Look alike: Kim Sae Ron & Thunder

I saw that allkpop wrote an article about that child actress Kim Sae Ron and the first person I thought of was Thunder (MBLAQ). That picture where she smiled reminded me sooo much about Thunder ô_ô  Otherwise they don't really look alike :p

Look alike: Kim Soo Hyun & Key

To be honest they don't really look that much alike. Kim Soo Hyun and Kai looks a bit more similiar to each other (I've already done a look alike on them XD) However they really do looke alike on this picture O_O Especially the face and their feature. ^3^ That.,, smile, eyes, nose... <3____<3 

Look alike: Kangho & Uee

Long time I haven't made a look alike thing... I seriously don't know how I found some of the pictures I usually post for my look alikes. I'm saving them in a file and find the pictures after 2 months XD
I usually write small crappy things here to just fill out the space hahahaha ... =___= Let's go on with the "A picture says more than a thousand words" or is ut just we Swedish people who say lame stuff like that? ê__ê

Look alike: Eunkwang & Kota

THAT'S THE ONE!! XD Found this picture on google today and I've been thinking that Kota (Sunny Hill) was looking like someone... but someone I didn't know ;'D
Oh have to go uno momento..
Update: Heh my bad I had to leave... well where were I... right look alike x3 *geek* I actually thought that they were siblings so I searched a bit and guess what! They aren't siblings kekeke~ >:3

Look-Alike: Jung Eunji (A-Pink) & Sulli (F(x))

Saw this look alike yesterday.. omg, IT'S LIKE THEIR TWINS!!

Jung Eunji


I'm telling you guys, if these two girls had the same type of eyeliner they would look identical!!! But because Sulli has a winged eyeliner (it goes beyond where her eye's stop) and Jung Eunji just has an eyeliner (it stops when her eyes stop), you can tell a slight difference between them ^^

Look alike: Min & Hyosung

Is it only me who found them awefully alike?! I couldn't find any smiling picture of Min but they do look alike if she laughs XD Min's face is a bit smaller but both of them also have that eye smile ^^
Nothing more to write but they look alike, OKAY?! XD


Look alike: Moon Geun Young & Nichkhun

Another look alike I found~
At first glance they don't really look that much alike but it's something with the face... or more lik the lips and the nose. It's hard to tell on which way they look alike but they somehow do look alike =__=''

Look alike: Kim Soo Hyun & Kai

This *pointing on Kim Soo Hyun* is my new eye catching friend. He is so... PRETTY O__O I saw him guesting on Running Man yesterday but I've seen him here and there sometimes and he is so adorable, cute and dorky!!! TToTT I seriously wanted to cry because of him hahahahhah XD

Oh well he reminded... or not reminded it just screamed "Kai" from him. He's the older version of Kai, or Kai is the younger version of Soo Hyun. It's the lips, eyes and the nose who makes them look like "twins" lol XD But I can clearly say that they look more alike rather than Kai and Taemin.

Look alike: Junyoung & Yoohwan

Seriously if you saw them (both of them) together in a park... <-- the best place I could come up with... Wouldn't you believe that they are related? THEY'RE SO ALIKE TT^TT
I sat and geeked ZE:A clips the whole night yesterday and Junyoung (leader) plopped up here and there and gave me that dejavú feeling. He and Yoohwa (Yoochun's little brother) are awefully alike .___. It's something with the face that makes them alike however Junyoung's lips are a bit... fatter/bigger/fluffier (?) than his XD


Look alike: Woohyun & Hyun Bin

Daaaamn hahahaah XD This was another picture that I saved a long time ago so I don't know who I should give creds to -__-
Truth to be told Woohyun (INFINITE) doesn't look like Hyun Bin at all. It's because of that blue sweater (made in Italy... *lame*) they look awefully alike~ ^o^

Look alike: Donghae & Kim Jung Hoon

Then I realised he's the one on top~ <-- See what I did there ;D Well I found this picture... ... a long time ago. That guy Kim Jung Hoon seemed pretty familiar and once again I realised that he's the bad/good/something guy in Goong! (I gave up on that drama so I don't really know if he was the good or the bad one)
And Donghae, I bet that you know who he is so yeah..

