U-Kiss - Distance [Short ver. PV]

Amagod panic! So many things at the same time!! XD Juniel released a MV for Bad Man, Sunggyu released his album yesterday, B.E.G is releasing different teasers for their concert and I'm like: @____@
Back to U-Kiss*
Short ver?! Is it supposed to be longer?! XD Allkpop wrote that this is supposed to be an early christmas present for all their fans but to be honest I didn't really get those christmas vibes from the song except for the MV and the bad white light to make it loo exclusive *nagging biatch* XD But it was a nice ballad song I suppose? Nothing that really caught my attention.
But their Japanese album will be released December 12th so we have to wait a bit more. And I'm sorry for the bad update I've been a bit off today and BO came home from a field trip or something after 2 days ;w; So I've been bombing you guys with gifs instead ;D

U-kiss - Dance Practice [Intro + Stop Girl]

This was actually uploaded a few days ago.. (like a month ago ^^)

But dang.. first of all, Kevin looks kind of hot here (1:18 - 1:27). I didn't really realize that U-KISS could dance until now?! Sure, I've seen their MVs but because I didn't pay as much attention to their dancing back in the days.. I guess I just never really thought about it? O__o But Dongho.. he isn't getting so much screen-time or song-time T_T. And what happened with that hospital thing?! Is he ok??????????? Well.. I hope he gets well soon.

So to put this in few words, U-KISS can dance!! WELL!! I mean just look, they're in sync!!!! xD And they all actually look hot in this dance practice. And remember how I didn't like the song "Stop Girl" so much? Well it's growing on me ^^

U-KISS’ Dongho sent to emergency room due to lung issues

Agency NH Media stated, “On the way to a scheduled event, Dongho experienced pains and was taken to the emergency room. After tests, they found that he’s suffering from pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest that leads to chest pain, usually sharp, when you take a breath or cough). Now, we’re evaluating whether he needs surgery.”

“Dongho is currently acting as the spokesperson for [the movie 'Don't Cry Mommy'] and is promoting U-KISS’ 7th album ['Stop Girl']. Excluding Dongho, the rest of U-KISS is going on with their scheduled plans. Although the planned schedule is important, Dongho’s health is the most important. We’ll be watching his progress after he receives treatment at the hospital and we figure out whether or not he needs surgery.”

- Allkpop
                 image   image
You know allkpop always tend to write titles that will make you shit yourself and this wasn't an exception. Started to freak out a bit but searched for it and guys... we can relax (for now). It's not a deathly injury and he wont die. As long as he gets a good treatment in time everything will be all right~

U-KISS - Stop Girl [Black & White MV]

The first time I ever feel soso about a U-KISS song..
I liked everything except for that "Stop in the name of love" part. I mean.. I'm a very cheesy person.. but that was just too much! Hahaha it sounds so cheesy!! Don't get why i feel like this.. I just do ^^

But I liked the dance and all hehe. And OMG.. that weave everybody has now. The one that Dongho has, Ren has and GD had.. and Dara of 2NE1 kind of has ^^ It's not.. that pretty. It's probably very styslish (I don't know), but it's not the prettiest hairstyle out there xD

So what do you think about the song/MV?

U-KISS - Stop Girl [MV Teaser]

Hahahaha omg.. what to say. I loved it until 0:21 "Stop in the name of love". NDALSFNALLASDG it's sooooooo bmfaölfnsklgsng (and not in a fangirl way.) WAEEEEE?!

Please don't let this be a cheesy song, PLEASE! I've honestly liked every single song U-KISS has ever made. So please don't disappoint me now guys T_T

Hahaha and did you guys notice at the end that they spelled "Coming Soon" as "Comming Soon" xD And Dongho at 0:17 looked like NU'ESTs Ren ^^
But I thought that they wouldn't release any more music without AJ? O__é Because I didn't see him in the teaser???? Well well.. The entire 7th mini album will be released on September 20th!

