Yoseob - Caffeine [MV]

Was she.. unfaithful? O__o
Ok, the MV. Hahaha it wasn't amazing.. lots of "Matrix"-dance moves there. The dance wasn't that great either. I like the song more, but the MV gets like a 5-6/10.

I honestly don't have much to say. It was decent.


HAHAHA omg, at 1:31, Yoseob is doing a "B.R.A". That thing he does behind Junhyung xD

Yoseob - The First Collage [1st Mini Album]

So B2ST's member Yoseob recently released his entire 1st Mini Album.. which also is his debut album as a solo artist!

1. Look At Me Now

Omg.. hahaha the beginning is very catchy, and the rest of the song. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I liked it xD It sounds like such a kids song!! But dang it, I like it!

2. Caffeine

Not bad, but I liked "Look At Me Now" more. Hahaha but the album seems promising so far! One crazy song and one emotional song. So far, so good ^^ OH, this is the title track btw! The song actually grows on you the more you listen to it.. I kind of love it now ^^

He.. kissed the girl? Hahaha I wonder what fans will say xD

3. Just Do As You Always Did

How do idols/companies pick their title tracks? I mean, this song or the first song would be amazing as title tracks as well for this album O___o. This song is so beautiful.. hahhaa must be hard to pick a freakin' song as the title track!

4. Even Then, I

Not bad either.. but not amazing. But I don't hate it ^^

5. You Don't Know

This song, I love!!! It's weird how I feel that this song is soft (his voice) but at the same time not so soft (the music I guess). But the mix is wonderful ^^

Random Guy, Yoseob and Junhyung.

As I told you guys before, Junhyung (Yoseobs fellow member) helped producing the music. I actually think he did all the producing!


Yoseob to make solo debut

Yoseob (B2ST) will be having his solo debut with his first mini album The First Collage‘ coming out November 26th. The tracks are produced by his fellow member Junhyung. Man, I hope this will be epic! Yoseobs voice is freakin' amazing!!!!!! And Junhyung seems to know what he's doing, so this could really be daebak!

The Track List:
1. Look At Me Now
2. Caffeine
3. Just Do As You Always Do
4. Even Then, I
5. You Don’t Know

Teaser photo for the song "Caffeine". So maybe that's the title track?

I hope for some dance-songs, some slow songs and some emotional. He's really good when it comes to emotional songs.. hehe ^^

Junseob fighting!!


There's actually 2 groups who'll have their anniversaries (omg if you read it fast it'll be ovaries XD) today and I'm a bit lost because I haven't really seen anyone on tumblr fangirling/congratulate them for their anniversary.
B2ST debuted in October 14th with their first mini album called "Beast Is The B2ST" and it has now been 3 years since their first album was released. So today is what I consider an anniversary to be XD
A lot of fans celebrates their anniversary from the day they performed their debut stage, but I do my own style and celebrate them on the date they released their first album ^o^
Yeah and B2ST had their debut stage October 16th so it's only 2 days~
But HAPPY 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY GUYS And may you be the B2st~ (See what I did there? XD)

B2ST - Midnight sun Jap. ver.

I haven't really been druging the Korean version of Midnight Sun yet so I don't really feel any "weird vibes" as you usually do when a jap. version of a song is released ^o^
They didn't really dance in the MV either .___. That's actually weird for me XD And all of them are handome as well ;w;

B2ST - Beautiful Night [Dance Practice]

This is not an amazing song or dance. But I like it? It's like.. chill xD And Yoseob, he can dance?! And Kikwang hehehe you sexy B2ST!! 8D
I don't have much to say. I don't love it.. but it's not bad O__o

B2ST - Beautiful Night [MV]

The song hasn't hit me yet. But I'm sure it will "HIT ME!!" (Bigstar - Hot Boy) sooner or later ^^
The MV however, God.. just love how birght and colorful it is!!! xD And Kikwang!! Haha he looks like an older Zelo 8D

And did anyone else notice the thrusting Hyunseung did at 2:22? xD (He's the one in blue)
So we now have a redhead, two blondes, a purplehead(?), a guy with orange hair and one brunette. Like the mix ^^

B2ST - Beautiful Night [Teaser]

SHAZAAAMM! I'm tired and I'm hyped I've been sleeping around 6 am for 2 weeks now and I can't take it anymore lalalala~

Ahh B2ST <3 This my definition when a group makes a change but still have their own... style or vibes that screams B2ST for example. Seem to be another party song of the year however it does remind me of... don't know how to explain it but the whole beat isn't something new (like WOW new) but I really liked it! :D

I'm absolutely looking forward to the MV, it seems to be so bright :O The whole album will be released July 22nd, only 2 days left!

