Kim Kyu Jong - My Precious One [MV]

Omfg so many Kim and Jong's in SS501 TT^TT
Oh well during Kyu Jong's last fanmeeting he had before enlisting the army he stated that he would release a song & a MV for all his fans before enlisting the army and here it is *3 hours later* XD
Aww ;w;
I totally underestand the meaning "A MV for my fans". For you who didn't know the reason why a random chick didn't plopp up is because: we "are" that random chick. The only thing you'll see is her hand/arm and that is supposed to be our hand/arm.
Personally it's a sweet idea but damn... the fangirls will go more nuts and pervy because of this XD Especially at that coffe scene and the one were he "kissed" the camera. Fortunatetly you'll enlist the army soon so no stalking for you :p
Bet that no one missed the "A song calling for you" dance 2:20.
The song in general was only okay. It's nothing that made me go insane, quiver or love. It was only sweet especially the message and the reason behind it. So it was only averager but I love this mans voice <3

Kim Hyung Jun - Escape [2nd Mini Album]

SS501's Kim Hyungjun is back with a second mini-album titled "Escape" on July 9th after a 16-month hiatus.
Prior to the release of the album, Kim Hyungjun held a comeback showcase on June 29th in front of thousands of fans, giving them the first peak at his title track, "Sorry I'm Sorry."
4minute's Hyuna and BEAST's Hyunseung's "Troublemaker" composer Yun Taeseok takes the job as Kim Hyungjun's album producer.
Kim Hyunjung's mature vocals are highlighted in his title track, "Sorry I'm Sorry," while "Just Let It Go" is an impressive R&B ballad track.
Hahaha mindfuck I thought it was the leader Kim Hyun Joong XD This is my third album today -__- *trying to catch up in the kpop world* so much music OuO
Here's the MV for "Sorry I'm Sorry"
Intro - I'm
Sorry I'm Sorry
Just Let It Go
Got It Wrong ft. JQ
Bad Guy
Oh~ I love Sorry I'm Sorry!!! Truth to be told only 2 songs caught my attention and that was Sorry I'm Sorry and Bad Guy. The other ones was average nothing WOW!
I'M GOING CRAZY GAHH!!!! "Sorry I'm Sorry" reminds me of another song, I'm huming on the melody but I don't know which one it is TT^TT
*jumping to another thing*

Why is everyones comeback so sad? ;w; Young Saeng had cry and now Hyung Jun with Sorry I'm Sorry. The only one Hyun Joong had a more happy one with "I-don't-remember-the-song" bet that Park Jung Min will make a sad comeback as well XD

Kim Hyun Joong - Let's Party

Seriously my mind is exploding soon. This is the typical month just like last year (october-december when everyone debuted) when everyone are making a comeback *sight~* Yeah I'm happy for their sake but it seems like every artist wants to bomb us before the olympics, it's gonna be a war during Music Banks! I wanna be in Korea right now T____T
Okay Kim Hyun Joong released the MV for his second Japanese album "HEAT" consisting 2 songs "Let's Party" and "HEAT". This MV isn't uploaded on their official channel yet so I'll give you a link later.
It was okay? Dunno I didn't concentrate that much anymore. I've become more picky towards the songs now because of all the comebacks/debuts. But this didn't caugh my attention. However it must have been awkward to film that first scene in the parking lot XD

Kim Kyu Jong’s enlistment date

People the date it set ;w;
SS501's Kim Kyu Jong will enlist the army June 23rd but before his enlistment he'll release a "thank you" track to his fans. Damn... I'm sad right now ;___; Only 2 years folks... only 2 years . . .

SS501 Reunited!!!!!!!

I saw that a lot of people started to fangirl on facebook and I sat there like a cow with my books unable to fangirl with them ;w; Oh dear lord after 2 years.... after 2 years these wonderful boys !#"%#Y&!#%  TToTT


With the members of SS501 busy with their own individual activities, the public has been unable to see the group together since 2010.

However, Triple S fans in Seoul were able to see the five members all together this weekend, when Hyun Joong, Young Saeng, Jung Min and Hyung Jun made special plans to attend Kyu Jong‘s final fanmeet before his army enlistment.

According to reports, Hyun Joong flew in after hosting his own fanmeet in China, and Jung Min looked on from the audience for unannounced reasons.

While Kyu Jong’s enlistment means that SS501 cannot be fully active as five until 2014, many Triple S fans have been posting their excitement about finally seeing the group together for the first time in two years. The five-man fanmeet energized Triple S fans around the world, with Hyun Joong reassuring, ”SS501 will never disband, so please wait for us!”

Although official photos have yet to be released, online fan communities and social media websites have exploded with messages, with the hashtag #SS501Reunited reportedly trending in Indonesia, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia for some time. Fanmeet attendees have also begun to post photos of the five men together at the event on the internet, sharing the experience with eager Triple S fans worldwide.

In related news, Young Saeng just made his solo comeback on ‘Inkigayo‘ last night with his latest song, “Crying“, and Hyun Joong recently topped Oricon’s DVD chart as the second international solo artist since Michael Jackson


This is some historical shit! XD Waaahh!!! They've reunited after 2 years, that's pretty long O____O Those golden words ”SS501 will never disband, so please wait for us!” hoho that just melted my heart away ;w; But I believe that it'll surely be something HUGE the day they finally make a comeback... just wait till 2014...

