S.O.T.W #47

Hello guys! Remember me? No...? That's ok ^^
But you do remember my song of the week I used to have, right?! No...?

Haha well just to bring back your lousy memory, every week I pick a song I feel have ruined my life. In a good way though! It's basically a song I've had on repeat for the entire week.

Sooooo, what song will be the S.O.T.W this week?

T-ARA N4 - Jeon Won Diary

Haha not only is the MV very charming, the music is actually catchy! And so is the dance! I go craxy whenever I hear this song, like "YEAAAAH, IT'S MAH JAAAM!!!". Haha yeah, I like it a lot ^^

And I know this isn't a super new song, but I'm a bit off at the moment regarding the KPOP world. So please have patience and I will ctach up :)

What song do you guys have as your S.O.T.W?

Song of the week #46 [B.R.A]

Yeah I feel sorry for BO XD His internet doesn't work so I decided to take over this weeks S.O.T.W :3
I never got the story behind the MV but everything made sense after watching Simon and Martina's Music Monday. So it was basically the same person with different feelings (bla bla) and I didn't really get the point of her leaving him. They tried to make a good story behind the lyrics but ehh... they didn't really suceed with that.

But! The song is just asdfghjkl! It's the first time boyfriend has (EVER) made my mind tingle XD They're so pretty and... pretty ;w; and good in this MV. The orchestra and everything else is just *dazzled*
However the chorus made me laugh a bit XD Apparently they're saying "You're not a bad girl" I seriously thought that they said a korean word. I didn't even hear the "You're not a" part O__O
Is it only me who love that prince-style outfit? ;___;
Oh snap the fans XD I couldn't even hear them sing >_>

Song of the week #45

Yaaay, feels good to be back!

I haven't really been up to date with the latest KPOP news and songs that have been released, so the S.O.T.W this week will be an old song. But for me it's pretty new because I've never really heard it before xD

JYJ - Empty

Ok, some pointers. Love the fact that the entire song is in english (so I can sing along).
I can actually tell Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong apart! They all have such different but great voices.

However.. Yoochun, haha I don't know man. I love his voice, but when he goes "Weeeeeeeeen" instead of "win" and "understeeeeeeeend" insted of "understand". Hahahaha, don't know if I love it or if it annoys the crap out me.

They can dance?! They have non-korean backdancers?! Yaaaay ^^

I've been kind of biased on Yoochun for a while. I don't know much about this group or even about Yoochun. I know stuff like they were a part of TVXQ before but then problems accured and stuff happened etc. and then we have those sesang fans and so on.

But other than that I don't know anything. The reason why I've been biased on Yoochun isn't even because of his voice, it's more because of his personality. Haha I saw him play "Zelda" and then it was done for me. I love him now xD

You have got to love his laugh at 2:05 and 2:35. Then that thing he does at 2:11.. I've been doing that lately?! Haha Jonghyun of SHINee does that as well.. it's not normal haha.

That last part.. hahaha they're so into the game! And they're so cute screaming together xD
Yes.. this is why I love Yoochun hahaha ^^

Song of the week #44

Hello guys!! So again, this weeks song will be an old song from a girl group (or more like a sub-group ^^)

TaeTiSeo - Baby Steps

Yes, this is a sub-group for SNSD ^^ Gosh, the song is very beautiful! Found it while looking at random video clips on youtube. They have actually made quite a few songs together that I've never heard of. Maybe because I'm not a hardcore Sone. Actually.. I don't think it's even fair to call me a Sone. Sure I like their songs, but I do absolutely not know all the members and their personalities etc.

