Brown Eyed Girls - Solo comeback Jea & Ga-In

I'm sorry but I hate Jea's dress XD And Ga-In's hat?!

Okay back to the point. It has now been announced that Ga-In will make a solo comeback with her 2nd album around August. While leader Jea will release her solo album towards the end of September to early October. And that was all the info I got.
Both Jea and Ga-In are my biases in B.E.G and I LOVE Jea's voice *O* It's so pretty that I'm going all kdgjnaskdgnaskjdg~
So our women aren't that old yet, or they're old but they still have their spark left ^_~

B.E.G - One Summer Night [MV]

How come I didn't see the clip on youtube?! ;w;
Oh well THIS is the reason why I love B.E.G. I got so carried away when I saw the MV. It's not the typical "everyone-are-dancing-their-asses-off" in a room MV it's one of those rare ones were the sMV actually have a story. But it was a shame that Ga-In and Miryo wasn't in it as well.
Their voices are amazing! They totally pulled it off even if it was a ballad song! (I expected a pop song... oh right the pop/dubstep song is "The Original", my bad...)

Btw did you notice how the story began? XD The chick just randomly bike-lifted with a pretty guy and it ended up them beeing together... damn I should totally do that when I go to Korea. Sit on a random persons' bike who can can be anything but sane ;D
HAHAHAHAHA AND BO!!! DID YOU SEE THE SCENE AT 3:24?! HAHAHAHAHA!!! A few days ago when me and BO went out (to buy some stuff) we started to talk about the whole "holding hand process" and demonstrated it out of the blue. We looked like 2 people (from the same gender) beeing in love XD Don't want to say the H or the G, some of you may...get "offended" :3
But I liked it a lot inclusive the story, and the twist in the end that Narsha saw everything from Jea's perspective. GREAT JOB GURLS~

B.E.G comeback photo - Gain

And the last teaser picture is out and it's only 1 day left till the MV/album will be out >:3
Once again Gain looks... to put it simply hot and I have really high expectations toward their MV. So I'm rooting for you guys!! woop woop~

B.E.G comeback photo - Miryo

Damn gurl has been workin' out lately!~ *snap*
I'm sorry but this must be the first time I find Miryo REALLY... hot/stunning! She never caught my eye in Abracadabra, Sixth scent nor in Sign. (Or yes she has but her makeovers weren't that... pretty) But now... WOW! :3
Only 2 days left! And the last one GaIn should come soon >:3

B.E.G comeback photo - Jea

                                                 Posted Image
The quality for the photo seem pretty... poor O__o
Oh well let's focus on her instead of the quality *talking with myself*  wahh she's so pretty @u@ She must be one of the members I really like, her voice is like... Idon'tknowwhat! It's amazing! :D

Only Miryo and GaIn's left~
And only 3 days left until their album will be released!

B.E.G - The Original [Teaser]

Ehh... hello random chick dancing with headphones~
Wonder how the MV will be like :O Because this is mindf*cking me on high level XD and the song didn't seem that bad either ^o^ Only 4 days left!!! :D

Btw I'm feeling much better now so... yeah...

B.E.G comeback photo - Narsha

Omigod Omigod they're going to have their comeback soon!!!
They will release their single "The Original" July 17th, only 5 days left!! I'm REALLY looking forward to the comeback, their songs and MV's are amazing! They always have that awesome story behind it ^o^

Ga In* Childhood pictures~

I wrote this a long time ago but I'll make these "childhood posts" on our dear idols~ ^^ *lame XD*
The fail was that I made a complete post on 2NE1s childhood but realised that I already made one a long time ago -_- Gosh my brain sometime...

Well this time it's 2PM turn!
DAMMIT! I've also done a similiar on 2PM >_____> Oh dear lord just kill me already ;__;
Fine! SISTAR!!! -.-
Oh seriously fuq this shit O__O Couldn't find any on SISTAR...
*sight~* Let's go all in on B.E.G @___@

OMG Am I surprised? No I only found pictures on the maknae Ga In .____.