Look alike: Joo Sang Wook & Seungri


Oh dear lord! I just found the future Seungri, 10 years later! XD Their faces are a copy and that gaze and smile!!! It's just adsfkjsdfsajk!! I "found" the actor Joo Sang Wook on a Running Man episode (76 & 77) that guy is amazing and awkward ;D I thought it was Seungris dad for a moment =_=
No but they're awefully alike in many ways, he's an older version of Seungri ^^ Or to be more exact Seungri is an older version of Sang Wook.

Gahh I'M LOSING IT SOON!!! I JUST HAVE TO SCREAM *Caps* IT!! MY EYES IS TWITCHING 24/7 THE HECK DO I KNOW WHY BUT IT'S TWITCHING MORE AND MORE (Compared to before) People think that I'm a psychopath =_= Something is wrong... *duhh*

Look Alike: Zico & Cream

I don't know if you guys remember when I posted M.I.B's MV teaser for "Only Hard For Me". If you do you might remember that I said "OMG, I FOUND ZICO!!!" Hahaha, yeah, that's how I got this look alike ^^

M.I.B's Cream

Block B's Zico

Both (Cream & Zico)

And not only do they look alike, it feels like they act alike too. Both have that swag awsomeness ^^
I guess why they look alike is becaue of the eyes and the eyebrows. And maybe the nose.. and the lips. Haha but not the headshape. Zico has a more of a round face than Cream.

Look alike: Minhyuk & Hyun Bin


Did you know how long I sat there and looked after a decent photo to use -_- Minhyuk IS a copy of Hyun Bin (Always writing Won Bin >_>) but a younger version. Hyun Bin is quiet old... probably 12-14 years older but you can clearly see the similarity on their faces. ^o^

Look Alike: Nichkhun & Chunji

Nichkhun from 2PM and Teen Top's Chunji


Right?? It's something there ^^ I guess it's the eyes and the hair. AND the mouth.. And now, a funny pic xD

Haha, Chunji, so cute!!!!!! xD

f(x) member Sulli shaves her head?!

saw this picture:

.. and thought that she had shaved off her hair. Haha, but then I realized that  she had her hair in a ponytail ^^ But she really reminds me of Zico here. Don't you think?

Only me who sees it? ^^

Look alike: Uee & Sohee


I've actually been thinking abut this, Sohee (Wonder Girls) has always looked like someone but I just couldn't figure out who. However I just did it a while ago XD It was UEE (After School) It's something about their faces but the eyes make them "look different" (I hope you know what I mean =_=).
Truth to be told I've been hating Uee since the day I watched the drama you're beautiful XD I'm always like that. If I don't "know" the actor/singer the only thing I can judge is the character and she played the bad girl. So that's why, heh... but she was in a RM (Running Man) episode and I THINK that my view of her changed.. I think

But both of them are really pretty...

Look alike: Junsu & Hoya

Finally!!! I've been thinking on this sooo long!!!!
I knew that (INFINITE) Hoya looked like someone but I just couldn't put my finger on it (can you say that O_O The "Swedish way" sounds better... XD) Hoya's face is a bit "longer" compared to (JYJ) Junsu but those eyes, eyebrows and nose are copies~

Dunno why but when I see Junsu's face I wanna sing "shake that ass girl!~" *let me see what you got!*

Look alike: L & Kim Bum


That doesn't look like L at all O_O Or maybe it does... well not that much (if you compare that picture and the drama Shut up flower boy band)
Both of them clearly have that babyface and they got a special look, or "gaze" that say "Are you mocking with me you son of a beach?!"

And they're pretty as SDFKLNKJBAFLSDFB >________________________>''

Look alike: Kocoum & GD


Hahahahah Funny, cuz it's true. Well I bet that you where like "Wth Kocoum..?!" But when you saw the picture you got that *pliing* "Oh it's Pocahontas!" right? -__- If not.. then you haven't experienced childhood XD Nahh but Pocahontas and Mulan are my 2 favourite Disney movies <3 Pretty ironic.. Mulan = Chinese, Me = Chinese >___>

Well about this look alike, it's thanks to my friend bacause she started to scream "HAHAHA HE LOOKS LIKE ONE OF THOSE INDIANS FROM POCAHONTAS" And she was right. But GD is a damn hot indian in that case <3__<3
Btw, is that a cookie tattoo on the right side of his chest?! O_O

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