S.I.M.P #56

Lol I'm like "WHICH SONG SHOULD I CHOSE?!" I think I chose U-Kiss Neverland 3 times before, not purposely more like I forgot that I chose it XD
Apparenly BO has been dead? These days so I'm covering up a lot =__=
Oh well todays S.I.M.P will be:

T-ara - I Go Crazy Because Of You
Bo... I'm going crazy because of you ê_____ê

S.I.M.P #55

For you guys who don't know what S.I.M.P is it stands for "Song(s) In My Phone" yeah a bit dorky XD I usually made 1 S.I.M.P post everyday but not anymore o___o
Todays song is an old one that I've been raping lately~
2PM - Just Like The Movies
Is it only me who get this biographic picture in my head while listening to the song? I really love the bittersweet feeling you get while listening to it and the tension that builds up from the beginning to  the churos is really amazing. And then *bam* the drums plopps up . . . did you just realise what you read? O__O I'm shocked over how serious I was *daze*

S.I.M.P #54

Long time I haven't updated my S.I.M.P... for you who didn't know or don't remind the word S.I.M.P, it stands for - Songs In My Phone. I've been founding a lot of new (old) songs that I haven't been able to discover before. B2ST has done a lot of awesome collaborations and one of them is this one:
 An Jin Kyoung ft Kikwang (B2ST) - Love is pathetic
I love this song so mucho ;w; Kikwang's rap in this one is (YYY) and his engrish in the beginning was surprisingly good as well! O_O I really like that he made this collaboration because he doesn't usually have any big parts in B2ST. Doojon and Junhyung has the biggest rap parts while Yoseob and Hyunseung has the biggest singing parts. So Kikwang is like the face out in their MV's.

S.I.M.P #53

This must be one of the best kpop songs I've ever heard! It's daebak!! Dunno if you can say that they're the "first generation of kpop idols" however they truly are the root of the Korean pop (hip hop XD) just like Leessang, Epik High etc.

Yoo Mi rae ft. JK Tiger - Get it in

This is what I call awesome pop! She's an awesome rapper! (Yoo Mi rae) Btw I guess that some of you know this but they're actually married, she and JK Tiger ^^ They had a secret marriage until I don't know when but it's official now. I heard that in Running man XD *Third big source after allkpop and Wikipedia...*

                                                       The king and Queen in Korean Hip Hop~ ^3^

S.I.M.P #52

It feels like my S.I.M.P's should be more regular from now on and gosh our acronyms for everything is so... lame and ugly XD S.I.M.P?! S.O.T.W?! And worst of all... U.P.A.H.I sounds like someone is getting tortured while puking >_>

Okay let's move on to the point. This song isn't usually something that I listen to so I'm someow fascinated over myself. But I can't help it, it's somehow good and catchy :D
Give it up for *le gurl group*

JQT - PeeKaBoo


I heard that they disbanded long time ago but saw this comment:

Really Akon's company?!?! Well have to see if that's true... later XD
Tried to search "JQT" on yt but didn't find anything =___=

S.I.M.P #51

I just remembered that I forgot to do a special post... and that is the "This months actor" oh well gonna do it tomorrow instead XD

Okay! S.I.M.P! I've seriously been stuck on this song for a week soon O_O It's been on replay 24/7 and I get devastated everytime I hear it ;w;
It's a "new" song from an old group called Tritops, any bells that rings? Gonna do a special G.Y.H.H.O on them so more info about them will come up another day ;-)

Tritops - I'm badboy

Once again I'n giving you the MV

Gosh this is just... *forever sobbing*. I was actually pretty sceptical when I first heard it because it's a freaking copy of Bruno Mars Grenade O____O A lot of people are saying "Oh my god this doesn't sound like Grenade at all! Are you deaf" etc. well not really on that way but kinda XD

However after listening to it 24/7 I can finally state this: The intro is really similiar to Grenade, the melody is almost the same but that's it. The chorus is completely different but the same melody from the intro are played in the end. So you can say that the melody in the intro and the end resemblance Grenade and that's it!
For you who are denying it don't play stupid... hahahahaha XD I'm such a bitch...