Either way, this is the S.O.T.W for me :)

Here you have the lyrics:


Song of the week #43

Ok guys, time for another girl group!!!
I think me and B.R.A are secretly biased on this group. I've actually learnt all their names and faces and can almost hear a difference when then sing! xD

Secret - Starlight Moonlight

It's so addicting ^^ "blah blah blah shala-la-lala. shala-la-lala~" And what I love so much about Secret is that all of their MVs have this story. They're never just in a room dancing. Hm.. I actually think I prefer this cute-style they had over their "Poison-Style". But Poison has made them more known out there, so I guess that is what works for them T_T

HEY! Did you guys notice Band Young Guk from B.A.P in the MV? Yes? Well did you notice Himchan and Jongup? No? Hahaha ok, let me show you:

The red one is Jongup and the green one is Himchan (1:12). They switch places sometimes and Himchan sits on the bench instead and so on. But yes, there you have them!!! Hahaha it's so funny how they're like in all of secrets MVs ^^ I wonder if they're in their "Poison" MV as well O__o

Song of the week #42

I bounce like this~
Ah, Ah, I bounce like...

Block B - Nillili Mambo

Omg, this song!! Just like their song "NALINA" it's super catchy. I keep singing it all day in school, at home and I can't get it out of my head xD "Nillili LALALA nillili YA nillili mambo~" and then the rest of the song that I don't really know but sing along to anyway ^^. And then that "Come on everybody taptap, twist your body!" , or when P.O starts screaming in the chorus "OH YEAH!", that part.
Thank you LOENENT. btw for making an english sub. (Y)

And this MV is one of the more fun MVs out there to wacth. I either like "home made" MVs or MVs with an actual story behind it. Like I said before, there's a reason why people love Big bangs "Haru Haru" and U-KISSs "0330". Now I even love B.A.P's "Stop It". Haha and now this MV. 

All the members roles in this MV, how they all have their own personalities and how everything is just so fun! And their dancing, so laid back and just.. SWAG! And how great this songs is, and how well they sing/rap. It's all just a 100%. I LOVE IT! OMG and their looks! Haha Zico's little virgin dreadlocks ^3^ And P.O's hair mehehehhe.. Love the scene at 1:57. So sexy~ Then we have Taeil.. looking very sexy as well. Just all of the members haha ^^

And the end.. priceless xD They got the wrong case (because there were two cases. One with the diamonds and one from the game with with P.O and B-BOMB. You can see both bags at 2:12). Epic Block B!

Song of the week #41

So lately I've been drugging B1A4.. and I have a really hard time picking a song from them to put as this weeks S.O.T.W.

Buuut.. I managed to pick one ^^

Baby Goodnight [PV]

This is the Japanese version though. I prefer the Korean Version actually, but this MV is soooooooooo so so much better than the Korean MV O__o
I mean, they're so cute!!! I absolutely love their MVs (their Jap. MVs). The only thing I hate about this MV is the fact that Baro is cheating on the girls, and his fellow members are helping him cheat. That is so wrong in so many levels T_T

But to the song.. as I said, I prefer the korean version. They're actually cheating in the Korean Version as well hahahaha. I need to seriously read the lyrics xD Oh... My.. Gosh. The lyrics are about cheating?! WAAAAAH, need to be more careful with what I listen to.. but this song is so catchy!!! xD

And now to the MV again.. I don't get why their PV MVs are so much better than their Korean MVs.. for example:

Beautiful Target [PV]

I promise you, I'm falling in love with these guys because of their MVs. Plus that I've always liked their songs ^^ But the MVs help a lot. But the thing that bothers me is that I want to watch the Japanese MVs but listen to the Korean version of the song.. Wae are you guys making it so hard?! TT_TT

Seriously.. KPOP groups need to step up their game when it comes to MVs. No more "dancing, dancing, dancing in an empty room~" (see what I did there? xD). They should have a story in their MV like in the old days. Why do you guys think Big Bangs "Haru Haru", U-KISSs "0330" among other are so amazing??! I believe that it's partially because of the amazing MVs. Yes..

So the Song of the Week this week goes to B1A4 - Baby Goodnight (korean ver.)

Song of the week #40

Well well.. for the past 2 weeks I've had very nice, slow and emotional songs (according to me). Maybe they're called ballads? ^^ Either way, maybe you were hoping for something a little bit different this week?

Hate to disappoint you, but I found this AMAZING song by a guy called Brother Su (Kim Hyung Soo). He's from the entertainment RealCollabo. He debuted in February 10, 2010 with the song "It Was You".. the song I've fallen in love with.

