Happy 4 years anniversary T-ara!!!~

Today is 4 years ago T-ara debuted with their song "lies", they've been through A LOT. They were on the highest peak of their career, they released one kickass song after another and everyone loved it! All of a sudden a lot of crap started to bloom everywhere and these girls have been through heaven and hell. But I hope that they'll keep releasing amazing songs like before and now. HAPPY 4 YEARS ANNIVERSARY T-ARA AND KEEP FIGHTING! *Korean spirit* 

Block B’s Zico and Hwayoung dating?


A recent hot rumor in the K-Pop idol scene is that Block B‘s Zico and ex-T-ara member Hwayoung, have been dating for a few months now.


We reached out to our sources at Stardom Entertainment and although the company denied the rumors, an employee who wishes to remain anonymous has confirmed that the two have been and are still dating.


- Allkpop




Imagine that you visit allkpop and all of a sudden you see this as the #1 popular story...

I'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything but gosh I find this pretty hilarious ;D The source seem to be a bit ehhh and they don't really... "fit" together if you know what I mean. I could never imagine both of them to date each other. But if they do congratulations! :D (y)

This year has been epic with all of these "breaking news" 

As Bo said the king and queen of scandals this year totall fit each other~





T-ara - Day by Day Jap ver. [Teaser]

Really a Japanese version too :O If I ain't wrong it should be released September 26th XD
Day by Day isn't T-ara's best song but it's quiet different compared to their previous hits. It has that calm effect that I really like ^^

I'm curious on how the Japanese rap will sound but I don't really have high expectations because the churos felt... weird e___e *too used to the Korean version*

T-ara's Black Ocean

I wrote about the word Black ocean a few months ago and it should be somewhere in the blog XD I don't know if you've seen the latest news about T-aras black ocean:
Standing in front of fans live for the first time since the T-ara controversy, T-ara experienced the longest performance ever with no excitement from the audience.
On September 8, T-ara stood on stage at the 2012 World Conservation Congress K-Pop Nature+ Concert, where the members were unfortunately met with cold responses from fans.
As soon as the group took the stage, it’s said that some members of the audience turned off their glow sticks and refrained from cheering, creating the ‘black ocean.’ Fan accounts say that a group of fans started chanting, “Ryu Hwa Young,” referring to the T-ara member who was kicked out of the group earlier in August.

T-ara performed Sexy Love on Mnet’s M Countdown and MBC’s Music Core a week before, but this was the first time performing its newest song live.

After the performance, the news of the ‘black ocean’ started seeping into online communities, where fans had a divide of opinions. Some said that the T-ara members made their comeback too soon, while others said the media was over exaggerating the event.
I, personally don't have any grudge towards T-ara, their music is still awesome and I love the way they dance but seriously... this was quiet predictable. I don't know how that CEO thinks but all I can say that his plans are half failing. Sure T-ara is still selling a lot of albums but their reputation is still sinking like a rock. That CEO is probably thinking that they should keep going with their activities as if nothing has ever happened but you know... kpop fan remember EVERYTHING, literally XD
Well at least they got some applauses after their performance...

T-ARA - Sexy Love [In Tokyo MV]

It's freakin' crazy how they move like that!!! I tried to see if maybe they paused and played the video to make it look like they move like robots. But if you look from 1:50, you can see that the guy walking in the background is walking normaly. Like he's not stoping and then walking again as if the video would have been paused. So the girl dancing at that time is just that good!! Or.. did he stop? It almost feels like he stopped O__o So maybe the girls aren't that good at moving like robots O__é

And the girl at 2:14 is really pretty. Like really super pretty ^3^ And the little girl at 3:24 (to the left). Is that the new member that's 14 years old? Because I heard something about a new member that would be 14 years old. And she looks like she could be 14 years old xD

OH AND GUYS!! guys.. GUYS!! It's one of those MVs I love!! Haha these MVs is so much more charming than real MVs.. Because here you can feel the idols being more down to earth and relatable. But then again.. I love watching MVs that has a great story behind it. These don't really have a story. It's more like a home-made clip ^^ But that's why it's so charming!!!


T-ARA - Sexy Love [Robot Dance Ver.]

WAAAH!! TOO COOL!!! Hahahha this was freakin' awesome. They really moved like robots and really looked like dolls xD And the song, no matter how lame the lyrics are, it's super ctachy! ^^ Told you.. sometimes I just need time to like a song. Because now I really like this song!! YAAY!! xD
And I like the dance as well... ^^ But it looks funny when they smack their butts (0:32). Haha and then they go like "whoops.."

T-ara - Day and Night [MV]

So beautiful T_T.. but in the info-box it says release 2012.09.04. So tomorrow?? What will be released tomorrow? O__o Like a longer version of the song? OMG.. not another 20 minute-long MV.. Hahah this is really bad because I never watch their MV's and that means I never really listen to their songs. And because of that.. I don't really like T-ara.. because I haven't had the chance to fall in love with their music e.e

But this song was very beautiful. Like calm and stuff ^^

T-ARA - Sexy Love [MV Drama Ver.]

