This months actor (part 8)

Lee Minho
Korean actor

Lol dat bad paint picture XD
It felt like it was his time too shine(e)... he's so pretty ;w; One of those flower-boy actors out there just like Kim Kibum and... and... >___> 
                                                                  asdfghjkl!!!! OwwwwwwwO
Damn his future wife/husband =__=
  • Sharp 1
  • Nonstop 5
  • Love Hymn (aka Recipe of Love
  • Secret Campus
  • Mackerel Run
  • I Am Sam
  • Get Up
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Personal Preference
  • City Hunter
  • Faith 
  • Public Enemy Returns
  • Our School E.T
Ohh... "That's it"? I thought he acted in tons of dramas... it's to so much though for being a "hot" (not body hot, more like status hot) actor. 
Here's body hot...

This months actor (part 7)

                                                                                   Park Hee Soon
                                                                                    Korean actor
I.Love.This.Guy! It's sad that I've only seen 2 of his movies but he's so freaking awesome! I love his characters no matter how nice, bad or wicked they are, and his acting is great as well! I don't know what it is but he posses something that will make you feel stuck. His acting is somehow natural, it doesn't look that excessive either.
  • Suspect
  • The Scent
  • Gabi
  • Cine Note
  • The Client
  • The Showdown
  • A Barefoot Dream
  • A Million
  • Why Did You Come to My House?
  • The Scam
  • BA:BO
  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Seven Days
  • My Friend & His Wife
  • Love Talk
  • Antarctic Journal
  • A Family
  • So Cute
  • Boss X File
  • Three
  • 2001 Imagine
  • Sado Sade Impotence
  • Four Gold Chasers
  • Reservoir
I have to watch his movies especially the scam and the scent! I've been waiting to watch those but I don't have time anymore -.- I also saw that Kwang Soo is in the move "The scent" as well X'D

This months actor (part 6)

                                                                                         Ming Dao
                                                                                   Taiwanese actor
Lots of Taiwanese actors... should chose a Korean one next time xd
This monts actor is mostly dedicated to my omma~ This guy is her freaking bias. She has seen EVERY drama or movie with this guy. But he's a good actor... he doesn't look like a Taiwanse person right? My conclusion is that he's adopted from India XD
  • Sheng Nu De Dai Jia
  • Beauties of the Emperor
  • Happy Michelin Kitchen
  • Tian Shi De Xing Fu
  • Tang Gong Mei Ren Tian Xia
  • Boy and Girl
  • Chang E Ben Yue
  • Sunny Happiness
  • Zhong Wu Yen
  • Happy & Love Forever
  • Always Smile!
  • Let's Dance
  • Knock Knock Loving You
  • Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
  • Modern Youth
  • Angel Lover
  • Legend of Star Apple
  • The Magicians of Love
  • Prince turns to Frog
  • La robe de Mariee des cieux
  • Close to You
  • Life of Sentime

This months actor (part 5)

                                                                                 Chen Qiao En
                                                                             Taiwanese actress
I'm gonna make this short, really short. The biggest reason why I chose her is because of the way she cries XD She's the best crying actress I've ever seen on dramas and I've seen a lot. That's the only reason why I chose her for this months actor XD Her characters always seem to be really childish otherwise but she's a good actress, my mom even likes her >_>
  • Xiao Ao Jiang Hu
  • Beauties of the Emperor
  • Sheng Nu De Dai Jia
  • Chun Guang Can Lan Zhu Jiu Mei
  • Jia Qi Ru Meng
  • Let's Dance
  • Easy Fortune Happy Life
  • Woody Sambo
  • Fated to Love You
  • Ying Ye 3 Jia 1
  • A Game about Love
  • Sugo
  • Prince turns to Frog
  • Women are Flowers
  • In Love With A Rich Girl
  • 100% Senorita
  • My MVP Valentine
  • Lavender
Oh she's the first female actor on my "This months actor" :O And I'm sorry that I suck =__= I usually post this the first day on the month but I forgot is this time -.-
                       Joe Chen | Showbiz Taiwan

This months actor (part 4)


                                                                         Kenichi Matsuyama
                                                                              Japanese actor




Heh another Japanese actor, I wanted to chose Toda Erika this time but I somehow had to chose Kenichi Matsuyama this time. Gosh he's so amazing. I've NEVER EVER in my whole life seen someone play a specific character as he has done. I've seen all those 3 Death Note movies and sure the movies wasn't really OH MT LORD but they were good however Matsuyama ju st took my breath away! He played the role L do freaking well that my life was almost completet! *tears of joy* I should maybe stop there...

I haven't really seen all the movies he has been in only 4 out of 398731 movies he has been in. But he always tend to die in his freaking movies -.-
AAANNNDDD he's married with an actor called Koyuki Katō, they even have a song together that they gave birth to around January Congratulations~!!! ^o^


Wining Pass
Bright Future
Guzen nimo Saiaku na Shonen
The Locker 2
The Taste of Te
Linda Linda Linda
Furyo Shonen no Yume
Custom Made 10.30
Otoko-tachi no Yamato
Oyayubi Sagashi
Death Note
Death Note: The Last Name
Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea
Ten Nights of Dreams
South Bound
Tsubaki Sanjuro
Dolphin Blue: Fuji, mo Ichido Sora e
L: Change the World
Don't Laugh at My Romance
Detroit Metal City
Kamui Gaiden
Ultra Miracle Love Story
Norwegian Wood
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Gantz: Perfect Answer
My Back Page
Usagi Drop

Kids War 5
1 Litre of Tears
Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi
Sono 5 fun mae
Sexy Voice and Robo
Zeni Geba
Love of 99 Years - apanese Americans
Taira no Kiyomori

Well what to write...? Just watch his movies he's awesome!!! :3

This months actor (part 3)

Heh my bad for making this 10 day late XD Oh well but after thinking for a month . . . I've finally found this month's actor! :D


                                                                      Hiro Mizushima
                                                                       Japanese actor

Heh I can bomb you guys with pictures of him the whole day *u* It's funny that you can see a clear difference between a korean, chinese and a japanese person. If you would ask me 1 year ago my answer would've been "They all look the same..."