The song is really amazing and the meaning behind it is so sad. I couldn't find a page where I could read the eng lyrics but you can find with eng subs on youtube. To make it short: The guy is quiet poor and wants to give the girl all the good things in the world. But he can't. So he thinks that he doesn't deserv her and she could live a happier life without him (because he's so poor) so in the middle of the MV he dumps her. And the girl gets devastated and takes suicide and the guy notice it in the end. Okay the ending was how I interpret it otherwise the things I wrote before is the basic story for the MV ^ω^

Their voices are something the angels threw down and.... okay that's a bit too much but their voices are just

S.I.M.P #50

Long time no see... Well I'm already on #50 O___O It's a group we aaaaalll know. But it's an old song

Giving you the MV too~ It's a shame that Big Bang's old music videos doesn't have that many viewes because their songs are really good O_O And I was pretty surprised when I heard that they sang the whole song in English. BUT IT'S A REEEEALLY GOOD SONG ^o^

And that moan in the intro hehehoho *3*

Ps. I just wanna kill the stylist who made T.O.P's hair TT^TT


S.I.M.P #49

Dam Daraaaaam~

THIS group are one of those really underrated groups out there. So far I LOVE all their songs and Music Videos. They're so uniq O__O Yes I'm talking about Sunny Hill, they're so coool~ ÒuÓ

Midnight Circus

I'm giving you the whole MV now...

I have a... thing... when it comes to Circus stuff so this was a pure amazement for me or entertaining* But it's a shame that the guy doesn't have any part at all -__- And when they pronounce Midnight Circus is a bit... weird. Sounds more like "Midnight Suckas"
Btw did you see Ki Kwang? Mehehe >:3 And the teasers for the song aslkdjfanskdjf Ga In <3 I wanted to see that part in the MV >_> The reason why I haven't uploaded this song before: It's old XD *bad excuse*

S.I.M.P #48

Omo long time ago, I used to do one everyday O_O Well have to start with it again hohohoh~ Xd
I can't really write so much in this S.I.M.P I just randomly found it on a page I visited *a page* naughty thoughts... not really -_-
It's an OST (I think) for a drama called Jumong,

As I said before I'm not that "ASFJAS OMG!!!" on ballad songs but sometimes some of them can be really good.
This drama was on the 406th place and I saw a funny review:

Hahahahahaha! XD It was the best historical drama ever! - gives 10% out of 100%


She reminded me of Whitney Houston 0.0

S.I.M.P #47

After 44 S.I.M.P's I've just realised that this is almost like a "Today's song" XD Well + some crap, info and a nolifer comment from my side... -.-
Let's see a song I haven't chosen yet... Gonna give you the whole MV this time ^^

Block B - Tell them

The king of awesomness WOOOOO~!! Love the beginning B-L-O-C-K is back~ Boiz and girlz ;D

Aww Zico <3 That wonderful little boy ;___;
I didn't like U-kwon in the beginning because he looked so.. "disgusting" <-- (For you Swedes I was referring to "Sliskig" but there isn't any good english word for that -__-' )
But now he's a little punk!~ XD

For you who wanna "know" who's who

Zico - 0:26

P.O - 0:56

Kyung - 0:43

Tae il - 3:12
(It's hard to see him "alone")

JaeHyo - 2:12

U-Kwon - 1:13

B-Bomb - 2:17

It's funny I don't know how I learned all their name -.- It's the same thing with B1A4...
Hope this helped all of you "incoming" Block B fans XD

S.I.M.P #46

Gosh this was a LOOOONG time ago~ =___=

Well wull! <--- in my world it's a wull...

I literally listen to this song EVERY day. It gives me a MBLAQ feeling dunno why...
They debuted 2007 O____________________O I thought it was 2010... I see, I see. Well I wrote about them in a G.Y.H.H.O

ADSGASDG Just listen to it 2 times then you're stuck!