Haha he looks so cute!! Like.. sorry for the language, but a cute dork.
And his voice is just amazing :') 
So the "Song of this week" go to Brother Su because.. well it was you. And you deserve it. I could honestly lay down on my bed for hours just listening to this song. But I've become more careful and not over-repeating the songs I like. You know, if you play a song that you like too many times, it stops being as good as it was before. So yes, I could listen to this song all day, but I won't.. because I like it too much ^^

Song of the week #39

I've been really into ballad songs/slow songs lately.. It's just something about the music that makes me feel so "in peace"? Haha can't explain, but I bet I'm not the only one enjoying listening to slow music. It could be all from GD's "That XX" to Yiruma's "River Flows in You" (which actually isn't KPOP, but it's composed by a korean)

So basically the S.O.T.W this week will be a slow song.

Loveless - Yamashita Tomohisa (aka. Yamapi)

I have no idea of how I found this song, but it's just amazing!! And the instrumental version is also just to die for. I have no idea who this guy is, but aaaahhh!!! LOVE THIS SONG!! It makes me so emotional, it's almost like B2ST's "You" (last weeks S.O.T.W)

I'm not even sure if it's korean hahaha, don't get a word he says and his name is Yamashita.. he's definitely Japanese xD

Song of the week #38

So this is not really a new song, even though there are some out there that deservs to be this weeks S.O.T.W. But this old song.. OMG, it's so amazing! i can't stop listenting to it. But I have to.. or I'll kill it just like I've killed every other KPOP-song out there ^^


It's so good!! And the lyrics, imagine having someone sing that to you ♥‿♥
This makes me fall in love with B2ST in a whole other way. Gosh.. need to start geeking them too! But I have too much homework T_T

Anywho, so for me, this is the Song of the Week. What's your song of the week? :)

Song of the week #37

Ok guys.. this may not come as a shock to you. This weeks S.O.T.W is

G-Dragon - Crayon

Everything is just perfect. The beginning, hahaha when he goes "aaaahhhhh" at 0:20 and then when he starts trimming the hair on his chin. Why so hansome!!!? DUDE, seriously, when did GD become this good-looking?! I guess it all started during the "Fantastic Baby"-era. At least for me. That's when I started to see him a bit differently ^^

Back to the video. The colors are just so.. fun! Haha can't explain it, but love the colors in this MV. And gosh.. at 0:56.. meheheheheheheh xD SO CUTE!!! But yet so sexiiiii~
And the girl that's on the TV from 1:03. I honestly thought there for a while that it was GD. But you can't see all the tattoos he has. So it's clearly not him. Hahaha but I know I'm not the only one who thought that it actually was GD. Don't know why, but I honestly, deeply and truly believed there for a while that it was him! Haha don't know if he should take that as a compliment or an insult O__o But she was hot.. so maybe it is a compliment ^^

1:13 LOL.. a guy with no pants on the top-left corner ^^
1:53 Very Isaac Newton of you xD
2:10 THAT ASS!!

And then starting from 2:15 when it all goes really fast. That's my favorite part!!
2:38 - Why so serious? xD

My favorite look of GD in this video is at 1:46. Love the messy hair ^^

The song.. IS JUST AMAZING! Honestly, no word for it. Haha Cray On.. love how they made it all like about actuall Crayons (that you draw with). Hahaha but yes.. he actually means "get your crazy on" if.. someone out there didn't get it ^^

Song of the week #36

Ok.. this is a "not so super new" song. But at least it's a song -.-

AOA - Elvis

I feel like I should put up the 'Band Ver.' because everyone is in the MV. But they just stand there.. Sure they're a band, and maybe thats like the true side of them. However I prefer watching them dance than just standing there.

Ok, so the song.. IS AWESOME!!! No idea what they're saying, but it doesn't matter ^^ And they're all so pretty O◡O And gosh so talented, and so cute, and so.. everything good xD I hope they make other songs like this! This was great!! Really really really like this song. And what the heck.. here's the 'Band Ver.'

