F.Cuz - Dreaming I [MV]

Ha? It's out?! Didn't they say that the whole thing would be delayed because of them (some random people)banning the MV?
For you who didn't know the MV got banned because of the content. Because of Yejun skipping class end Reahyun having dyed hair in school. Yeah this seems to be stupid for some of us but that's their culture after all...
I got surprised at the beginning because this must be the first time Yejun is rapping and he wasn't bad ôuô The song wasn't bad either but "Midnight sun" and "No.1" is better however this song is on my Top 3 F.cuz songs trololo~ It's a sweet song and the story behind it is encouraging as well, it's a nice turn from all these "idols dancing their ass off in a room" ^u^
From left to right: Jinon (leader), Daegun, Kan, Raehyun and Yejun (maknae)

F.Cuz - What is your dream [Teaser]

TT^TT The melody is so pretty <333 Eargasm~
Started to laugh for myself when Yejun watched their own MV in his iPhone XD wat .___.
The song seems to be pretty promising and the whole "change our hair colors to I don't know what" seems to work as well.
Their single will be released August 10th, so only 2 days left ^_^
You're not the only one ~_~

F.Cuz comeback & Album Jacket


F.CUZ has revealed jacket photos for their new song “Dreaming I(child)”.

As a teaser before the release of F.CUZ’ new song “Dreaming I(child)” on the 10th F.CUZ reveals jacket photos showing off an unique hair-concept. 

In the jacket photos released on the 1st F.CUZ has even more extravagant fashion to express the lyrics which is about being full of hope. To give a message of hope to the general public as well as portraying their own resolutions and ambitions they took pictures with both bright and light colors, combining them to form a sense of unity.

F.CUZ has given this style of fashion the name “Hope Fashion” drawing much attention from the public. The main point of this “Hope Fashion” is shown through their 5 hair colors which includes red, lavender and orange. Pulling these colors off is hard but the members of F.CUZ have managed to pull theirs off beautifully.

The song “Dreaming I(child)” is a joint production by Monday Kiz’ leader Lee Jinsung and the composer Melodin Junyoung. While the song is grand it starts off with a calm melody made by string instruments. Later it combines a drum beat which resounds in ones heart with a rough but beautiful piano melody, which is the characteristics of the song. The song was made on the basis of the frank talks (they’ve) had with the members of F.CUZ.

The producer Lee Jinsung said “The members of F.CUZ have always worked hard for their purpose which is wanting to sing. I wanted to make a song that was filled with their openheartedness. The lyrics for the song was written while getting ideas from the members themselves and discussing them together which made it easier for me.”

The song “Dreaming I(child)” is filled with F.CUZ personal experiences and talks about getting hurt and frustrated but also about an ambition to move forward. To make the song even better they had to record it multiple times as they kept changing the melody and lyrics.

F.CUZ plans to start their activities with a performance on M! Countdown on the 9th and the song will be available on online sites starting on August 10th.







O____O It's almost as drastic as Teen Top's Supa Luv period... They looked better in No.1 especially Yejun but I like their long story behind their hair colors and the concept for the new album so I'm pretty fired up for their comeback. Only 9 days left and I hope that Jinon will take it easy with his ankle :/



F.Cuz comeback!~

Hell yeah I'm hyped!!! I loved their NO.1 track and I hope that their comeback will be kickass just like their previous one!
Unfortunatelly Jinon (the leader) has a anke injury so there's a chance that the comeback will be delayed. More info read HERE. They didn't write any specific date or month for their comeback, but I hope it's soon .__.
I hope that they'll make a historical comeback making them more famouse and well known becayse they're so goddamn underrated that I'm getting mad right now (-_-)
Omg the ending hahahahahaha!!! They even dance more awkward than Kwangsoo ;'D <3

F.Cuz - For Century Ultimate Zest [Mini Album]


Answer The Phone


Rise Up

Be Good To Me When We're Together (Click HERE for the Remix)

Wahhhh~ After 1.5 years they're back!!! ^3^
A lot of comebacks lately, and Yejun YOU'RE FINALLY BACK!! *forever sobing* I've been listening to all of their songs right now and they haven't really caught my interest in a "OH MY ASGSDGSDG WAAAAY!!!" Their song was average nothing catchy or something that made me quiver either. But I really liked 2 songs. The first one was Rise up and the second one NO.1 (down). Btw was it only me who started to giggle while reading Janus? XD hehehoho

The MV made me laugh a little XD Except the fact that it sounds like they're saying fuck us on every MV (Because their group name is pronounced Focus hahaha ;D) I really liked those parts where Jinon rapped and when they did that weird dance while holding their arms and ksajdbfsk yeah you know what I mean -_-
Yejun... I have no words. So pretty and your voice <333 I JUST WANNA CUDDLE WITH YOUR LIPS!!!! TT^TT

But the story behind the MV was funny. At first I was like oh dear god that's just kinkey... all the fangirls out there will totally misinterpret this intro... However you got that "oh no" feeling when Yejun was on the chair... all beaten up TT_____________________________________TT and then that chick just, plopped up?! Ò__Ó and saved him so that was chill... then the same thing with the next guy (<-- that's where the funny part started) AND the next guy AND the next guy etc. I was just funny how she saved every member XD And I died over how bad the acting was AND THERE WAS NO BLOOD! :C

