M2stasch is disbanding

Wow that sounded depressing... XD 
It feels like I'm sayin goodbye to a big part of my life #truestory but I guess everything has an ending? And after every ending there's a new beginning. Ohh~ I always wanted to write something cheesy like that XD 
Both me and Bo has come to the conclusion that we need to "disband" M2stasch now. I am the only one who's updating this blog regulary, I'm also going to attend my 3rd year in high school this wednesday, so will BO. I don't want to have this 'must' feeling to update the blog which will lead to crappy posts anyway and I don't want to write halfhearted posts to you guys. 
It has been 2 great and fun years running this blog, I've or - we both, have meet so many new people who shares the same interest as we do *cough fangirling over asian boys..* and we've gained so many new and random memories ;w; I remember our first days as M2stasch. We went to Swedens' first kpopflashmob (like M2stasch...) and boy... that my dear friend was awkward XD However neither me or Bo regret forming M2stasch ;D
We want to thank you for sticking our with our terrible grammar, made up words and fangirl days~ We also had our 2 years anniversary 6 days ago but unfortunately.... I forgot >_________________> 
We won't deleted this blog because it's like a treasure box filled with feels and memories for us ;w; It'll be fun to visit this blog again after a few years and see the Idon'tknowwhat side of us ;'D 
Once again thank you guys and goodbye! :D


State of condition: sick... (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻


I'm so sorry but I love you...

Me so sorrey for the bad update but I've been sitting here trying to download 394872398 different programs. I'm such a noob I don't know how things work nor what is what -___- 
Hopefully I'll update regulary tomorrow~

School will begin soon enough...


A new system!~

We've been thinking a lot about this, and both me and Bo finally agreed that we will make a whole new system revolving kpop comebacks. We ususally post the MV with some of our comments. But we will now make a list at the end of every month on kpop comebacks and debuts. So the list will be posted at the end of this month (august) :3 
Just because... XD

And Bo is gone...

Well not gone, gone, but he's on his way to London right now *jealous* and his internet isn't working either so I'm writing his goodbye post ;w;

Once again... I'm home ;w;

Yes sir I'm home right now (after 1 month...) Well there won't be any "Off I go posts" anymore. At least not this month so... it feels good to be home  ô^ô 
And all of you are like:

And off I go again!

Well this is awkward... 
Once again I'm going to visit 2 different cities here in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. 3 countries in 9 days so I'm going to get my ass whopped. I've made posts beforehand AND if you are a kpop fan you have permission to hit, jump och slap me while fangirling~ (If you see me)
So... *brb coming back after 9 days*

I'm home ;w;


I've never, NEVER been so happy to be back in Sweden again. I'm safe and that's it... kai? bai! XD 

And off I go!

I haven't really told you guys but I'm going to Cyprus soon :3 To be more specific it's only a few hours left so this is a last minute post. Don't worry I've made posts beforehand and Bo will begin to update as well :D So take care while I'm going to die ;_______________; 
So... *brb, coming back after 2 weeks*

Currently barfing

My aunties and grandma are here aaaand as you guys know women ALWAYS (at least my relatives) talk about the human body. Or to be more specific how to remove fat, make your boobs bigger and so on. I see titties flying EVERYWHERE! I've seen some boobs that I shouldn't have seen... I'm getting tired and brainwashed right now *brb ranting and running away* =__= 

#Story of my life


Comeback clip *facepalm*

We decided to our own comeback clip, just like other idols out there. But you know what.. screw this crap, I'm over with this XD The clip is so goddamn awkward, but let's upload this crappy video and continue with the blogging instead.  
Ps. The sound is really bad.. 
Oh god.... >_____________> Pft adios! 

Goodbye for now...

This may be sudden for some of you or obvious for others. After thinking for a long time... 
M2stasch will take a half year long break.
I don't know how we managed last year but damn school is taking over our lifes here. We started to literally push ourselves to write some posts and we don't believe that we can keep doing it this year as well, especially during our toughest term of our lives. 
It's funny that this will be our first post this year but yeah...
But! We promise to come back after summer break! We need to focus on school right now but we'll be more active on fb instead so you can only follow us there ^o^

Thank you so much for the past 1,5 years I can't believe that time flies by so fast. Thank you for reading our blog everyday with our terrible grammar XD Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We will come back with new and more awesome stuff because right now we need some rest and inspiration.
We're sorry but thankful... somehow o__O
Goodbye folks', let's have a great year~


This may be a bit early but it is new years somewhere on this earth XD 
But Happy New Years guys!!! Let's hope that this year will be just as epic as 2012. We've met so many new people and done some random sh*t as well, let's work our asses to reach our main goal.
note: Goal = Go to Korea one day...

Another birthday...

I've never done something like this before and I find it somehow weird... =___=
But today is my birthday as well 17 years old... 1 year left till 18. Gosh I'm getting so old ;___; I remember those days when I went to my sister's kindergarten to take her home and the punks asked "Are you her mom?" I wanted to punch them... so badly XD Jk... no I'm not.
Oh well I guess it's the time for me to show you guys random and awkward picture on me when I were a child?
And yes that is my dad's underwear
Well yeah... ._____________.

Everything is fine now~

After 12498716387 years all of our categories are finally fine/done/okay now! It won't be any errors or problems if you want to check anything specific or to read old posts :3 *like a boss*

Back on track

The regular update will start tomorrow~ :3 
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Teen Top's Changjo who's turning 17 years old (18 Korean age) today ;D

M2stasch need a break

Okay how shall we start this... 
To make it short me and Bo are getting generally tired and we need to take a small break and see how things will turn out. We have a lot of homework and tests now during our second year in high school, and there has been some ups and down on this blog ;w; We've somehow lost all out energy on it XD BUT! We're really thankful for our readers out there and I get all warm thinking there are people who are willing to visit and read our posts ;D
We're not going to update the blog until Friday so we just want to say have a good weekend, take care of yourself and we'll be back after a few days of rest and see how things will turn out. <3

The winner~

Remember our random giveaway a few days ago?
The answer was 105 pins and the winner will be on Invisible Friend's official facebook page, so if you've participated go and check out if you're the winner~
We will contact you later today ^o^

Giveaway: An Invisible friend in Thailand!

I just realized that this giveaway sounds really... weird O_o 
Last week I wrote about the company (that I'm currently wokting as an intern at) called Invisible Friend, and what the point behind the company is (You can read it HEEEREE!!!) And we're finally going to have the giveaway!
It's really simple!
1. KLICK HERE and like their facebook page (to later know if you'll be the winner)
2. Guess how many pins there are in this glas/vase thing XD (just comment it on this post)

And then you're ready to go!! 
Simple right?
                                       The vase is 30 cm while the diameter is 5 cm. To make it simple.. it's big
So if you're into math you can always count approximately how many pins that can fit in this vase thing, or you can just guess and see if you're close to the result XD <-- that's my style...
The contest will end on October 8th 00.00 (Swedish time) and the winner will be revealed at 12 pm during the afternoon. And to be able to know if you're the winner you have to like Invisible Friend on facebook ^__^

The winner can chose between these dolls *scroll down* just like their invisible friend in Thailand. I totally recomend to read the previous post if you want to get the whole thing or you could visit their hoempage http://www.invisiblefriend.se/index.php/home.html
Ps. Everyone can join the giveaway and it's free! They'll pay all the shipment etc.

Good Luck~ ^o^

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