It's ok the first minute, but then it just gets boring -.-' Only me who thinks so??

Song of the week #35

I loved this song since the first time I heard it. I mean after just 1 minute I adored this song. The reason why i didn't pick it as the "Song of the week" last week is because this song is still not in my phone. So I kind of.. forgot how much I loved it ^^

Super Junior - SPY

I just love how the mixed the goofiness with the seriousness. Because in the beginning they're like playful, but a bit more into the song it gets super serious! And then it goes goofy again xD AND THE DANCE, DAEBAK!!!

I know some people didn't like this MV because they thought it was too serious.. but I honestly love it! Sure they could have done it less serious, but that's why I like it so much. They mixed two totally different things and made it work! It's like mixing black and white. You get gray.. but SUJU got like.. PINK!! ^^

Song of the week #34

This song was released this week, but gosh.. I'm stuck! It's so damn amazing!

Phantom - Burning

This video deserves so many more views.. Like the quality is amazing, the song is amazing and the MV is really good!!

Hahah one thing though. Don't know if I explained so well when I meant I got dirty thoughts from watching this guy:

First of all.. the faces he make.. while holding the hose where he is holding it..and spraying Phantom with water.. that almost looks white. Hahahahahah xD Gosh, but why did he make faces like that?!

But still, like the metaphor. Even if people try to put your light out, nobody can't unless you let them (totally made-up haha, but it sounds good)

Anywho, this song is so freakin' good! I'm honest. I love it so much! The guitar in the beginning, the chorus, their voices, their english accents and just everything.
Now I just need to know what they are saying ^^


I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

First, move out of the way, clean it all up
Or just cut out my heart and take it
I can’t live like this anymore
All the past memories are useless now
Because they aren’t memories but they are great pain to me

The pain remains and eats away at my happiness
Even you can say that my love was very big
I don’t even smoke but my insides are burning

I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

Someone please help me (I’m burning down down)
It’s a crazy night without you (don’t let me down down)
Please save me from here (I’m burning down down)
This hell-like crazy night I’m burning down down

My broken heart has burned away, I became a complete bum
I became a complete bum – I don’t remember the last time I properly ate or smiled
There’s no meaning to life now, am I being immature?
I’ve just been blinded by you – doesn’t make sense – we were too young
Maybe I’m crazy please don’t let me down

I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

Someone please help me (I’m burning down down)
It’s a crazy night without you (don’t let me down down)
Please save me from here (I’m burning down down)
This hell-like crazy night I’m burning down down

Everything became a heap of ashes, everything is burnt up
I became a loner again – only you could fill up my heart and life
Now I’m afraid of everything – my heart is not only chilled but numbed as well

Please help me even if it’s a lie
Baby I’m burning down

I’m burning down tonight, I still hear your voice
I’m burning down my girl, I keep seeing your smile
I’m burning down

Please come back again
Save me from here
Can you hear my voice?
I’m burning down

This song is to good to be true T_T
But maybe my metaphor was wrong. If it's a bad "burning".. maybe they need someone to put it out?

Song of the week #33

Forget to do this yesterday, so I'll do it today ^^

So the song of last week is a song that I've drugged for like..2-3 weeks now, AND I'M STILL NOT SICK OF IT?! xD

ZE:A - Aftermath

GAAAAAH, this song is too good -.-' Just love everything!! ^^
How the hell can they have so little views though? These guys deserv more..
But the dance moves kind of remind me of U-KISS's "Tick Tack" xD

Song of the week #32

YAAAY!! Another girl group this week xD This song came out a while ago, but I didn't "feel" it then. But oh boooi~ do I feel it now ^^

f(x) - Electric Shock

Don't know why, but at first I felt like this wasn't really their style. I liked the song, but felt that it was fake in a way. I hadn't really decided what kind of style they had (not that I'm the one choosing their style exactly xD). But after a while.. it didn't matter anymore O__o Plus that I love their song Danger/Pinocchio which has the same feeling to it as this song. Kind of ^^

