Starcalls on youtube - SHINee



OMG, hahahaha, his "hehe" at 0:34!!!!! xD





hello everyone i am adult shinee's minho !
not long ago it was age coming day
so i am also in my legal age now ! haha i was underage when i just debut !
till now i can't believe that i am an adult now!
still i am legal age now skin is also ! oh ^^
i still love who i am now! , i hate growing up!~
no matter what the grown up Minho will work even harder!
and bring everyone to see the next level Minho will give, stay tune!
know it, now i am adult , i will wait for everyone to be legal age adult soon! those who are still underage i will wait! haha.
no matter what , goodbye !
not hanging up? but time is up ! goodbye!

Hope to get a STARCALL from them soon ^^


Okey guys. As you may know, I've gotten some STARCALLS from Boyfriend and B1A4. But I want from SUJU, SHINee or 2PM :( Haha, no, but I guess that they are way to busy to make these Starcalls..

If you want to send them a personal message (which I believe you can) then just do as they say ^^


Haha, when Taemin says: "pick up the phone and say 'hello hello' in a friendly way" it sounded soo... cute? xD

Super Junior:

Did not find the others O.o (of the guy groups ^^)


GOT ANOTHER STARCALL FROM B1A4!!!!!!!!! But this time it was from Baro and CNU. This one was sooo random! At first, they sounded really bored. Then out of nowhere, Baro starts crying(?) and then they start screaming?!?!?! Hahahahha xD

Mehehehe.. Me love this app ^^ <3


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Got a christmas messagi~ from B1A4 this morning!! Sandeul and Gongshan said some random stuff in korean and wishing me a merry christmas.. sure I didn't understand everything, but I enjoyed just looking at them ^^^


STARCALL - Boyfriend

Haha, just got a starcall from Boyfriend!!! xD They couldn't see me, but I saw them. Naaw, the looked so cute ^^

Everyone that can download apps on their phones can download starcall. It's awsome(!!!), you just download it, pick the stars you want a starcall from and one day you might get it! ^^ However they don't have everyone, like they don't have MBLAQ, B2ST.. those are the only ones that I can think of right now ^^

But seriously, if you love KPOP you should definitely download this app!!! xD

Wonderful Star Calls! TT^TT

SHINee - Teamin

Hello everyone, the weather is cold now so people around me are suffering because of it. Everyone, please be careful of the cold. Take care of your body and eat well! SHINee will also be careful, take care of our bodies, and eat well! Hope to see you soon again~ look forward to it!

His voice is so... dark? He's getting mature now... *proud* ;___;

2PM - Junho (BTW: Both clips with 2PM starts after 11 seconds, it's a random person talking in the beginning)

Hello, this is 2PM's Junho. I'm saying hello first through the Star Call.
The others are eating next to me.
Junsu: What are you doing?
Junho: It's Star Call.
Junsu: STAR CALL!!
Junho: Everyone, do you know why, I'm doing Star Call?
Then he sings a CF song
우루사 TVCM 간때문이야
It's for the liver

2PM - Wooyoung

That must be the cuuuuutest goodbye I've EVER heard TTuTT Annyeoooooooong~

Minho & Co.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *annoyance never disappear* XD These boys are so assuumme XD Jonghyun <3


Hi~ I'm SHINee's leader Onew, Onjoobong!
Everyone's cheer for my musical made me enjoy doing the musical
and it cheered me up a lot!! I learned many things because of you guys.
So, there might be many people who couldn't come to see the musical, and
I'm going to sing few words from the musical.
It's from.. when i was falling to Aurora.. that part! ^▽^
"Oh~ I was in love with you~ Wonderful moment~"
..Thanks~! haha..

Aww ;') Such a sweet voice even if the campera is totally made of crap he sings well and looks good!
Well from this *points up* To that -___-'' *points down*

Gave me a freaking heart attack?!!! O___O

Aadsgkajsdngvkjsd bla bla ...................

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