I'm the one getting psyched here... Code V = MBLAQ ...
Just noticed that in EVERY photoshoot MBLAQ always wear black clotches hahahaha, BLAQ... ah I see...

S.I.M.P #45

Well let's take a song I listen to everyday...
It's another rookie group ^^ I've actually been writing a lot about them (no not MYNAME...) I want more people to write and listen to them ^^

AA - Because I'm crazy

After listening to it for a while, I actually like Kimichi's voice. It's somehow different compare to other singers :I And guys... don't underestimate their dance. I tried to do that go-low-while-doin-the-air but it was hard enough to go down their way... and do the air -_-'

S.I.M.P # ... O_o 44!!!

I'm so goddammit lost -.- I need to study but I'm texting about work with mi amiga. I'm thinking going to work during the summer to save some moneeey till my graduation. I will work every summer and save to my trip to Korea (yeah I'm thinking 8 steps ahead) mohahahaha! >:3

Well okey the S.I.M.P I had a song marathon with this band today. They're pretty underrated Y CAN'T NOBODY SEE THEIR AWESOMENESS?! O_o

FT Island - Missing you

I've always been a sucker when it comes to violins. When I hear someone or something (-__-) play a violin I get stuck and can't move so yeah...
FT Island Aza Aza Fighting!~ <-- Full house.
Right! I read that FT Island is #1 in the Taiwanese something... XD Good job! But.. I don't know.. Taiwan seem pretty off hahahahaha X'D

S.I.M.P #43

Let's make it a short S.I.M.P this time ^^ Well when I say the word kkaeal player I think most of you MBLAQ fans know which group I think of... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH My idiot called brain... If you only knew how stupid it is.

Me and a group have to come up with a new business idea, it's a wierd school work. Idea after idea I allmost went crazy. Then I thought of an automatic screwdriver but we already have it...

Me: Well something automatic *thinking of simpson a automatic hammer*
Friend: You can always make an automatic hammer
Friend: HAHAHAHAHAHAH! And that makeup gun! XD
Me: I know! How about an automatic chainsaw!!!!!!!! *happy and serious*
Friend: ... Are.you.stupid?!

Well back to kkaeal player, I want to watch it all over again after seeing some episode here and there those  boys TT____TT if just kidnapping weren't illegal...


It's a shame that some of their songs are underrated. This is one of them... people only know Stay or Mona Lisa.
Have to love that Cheondung is the one always "starting" their song XD Mona Lisa, Cry, Stay and probably one more XD


Gotta love the picture on G.O :O

S.I.M.P #43

It's that über-sexy-hot-awesome group nao!
You seriously have to admire them they are soo goddamn AWESOME!
I guess that most of you already know which group I'm mentioning, So giiiveee itt upp tooo!!!

Brown Eyed Girl - Sign

I was pretty surprised when I saw the actor. I really like their "put-your-whole-soul-in-to-the-MV" thing. I think that I've read about him somewhere . . .


JeA's voice is like a drug for me.. <3 ;O
That was a small S.I.M.P from me. No matter how bad/harsh and terrible this sounds, I'm just realistic.
I believe that all of these "old groups" will disband during these 2-3 years. Many of them is getting older (Suju, B.E.G, SNSD etc) Instead a lot of new groups between 1990-1995 are or will be popping up ^^
So I'll become a peddo noona soon... just wait...

S.I.M.P #42

You got to love the ego in it XD HAHAHAHAHAH

Ey yo! Finally!
Is this what you've been waiting for? Brand new CD!
I'm all by myself!~

HAHAHAHA X'D Aww... Seriously I'm loving these guys more and more. It's a shame I never paid any attention to their songs before.

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

However his cover on This love (Marron 5) where one of the first songs I listened to when it came to kpop.. soo.... *proud*

He's so adorable!!!!

S.I.M.P #41

OMELIGOSH! These guys... they are just too awesome!! I seriously love them!!!! It's sad that I haven't seen all of their shows (those I wanted to see) me need more time!!! :O

Well they'll never disappoint you and they are so über cute TT^TT

U-KISS - 0330

Dongho and Eli ;___; = Badass huhuhuuhuh!!
And Soohyun... SOOHYUN YOUR FREAKING VOICE!!!!!(3:17-3:24) that voice is just ASDFGGBHAWLJRLJR!!

