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I don't really know how many of you guys here are manga/anime fans like I am buuut I wanted to share 4 anime, animes, anime's O.o that I'm currently watching :3 *long post*
Avatar the last airbender
It's not really anime (from Japan)... It's actually an American animated serie. But I'm drugging this right now, love the comedy and I've always been a sucker when it comes to the 4 elements. So I totally recommend it, it's only 61 episodes (divided into 3 "books" - seasons)
Naruto Shippuuden
Gah... ninjas... do I have to explain the awesomeness?! There are actually a lot of episodes and it's still ongoing. The first "season" has 220 ep and now the second one is up to 324 ep. It's... 544 ep total and it's not done yet. I can't even describe the nolifer in me ;w; Especially when you calculate the time I've spent watching this. But it's great, believe me .__________.
Soul eater
I haven't watched so many episodes but it seems promising so far :3
Ah~ Another awesome anime just like Naruto :3 It feels like it shifts a bit too much between "booring" and exciting. At some parts the plot doesn't seem to develope at all but all of a sudden action shows up everywhere and you just want to flip tables for hours... 
You can watch all of these anime on Animefreaktv but I'm currently watching Avatar HERE
Heh long post... but these are some series I'm watching right now >:3

Top 3 Running Man episodes!

I've probably mentioned this before but I'm a huuuge Running Man fan! I haven't really seen every episode they've released but I've probably seen around 90% of them. I had a hard time picking my top 3 favorite episodes of all time, because all of them are funny ;w; 

However if I had to chose: 
Ep 84-85: Guests - Big Bang
Ep 27: Guests -  TVXQ 
Ep 118: Guest - Choi Min Soo
Oh god this man </3 X''D 
There are A LOT of good episodes out there. All the episodes where Yong hwa (CN Blue), Tony Ahn (H.O.T) and Simon Dominic (Supreme Team) are guests in are really good as well. 
Here you have the Running Man episode list:

Running Man episode list 
And you can watch it online here:

Despicable Me 2 - Chinese & Korean

I saw the movie Despicable Me 2 yesterday together with my little sister and papa~ I saw a picture on fb where they "translated" some of the minions language:
I sat and waited so hard for the "Hana, Dul, Sae" part and I actually heard it ;''D They actually count to 3 on the first movie as well.
It begins at 0:28 
There were also a scene where they screamed "Gambai" (mean cheers in Chinese) but I couldn't find a clip -_-

The Stockholm syndrome

*sight*~ I'm currently reading a manga and this scene plopps up. It's a bit sad that Sweden or to be more specific Stockholm is famous for this =__= But yay they mentioned Stockholm!
Manga: Don't Cry girl [Click Here] It's actually really funny ;''D Haven't laughed this much for a manga 

Drama recommendation: Full House take 2

Finally! After 6 months I decided to watch this drama... when I were in Cyprus XD Totally ruined my vaccation but that's not the point. 

A lot of people (kpop fans...) know that Full House 2 is actually a remake of Full house, it's not a continuation of the first one, like I thought at the beginning.
To be honest I don't really know why they did a remake on this, I'm not saying that the drama was bad but it can never compete with the first one. Well of course nothing can compete with the original (if the original itself isn't bad). 
The drama had some good and bad stuff, I totally hate the main characters hair XD At least during the first 10 episodes, some things were a bit off and some questions were unanswered. However I was still hooked. They did a good remake considering the fact that Full house was kick ass and for the first time I wanted the main character to chose the good guy in the beginning instead of the douche -_- *surprise*
Yet it feels like they missed a bit of the concept/point. It should have revolve around the house and the marriage contract a bit more. Especially the marriage contract, it ended after.. what? 3-4 episodes? 
No matter how much I nag I actually liked this drama a lot. I really liked the actors and it gave some nostalgic feelings :3 You should go and watch Full House and then Full House take 2 if you haven't!! NAO! 

