Anti Russian fb page is gone~

I don't know if you guys still remember THIS post, where some people created an anti fb page towards Russian Exotics. I just found out that the page finally got deleted *yay fb* *applauding* 
A lot of websites/fb groups like this remains/will show up but people are at least trying to do something about it ^_^ Good job folks' 

Exo fans banned to attend Inkigayo

I just saw someone post this on fb:
Starting from this week, EXO fans have been officially banned from attending Inkigayo. This is due to the issue of fans taking photos during the recordings and posting them before the official broadcasting - it's not allowed. So if you see anymore of these pictures, please do not RT or Re-post them. Think about how EXO would feel if they had no EXO fans downstage to cheer them on and do fanchants while performing. It's also terrible to pretend to be part of another fandom and sneak in. 
"exo fans pretended to be in other fandoms to get into Inki BC exo fans were chased out but cheered when exo came out so others were angry :( "(happyluhans)
This is worsening other fandom's impressing of us and EXO's image so please, remember to not RT/re-post/spread pictures of EXO during live recordings anymore.
Omg lolololo X'd Exotics </3 I don't really know what to say... I'm sorry but the Exotics should seriously win "The-most-crazy-assed-fans" award this year. They're pretty equal with cassiopeia's, I'm not saying that all of you EXO fans are like this but probably 75% of you are crazy... ass fans XD 

Crazy ass Exotics

Sorry for the language (or maybe not huhaha). We've written a lot of posts about saesang fans, what the term saesag fan mean and made some specific posts on certain idols. (On TVXQ and EXO I think...) Well here's another "crazy" Exotic post! 

Fans usually hold these larg signs and I found 2/3 Exotics holding some... strange ones.
Imagine walking out seeing that =_= 
I thought the first one was a "joke" sign, you know *asdfghjkl kill me - feels*, apparently not. I've read and seen a lot of things revolving EXO lately, the tension and saesang fans are just building up, one member will literally break down soon. Anyone would do that but this seems a bit too much. I can even tell you that B.A.P doesn't have so many saesang fans like EXO.  
SM fans are crazy... (not all of you, only a few... maybe a lot)

EXO's MV for growl will be released soon!

A few days ago the teaser for Growl was released and "EXO′s new music video for Growl will be released at midnight on August 1 (KST) through EXO′s official webpage, SMTown′s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Weibo."

So it's only a few hours left ;w; 

EXOTICS sending death threats

I just read that Exotics are sending death threats to Russian kpop fan for taking pictures with EXO. That is just freaking absurd =__=  There's even a fb page revolving this
I don't even... Exotics...
Seriously, what's wrong with people? Why do they have to feel like they posses something that isn't theirs? Well this post isn't mainly directed towards Exotics, there are other crazy fandoms as well. Damn I'm getting mad over saesang fans and ******Agajsdgnslkzjlfcsa >___>
Grow some balls, hit the puberty and mature a bit god dammit!

Baozi is getting skinny TT______TT

I saw this picture some time ago on Xiumin (EXO) and I can't describe how shocked I am O_O I've seen a lot of pictures where idols have lost a lot of weight because of the pressure and I still get shocked every time. It's a shame that they have to go through so much for a debute or comeback ;w; He looked so cute before, but looks like a freaking toothpick on the second picture.

Exo facts~

Well here are some Exo facts for all the EXOticts out there. For more facts visit THIS site, I've been picking a few ones and made it into "picture-fact-things.."

Lol, this was a random one X''D

SHINee & EXO - Lucifer & Sherlock [Dance Practice]

There is too much going on!! In the beginning, the guy in the red hood.. poor guy dancing with the wall xD And Taemin in the smiley shirt when he spreads his legs (0:11). Then the guy at 0:38 who still hasn't gone to the wall, when he is at the wall and SHINee comes against him.. hahaha he looks like he's going to get raped! xD

I like this.. too bad it wasn't longer ^^

Kris new son... the alpacka >_>

Hahahaha I just can't stop thinking about this XD I've read some stuff here and there about kris getting a son and so on. After beeing confused for a few hours I finally got some answers:
The so called son is a stuffed alpaca, apparently it's a gift from a fan, lucky fan =__= *trollface* (Only Swedish people can get the full thought behind "lucky fan" lyckliga fanskap...) 
I thought it was CNU first and a goat (that animal) and who the heck started to spread the whole "it's his son" thing?! XD 
Now you can see it's an alpaca...

EXO's Lay injured

BO texted me a while ago and said that Lay was injured o______o
He's suffering from a coagulation disorder, a disorder which concerns the production of platelets to help blood clot. -___-
Okay to make it simple it causes him to bleed longer compared to others when he's injured and might also cause him to bleed inside his body.

