Idols on helium~

I belive that if you're kpop fan you should've at least seen a youtube clip on a specific group where they inhale helium. Personally I love those clips, guys it's helium, helium = you become high with your laugh ;D
In this we have SHINee, DBSK, MBLAQ, SNSD, Teen Top and ZE:A
There are probably more out there but these are the ones I could find ;D 

Youtubers React to KPOP

HAHAHAHHAHA OMG, I think I freakin' snapped when they played Lucifer by SHINee (because it's like one of the songs that introduced me to KPOP ^^)

Favorite moments:
0:52 - hahahahahahahahha, it's like ridiculous. But I like it O_O.
1:06 - They look like characters from every 'final fantasy' game I've ever played.
2:31 - I got a boy on my shin~
2:59 - (Ryan's smile)
3:07 - especially the lady in the center. (Taemin NOOOOOOOO xD)
3:28 - Dreamy guys...! (HELL YEAH BUDDY! We got another one to join the darkside ^^)
3:40 - Yeah.. yeah, I can definitely fap to this (O__O)

Omg, the girls reactions though! Hahahahah "fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap". HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
I absolutley adore these videos ^^

B.A.P - Warrior [Misheard]

Hahahaha guys, this is amazing. I love these misheard things, even though I never ever ever ever heard them sing that to begin with.

See what I mean? I never heard them sing those things, but while looking at this video and reading the lyrics... ahhahahahaha omg x'D It actually sounded like they were singing it!

Favorite lines:
- Water is back (0:04)
- No. Girl, show your caaaandyyyyy~ (1:13)
- My ship can butter ten girls!! (2:01)
- Yeah punch your mother. Sue the other guy... (2:06)

Gosh, I love B.A.P ^^ <33

Rewind YouTube Style 2012

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This was awesome! ;D I can't believe that 2012 is ending soon o__o And I regret nothing with all these fangirl moments ^__^

Did anyone else notice the zebra who shuffled at 1:27 XD


SHINee & EXO - Lucifer & Sherlock [Dance Practice]

There is too much going on!! In the beginning, the guy in the red hood.. poor guy dancing with the wall xD And Taemin in the smiley shirt when he spreads his legs (0:11). Then the guy at 0:38 who still hasn't gone to the wall, when he is at the wall and SHINee comes against him.. hahaha he looks like he's going to get raped! xD

I like this.. too bad it wasn't longer ^^

Head to Toe

I know I've posted this before, but it's so funny to watch!

Hahahaha, and now when I know so many of the songs it's just.. more to it. I guess it's a KPOP thing xD



SNSD male edition...

So many comebacks latel and I'm writing a post about them XD But this is so freaking epic hahahahahaha! They nailed this so perfectly ;w;
The genie ver.
The outfit and those "sexy" moves are just,... (y)

Kev Jumba vs. Jay Park

Streaming around youtube (as usual) I came across this interesting video.

Hahaha, how come I didn't see this before??? O__o It's actually kind of funny xD And here.. here we have my ideal Jay Park-personality. He's a little gangster, but not too much.. just perfect mehehehehehehe ^^

Jay Park has starred in so many other Youtube videos it's crzy! Need to look for all the other clips haha. Maybe he could join in on one of M2STASCH's videos xD

(Bottom to top)

But.. didn't he meet G.NA?!?!?!?! Hahahhaha damn, another mistake dude! xD

Hehe.. humble Jay ω

Phantom - The Boys [COVER]

Found this video a while ago when I was drugging Phantom. Haha oh my..

Not only does it sound good.. they freakin' look good!! Hahahhaa xD The guy in the middle.. where is he looking half of the time?! ^^ And when he groves to the guy on the left singing at 0:31 - 0:38. And that he's always fixing his suspenders xD No one should wear those.. but he looks hot in them O__o

So the guy in the middle is Sanchez
The guy to the left is Hanhae
And the guy to the right is KIGGEN

From left:
KIGGEN, Sanchez & Hanhae

Hanhae is freakin' handsome O__o

Makeup [Hyuna Style]

I always tend to look at makeup tutorials on Hyuna's makeup. So I thought I might share some videos with you guys I thought actually looked like the makeup she was/is wearing!

