum comes to mind.
Jaebum chose jessica as his ideal type in several variety shows
Nichkhun is the only K-Pop idol who comes from Thailand
Chansung have a pet cat named Jungkam
Although Jaebum is no longer a member of 2PM, on Nichkhun birthday last year Jaebum wished khun a happy birthday.
Chansung can eat 40 servings of shabu-shabu

Chansung is the most bizarre member during sleep, like walking alone in his sleep (this has happened since childhood, and once he even went out of the house), delirium, his sleep position is always tilted, like sleeping on the floor never even had time to turn on the laptop, but behind the bed again. Also, before bed, Chansung prepares food at his bedside, and in the middle of his sleep, would wake up and eat the food earlier and then go back to sleep again.

Taecyeon and Chansung is the most powerful members in eating. They can eat up to 25 servings
Junho passes out anywhere when he's drunk
In addition to his big appetite, Taecyeon is a strong alcohol drinker, not yet an alcoholic.
Taecyeon is 'forced' by JYP to always plug an angry face on stage and when the album cover photo shoot
Junsu wants Wooyoung as his in-law, but Nikhun who has two sisters wants NONE OF 2PM MEMEBERS as his in laws
Junho and Junsu are equally obsessed with SNSD. Junsu because he’s always nervous when you hear the name and saw one member of SNSD, while Junho have targeted a member of SNSD who think he's cute.
I just realised that I resemble Chansung a lot o___o Sure I don't really prepare food beside me but I always have water beside me and food in my bag XD I also sleepwalk *rarely* and the floor is like a bed for me . . .

Sweet quotes~

I don't really know if this is mean, sweet or just cheesy XD
It's good that some of the idols underestand that we actually do like them because of their personality. I bet that even if we fangirl over their body/abs we still like them because of their personality. The body is more like a big fat + XD
Happy Birthday <3

B.A.P facts~ (part 5)

Lol... XD

B.A.P facts~ (part 4)

Olé~ Let's continue with some B.A.P facts ^___^ If there's any specific group you want me to find facts from (to the point that you're actually too lazy to search for it or can't find any) then write a comment and I'll try to find.. something :p

B.A.P facts~ (part 3)

Duhh if I joined SM I would run up to SHINee, Suju, EXO, SNSD, f(x) or ANYONE for an autograph XD
Really?! O__O
OMG HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA Everyone got trolled!!! XD I can totally see this scene in front of me when everyone stands in a cirkle seeing that every memeber have blonde hair ;D

B.A.P facts~ (part 2)

Yesterday I part 1 was a bit small so let's continue with part 2 today~ ^___^


B.A.P facts~ (part 1)



Because they where BORN THIS WAY

Really, I did not know O_O

Hahahahahhaa such an Einstein. You'll get fat because potatoes are pure carbs

That was probably the best present he had ever recieved from a fan...

Oh dear lord XD

Korean people are smart...

Haha such a big ego...  X'D <3

askfjbaksfjb That's why you're called Jonkey

>____> Well that's sweet. Didn't he have a thing for cucumbers? Or something like that?

Awww ;w; Then they weren't true friends!

TT____________________________TT I find it kinda hilarious...

Haha lol such a nolifer

And some smart answersXD

Puaah!!! If you just knew how many girls are standing in a big fat line, waiting to be you girlfriend -_-

Some "Did you know facts"

Now I know it XD *not beeing ironic at all* <-- I'm 100% serious O_O


I'm like WAE?!?! XD Genghis Khan... *the neardy me will come out now* Genghis Khan was an emperor of the Mongolian Empire. He was like... the kingest of all the kings in Asia a long time ago. The powerful "Great Khan" that people say, I hope that most of you know him, he is almost as famous as god XD <-- at least in Asia.

Sure the name Genghis Khan have that secret message of them beeing the best of the best (I mean B2ST now) but wtf.. I'll only connect that to Mongolia and they ain't a monglian group at all... (Mongolid, HAHAHAHAHAHA!! förlåt TT_TT <-- You swedes know what I mean)

 <--- *Le Genghis Khan*

Taeyang... what happened to the rest of the group? 0.0
I'm sorry but I can't take T.O.P serious at all, he looks like a joke standing these while looking cool and hot XD WAOW~, I gotta love your awkward - and stiff:ness *pervy thoughts*

Pretty but weird quotes from our most loved ones

That was a sucky and cheesy title . . .  -_- Well here we go~

"I hope I can meet a gentle girl who can spend life without being chased by time, a relaxing and comfortable life."


-SS501: Kyujong.

"Onew always walks coolly in front of many people but in the end he trips."


-SHINee: Key.

"I find a woman pretty when she is hurt or seems weak."


-SHINee: Taemin.

Has he even been together with a woman? o_o

"We’re going to continue on until the day that Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons cover the entire world."


-Super Junior: Leeteuk.


"It was my first time seeing people with blonde hair overseas. So I was like, “Ah, this is overseas."


-SHINee: Taemin.


"This is my friend that we use a lot. Say hello to the trampoline."


-SHINee: Onew.

"It’s fine if you laugh at us. It’s good. Whatever you say… whatever bad comment? It doesn’t matter. We, will be 2PM until the end, with the 2PM name we will do our best to go right to the end."


-2PM: Wooyoung.

"Never forget to smile."


-SHINee: Taemin.

"I like photo shoots better because it gives us more freedom to express ourselves instead of being strict to guidelines."


-2NE1: CL.

"I’m kind of a masochist."


-DBSK: Changmin

Hahahahha Someone is at least admitting something here...

"Even if it were only for one day, I would like to be a bird, because birds are carefree."


-2PM: Chansung


Fan: What kind of skinship do you like lately? Hug? Holding hands? Putting arms across shoulders?”

“More than what you expect."


-SHINee: Jonghyun.

*Naughty thoughts with JonKey*

"For me, all mothers in the world are my goddesses."


-BEAST: Yoseob.

Random is random because Random is the name of a guy...

Hahahah *trollface* I'm not claiming anything here..


You seriouse man? O_O It's like... water?




Lol XD
F.Cuz Y U not make a korean comeback?!

... He has clearly been thinking on this...

The time of Kim Heechul:

This guys is just...

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