This song either way is so addicting! Haha today when I was on the bus and listened to this song, I had to do the movements they do. And it's super embarressing because.. that's not normal hahaha xD But don't worry.. I did them very descritely ;D

Song of the week #31

I'm not even going to have a long text before I put the clip up
B.A.P - No Mercy

I have no idea how B.R.A couldn't be impressed. Haha I love B.A.P's entire style. I love the whistle they have in every song, I love the random dance part they always have in the other half of the MV and I love how they sound so hard-core!!! It's so hard to explain but like.. when they sing. It's not pretty.. or hahaha yes it is!! But like when they sing, they almost growl. It sounds so freakin' good!! Well not everyone. Hahaha when Daehyun and Youngjae sing they sing like angels.

In the beginning of this MV when they sing "BOM, clap, BOM BOM, clap" and dance with their chest.. Jongup MY LORD!!!!! Stop teasing me xD And at 1:18.. hehehe Zelo you bad boy ^^ This is honestly the first time I ever find Zelo atractive. But dang, he's so young!!!

AND ALL THIS PELVIC THRUSTING!!! (1:25, 2:17, 2:24 etc.) Love the entire dance. It's almost like krumping, you know the dance style ^^

Oh and the song.. so addicting!!!! NO NO NO... NO MERCY!!!

Song of the week #30

Let me jut tell you guys how I found this song. I actually found it yesterday ^^ I was looking for music-sheets (because I'm learning how to read them on the piano) and came across a song that sounded so beautiful. So had to see the real version, and just fell in love..

Song Ju Eun (feat. Bang Yong Guk) - Going Crazy

Song Ju Eun, a member of Secret.. her voice is so emotional!
AND BYG!!!! Your voice! It's so intenese and I could just hear these two people sing/rap all day. Like they don't just sing, they have feeling when they sing. And the song is so beautiful as well (even though I have no idea what they're saying ^^)

Now to the MV. Because I don't know the lyrics, I'll just guess. So this girl finds out that her boyfriend is cheating, and will NOT tolerate that. So she goes to nowhere and burns him and the car up. So then she has to walk all the way back home in killer heals. Yeah.. or maybe she's just going crazy xD and kills him because of that ^^

But guys, I really need to show you the live-performance!!

It's so dang beautiful!! TToTT

Song of the week #29

I know that this weeks S.O.T.W should be SUJU's "Sexy, Free & Single".. but I haven't really spazzed that song so much yet. The Song of the Week songs I choose is always songs that I've been crazy about for the past week. That's why this song of the week is..

Jay Park - Abandoned

So this song is pretty much amazing. The MV sucks though, hahaha it really does! The only good thing was the dance. Did you guys see at 0:50 the tire? Like they just HAD to squeez that in xD And the girl.. yeah she was very chesty ^^ Thank God they didn't kiss!!! And the scenes they use are always the same. It's the same scenes as in "Know Your Name" and "Tonight"..
And now to Jay. I don't like the look he has in the beginning. He looks better with a bit more hair, like he has at 2:08. Maybe they filmed that part first and then had his hair cut to film the beginning xD Either way, him with short hair and glasses only makes him look lika a wannabe douchebag. But him with longer hair and no glasses.. that's like heaven O__o

I've actually spazzed this song for a while. Ever since I heard him sing the eng. version I've loved this song. Haha don't worry!! There isn't an english version of this song. But he did kind of sing it in english once.

When he speaks english.. I just TT_TT and when he sings!! OMG this dude, I'm falling in love with him all over again. Haha so much love today! First BoA, then Jr. and now Jay Park.

Song of the week #28

SOOOO this week the song of the week will be by a girl-group *gasp* O___o YES!!! Hahaha a girl-group!!! xD

4Minute - Muzik

I actually like all of them in this MV. Even HyunA.. because she is so badass!! ^^ No, but I love this song, I really enjoy watching the MV... I didn't have any other S.O,T.W to put out. Hahaha so yeah, there you have it. THIS WEEKS SONG OF THE WEEK!!! 8D

I actually know the dance to this song. BOYAAA!!!~ Only like... 32194 dances left to go ^^

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