I watched like 1 minute, then realized this was one of those super long MC's T-ara always make -.-' I'll just watcch it when I get home haha. I probably won't, but B.R.A probably will!! xD

T-ara - Sexy Love [Dance ver. & MV making]

It feels like everyone are clicking on the MV to dislike the clip o__o Like what the heck just stop it -_-
I'm getting a bit irritated now...
Well I just realised that the song that was played during the end of Day by Day MV is this one. But there's something wrong with the beat. It feels like it's 2 different songs. Oh well, a lot of people haven't realised this yet but this is only the DANCE VER. not the actual MV. Their MV (Day by Day, follow up) will be released 4th September so take it easy.
The song wasn't that bad actually. I didn't really have that much hope but it's quiet good, even if the lyrics seem to be a bit messed up XD Not their best song but it works, I'm amazed that they can release a hit after hit.
They also released "Sexy Love" MV making. Why didn't they release the MV before the dance ver? o__o

T-ara - Teaser pictures & Trcklist

Lol what's up with those weird conversations?! XD
I'm starting to get a bit khunfused (see what I did there?) I believe that this album is their "follow up" from their day by day album, right? But where's the song they had during the end of Day by Day MV? Or am I completely wrong here? Because their teaser for Sexy Love didn't really look like the continue of their previous album XD

T-ara - Sexy Love [Teaser]

Wait a minute... isn't this the "wrong" song? Or this isn't the song that they play during the end on Day by Day, I've been waiting for than one =___=

What to say... the choreography seems to be freaky and awesome! They've probably practiced A LOT for this. The beat was so so but I'm waiting for the upcoming song (Day by Bay) because the story just got interesting. Hyomin wakes up and Eunjung will plop up as well. >:3

It's a shame that everyone is hating them, because their music is good after all...
The song I'm talking about is this one:

[BO] Hahaha omg, I just wrote a post about this as well. So this is what I had to say:

The first thing I noticed was all the dislikes.. and I was like "Come on guys.. don't dislike the music just because of all the shit that has happened. It shouldn't matter too much.." But then I saw the teaser -.-'

At first it looked very cool!! But then they started dancing.. and then they started to sing O__o
"Sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth, don't you know?" WTF? hahahaha, nooo!!! Come on, I like your songs! But this.. was not so good. I don't really like it T_T

Then again, you never really know until you hear the entire song. I've misjudged songs and groups before..

T-ara's Soyeon in a car accident

Well this news is spreading like a fire all over the place:
T-ara’s So Yeon and her staff members are recovering in a hospital after experiencing a car accident.
In the early hours of August 13, So Yeon, her manager and other staff members were en route to Busan on the Gyeongbu Expressway to film So Yeon′s KBS drama, Haeundae Lovers when their van hydroplaned on the rainy road, hit a guardrail and tipped over to the next lane.
So Yeon and the staff members were then rushed to the emergency room where they were treated for minor injuries and are awaiting results from their examination.
According to a representative for Core Contents Media, though So Yeon didn’t experience any major injuries, she is currently experiencing discomfort in her neck and back. All passengers were wearing seatbelts, and is credited as the reason there are no major injuries.
The Core Contents Media representative added that it has informed the Haeundae Lovers production staff So Yeon will be unable to make it to today’s filming for the drama.
It was just a while ago I read her interview and now this?! @__@ Get well soon! Even if T-ara isn't the best group out there they still make awesome music so I hope that you're fine~ ^3^

T-ara Hwayoung rejoining the group again?

Or not leaves more like she got kicked out. I wanted to stay up till 5 am to hear the news "fast" but ended up sleeping 4:30 am =__=

I bet that EVERYONE literally knows about this even if they are a T-ara fan or not.
 - Source
Dear god what to say! I see crap all over the article. This is what I call a big mess! No one can trust anything because of the 35932859 different shit they say XD All I'm going to say is: Please don't do it -_- Walk away like a boss and don't throw away your pride. BUT! Everyone seem to pity Hwayoung a lot and that's wrong because there's also a chance that Hwayoung actually is a bitch and deservs to be kicked out *sight~*
All we know is that this will be the Hot Topic for a whole month and I'm actually happy XD Because everyone seem to forget the whol Nichkhun controversy so it's good for him :3
Well there'll be a lot of articles about T-ara from now on...


T-ara's member Hwayoung will be leaving them..

Did you guys hear about this? Apparently Hwayoung will leave T-ara. CCM’s CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, announced that she'd be leaving in a press release written by the president himself. “In deference to the complaints by T-ara’s staff of 19 people (5 stylists, 7 hair & makeup, 5 on-site managers, 2 team managers), Hwayoung’s contract as an artist will be voided effective immediately with no conditions.”