U-Kiss solo image teasers

Wait... didn't they say that they would have a "break" while AJ is in the US? Or was it me who totally misunderstood the whole thing? XD
Oh well, apparently U-Kiss is going to release a 7th mini album called "Stop Girl"           
                 Posted Image
                 Posted Image
                 Posted Image
                 Posted Image
What's up with the side-cut and having a long hair extension on the side? o__o It's one of those "I don't know if he actually look really good or really bad" moments >___>
But this looks promising, somehow. They haven't released a teaser or anything but everything U-KISS does is awesome! (y) However Doradora wasn't their best album... *abrupt ending*


Are you freaking kidding me?! I made a big fat post but everything got deleted O____________O fu... or not you but fu the blog XD
I've totally forgotten the whole anniversary part and there are 2 groups I haven't made an anniversary post yet so those will come later.
A lot of people say that U-KISS debuted 28th August while others (me) thinks that they debuted today.
This is what Wikipedia wrote:
The group debuted in South Korea on August 28, 2008 with a release of their first mini album, New Generation, (N-Generation)’’ on September 3
So... is it 28th August or 3rd September? O___O Oh well HAPPY 4th YEARS ANNIVERSARY U-KISSSSSSSS!!!!! :D
Ps. Be ready soon... a lot of anniversary posts will show up XD

U-KISS - Cinderella [Audio]

Apperently this song is like.. random. Because they never said that they would release a song, and it won't feature in any of their upcoming albums. And if that is the case then I absolutley love U-KISS for releasing a song just for their fans. Plus that the song is very good!!! xD I really really like it!!! Honestly.. I don't think there is a single U-KISS song out there I don't like. This group is just perfect in every way. Don't understand why they're not my ultimate favorite KPOP-group out there..

AJ is in New York now~

This was one of the top news a few weeks ago. AJ (U-Kiss) revealed that he would go to Colombia University in New York to study for 5 monthe I believe? And during this time U-kiss won't release any albums without him. Was it only me who found it really sweet? ;w;

I'm starting to het this OMG feeling... Just imagine meeting AJ at your "own" university O__O
Like "Oh hello... I'm going in the same university as AJ does" XD

But good luck now!! I hop that 5 months will pas by really fast now!

U-Kiss - Only you [Audio teaser]

I was waiting for BO to upload this but ehh... a bit late but what the heck~ :D
U-Kiss are releasing their 4th Japanese single and it will be released September 5th o_o
The song was actually okay, hard to judge it when you've only heard 40 seconds of it but it didn't really give me that WOW feeling like some songs can do (for an audio teaser).
Found some of their jacket photos
Hoon and Dongho are getting more and more pretty OuO


U-KISS - Believe [MV]

LOOOOOVE this song!! And the MV isn't to bad either! It kind of reminded me of their MV "0330" in the beginning because they just stood there ^^

And that the dance moves sometimes are a bit messy, I don't know if it's supposed to be like that, but I like it ^^ And Dongho is growing up!!!! GRRRRR xD
They all actually look very good in this MV 8D

U-KISS - Dora Dora [6th Mini Album]


DoraDora [Title track]

4U (The song that Jay Park composed)

Tick Tock [Korean Version]


When Love Stops

*forever sobing* this was AMAZING!! <-- see what I did there XD Bad jokes everywhere... But U-Kiss' 6th Album is a huge succes without a doubt! :D Some songs was a bit better than other but it's the same with every album out there. However everyone seem to be stuck on Dora Dora but I'm stuck on Amazing. It's somehow better than Dora Dora. Don't get me wrong Dora Dora is catchy as hell but Amazing had that epic beat in the beginning that made me fall in love directly! ^_^

And the last song "When Love Stops" uhuhuh my whole body quivered it was so gooooooooooooood~ TT^TT All their voices blend so freaking well!!! And Kevin... no matter where you are, I'll always be able to know when you sing >:3 *stalker*
But that korean version of Tick Tock what did you think about it? I want to say that I really like it but I have to admit that I'm stuck on the Japanese one. It feels weird to listen to the Korean version all of a sudden. The Japanese version had more "tension" in it, especially Kiseop's part when he sang "Boku ra ni wa" with a BAM voice but it sounded so... soft in the Korean one XD

Lots of words... but to wrap the whole thing up, IT'S AN AWESOME ALBUM! I hope that U-Kiss will come high on the charts with their 6th mini album!