B2ST Midnight Sun tracklist + Album cover

After 329856239 years Cube Ent. have finally released their new tracklist for Midnight Sun:
1. "Midnight (The Night I Count the Stars)"
Composed by Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyusung / Lyrics by Shinsadong Tiger, Yong Junhyung / Arranged By Shinsadong Tiger

2. "It's a Beautiful Night" [TITLE TRACK]
Composed by goodnite, sleep well / Lyrics by 4realz / Arranged by goodnite, sleep well

3. "Not Me"
Composed by Rado / Lyrics by Rado, Yong Junhyung / Arranged by Rado

4. "When I Miss You"
Composed by Choi Kyusung / Lyrics by Choi Kyusung, Yong Junhyung / Arranged by Choi Kyusung

5. "The Day You Rest"
Composition, Lyrics, Arrangement by Yong Junhyung, Kim Taejoo

6. "Dream Girl"
Composition, Lyrics, Arrangement by Yong Junhyung, Kim Taejoo
- Source
It's one of those all in albums were they have pop-ballad songs and I'm actually looking forward to this. I wasn't really a B2ST fan but receantly I've been killing a.k.a raped schock and Breath.  And Midnight Sun wasn't bad at all.
Is it only me who also love these Album covers?! It's something about them that makes me go "OHHHH, AHHH, IHHH~" XD


B2ST - Midnight [Teaser + Audio]

Yeah Yeah I know I'm late with this but I thought a post like this would be useless because everyone have already seen/listen to this. But let's do it anyway :3
Omfg Junhyung's hair is purple!!! HAHAHAHAHA XD Didn't notice that in their teaser because of his cap, damn that's awesome!!! And for you who didn't know B2ST filmed their MV in New York this time and gosh what is Yoseob wearing ._____.
I don't really find their voices "dramatical" as allkpop referred. But I really like it. It's somehow refreshing with a touch of... eh who am I kidding with this bullshit-writing XD Yes I liked the song a lot have to listen to it more soon. End of story! ;D
I haven't said it out loud before but Dongwoon is actually really pretty *u* I somehow find him more pretty than Kikwang and Yoseob :p

B2ST - Midnight Sun [Teaser]

LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAH XD Kikwang and Hyunseung ;'D (Y)
Shouldn't it be "Midnight" instead of "Midnight sun". And was it only me who got those "sad vibes"? You know when they said that the song would have piano and violin in it (?) and their teaser photos were pretty dark and mysterious as well...
Feels like SM all over again XD Just kidding... ;D

Dunno what to expect now but only 1 day left!!! :D Or a few hours*

B2ST - Midnight [Teaser Photo]

Oh look at that... Apparently I've missed this one XD
Allkpop wrote some good stuff so here you go:
So.. they'll release the MV for Midnight July 15th instead?
But it sounds really interesting, if they're able to pull this off then the song will be amazing! Really looking forward to this!


B2ST's comeback a bit risky?

Well instead of me sitting here like a nolifer I'm going to give you a small article allkpop wrote:
Hahaha are they having their comeback so soon?! Interesting a lot of idols seem to go overseas to shot for their MV's.
However I saw another post on tumblr yesterday and I can clearly say that most of the posts on tumblr are written by fans so there isn't a 100% sure source out there...
The funny thing is that it makes sense... ALL the groups seem to debut/have a comeback now or early August we've seen T-ara, 2NE1, Suju, CN Blue, NU'EST, MYNAME, ZE:A (etc) so far and I bet that more will come.
But I can't deny the fact that I'm looking forward to their comeback. I've had my eyes on B2ST lately and heck do I care about Olympics when I have a small screen in front of me... ^o^

Some B2STly facts~

Hohoh I'm so creative * ^ pointing up*

Have been reading manga the whole day but decided to troll around on the net and found some B2ST facts ^^ I don't really "know" them but I'm going to watch some reality shows tonight ;3

The B2ST members were all fighting colds and the flu during the “Shock” MV filming

A fan went to a B2ST fan meeting twice, bringing an entire chicken. The members used the chicken to make baeksook

Because of Yoseob and Dongwoon’s regular snack patters, they’re always blamed for missing food

Yoseob and Dongwoon eat midnight snacks when the members play games because they don’t know the rules of the game

The members of B2ST think Doojoon is the smartest/most logical

B2ST was involved in a car accident after a Music Core broadcast. Luckily, it was a minor accident and nobody was hurt

The biggest fight the B2ST members have ever had was between Junhyung and Hyunseung over a cereal box

During an interview, Doojoon made Junhyung hold up all of his hands and feet. Doojoon: “He can’t count the number of girls he dated even with all of his fingers and toes!”