Seriously during 15 years of my life (soon 16) I've never, EVER been fangirling. Do you know how wierd it feels? Even when all of my friends where in that wierd twilight period, Taylor, Hobo Robert, Abs etc. I never fan girled once not even when I saw Taylor -.- But when I saw Big Bang win that award on a tiny screen 214235 miles away from me, I screamed and almost cried like a fat cow trying to suck its own milk... and I get hyped everytime you name kpop.. or abs >_>
Okey back to S.I.M.P!

I haven't really been oh-my-gawd when it comes to Hoon and AJ because I've always seen shows where Kibum and Xander was in... but Hoon also has a great voice, he must be one of the lead singer? Or am I wrong? Dam dam daaaam!!!

Before XD


Have to love this natural style better than the one with heavy makeup and all... And Eli, you haircut is just magnificent! <-- that barber-gay-guy-in-a-ghetto-shop

S.I.M.P #40

Long time ago... a week -.-'
I feel depressed now... youtube doesn't want to collaborate with me now so the song will probably be uploaded later.. I think?

Well I druged this song a whole week, loved it XD
LET'SGIVEITUPFORYOUDON'TWANTTOKNOW <--- aren't these really hard to read? Because when I visit other blogs they totally mess up my mind but it's so tempting to see what the massage is... you know who you are . . . *three mysterious dots*

CN Blue!!!!

First step


niga something something bla bla bla lala, don't give up..
Ne sadkcjsdfsdkdng

*10 minutes later*

Please don’t go go go, sadkfsandfglj! na na na na na...

I need to learn Korean -.-'

So there you have the song hohohoh! The funny thing is that when I upload that song later you'll notice how well I actually remembered it and how correct it is! muhaha!
Another funny thing is that I think I've chosen one song for my S.I.M.P like 3 or 2 times X'D Have you even been noticing that?

NOW YOUTUBE WORKS!!!!!!! THANK YOU BILL GATES! (What did you think, god?! pfft...)

Tadaaa~ Got to love the badass MV so you'll have the whole MV instead ^^

SEEEEE!!! I was correct right?! mehehehehehe!


I remember when I chatted with someone from omegle and wrote careface.com
and he said "why did you give me that link?"
*facepalm* -.- HAHAHAHAHAH XD

S.I.M.P #39

Well on the last S.I.M.P Bo replaced me ^^ and I've noticed that my S.I.M.P is "!¤%¤"#&

sorry but the only songs in my brain is Messagi, Freeze and Super Boy. They're playing inside my brain 24/7 and it's a ugly mix xS
And I'm hungry
I need to study
I need to pack some things
I need to find a movie

. . . biggest problems evaahh!

Well back to the song. I downloaded it. It's a pretty, calm and "down to earth" song <-- wtf Green peace here I come!
It isn't that catchy either... I seem to have these - - - things when it comes to catchy song O_o
Never mind...

B2ST - Lightless

Hohohoh lyrics~~ want one of those now o___e

S.I.M.P - Bo Bae

Okey, since B.R.A won't be posting a SIMP today I thought that I could do one instead. It seems like fun!! :D
Sooooo, the Song In My Phone that I'll pick..
*Looking at all the ones that B.R.A has posted, just to make sure I don't post one that has already been posted*...
*Inhaling after saying that entire sentence out loud* ^^
IS....... Infinite - 다시돌아와 (Come Back Again)

I really like this song!! It's easy to sing along with, Dorawa Dorawa~~
It has a great rythm and it just makes me want to dance!!! ^^
However it reminds me a lot of this song:

Go to 1:03.
COME ON!!! They have pretty much the exact same guitar-riff, right?!
omg.. I'm freakin' awsome that I even noticed that (*^^*)

If you want to know what B.R.A thinks of this song, just click here.

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