And I don't think that anyone has missed what Eli has done... he tweeted a.k.a made comercial for their new mini album to Barack Obama trololol XD Hahahahaha totally cracked me up! ;'D


THE MV IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

0:16 - DONGHO

0:23 - ELI

0:28 - KEVIN

0:48 - HOON

1:27 - KISEOP

1:52 - AJ

2:21 - SOOHYUN

There's something wrong with my internet and I can't watch the entire MV :c
But I'll make sure to see it when I come back home! ;D

U-Kiss pre-debut pictures













Kiseop, still looking like he did when he was young~

U-KISS - DoraDora (MV Teaser)

"Doradora doora, doradora doora~" GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IT'S SO COOL!!!! It has that "Inception" touch in it xD

U-KISS - Amazing (audio)

I can totally see this as my new workout song xD Hahaha, the beginning reminded me of that classical techno song "Satisfaction":

ahahah remember this song? ^^ The beginning of the songs are very similar.

So they released the song today? What happened to April 25th? Maybe the MV will come out then ;)
But yeah, this song was AMAZING (C what I did there? xD)

And apparently AJ helped producing this song. Not bad AJ, not bad at all!!

U-KISS releases teaser image for new upcoming album "DORADORA"

Going with our concept of ‘sexy and masculine’, the choreography to our new song “DORADORA” includes a lot of sexy wave dance moves,”

Mehehehehehhehe 8D
Their mini-album "DORADORA" will be released on April 25th, so stay tuned guys! I sure will, if you know what I mean ;).. What I mean is that I'll stay tuned, because I wan't to see those sexy waves. Yeah.. haha for you who didn't get it ^^

That forbidden love...

Such an uncreative title =_=

This is a song from U-kiss I haven't seen/heard before O_O I thought it would be 1-2 years old but it was out the 14th February, Valentines day~ ^__^
I should seriously check out all their albums inclusive the Japanese one, some parts reminds me of "Tick, Tack" pretty similiar actually...

But I can't deny the fact that Kiseop was really pretty here o____o and he had a lot of parts :O

Soohyun (U-KISS) - Snowman

Soohyun from U-KISS (the leader) just recently released his solo ballad "Snowman".

This. was. just. soooooooooooooo beautiful!! Don't know why but it kind of made me think of a mix between Bi Rain's "love Song" (especially between 2:54 and 3:02) and Yoari's "Excuse Me". Because that's exactly what it sounds like! xD

U-KISS Japanese album

DUUUUUUDE! How come I never knew the fact that they've already released two new Japanese songs AND MV!!?

U-KISS - Forbidden Love

Haha yet, there has not been one singel song from U-KISS I didn't like! I really liked this song xD Now let's hear the other one O__o

U-KISS - A Shared Dream

The water scenes.. SOOO MBLAQ STYLE! xD
The song.. come on! The first song I'm not crazy about :c It's not bad, but it's not my type of music.
I don't know if there's any other songs that they've released, but I don't think so O_o ukissmedia (their Youtube account) haven't uploaded anything else, so.. yeah ^^

I also read that these songs are doing pretty well! 
With the release of their first official album ‘A Shared Dream’, the boys ranked #6 on the Daily Album Chart, and their single “Forbidden Love” ranked #9 on the Daily Single Chart. As of the today, the boys have gone up in rank as their album and single have ranked #2 and #6, respectively!

I personally liked Forbidden Love more, but I guess it's good that other people like the song I didn't (so U-KISS won't be to sad that I don't like it. Yeah.. U-KISS do care what I think ^^)

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