Bo Bae says: Why I can clearly see that this is a japanese person is because of the hair and eyebrows. Japanese people tend to have smaller eyebrows. Almost like they fix them, because they are way to perfect! Koreans have more messy eyebrows haha. And the hair. Koreans don't really have their hair parted anywhere. Japanese people have their hair parted a bit to the side. Do you see what I mean? Hiro has his hair parted a bit to the left. Lee Joon dosen't have his hair parted anywhere ^^ Bo bae ends with that.

Born: 13 April 1984 (age 28)

  • Gokusen (season 2) (2005)
  • Ame to Yume no Ato ni (2005)
  • Brother Beat (2005)
  • Pink no Idenshi (2005)
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto (2006)
  • Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikat (2007)
  • Watashitachi no Kyokasho (2007)
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (2007)
  • Gutannubo (Gout Temps Nouveau) 2007)
  • Churaumi Kara no Nengajo (2007)
  • Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) (2008)
  • Room of King as (2008)
  • Mei-chan no Shitsuji (2009)
  • Mr. Brain (2009)
  • Tokyo Dogs (2009)


  • Hatsukare (2006)
  • Lovely Complex (2006)
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love (2006)
  • Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikata (2007)
  • 100 Scene no Koi (2007)
  • GS Wonderland (2008)
  • Drop (March 2009)
  • BECK (2010)
I wanted to write "I've almost seen all of his dramas and movies" but I was wrong... (I've only seen those who are marked with a fat black thing) However I want to see Lovely Compley and Absolute boyfriend, have to find some time...
Otherwise he's an awesome actor! I love his character in Hana Kimi (the drama itself was amazing!) and he made a good job in Mei-chan no shitsuji but it was quiet lame XD The story is actually lame but you can't stop watching it, and it made me fangirl a bit in the end *trololol*
However Kanojo to no Tadashii Asobikat was a big fat joke. I sat there for 2 hours looking like a retard. It sucked so badly, one of the worst and dorkiest movie I've ever seen -_- Okay gonna stop complaing in this post.

But you should definitaly watch Hana Kimi it's a classic and it warms your heart. I want to live a high school life like that TT___TT *forever sobing that my life isn't like a drama*

This month's actor (part 2)

I should actually write actress* but I'm to lazy...
I couldn't really do This month's actor yesterday because my internet was f****d up... but here it is ^^


                                                                                 Mike He
                                                                           Taiwanese actor

I'm like He... Mike He... hehehehe *bad humour XD*

Born: December 29, 1989 (28 years old)
A late december kid... welcome to the club!

Tv Series

* Love Keeps Going
* Sunny Happiness
* Infernal Love
* Calling For Love
* Bull Fighting
* Yukan Club
* Why Why Love
* Marry Me!
* Express Boy
* Devil Beside You
* I Love My Wife
* Love Contract
* Say Yes Enterprise: The Graduate
* Seventh Grade


  • Love At Seventh Sight -
  • You Deserve to Be Single
  • Future X-Cops
  • Bad Girls
  • The Golden Couple

Well shabam that was a lot of... series/movies. Truth to be told I haven't really seen a whole drama with him in it. I've seen some episodes (together with my omma) But his acting wasn't bad at all. It could look fake sometimes but it was "emotional". The drama Devil beside you is based on a Taiwanese manga if I ain't wrong. I wanted to read it but the story seemed to be so bad xd
And his character in the drama Why Why Love Gosh! I HATE those kind of character. *when he was sick* <-- if you've seen it then you know. He's like: "Oh I love you babe" then "I HATE YOU! YOU KNOW WHY?! BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU! SO I'M PRETENDING THAT I HATE YOU SO YOU'LL LEAVE ME THEN HAVE A HAPPY LIFE WITHOUT ME! *sobs*" and then "Oh I love you babe don't leave me"
Boo you whore stop whining -.-


This month's actor (part 1)

As I said one week ago (?) I was going to do a "this month's actor" were I would chose an actor (girl or guy) as the best actor/actress and now I'm not only counting Korea in this, but the whole Asia ^_^ *hohoh proud somehow* . . . -_-
So I've been thinking a lot on this and my choice as the first person evaah beeing this month's actor is my favourite actor in general.


                                                                              Kim Jae Wook
Korean actor


April 2, 1983 (28 years old)

  • Antique Bakery (2008)´

Tv Series

  • Mary Stayed Out All Night (2010)
  • Bad Guy (TV series) (2010)
  • The Kingdom of The Winds (2008)
  • The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)
  • Dal Ja's Spring (2007)
  • Ruler of Your Own World (2002)

I have't really seen all those series (=__=) BUT! I've seen Antique Bakery, Mary Stayed Out all night and a small part of Coffee prince. I've gotta say that the role change from Mary Stayed out all night and Anique bakery was something.. special >_> Going from a cold director to hard core gay that was *applauses*

It's quiet hard to explain but I really, really, really like him. His way of acting is special he lives up to his character and I really like that :3

So I recomend those dramas for you guys (•ω•)
Ta-da~ That's all I had to say

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