So what?! She'll be leaving because that the staff complained? All of the other T-ara members even want her to stay? 

“Although the staff of Core Contents Media stayed up into early morning discussing with the T-ara members who all wanted to stay with Hwayoung, we apologize in saying that we could not forsake the arguments of the staff members.”

What the hell did the staff say about her that made the company not even willing to consider keeping her? O__o

And even though she is leaving, T-ara will still be having their comeback as scheduled and realese their follow up song to "day by day" on August 15th (during the end of the Olypics). Their new single will be called "Sext Love".


Truth to be told I'm confused over the T-ara drama now =___= A lot of things seems to happen and EVERYONE is spreading rumours that Hwayoung will leave the group. Oh come on just shut up and wait till the President (of Core contents Media) will come and say that "OMG thing" he promised. Stop saying that they're dirty egoistic sluts/bitches, without knowing anything >___>
However I can agree that T-ara is a messy group and this can be another way of gaining people's attention.
Oh well in the midst of all the chaos HAPPY 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY GUYS! Keep creating awesome music!
This must be one of the coolest gifs ever :O
Their debut stage was on July 29th 2009 with their song Lies, and the MV was also released that day ^__^ you know the MV with Seungho I uploaded a while ago ;w; He kissed her </3 XD


T-ara releasing their new album

It was previously revealed that T-ara would be releasing several albums in the 2nd half of the year, starting with the mini-album, "Day By Day," which would be followed by "Mirage" and "T-ara's Effect." While new member Areum made her debut with the group in "Day By Day," 9th T-ara member Dani made a special appearance in its music video.

Along with the repackaged album, "Mirage," set to be released on August 15th, T-ara will be introducing a new electronic pop track called "Sexy Love." The track was produced by hit-maker Shinsadong Tiger, who has created hit tracks for T-ara such as "Bo Beep Bo Beep," "Roly Poly" and "Lovey Dovey."
- Source
Uno momento... Did anyone notice Danis' "special appearance" on Day by Day?! O___O How come I didn't see anyone/anything .____.
Oh well... their song Mirage seemed to be quiet promising. Or it sounded really good so I'm definitely waiting for it! Ang Eunjung will appear as well :3


T-ara - Day By Day [Dance ver.]

Was it only me who weren't able to watch the whole dance version? @___@ I got dizzy XD 
Those flashed and the drunk cameraman made me... something. But the dance seemed... dunno it didn't look as catchy as roly poly, cry and lovey dovey.
But I still love the song :p

T-ara - Day By Day [Mini Album]

Day by Day
Don't Leave
Love Play
The whole album is impressive! :D Tough competition now, everyone is making a comeback :p Day by Day was really good! It gave me that fantasy feeling especially with the flute, or was it a flute(?) at the beginning =__= The rest of the songs gave me a jazz feeling but it was still good! :D
I also watched their Day by Day MV it wasn't that long maybe 10 minutes? And the story wasn't really boring so it didn't feel long at all. They also put a lot of energy on the new member Ahreum but I underestand why though. I love Jiyeon's acting, gah such a bad girl XD But I got schocked that Hyomin had the third big role in the MV I though Eunjung would have it... Oh well the frustration when they write "To be continued" I WANT TO SEE THE WHOLE STORY NOW!! >:3 But did you listen to the song at the prewiev thing? IT WAS AWESOME! Really looking forward to their next album now ^3^
Another new member Dani will also plopp up soon. Or to be more exakt 2013 and she's 14 years old =__= What's happening...?! TT^TT I can get the whole thing that the youngest member is 16 years old but 14 is a little bit too much. The body hasn't really developed to the full stadium so it can be quiet bad if she overwork at such an young age. Sure a 16 year old isn't fully grown either but they're at the "end stadium" compared to a 14 year old...

T-ara new member Ahreum

Dear lord I'm so confused =__= I started to write about After School and the new member there but it was T-ara... -_-
I wrote this a long time ago that T-ara would have a new member called Ahreum. She was in their "Day by Day" MV, have to see it... They have now released a picture of her and apparently she's 18 years old :P
This girl is a copy of Bom O___O Especially on the second picture... DAMN! O_O *schock* but she's really cute and pretty~


T-ara - Day By Day [MV]

Wait, what?! It's already out? XD
Goddammit we're getting bombed here!

Truth to be told I haven't even watched Lovey dovey (the whole 20 min long MV) yet and I don't really have time watching this either -__- However I'm going to prepare some snacks tonight and waste 37 min 29 seconds of my life watching 2 MV's ;'D
                                    Foto: [T-ara releases “Day by Day” teaser photos]
After the release of “Day by Day” on July 3rd, T-ara will hold an official opening event for their fan club, QUEEN’S, on July 14th.

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