Jang Man Ok - Hwang Jung Eum
Lee Tae Ik - No Min Woo
Won Kang Hwi - Park Ki Woong
Yoo Seol Ah - Jin Se Ryeong
You can actually watch every episode on youtube CLICK HERE or on Viki's website CLICK HERE

Recommendation: Korean manhwa

At the beginning I wanted to write a big ass post but after a while I asked the question:

"Dude... would you even read this crap?" 
- Maybe, maybe not. 
Well that escalated quickly. First of all Korean manhwa is manga (you know the comic things with drawings) however they're called manhwa instead of manga (manga = japanese). Some of you may know this but I'm a huge Japan fan as well, I've read over... *wait a sec* 317 mangas/manwhas according to mangafox and that's an incorrect number, and I've seen over 16 animes (I'm currently watching Naruto and Bleach XD) 

Okay that text was a bit unnecessary but I really want to recomend Korean manhwas! I guess that most of our readers are Korea freaks so manhwa would be better suited for you guys? You know a lot of dramas are usually based on manhwas or mangas and as we all know the books are often better, compared to the movie/drama. 

Some drama based on manhwa/manga:

Boys over flowers - Hana yori dango (manga)
Playful kiss - Itazura na kiss (manga)
To the beautiful you - Hana kimi (manga)
Princess hours - Goong (manhwa)
Full house - Full house (manhwa)
Well these were some of them. Seriously if you don't have anything to do then reeeaaadd!! Well it isn't read - read, like normal books. It's an awesome feeling and everthing just... flows~ 
Websites that I recommend: 
* Mangafox
* Mangahere
* Mangareader

You don't really need to create an account but it'll be easier to keep track on your mangas, see if they're updated or even bookmark on the page you were on. They usually have an advance search or something similiar where you can choose manhwas.

The categories are pretty similiar to fan fictions.
A tip I have for beginners is to: 
* Read one shots! (one shots are manga/manhwas with only 1 chapter, duhh.. XD) you have to practice a bit on the picture order. It's a bit tricky but you'll get the hang of it. 
So go out and read my fellow friends!  Use your brain! X''''D Wouldn't mind if there were some manga/anime nerds out there who wants to start a nerdy conversation :3
No.. oh.. okay... 
And yeah... it turned out to be a big ass post after all. >_>

You're Beautiful Actors-Style [Eye Candy wannabe]

Just finished the drama "You're Beautiful" in 4 days.. Haha I'm in love!!! With Shinwoo (aka Yong Hwa from CNBlue ^^)



Not really eye candy.. but I still enjoy watching these gifs ^^

Swedish TV Tonight!


Probably going to watch Rush Hour 3 as well.. Someone else staying up to watch these movies? ^^

Movie Recomendation: New Police Story

Firstly I just want to say watch this movie! Secondly it's not a Korean one. I thought it was an English movie but boy if I were wrong... The awkward part is that I've seen this movie 2 times before XD It's a chinese movie (not mandarin but cantonese)
Wow... that was a really sucky description...It's more like "The one setting the traps are some teens who doesn't know what to do with their lifes so they decide to play a game with human life instead" 
Yeah the main actor is  Jackie Chan my #1 actor of all time! :3 OuO
One thing I noticed is that my Chinese sucks balls... I could only underestan 70% of all the things they said but I should underestand 100% -___-
But I really recomend you guys to watch this movie:
And this is where I found both of my Idon'tknowwhattocallthem.... Daniel Wu and  Nicholas Tse. I should totally go all in on chinese people Bo XD HAHAHAHAHAHAH . . . 