Well now I'm... mad o__o


Shesus!! HAHAHAHA!!! The fudge?!?!! The beginning literally gave me a heart attack, I almost died! O___O
And the even more funniest thing is this comment

So I wasn't the only one XD
Well the song! The two girls I like in Brown Eyed Girls are Jea (Leader) and Ga-In (maknae). Her voice is like a ADSGJLBSDGLBJ thing that you can't describe! I literally shudder everytime I hear her voice in sixth sense! *melting* 

I seriously hate this...

... why can't I discover a MV in time?! Checked LEONENT youtube chanell and found this

Ohh so sad... Even Miryo's rap is sad TT___TT I love Brown Eyed Girls mening behind every MV, most of them has a really deep meaning ^^

Btw, there's one thing I wonder why the heck does Leon ent. upload other companies (groups) MV?! B.E.G doesn't belong to them, MYNAME doesn't belong to them and neither does Boyfriend O_o


Why me not notice?!

RAAAAAGGEEE!!! The teaser came (hihi *perv*) out yesterday
Waiting patiently >3<

I was like, and he was like and the girl was like ohh nooo!!

A random headline -_-

Me are soon done with mah work for this week!!! NEXT WEEK WILL BE WORSE!!!!! hahahahahah XD False alarm, I don't really think that I'll do any "oh-so-wonderful" posts these 2 weeks. But there's only next week left then my POOFume comercial will come out hohohoho! (POOFUME!)
And there'll be a video with M2STASCH AAAAANNNDDD MANAGER LEE!!! <3
AND AND!! There'll be a korean marathon with Bo!

I'm really cheering for Brown Eyed Girls now during their comeback. They won #1 place on M! Countdown and Inkigayo! 
AM LIKE WEEHOOO!!!! GO B.E.G!! <-- To lazy to write down the whole name... T___T

*Goosebumps* x324942358034

I never get tired of this song. The charisma queen Ga In. And JeA is so freaking beautiful! Seriously I never noticed that before, and I didn't know that she was the leader.. I thought it was Miryo XD

Two things I thought of

#1. Miryo doesn't really have so many perts actually, and the only one(s) getting all the attention is the rest of the group.
#2. That bad-ass scream didn't work out so awesome as it did in their MV.

A strong one...

I'm starting to like Brown Eyed Girls more and more. I don't speak korean but to only hear this song is just #"¤#%"!½!!! It's so strong somehow and I truly can tell that there's a mening for it...

so i read this from a comment super early one when this video was released.....they said how this song is supposed to represent how artist these days are constantly being tied down by different forces from making the music they want to make and from being the people they want to be

Miryo is supposed to represent an artist tied down by the media, Ga-in is someone tied down by the rules place on music, JeA someone drowning in fame and Narsha's someone going crazy from fame

This was an answer I found. I seriously LOVE this song, and their voices! Finally a song where they don't mix their voices so much because in every freaking song (including other groups) their voices are ALWAYS mixed/autotuned I get mad as hell >:c
I want to HEAR their REAL voices -.-'

Is it only me?

Seriously this chick, SHE'S HOT!! I can turn like... yeah... ehh... well...


Let's not think about it anymore...

ASDGKNSDBGI!!! Ga In from Brown eyed girls
She's my first bias in a girl group (or any group at all) HAHAHAHA! That's pretty funny... XD
It's like the seventh time I am listening to their Abracadabra song, it's stuck in my head! STUCK I SAY *faint* @_@
I even do the dance when I wash the dishes, you know the butt shake dance (?)
But they seem pretty old. Everyone is around 29, the leader 30 and the youngest (Ga In) is 23 it feels like the group will disband soon... the groups nowdays is like half their age xS

Love it...

LMFAO! Bbi-Ri-Bop-A Bbi-Ri-Bop-A THIS is a catchy song! It totally gave me a Harry Potter feeling xD
I am starting to like brown eyed girls...
but there is something that I wonder... How long does it take to film this? O_o The have like 1234241 different oufits, hair etc.

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