Hard to believe it but 1 year has already passed since their debut with "Message", damn... so fast O_O I still remember that day they released that song and everyone spazzed over that "Yalalalala" XD
They're growing bigger and bigger in Japan and Korea so well done boys! And I will never forget that feeling when Chaejin is 1 day older than me ;w;
ohohohoh wait wat o_o Hold on a sec... when the heck did they release a japanese ver. of Hello & Good Bye and what the heck is "What's up"?! e___e
Oh they released what's up 5 days ago, it's a Japanese song. I see, makes sense now XD



MYNAME comeback!

Hahaha what did I just tell you guys? There's a comeback-epidemic going on here xD

We still don't know when they'll have their comeback, or the name of their 2nd single album. All we know is that "MYNAME is coming soon" ^^

Here you have their first single (which I aboslutley love!! I even think I had it as a S.O.T.W once ^^):


Gosh.. this brings back so many memories xD It was almost one year ago they had their debut with song. And the beginning "YALALALALAALA".. kills me everytime haha. But it's so catchy! I still think "messagi" before I say "message". However.. I don't say it. No one would get it ^^

They also released "Hello & Goodbye" a few months ago. Just realized how little views this MV has O__o these guys are way too underrated!! I mean this MV made me get teary.. and if a MV manages to make one teary.. it's a freakin' good MV -.-'

MYNAME - Summer Party [MV - Jap.]

Say ho! ho~
Say yeah! yeah~
A lot of summer songs has been released lately MYNAME, SISTAR and ilips (probably other as well) I actually liked it ^^ Even if it they sang on Japanese but they should release a Korean version too. It's good that Chaejin and Jun Q got some more lines and camera time compared to message -__-  And I got to admit Jun Q is more pretty now =3=
However I found some parts pretty awkward. For example when they stood there trying to look cool, or when they filmed everyone jumping and acting ganster something... XD (1:09) and that lovely moment when the maknae is trolling around (1:21)
They should make a "happy" Korean comeback soon too. The Hello and Goodbye made me depressed -_-

MYNAME - Summer Party [Jap. Teaser]

Earlier MYNAME made a Korean comeback with the song "Hello & Goodbye". They also made a Japanese "debut" releasing Message - Japanese version. However they'll make a complete debut now in Japan with their summer special "Summer Party" and a teaser picture + teaser was released a few hours ago
Truth to be told I was one of those insecure people wondering if I should like Gunwoo's long hair or not but I have to admit... I'm weak when it comes to guys with a small ponytail. KJBSDLSDBGALSKDB HE'S SO CUTE AND LOVELY I JUST WANNA KEEP HIM!!!! ;____;
It seems to be a typical "home made" MV that both me and BO like. But we'll see if I'll get stuck on the song. I can't concentrate because of Gunwoo right now U___U *me no gusta* 

MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [Dance Ver.]

It's not bad. But I've become so used to all these powerful and very in sync dance MV's. So this for me is not amazing, but it's not bad either. I dont LOVE the song, it's also okey. So to me, all this is so-so.

But one thing.. I've started to like the guy with long hair (the guy that has the main role in their MV). Hahaha I dont know why. because it looks like he has fish-eyes. Like they just plopp out xD No but.. there's something sexy about him haha xD Only me?

MYNAME'S Japanese debut


Ohh~ Interesting, wonder how message sounds in Japanese XD It's amazing that they've succeeded with such a big comeback. They were gone for more than... 7 months? 9 months? and now they're making a huge comeback ^o^
The surprising part is that they also had a show hahahahaha XD Ta-Dah It's MYNAME lol ;'D Iäm too stuck on Ta-Dah It's B.A.P...

Well gonna wait for the Japanese message~

MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [MV]

TT_____________________________TT Y THIS MUST END LIKE "IT'S WAR?!" But... in a reverse way XD
I was pretty schocked because it doesn't look like them at all! :O At least Jun Q and Chaejin got a liiiitle more parts compared to Message.
I wasn't that fond over Gunwoo's hair but you'll eventually accept it becuase he looks so darn sweet and cute in the MV!!! OuO And Chejin... Why does your hair look like a banana-chocolate ice cream? .__.

Well about the song, it wasn't that bad actually... as a matter of fact it was really good! :3 It was a nice mix between a poppy song and a ballad, so it was refreshing ^_^
The MV was also daebak! Especially the fighting scene. This must be the best fighting scene I've even seen in a Music Video!! It didn't look that fake and the shooting parts ksjnfasldbsal (Y) *exited*



MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [2nd MV Teaser]


So the second teaser has been out for a while now! This one has a bit more dancing than the first one. The first one had more of a story behind it ^^ Remember what I thought the MV would be about? Yeah.. I don't know if I think that anymore haha xD

Anywho, MYNAME are great dancers, but I just hope the song is just as good. I really hope the english isn't awkward as well because when they sang "Hello & Goodbye" it sounded a bit awkward to me.. but maybe I'm just being too critical.