Movie Recomendation: 71 Into the fire

Yesterday me and Bo sat there like two... nobodys and watched this movie together. I've actually been thinking about watching this movie for a long time now (mainly because of T.O.P) but I've always been pushing it aside.
Lol they didn't even write T.O.P's real name, just T.O.P XD 
To be honest this isn't a happy-go-lucky movie.. there will be tears, blood and a lot of *dudududududnk* sounds but it must be one of the best "war movies" I've ever seen. The fact that this is based on a true story made the whole thing just asdfghjkl~ It's hard to describe the awesomness about this movie without spoiling it so just watch it if you aren't sensitive when it comes to blood.
My picture of T.O.P is somehow weird now. Because he doesn't look like a kpop idol in my eyes anymore XD And it's sick how they managed to make him look so young in the movie. It was released only 2 years ago! He has lost a lot of weight since then.. I mean, his face used to be more... babyfaced ;3
But I'm really amazed that 71 student soldiers fought against hundreads of North Korean elite soldiers for 11 freaking hours!! Until the backup came. Respect! 

Movie Recomendation: High School Debut

The movie is actually based from the manga (with the same name) I hesitated a lot but I finally decided to read it and it must be one of the most sweetest manga I've ever read ;w; I'm like FINALLY a girl who doesn't cry every chapter because she's afraid of losing the guy or some crap XD *harsh*

I'm like asdfghjkl y u so pretty *___* you know what I was actually a "Japan freak" before I turned into a Korean stalker. Well the word was may be a bit misleading, I'm still a japanese freak but I don't really show it XD
Back to the movie... to make it simple: If you've read the manga and haven't seen the movie yet it'll literally suck. The plot jumps here and there compared to the manga. But! It's a good movie if you haven't read the manga yet. The acting was really awkward at the beginning and I couldn't really, how do you say it... get used to the girls excessive acting but you got used to it *cough after 1 hour cough* but I really liked the guy! He gave that "Yoh feeling" from the manga but he should've been a bit more shy XD I'm like bombing everything I can over here ;'D
They should've made it into a drama instead, then the timeline of story wouldn't be so bad compared to the manga and they would've been able to capture a lot of moments but as I said it wasn't bad for a movie.
Congratulations if you've read this far but I'm not done yet >:3 the movie had some random parts that would crack you up as hell hahahahahahaha *flashback* XD It was so freaking random but I loved it! Especially that Engrish teacher "Harruuunnaaaa Look at me! Look at meeeee~"
;D just watch it, you wont regret it, even if you aren't into Japanese things (*movies, manga, style, music) just watch it and give it a try ^__^ I really liked the song, have to search for it :O

Drama recomendation: IS - Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei

Recently I saw a Japanese drama called *pointing up* It was quiet short, only 10 ep but it was still good ^^ The next one on my list is to watch "To The Beautiful You" but I'm waiting for the drama to be completed and facebook is torturing me with sweet pictures T__T
The drama is actually based on a manga (with the same name) so you can always read it ^^ I really like the idea behind the story it was something meaningful compared to other drama/movies I've seen. However the drama itself was only OK. It only kept you entertained at some parts. I was a bit disappointed on the ending as well ... =__= And that mom... jesus! One of the most psyched characters I've even seen O___O I would've ditched her as fast as I could XD
But I really do recomend this drama if you don't have anything else to watch. Not an amazing one but it works ^__^

Dimple Couple shares their first kiss [WGM]

I'm not the biggest We Got Married fan. But I do like some of the clips on youtube xD But now that Lee Joon will be there.. I honestly don't know if it makes me want to see the show even more or just not at all -.-' Haha, but I guess it's good for my future husband to practice a little before we get married ^3^

Anywho, the Dimple Couple (Lee Teuk and Kang Sora) said their goodbyes in the last episode as the dimple couple. Because I don't know anything, here is what Allkpop had to say:

The two spent their last moments together at the “dimple house” where they went through their photos, items, and wedding album. Leeteuk surprised viewers with his attempt to kiss Sora on the cheek. He failed at first, seeming shy and hesitant, and Sora responded, “Why didn’t you?” He was later successful, however, giving her a smooch right on the lips.