[BO: My mom is a doctor, so I know this sh*t. When you injure yourself (like a cut on your finger) the blood thickens (it coagulates) to stop the bleeding. Then it creates this scab. Lay's blood can't do that. It can't thicken and create a scab to stop the bleeding. Instead it just bleeds and bleeds and bleeds.]
And I found this about his injury on tumblr: Lay had his waist injured yesterday, but he just didn’t say it. Today the security guys brought the wheelchair to the airport. But Lay just refused so as not to let the fans know about it.
Get well soon ;w;

EXO comeback update:

All the EXOtics out there already knows that EXO will have a comeback at the end of this year (I also wrote about it before) and this time I found a small update on tumblr, or more like what their hair colors are right now haha XD On 3 members though... =__=
Luhan has black hair right now while Kris and Suho hasn't gone through any changes (so far) damn how can fans see that this guy *pints down* is Luhan XD 


EXO comeback *confirmed*

I just realised that everyone got trolled hahahahah XD It was mentioned that EXO would have their comeback around September 9th but it wasn't 100% sure. However it's finally confirmed now! Or "confirmed"...

“The SM Entertainment lineup includes TVXQ who are gearing up for their comeback later this mofollowed by Girls’ Generation who may release something as soon as this October in Korea. Afterwards, EXO will be releasing their full-length album, but as of now there are no plans for SM to debut a new artist or idol group.”
- Allkpop
So it makes sense that EXO will debut around November ^o^ However I also heard that SHINee would have a comeback as well?





EXO Comeback

Found this picture:

ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS!! (+3 days..)
And omg, it's a full album! YAAAY!! Hahaha who besides me is excited?! Even if I'm not a true "exotic" I'm still spazzing over here xD

But don't take this 100%.. because this is from tumblr and you never know. It might be fake. Some people noticed that "lightsaber" wasn't there. So yeah, this might be fake. BUT I'M STILL SPAZZING! xD

EXO pre debut pictures~ [Part 3]

Found some more pre debut pictures on EXO ^^ There are a lot of pictures on them O__O I'm somehow shocked because I haven't seen any from B.A.P nor NU'EST yet...
Lay (Shinee's concert)

Xiumin time~ :3

Yesterday little aegi uploaded a tumblr post on fb and that was some sad **** ;w;


EXO-M has 6 songs in their mini album right? Xiumin only has a total of 6 lines.


Into Your World 在你的世界降落 就算世界都冷漠


MAMA 没有生命力 没感情 每天毫无根据 最后我怒吼 我狂奔 我回温 不想要世界变的冷


Machine 她 的泪滴怎么看不出来有情绪 x2


I counted before, 15 seconds in total.


Have you watched EXO M’s performances  of Into Your World? Other than the chorus, Xiumin only raises his mic 2 times. Each time for less than 2 seconds.


This is the boy who trained for 4 years in SM after winning the FIRST place of EverySing contest in 2008. This is what he got.


Kim Minseok has a cute appearance, just like the classic kind of handsome korean boy. Xiumin doesn’t have a lot of chances to showcase himself. His dancing foundation is really strong, but because of his height and built, he’s destined not to be the main dancer no matter how good he is. He can’t show case his dance skills so he can only sell his aegyo obediently. Baozi Baozi Baozi… Kim Minseok, are you sick of explaining this nickname yet? Tao, oppa, Tao, oppa… Kim Minseok, are you tired of explaining this joke already?


But what can he do?


Minseok is smart, he knows his own identity. He does well in what he’s supposed to do, he doesn’t lust after opportunities he can’t have. He shines, but doesn’t steal the limelight from the others. In the group, he contributes silently but doesn’t get a lot of attention in return. An idol like that nowadays is hard to find, especially in the industry in China.


He really touched me with one particular photo, at LA Disneyland. Xiumin was carrying Tao and Yixing’s bags, trailing behind everyone at the very back of the whole group. Chen was with the China line, together with Baekhyun and Sehun, playing everywhere. But Xiumin wasn’t. There were many photos taken that day, but he was barely in any shots.


Actually, not only on that particular day, but his official press photos and fan taken photos have always been very little. Even if there is, you have to look for them meticulously first. Xiumin is small, it’s so easy for him to get blocked by the other extremely tall and built members of the group. A small faded smile is always hanging on his face, looking at the younger members who are playing around happily.


Xiumin is the complete opposite of Luhan onstage and offstage. Luhan always has a shy image onstage, while Xiumin has to portray a witty and adorable image because that is his role. Off the stage, he is completely the big brother with a mature thinking and mindset. He is serious and calm, he doesn’t really participate in the craziness along with his dongsaengs. He doesn’t voluntarily step forward to showcase himself, doesn’t fight doesn’t snatch for the chance to. He doesn’t even really approach people on his own. His age and personality might have played a part in the maturity and responsibility in him.


