Minzy facts ÒuÓ

Found a tumblr post full with Minzy facts ;'D But I somehow lost it so I can't give you the link -_- However I saved some of them so here you go Minzy fans~
Lol, okay... I don't think anyone would mind this :p

2NE1 CL's Sister

Saw on CL's instagram (chaelin_cl) that she had posted a picture of her and her babysister.

Apparently her name is Ha-Lyn (CL and HL xD) and.. that's all I know of her. Don't know age or anything either, except that she's younger than CL. Hehe ^^ And since CL was born in 1991.. yeah, you guys do the math!

So what do you think? Do they look alike?

CL and HL (old pic from instagram I think)

It's getting hot in here...

*so hot* 

I just saw a pic on facebook a few minutes ago, on Sandara Park. It kinda blew me away ;''D

I thought it was photoshopped but it seems that this photoshoot was taken before she joined YG/2NE1. She was pretty famous in the Philippenes back in the days, but why is the cover in english? XD
I don't really "mind" this but I just love that cheesy qote:
"Sandara Park heats up the weather in wicked leather" 
Well, ehm.. okay? XD

Did you know that...

G-dragon had a small part in 2NE1's "Fire" MV
HAHAHAHAHAHA I seriously didn't know this! I thought the gif was photoshopped or something but after cheching the MV it's true ;D
at 3:17 XD 
It's funny because I've seen this MV sooo many times but I've noticed him there X''D

2NE1 facts [part 2]

If you haven't seen part 1, then CLICK HERE ^3^


2NE1 facts [part 1]

All the facts actually come from a tumblr blog but I did it... my way instead

2NE1 comeback in November!!!

"Although 2NE1 was originally scheduled to release a new album in October, due to their world tour, it is most likely at the moment that they will be releasing new material in November instead,” Yang Hyun Suk stated. “For the time being, we have scheduled for 2NE1 to record this month… You’ll be able to meet new songs overflowing with 2NE1′s unique style this coming November.”
Woop woop~~ Another comeback this year :D Even though "Love You" wasn't their best album, but it was really good, I have bigger expectations on their album this time ;)

DON'T MISS 2NE1 LIVE!! [Live Stream]

Read on Allkpop that 2NE1 will be holding a Live Stream at Facebook's headquarters. That means you guys can catch them live on either Facebooks' Live App, or 2NE1's official Facebook page!! xD

The streaming will be held on August 22nd 5pm - 5:45pm AMERICAN TIME!! That means 11pm - 11:45pm Swedish time and like.. 6am - 6:45am Korean time (August 23d)

2NE1 ft. Sungha - Lonley

And since this will be an Q&A streaming, you guys can ask your questions here.


Park Bom (2NE1) Reacts to "Kids React to KPOP"

Hahahahah she saw the video?!!!! I actually liked the kids reaction.. because that was pretty much the reaction I had towards KPOP in the beginning xD like it was cool, but still weird. Now it's just my life. Nothing to big.. ^^

2NE1 - Global Tour 2012 [Official Trailer]

... TT^TT I bet that every blackjack, YG fan or even kpop fans starts to get depressed when they realise that they'll never be able to watch them live on their global tour >___>
One day...

Sungha Jung ft. 2NE1 photoshoot

lol dunno why I wrote ft. but it felt right, okay?! XD
It's pretty official now that the youtube guy pr star Sungha Jung is making a aucoustic version of "I love you" with 2NE1. I saw some photos YG uploaded with them in the studio. Damn... bet that everyone is feeling a bit jelly now >:3 (Sorry, I just had to use the word jelly >_>)
This is an awesome way of promoting him... his future seem to be quiet promising, maybe a contract with YG? :o

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Japanese ver. MV]

When did they announce that they would release a Japanese version? o____o *lost*
A small review, the song is actually good! .__. I thought it would be a little really weird because the Korean version is the IT when it comes to 99.7% of the songs. But it didn't sound bad at all, I also thought that the best part after the chorus (when CL sings) would be totally ruined but it worked as well~
Another Japanese version I find okay, keep it up gurls~ ^o^