Hyuna's look from the "Gangnam Style" MV:

Trouble Maker Inspired Look:


As you guys may know, starting today until monday (1st of October) it's thanksgiving day in korea which means that all of our stars will hopefully spend their time with their families and relatives. Here you have some of our belovd idols wishing us a "Happy Chuseok Day" ^^


Hahahahha, the guy in the middle didn't say anything! Maybe that's why they gave him that place.. you know.. it kind of evens out. He didn't say anything, but you can see him the most xD




Two X

OMG.. their voices are so high pitch O__o haha




Gosh.. there are too many of these videos xD And none of them made any sence to me! Haha, they seriously need to start subbing these videos O__o I mean, international fans cover a pretty big part of the fan bases..


24K Funny Dance ("Gangnam Style"-inspired)

The dance routine is set to the tune of 
Koyote‘s old-school hit “Purity” (“Soon Jung“). - Allkpop
But it's them singing, right? Like only the tune is from Koyote? Right..? - Bo Bae

UPDATE: just saw 1:32.. It HAS to be them singing!!! HaHAhaHAhAH jk xD But you should've seen my reaction when I heard the girls voice and the guy popping up. I first thought it was him because I thought that it was 24K singing.. but then after one millionth of one second, I realized that it wasn't 24K ^^

Hahahaha omg the kid at 0:50 to the right xD He's like "Uhm.. I don't really know if that's how you do it O__o"
0:16, the guy in a white shirt.. WTH?!

Hahahahah guys.. I seriously need to fly to Korea.. like now! And just walk around. I promise you I'll find 24K dancing somewhere haha. I really really love the fact that they dance in public areas (as I have mentioned before). Hahaha the kid in the park (0:15 - 0:25 and so many more parts)

24K.. I like your SWAG!!! 



The DJ at the end HAHAHAHA.. sounds like she got an orgasm xD But I totally understand. This is pure eargasm!! ^^

Funny Headline..

Bo Bae has them too O__o


HAHAHAHA, why am I laughing so hard?! x'D

And lastly, FUNNY ENGRISH!!! (non KPOP)

KPOP Orchestra

Omg.. hahahaha, DAEBAK!!! So these are the songs I heard:

1. Lucifer (00:07 - 00:026)
2. Ring Ding Dong (00:26 - 00:38)
3. Bonamana (00:38 - 00:52)
4. Man Man Ha Ni (00:52 - 01:07)
5. ??????? (01:07 - 01:21)
6. Shock (01:21 - 01:38)
7. Haru Haru (01:38 - 01:47)
8. I Hope (01:47 - 02:14)
9. ??????? (02:14 - 02:42)
10. Mystery (02:42 - 02:53)
11. HUH (02:53 - 03:08)
12. Bo Peep Bo Peep (03:08 - 03:21)
13. ?????? (03:21 - 04:20) This might be two songs...
14. Believe (04:20 - 04:51)
15. GEE (04:41 - 06:27)

What the hell was on those "??????"-parts? O__o But still, SHESUS, THIS IS TOO COOL!! xD Need to start my own orchestra now..

Going to watch the VMA now~

I know that it was aired like.. 2 days ago. But me and my friend still hasn't seen it -.-' But it'll air 8:30 PM so need to hurry!! Hahahaha you guys know that Psy was there right?! I haven't watched any clips on youtube or anything because I want to fangirl when I see it on TV hahaha ^^

But here is something I haven't watched from the VMA's.. hope it's good ^^

Ok, not going to ruin anything for me now. Haha have any one of you guys seen it yet?! (the VMAs that is xD)

Umma style!

OMG hahahahaha (Y) :D One of my friends uploaded this and gosh... Can you be my mom? They are a kickass duo!!! XD The son reminded me of my classmate I thought it was him for a while @__@ Well Psy surely is the new it in the Music world, go kpop! *lame* XD

KPOP idols dancing to "Gangnam Style"

M2stasch should do one of these.. hahahahaha xD

Teens react to "Gangnam Style"

NO WAY!! Hahahhaa they made a "Teens react to..." video about Psy's "Gangnam style" xD

"Open condom store" (02:55)
"But does he resemble Justin Bieber at all?!" "YESSSS!!!" (05:15)

hahahahaha these teens, they killed me xD But most of them seemed to like it, YAAAY!!! And we got another kpop-fan boy 8D Haha no but seriously, I loved this reaction video ^^ I mean like B.R.A's classmates saw this video and they LOVED the song ^^ PSY IS GOING VIRAL!! I know that you guys have known this ever since "Gangnam style" came out. But I'm just clarifying it.. he's viral ^3^

Seungri wishing GD a happy birthday!

Hahahhahaha, OMG, when he started to laugh.. i couldn't help but to laugh as well ^^ I couldn't understand a single word he said (except for like "hamnida") but stil enjoyed this video xD SO CUTE!!

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