To be honest, to be the oldest but not appointed as the leader, not being the maknae but having to act cute is extremely awkward for a Korean boy like him. Perhaps it’s the age gap between the dongsaengs, I’ve always felt that Xiumin is lonely on the inside.




                                                                                            * * *


My personal take on this. Xiumin is not my ultimate bias, but he’s on my top few favourites in EXO. As a dancer myself, I can see that Xiumin is clearly very good in dancing. If you’ve watched his practice video with Greg Hwang and Yixing, he was actually much much better than Yixing. Even now, there are certain parts of the choreography in History and MAMA that he executes much better than Yixing. I don’t know how he trained, but his strong foundation in dancing is very evident. His moves and angles are the smoothest and cleanest out of all 12 of them, and that includes Kai. But like what they said, because of his built and height, he’s destined to be deemed unfit for the role of the main dancer. It’s true.


I’m also extremely sick of the nickname Baozi. However, I thank Luhan for inventing it because I know he did it on purpose. He wants to create a specific image for Xiumin so that fans will find it endearing and pick it up. This is why Luhan often brings it up during interviews. He’s not stupid, he just wants to promote Xiumin and make the chinese fans take more notice of him. Xiumin knows that as well, that’s why he always accept the nickname graciously with a smile, always up for gags related to buns because that is the only thing he can do to get his name out there right now.


You know what makes me cringe the most? the fact that he has to bring up his “shouting” skills during interviews. It’s not exactly a skill, but it’s the only thing that can distinguish himself from the rest. I cringe so hard everytime he mentions it. Also, I will never forget the awkward facial expression he and Chen has whenever there are only 1 or 2 (or even none) banners and supporters for them while there are 948593545 fan boards and screams for Luhan and Kris. What pains me the most is that he and Chen still force themselves to smile infront of all of them, because one fan is better than having none. they accept their fate and try their best to fight on… because that’s the only thing they can do.


It was never fair for Xiumin. In this race to stardom, his starting line was far behind the others.


As international fans, we honestly cannot show much direct support for Xiumin to let him know that we love him. But just take a little more time to appreciate him and his efforts, reblog this translation to other exo fans out there, edit more photos of him etc. He might not see your effort, just like how we’re not able to see his, but every little thing goes a long way :’)






It's a sad reality, what to do? This is what a lot of idols have to accept, to be in the shadows of their competitors. Some of them handle it in a good way while some of them don't. It's also bad that everyone will start to "pity-like" Xiumin because of a post like this, he deserves a true fangirl who likes him for his dorkyness, dance skills, voice etc. XD Now I sound like a dating program >__>

I started to "pity-like" him as well in the beginning but I will stay with Tao till the end. It's a good insight to see how idols really fight for their dreams so pick your bias carefully next time ^^





To The Beautiful You - EXO picture

I saw that the page for "To the Beatiful you" got updated with a picture with all the EXO members :D *yay* I don't why but Tao, Chen and Xiumin isn't on their "official drama poster" so I bet that they won't be in the drama as well. Wae?!?!?!? ;w;
It somehow looked photoshoped but they have the same mark on their outfits as the rest of the group~

EXO M in Men's Health magazine

Truth to be told I don't know or I didn't even know about this. Apparently EXO M had a photoshoot for Men's Health magazine and I saw some of the pictures on facebook yesterday ^__^
Lol bananas?!
Me: Ahh~ *sight* he just wasted 2 perfect chocolate ice cream ;w;


EXO comeback!

Dunno if you guys know it but EXO will finally make a comeback soon!!! :D they will release their new album's teaser photos on 24th July, Kai & Luhan are the first teasers to be released on 9th August. There will also be 7 songs in the album and 2 of them are already confirmed:
1. Let out the Beast
2. Baby don’t cry
I hope that My Lady and Emergency will be in the album as well! I somehow find it weird that they didn't chose My Lady in their first album, it was their first teaser after all...
Speak of teasers they should seriously release 32947923 teasers as they did before XD That was the highlight of the day when I went to school. EVERY morning, I turned on the computer and saw a fresh teaser on youtube before my class would start. I may be sick in the head but please SM... just do it ;w;
                                                 The best macro to describe every EXO fan right now...


EXO pre debut pictures~ [Part 2]


The first row (From left to right):



The second row (From left to right):



The third row (From left to right):



The fourth row (From left to right):




Oh.My.God Kris was black XD
This is shocking but when you've been in the kpop world for a while you get used to it. Makeup, diet and makeovers can change you A LOT. But Kris O___O That was... something new...





EXO pre debut pictures~ [Part 1]

It feels like I should do a part 1, 2, 3 etc XD So many pictures...
Lay, Tao, Kris & Luhan
Chanyeol & Kai
Xiumin, Lay and Chanyeol
Chanyeol, Kai, Suho and Sehun
That doesn't look like Sehun O__O

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