Macro time =3= [#111]


Idiots... idiots everywhere XD

Their faces though..
D.O, Xiumin and Tao (MIA)

oh hey zelo!hyung, hi!

Macro time =3= [#110]

Is that Mir or Lee Joon? Either way I ain't surprised that he fell down XD
macro credit to: commencetofangirling

Macro time =3= [#109]

Dry humor by shufflebunnie
*bad humor*

if you ever feel like you’re dumb just remember that tao had a mouthful of water in his mouth and forgot to swallow and tried to talk to luhan and choked.


- Really man... really?



Created by SlaveOfLunacy







late.. Macro time =3= [#109]

submitted by: choisiwantsit
X''D Dat face
submitted by: choisiwantsit
Oh okay .___. I will bring a bouquet of grass if I ever meet you... (never)

Macro time =3= [#108]

(via fuckyeahkpopmacros)
(via fuckyeahkpopmacros)
Ermahgerd have to see this episode!! XD

Macro time =3= [#107]

Story of my life, but change the English to Korean.

Macro time =3= [#106]

Oh dear god, that's equal to... 740$ O___________O

Funny tweets from kpop idols

I was out hunting (note: visited different websites) and decided to collect funny tweets written by kpop idols ;D

Omg hahahahahahahaha 
Trans:  I washed my car for the first time in 100 years… And now it’s raining…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Trans: BEAST, these guys; they must be having a hard time choosing… After filming ended, I checked my phone and I had 18 messages. Saying “What movie should we watch?"…. And in the end, before I even had a chance to tell them my opinion, they said we’re going to watch “Kungfu Panda" as soon as I walked into the dorm………… Nice..*^^*

I love that movie ;w;
Imagine that you open the door and see 6 "grown" men sit there watching kungfu panda XD
Give the guy some resbull! His fingers hurts!
Oh right! Wasn't she a porno star?

Macro time =3= [#105]

Lol XD

story of our lives
Sad but true...
Someone has to be the sacrificial lamb

jonghyun you did well
based on this picture

Macro time =3= [#104]

Omg Mir... What have G.O done to you?! 
I know he loves Key, a lot...

Next time I see a bug "Oh hello you must be Cl's buddy, say hi from me I'm a big fan"

Macro time =3= [#103]

Hey you have to take every opportunity in life ;D 

Made By: K-Flowerz Visit More @ Credit To : HALO, K-Flowerz Taken @ here
HAHAHAHA At least lie XD

K problems...

#177. S-Line, X-Line, A-Line and you have none of them, submitted by kimbapx
#176. Deciding which cover you want, submitted by what-is-love-shawols
Oh god, I wanted to buy his solo album so badly but I couldn't.... because I couldn't chose one cover XD
#174. Knowing some members can never come back, submitted by luvforkpop
#173. Needing subtitles to understand your bias, submitted by grrriloveyou
169. The better guy never gets the girl in Kdramas, submitted by lostabove 
#170. Realizing "this is not the reality you wanted", submitted by krismaticlove
#161. Being too young for your bias, submitted by what-is-love-shawols
#163. Not matching your bias' ideal type
#162. No sleep because of drama marathons, submitted by amdixiegirl2009
#158. When someone says a member isn't talented, submitted by myungwolf 
Love these k-problems ;D Well I'm not loving the problems but the fact that they're so true .____. 

Click here for more~

Macro time =3= [#102]

Am I weird if I haven't listened to the song yet o___o

Joon trying to give the pen back to his fan, but got ignored

"Sit still and no one will notice..." XD


Ehm. wow. 





Macro time =3= [#101]

Dat dress...

"Normal" ppl Vs. Kpop fans

The pronunciations of these two are different. But how they are written (in English) looks the same. 
Lol  XD
Le Source~ 

Macro time =3= [#100]

It's funny because no one really need to explain this picture. It's Dongwoo
Ohh I remember this scene XD

Macro time =3= [#99]





Macro time =3= [#98]

I prefer the third one...
It was worth a shot...

Macro time =3= [#97]


Macro time =3= [#96]

kekekekeke XD
That looks wrong in so many ways... 
The heck hahahahahahaha why is he fixing his hair?!

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