Love how she just let her hands fall down, just standing there. Naaaw, and they were crying T_T. Well, they had a good run!! xD

Taeyeon (SNSD) - Closer [OST 'To the Beautiful You']

So beautiful! But I couldn't eatch the MV because it has to many spoilers -.-' And I honestly feel like I should see this drama because I fangirl over so many gifs from this drama ^^ And I don't even know what happens!! I mean, I got the idea, but I want to know everything! xD

But anywho, this song is so emotional and slow and so much better than SNSD's PV "All My Love is for You". That was another slow song.. but not as good as this one. This one was really amazing!! Even though I have no clue of what she sang about ^^

Movie Recomendation: 7 Days

It feels like I always recomend action/horror movies XD Should watch some romance too...
But this time it's a good one! :D
Firstly this isn't really a horror movie, more like a crime one. If you can watch CSI without any problems then you can watch this one as well :3
I really like the movie, it had a lot of twist were you could never guess who the bad guy was that's why I love it! You would've never expected that the "person" actually was the one behind everything and the motive was unexpected as well.
You can watch the whole movie on youtube CLICK HERE the quality is really good and you don't have to click for the next part either.!
And if you don't underestand what actually happened click here, scroll down and read the long comment XD
REALLY RECOMEND THIS ONE!!!~ :D Do anyone out there have a good movie recomendation? My "must see list" is empty soon (I want a Korean one ^^)


Movie Recomendation: Kiss Me Kill Me

I downloaded some Korean movies while I sat on the train yesterday and one of them was Kiss Me Kill Me~
Ohohoh this movie was a bit unpredictable if I have to be honest (they usually don't) so they almost got me for a while XD But it was reeeeaaally good :O You will seriously love their awkward relationship. It's so sweet but... awkward XD I started to cry on the train to hahahahahahaha XD Damn...

Well I just forgot everything I wanted to write here but it is a really good movie so watch it o__o

Movie Recomendation: Unstoppable Marriage

Ohh I saw this one a long time ago it's AWESOME!!!! :D
There's a movie and a drama but I've only seen the movie (you can see both of them on
It's a great movie and the characters are lovely. The mom may be a bitch but her character was probably the most awesome one in the movie! She'll make you laugh from the beginning till the end, especially with her T.O.P "Shit..." (For you who don't know what I mean watch Big Bang's parody on Boys Over Flowers)
Watch it goddammit! You won't regret it! Or maybe you will...
 The trailer seem to be a bit slow but you can still watch it ^o^ Aww I wanna see it again~

The first episode of "To The Beautiful You" out

I hate watching drama when it isn't finninshed because I can't handle the torture of waiting every week + that "hype mode" will eventually disappear because I want to see everything directly. I don't like to wait a whole week -.-

If you wanna see the first ep CLICK HERE~

Oh right I haven't mentioned this before but I'll once again leave my pretty room and go to another city, lower down on le Swden~ So I won't be able to publish "live" posts, gonna give all the responsibility to BO now XD I'm going August 17th (Friday) and will be back after 5 days... AMAGOD SCHOOL WILL BEGIN BY THEN!!! O_____________________________O
But I have done posts that will come up during these 5 days ^^ The contest will also end August 18th 23:59 Swedish time, so you can still participate ^3^
Oh that's Kai OuO


To The Beautiful You - Clips

Found the 4th teaser with eng subs so enjoy ;D
Once again that toilet scene <333 I really want to see it ;w; ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT!!! :O
Lol looks like Kikwang and D.O XD
Lastly I saw that "To The Beautiful You" uploaded a 9 minutes long preview on their page. The quality isn't that good but you can at least watch it... However I don't dear/wanna do it, I want to wait till the release day insted :3 *proud smile* XD

To The Beautiful You - Pictures~

Wait.a.minute... is that Tao?! O___O It looks like Tao... Why is he there? adkjgnadjk Someone? XD
I saw that Julien Kang is in the drama as well :O I know exactly what you're thinking "How the heck can HE be in a Korean drama?! O_O" For you who didn't know Julien Kang is an actor/model, he's half French and half Korean so that explains the whole thing.
His role in this drama is Jae Hee's (Sulli's) protective brother. I bet that a lot of people will be mindfucked on this one hahaha XD


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