The end of the Music Video was a pure mindfuck for me hahahahaha XD It was really cool I was like "Eh..he?" you know the part where their clothes startes to shine ê__ê

Oh well what to do. The song was great and the members >:3 Nothing to complain and I hope that they'll be on the chart with this song because they deserv it! :)

                        Apparently Shindong tweeted about F.Cuz's MV for NO.1 so a lot of E.L.F's arrived XD

F.Cuz are coming back~

Wahhh~ *daze*
The new member ey... his voice is quiet good O_O No seriously I don't know what to say it was amazing. It's good to know that F.Cuz are going to make a comeback or let us say a debut with 2 new members. Rae Hyun is the first one and I got impressed. so bring the second one ^3^

HAHAHAH another member?!

ADSGLSDGNASDG Hahahahaha *dying*

A fifth member now?! I thought it would only be 4 O___o
Hate this... just show us the faces already!! *whine* but I'm looking forward for the new F.Cuz right now, so they can make an über comeback soon!

This was just >__> why do you have to make it blurry, PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!
Taking it to a whole other level... -.- no lifers


Saw this clip on Sandras blog where they introduce the new member! FINALLY!!! BUT I HATE/LOVE IT XDD
They're smart, only filming some parts, leaving the rest to be a mystery. Then a lot of people will wait like horny cows wondering what the new member looks like... a.k.a me... -__-'
But I really like it ^^ COME ON GUYS I'M WAITING FOR YAHH!!!~

Guess that there's no more room for B.R.A TT^TT

Two version, and one suck! ;D

And this is how you ruin a catchy song~ XD

No but it was pretty painful to listen to the chinese (mandarin) version and that chick just randomly popped up, the heck... ê____ê
Harsh words but it's... the truth.. (for me)


One of tha latest work from F.Cuz. Dunno why but their song(s) seem to be about average. It isn't something I get that hooked on (compared to Midnight Sun) It remined me of Wanna be your love... seriously that must be wven cuter than bofriend's boyfriend, yuck...
Can't handle too much cuteness TT^TT Well I'm still waiting for the new member!!!!!!
And shouldn't this be in Japanese? Y it sound like korean? Owo

They're alive

Yesterday I saw that F.CUZ released their PV (finally) wanted to post it dorectly but decided to do it.. now.. <-- useless fact -__-'


I can't really say I'm speechless in a good way. I don't know I probably had really high hopes and in the end
I  got a little disappointed. It wasn't bad nor good, but it lean more at the bad way.
It feels wierd that they're only 3 people but Jinon (the rapper) he surely can dance even if Yejun was in the center my eyes got hooked on that little fellah! *meheheheh* >:3

Soooo I don't really have that much to say about this, it was average I wanted to hear the power in their voice a bit more. Midnight sun was superb compared to this. (Ohmelligod Yejuns voice ^3^) Well sorry for all of you F.CUZ fans but I'm waiting for the new member and I want to see them make a good comeback! GOOO!!~ (No I'm not gonna say FIGHTING F.CUZ!!~)

Freak all over again! Mohahahah

Finally! Some news are popping up from these guys. They've been in Japan for almost 3 months, or more. And this is what I get -.-

Fan girling in the middle of the night (y). In their old MV Kan looked... wierd... Especially in Jiggy gosh he looked so freaky but now with his white hair = T.O.P #2 TT_____TT ANNNDD YEEEJUUUN!!! Y U SO CUTE IN THAT BLONDE HAIR?!?!
Huh LeeU isn't in it, so it means that he left the group now... well well they're looking for a new member after all *curious*

Mehehehehehh - To be continued

F.Cuz finally adding a new member!!

Well I don't really know if you've heard about the group F.Cuz.
They "debuted" around 2010 and I don't really think that many people have heard of them...
Here you go!

Midnight Sun, my favourite n__n

No one


Two pretty catchy-ass songs (Have you noticed that I always have to end some bad-ass words with ass?! XD)

The lead singer LeeU droped out from the group and wanted to go all in for a solo career. And now after 21435235 years they've made up their minds and brought a new member to reform the group.
They're now in Japan and promoting new singles etc. They have been there for 3 months?!?!

Well I hope that they can reform the group in a good way and finally be one of the top groups! I like them ^^

Mehehehe liked these pictures ... *drool* on Yejun

Oh My God! :O
Look at that...

Did I upload this?


Well at least now I have...
And Bo sucks -.- He deleted F.Cuz's category so now I don't know were to put thits post -.- well well. If you are a F.Cuz fan then you should know who kan is. He's one of the rappers ^^

I don't know if he looks better in blonde or brown hair. There's some pictures where he looks really ugly in blonde hair but in this one he looks pretty alright *giggle* hihihihih <-- -.-'
But in some pictures he looks REALLY ugly with brown hair and in some of them, okay. So it's a mystery dam dam dam daaaaaam!!

* Interesting... We actually have a F.Cuz category but not on the blog...
Ahh... now we have it -.- ... I suck...

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