2NE1 New Evolution - Concert poster making

2 Days ago I made a post and uploaded pictures on 2NE1's "making I LOVE you teaser photos". This time I have some pictures from their photoshoot for their World Tour concert posters :3
                                                                             Love this picture *o*
Lol Bom's and Minzy's outfits... or.. *sight* Those Simpson characters.. XD Gah want to comment something about their (Bom and Minzy) outfits but for crying out loud CL has a freaking unicorn on her dress, literally. This beats everything I've seen XD Even Lady Gaga's meat dress... or maybe not... o__o


2NE1 - I LOVE YOU Making

I saw that YG released some pictures on 2NE1's I LOVE YOU making, or photos of their photoshoot... =__= lol why? XD It doesn't make sense... photos from a photoshoot...
Oh well here you have it:


2NE1 meets popular guitarist Jung Sungha

I bet that all of you kpop fans have heard about this guy. An amazing guitarist who has made a lot of covers!
Found this article:
2NE1's Dara posted a spoiler on her me2day on July 14th (KST) revealing a picture of the group with guitarist Jung Sungha. Sungha, with over 812,000 subscriptions and 502,000,000 video views on YouTube, is becoming more and more popular. Thus, it is no surprise that the prodigy is seen holding a guitar in the picture - but Dara is holding one as well.

The picture has "I Love You" captioned onto the top. Furthermore, she says that the picture is, "the latest spoiler! 2NE1 met guitar prodigy Jung Sungha!!! Last year when I saw his guitar cover of 'Lonely,' it was already crazy good~ But to see it live was even better! T.T I'm so touched~ What will we show you this time around...!?! Jung Sungha + 2NE1 will be released soon ^___^ Please anticipate it!"
                    Posted Image
- source
Oh my god! I would've totally fanboed if I were him (Or he's probably doing it.. maybe fancowed* XD) O___O A collaboration with 2NE1!!! This isn't something you do everyday TToTT Well congratulations to you and I'm waiting for the collaboration here~ Gosh this is so cool :o


DAMN YOU YG!! What did I say yesterday?! They would release it if I was asleep or when I'm out... Do you know how many time I raped that f5 button yesterday?!
Oh well IT'S FINALLY OUT!!! :D
All of them looked... I wanna say pretty but the word hot fits better.Especially Dara! I think that YG has a weird... dunno what to call it but they seem to go all in with that sidecut while having a long piece hair on the other side. GD suffered enought and now it's Dara's turn XD
I also wrote that "this song doesn't really give me that 2NE1 feeling" you know what? It actually does especially when I heard Bom's "Eh eh eh eh eh"~ And CL's vocal is kickass goddammit and the way she and Minzy move... >:3

Once again 2NE1 has done it! But I still think that "I'm the best" will be their gratest hit. Gonna listen to their whole album, if I find it =__=


2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Audio]

Everyone seem to know about this... BUT I DIDN'T?! A dear friend of mine gave me the link =__=
The song is pretty good :O It'll probably be be stuck after 2-3 times. And I LOVE CL's part! It's just as awesome as the teaser!!! It reminded me of Duffy's "Mercy" in the beginning (the sound). It's also a new side of 2NE1 somehow. I LOVE YOU seem to be a more happier compared to "lonely, Ugly and Can't nobody" but a bit more sad compared to "I'm the best" XD I don't even know what I'm talking about...
My friend also told me that they are going to do the Big Bang style by releasing 1 song at the time. Well have to collect all of them into 1 post in the end xP

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Teaser]

Wahh their hair is daebak!! XD Btw did Minzy's teaser ever come out? o_o Or is it me who's slow and didn't find it?

Oh well I'm stuck on CL's part gahh it sounds so good!!! ;'D All the blackjacks are hyping as **** right now :P But that car scene with CL in the end reminded me of 2PM's "Again and Again" and SHINee's "Ring Ding Dong".
"Saranghe na na na na na na na everyday~" <-- stuck in my head XD "In my head na na na" <-- Now this song is stuck XD (CN Blue)

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Teaser - Bom]

I seriously don't know what to write... all the blackjacks are thinking some naughty thoughts because of the bed scenes XD
I'm actually eager to listen to the whole song so I hope that their new album wont disappoint me~

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU [Teaser - CL]

Oh it was released 1 hour ago! :O How come I didn't notice it? =__=
I actually loved that raspy something something voice CL has. It was a mix between singing and rapping (just like Big Bang's BLUE).
Only Minzy and Bom left :3

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