Heo Young Saeng - Crying [MV]

Gahhh EVERYTHING Is just splash! Korea Y U Release everything 2 am at your country -_- Everyone are releasing their MV right now. Saw that Juniel also released her ft Yong Hwa...


Okay I should shut up about other groups, now it's Young Saeng's time to shine. Well I can clearly say that he still has the IT. His voice sounds wonderful as always but it somehow doesn't look like him O_O Something is changed... with his face xd
This is one of those typical dancing MV but what I'm surprised/happy over is that there isn't a chick walking here and there in the MV waiting for Young Saeng to chase her. It's just him dancing... with other guys XD

Oh! And I just LOVED that piano sound in the beginning, it was so beautiful TT^TT Well I'm gonna listen to the whole album right and maybe write something about it tomorrow ;-)

Good Job my dear~♥ ^3^

Kim Hyung Jun - I love you [OST]


After Young Saeng lovely Hyung Jun plopped up with the OST "I love you".
I'm pretty hopeless... I saw that they released this song 2 days ago and I clicked on the link to listen (a few minutes after it was released) but... I slept -__- with the computer and the youtube page on the screen. I woke up 5 am and closed down everything and went to sleep. And after 245093245 years I finally sat and listened to the whole song yesterday and it was amazing!!! O3O

His voice is pretty underrated but he's just amazing! Both singing and rapping. Good job big maknae ;-)

Heo Young Saeng - Crying [Teaser]


Omfg hahaha XD
Me: Heo Young Saeng... Heo Young Saeng... Young Saeng... YOUNG Saeng... YOUNG SAENG!!!!!! O_O

My mind went all blank because of the Heo BUT IT'S YOUNG SAENG FROM SS501!!!!! Y we won't hear anything from you guys TT^TT But he'll release his 2nd mini album 22th May 5 days left!
wonder when SS501 will "gather" as a whole group again and make a comeback... it'll probably be legendary! But they're quiet underrated so it won't be something big like Big Bang.



Rumours about a comeback

Hohoh me and titles~ ;D
But there has been some rumours about an old group making a long awaited comeback this year. The leader himself said that he was gonna come to a country in Scandinavia, everyone here in Sweden are going crazy xD Tehy're like "OMG SCANDINAVIA?! IT'S TOTALLY SWEDEN! Yepp it IS sweden because Sweden is the most populer country in Scandiavia" Hahaha but we will see XD

Have you figured out which group I'm talking about?


Just wanted to show you...

One of the best and prettiest pictures I've ever seen *crying rivers*

I'm like O_____O

*brb dying*

Kim Hyun Joong

Random Facts
• The oldest member and the leader of SS501
• 4th-dimensional (weird or crazy, living in his own world)
• He is a heavy sleeper
• He is a spontaneous person
• Doesn′t like to speak English because of his weird pronunciation
• Is a charismatic leader and brother to the members
• Was given the nickname Kim DogCow because of his cow-like eyes and puppy-like face
• He wants to treat his girlfriend like a guy friend (walking with an arm around her shoulders, and calls her “Hey”)
• He is not a scaredy cat
• Is close friends with DBSK′s JaeJoong and Yoochun

Hahahahahah DogCow LMFAO XDD

I got bullied today...

... because I'm chinese... and bought fish XD ... and I'm eating it right now...
So sad, so sad! 

I'm trying to find covers that 2PM sings but I can't find any TT__TT
Well I'm going to eat my fish and keep searching..

Lucky guy, Kim Joon hyung came out a few days ago... it's special. It wasn't that catchy for me XD
AND IT DIDN'T LOOK LIKE HIM AT ALL!!! "I was like what the hell? Did he have a surgery or what?"

It feels like these pictures are related...

I miss them TT___TT I remember seeing Idol world? something, summer edition with them. Man I started to love Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Joon's fights... Tom & Jerry unrated version X'D *giggle* -.-'

I'm still stuck on Jung min's Not alone though!

WE WILL WAIT weeehooo!

Must watch!

Seriously this is a parody you have to watch haha! @_@
Part 2 and 3 is on a page called youtube and a dot and a com...

Say what?!

The first thing I thought "Say What?!" (Don't you dare to scream what no

When I read news about them a few days ago, he seemed alive...
*Phuu* idols now days, they shouldn't take their own lifes for nothing... No seriously this was the worst
"made-up-crap-news-about-a-celebritiy" that I've ever seen.
If you are going to think "How do you know that this whole thing isn't fake?!"
Darling, Honey, bunny, sweetie, pie, (xD) you don't have to be Einstein to know this...

SS501 comeback?

Well folks you heard read it right. There have been news that SS501 will make a comeback at the end of December. Their contract with DSP Entertainment had ended a while ago and each member signed contracts from other agencies. However the band never disbanded. Each member took their chances for solo activities and now there is a chance that they will do their comeback.

Here's a intwerwiev with DSP:

Kang Hyun So: How are your boy bands and girl bands, and the famous boyband SS501?

DSP: They already promised not to disband although each of them have different agencies..

Kang Hyun So: How about their fans TRIPLE S?

DSP: They’re still waiting…waiting for SS501’s comeback..

Kang Hyun So: When will their comeback be?

DSP: End of December… I’ve talked with Kim Hyun Joong about it…

Kang Hyun So: I hope fans won’t be disappointed…

DSP: Yes

So you only have to wait a few more months to see if there'll be any news. Me, myself and B.R.A is dying to know if this will happen!! =__=

Hmm... must say that Park Jung Min is my favorite in SS501

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