Apparently, Yoseob and Hyunseung’s personalities don’t match well

Hyunseung and Gikwang get the least sleep at night. They spend all their time on the computer

The B2ST members use AJ’s
(Gikwang) album to play tennis

To decide their bed arrangements, the members used the ladder game

Dongwoon is an awkward person on camera

For more facts Click here~

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That "biggest fight" over a freaking cereal box?! Da fuq XD And using Gikwangs album to play tennis, that's mean ;d

B2ST pre-debut pictures~

Well as you know I've been posting a lot of pre-debut pictures on idols (and childhood pictures) so why not keep going ^^ I should do one on girl groups too =_=
Well now it's B2ST's time to shine ^o^







Ki Kwang














Birthday kid shares a photo

Today he tweeted this along with the photo *points up*:  “Everyone, thank you once again. I love you. I’m feeling great this morning, so here’s a selca, [I haven't posted one in a while]! We’ll be back safely. Thank you everyone~ smile~ bbyong!”
NAAAW, habibi!!! (I guess everyone knows what habibi menas? O__o
WHY U SO PRETTY?!?!?!?!?!?

His eyesmile 8D <3

B2ST Ideal girls

This is what you will do:
1. Read through everything they've said maybe laugh at some of them and you're somehow painting up how their ideal girl will look like, most of them will probably be from a girl group you know.
2. Have one of those "calm-3-seconds"
3. Start to be a bit anxious thinking that you'll NEVER match their type of girl.
4. Starting to think over again and laugh at your previous condition. Now you're planning on HOW to get him because you're like "Gurl, I was borned to be married with you *snap*"

I did nail all of them right? Maybe except the snap part...

Doojoon – a girl that knows how to play soccer, well manner, pretty personality and likes his parents.
Doojoon's ideal girl is also someone who captivates him at first glance .

Junhyung – a tall girl with swag, knows how to dance. Junhyung ideal girl is someone with sharp wits and laid back personality.

Hyunseung – a girl with a pretty head ? . Big double eyelids is also in the list for Hyunseung’s ideal girl.

Yoseob – a girl with long hair and fair white skin.Yoseob’s ideal girl is someone who is cute.

Kikwang – a girl that laughs pretty and has a sense of humor (members say his standards are low.) Kikwang don’t look for physical features, I look for the personality.

 BEAST IS THE B2ST Dongwoon Wallpaper[1600x900]

Dongwoon – a cute and pretty girl, well mannered, looks pretty when she ties her hair.Dongwoon wants his ideal girl to have a compatible personality as his

What to say...? I don't really believe in these kinds of things because most of them are just bullshit *sorry for the language* but to make a "fast judge" I have to say that Ki Kwang is the prettíest one in the group but he seem to have the "lowest" standard, compared to the other ones. That's pretty... special >_>

B2ST Mystery

For god sake! It's dangerous -__-' You have to be in front of a computer 24/7 to hang on, in the kpop world. I didn't check up youtube for a few hours and plopp! This shows up:

The MV surely is special, it wasn't that typical 50% of the MV contains dace parts with the members and the other 50% is a random story behind it. Okay this was somehow like that but it was a close-up MV and you can't really call that a story XD Gotta love those tiny wb converse...

Yoesob and Doo Joon are the ones who doesn't really have so much "eye makeup" You can clearly see that...

It's out :O So fast...

The audio version of Junghyun's song Living without you is already out :o

It wasn't as "pure" as I thought (previous post). It had a reggae feeling in it~
This song was only... okay... -__- it didn't really amaze me in any way because the standars for 2012 is REAALLYY high right now, especially after T-ara's Lovey dovey, MBLAQ's It's war, B.A.P's Warrior and now Block B's NalinA.

Btw did he say "Hello Biatch!" ? XD Lol! Hahahahah ;'D

Baby Yoseob!

OMG, look at this cute little baby!!

B2ST's Yoseob is just so cute! I mean, look at that little baby picture! It's funny how he almost has more of a babyface now then he did when he was a baby ^^ He didn't really have those BIG CHEEKS that I immidieatly start thinking of when I think of Yoseob O.o

This photo was posted on Yoseob's twitter with the text "Yoseob eating ricecakes."

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