MYNAME - JunQ & Insoo [Teaser Photos]



Can you even imagine that this is JunQ? =________= I remember when I first saw Message I bet that he's the most underrated member in Myname but he'll be much popular right now. This is a huge difference compared to his look before :O


O_O ... Is that Insoo?! Daaaaaaammmmnnnn it's sick that 8 months has already passed since their debut and gosh he's looking fine... really fine! ÒuÓ However you can clearly see that he has lost weight *weird fact*
I'm looking really forward to MYNAME's comeback! Another teaser will apparently be released May 29 and the MV for "Hello Goodbye" will be released June 1 (Y)

Ahh~ I'm totally waiting for Chaejin and Seyoung. Dunno why but I have this weird feeling saying that I'll be a bit disappointed on Chaejin's teaser photo xd *lame*

MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye [teaser]



WHAAAA, SUCH A DRAMATIC TEASER!! That poor guy. Maybe she's like this bad girl that likes him, and when he's about to see her she is captured by some bad guys that she "belongs" to. So he saves her.. kind of. She dies in the end, but he kills all the guys as well. Soo.. yeah, haha that's what I think the MV will be about xD So sad though...

It surely is something different compared to their catchy Message song last year and I have to say it's a huge challenge when you do a MV without the group. Some people nails it and some people don't. So I'm sitting here like a eager cow waiting for the grass :3

/B.R.A &

OMO look at this ;O

Are you able to see who they are?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Kim Seyong – Miss A’s Fei – Jay Park

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Jay Park – Kim Seyong – Idon'tknowwhotheheckisthat?

HAHAHHAHAHAAH!! I'm sorry but what? Yes you can clearly see that it's Jay Park and Fei (<-- funny her name means fat in chinese XD) but Seyong?!?! (From myname) there's some facial features that's similiar but daaaamn! He was chubby and brown before his debut XD

Goddamn... O__O

SHABAM~ I'm running around and screaming right now T__T
But it looked pretty fake over here... XD

...Looks more natural here!
Can you see who it is now? ^^


Yeah it's Insoo from MYNAME... I've never realised it before but he's really beautiful O_O


FINALLY SOME NEWS!!! Hohohohoho!!~

I'm like Partey and Partey and Partey~~

Well firstly congratulations MYNAME for your 100 day anniversary! I remember M2STASCH's epic 100 day anniversary >__>
Secondly wohoo! They secretly announced that they're gonna release an album.. when? I dunno... In a year? maybe... Never? Why not... XD <-- don't make sense at all...

Did you know?

That Seyong from MYNAME has been in a drama called I Believe in Love/My love My Family.
Found out a few days ago when I saw this clip

Hahaha Lol *fail* XD He's the one with red cap and jacket.

I don't think that he had such a big role in the drama...

Well now you know XD

My My you lost your kiss-virginity T____T

Dunno if there has been any news about it but I'm waiting for a comeback from MYNAME. It feels like they stoped after their debut T__T They where one of the best groups that debuted last year.
Well for the first time I searched their name on Youtube and found som clips hohohoho!~ Ò__Ó

#2 - HAHAHAHAHAHAH That Ya Ya Ya! Panick moment XD
#3 - He's so cuuuuute O^O He reminds me of Chansung O__O A LOT.. especially his looks in this clip. And that baby voice TT^TT

#2 - Now he reminds me of Lee Jun Ki... A LOT O____O

Aww man! Still depressed about the design TT___TT

This cheer me up ^o^ *forever a perv*


Gosh this Sejin couple XI EVERY tumblr that I visit has literally BOMBED every single post with AA's pictures. They're getting more famous...

Btw! do you remember the post where I wrote about Mir's eye injury and Seungho going to SHINee's van? Here's a gif that shows Jonghyun's expression a bit clearly C:

Man O_o stop taking over the tumblr world!!! ;O

This dude is totally taking over the tumblr world with that ASFDSGHSAH smile -_-

Chaejin with a mic saying Seyong xD it&#8217;s funny :P

puffofseoul:  Chaejin from Myname

And I can go on and on, and on, and on ~~

The new couple: SeyJin

Sometimes I just think about dressing up as a guy (*the irony* hahahaha XD) and run to korea storm SM, YG, JYPE, LEONENT or ANYTHING and join a group... TT____TT

What am I saying ;O I'm a guy... I'm in a group... and I'm somehow in a "none-debuted" group that will soon debut with a real song! Pfft.. and one day I will stand in that corner of that gif and it'll be a text standing
"B.R.A Saw what u did there..."



MY AAAaAAAaaAaaaaAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *power vocal!* (they should name the group MYASS instead of MYNAME hahahahhahahaha XD <-- dry humour) You know what *wait*
So! I even counted right now. He has 6 (camera) seconds, If you exclude that part from where he dances with the whole group, but only 6 seconds where his on screen alone. Even that wierd dude that popps up, JoonQ I think, even has 9 seconds! O__o

Okay deep breath... Well this guy has probably been messing a lot of bias lists XD


It's pretty lame-awesome that my picture shows up on Google page 8 when you search on MYNAME seyoung -.-'' HAHAHAHAHAH X'D I suck...

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