Day 30: Anything you want to say to 2PM?

It's time... >:D (- Twilight) Hhahahahaha I'm such a movie freak ;__;

As a crazy fan:

Nah just kidding hahaha well ehh... I said that I wanted to write this one in peace but what the hell can you write?
Well take care of yourself and don't get hurt. Trust and support each other, never change (not cloths xD) and be the dorky 2PM every HOTTEST loves. Don't disband or die (!!) during these 3 years because I'll go to Korea when I turn 18 and THEN I'll see one of your performances, I seriously doubt that you'll come to Sweden -.-
Keep fighting! Saranghe! <3

As a normal person:
You've fought a lot and I really respect you guys. Every group goes through hardships and you're one of them but you're still in the top. The reason why I enjoy seeing you guys is becuase you've fulfilled my dream. Don't be sad over Jay, he's fine and you guys are going forward. He'll always be 2PM's truthful leader :)



I'm sorry but I LOVE this one:

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I remember when I saw it on their show, my gosh! XD
My dear little Chansung hit the record!!! MEHEHEHEHEHEEH!!!

Day 29: A gift you’d give 2PM and why

Myself . . .

Nahh, I would probably make a "phone" chain/bling-bling/doll thing that looks like them. So each and every one of them have something from me ^0^


Saw these but I meant something like this:

For example: The ultimate Chansung doll... XD

Such a no lifer...

Day 28: Your favourite body part of your bias


No just kidding but...
If I say the abs - it's to normal
If I say his mouth - you'll be like WTF?
(and then I mean the voice)

This is a really annoying question *sight*
Well face counts in body right? XD If that's so then my answer is...........
His (smile) lips (hahha lol X'D)  :)



It's ehh... thin and beautiful o.o


I thought my computer died XD When I visited a page a heard a dudududududdsodfjandsglkjn!!

My brain: Ohh man, now you've done it...
My conscious: Nooo what happened? Poor computer... poor me... poor school
My body: Error

But apparently the site had one of those ipod thing so the song Stay - MBLAQ was playing and it starts with that wierd dududunk ddududunk thing


Day 27: A member you’d date

It's really hard because you want to date everyone, righ?! O_O
But there's two guys that I'm thinking about

A. Nichkhun
B. Wooyoung

We've all seen that oh-so-pretty-adorable-cute side of Nichkhun but I don't know I also like Wooyoung. They are so cuuuuttee o3o

Meee soo empty, also emptyyyy!!! (<-- have you seen angry managment XD that soong...)

But my anwer will be ............................................
*5 minutes later*



I seriously want to go out with Nichkhun too (<-- I don't know but that sounded sooo wrong Ò_ó)
But it feels... to catchy/cheesy/normal/totally-of-course if I chose him because everyone wants to go out with the sweet Thai-prince but I want Wooyoung and his dorkyness, he also said that he likes younger girl sooo ^_-

Raaaaapeee x2


Day 26: A member you’d go to the club with

I've been waiting for this question for a long time....

TAECYEON!!! That's my answer!

Taecyeon = EPIC it feels like if I go out clubbing with him, there'll be a day I won't forgett.
Lol... I've been "waiting" for this question and this is how I answer it -.-





Arnold schwarzenegger... HAHAHAHAH

Uhh... O__O

And parteeeeyy~~

Day 25: A member you’d place the “I love you” game with


WITH THEM!!!! Hahahahahhahahaahahaha X'D
It's not a member, It's members
It's amazing how they don't laugh, I've seen this 31483187 times but I crack up every time.
poor Taecyeon U_U
The 1:34 are totally worth watching!

Day 24: A member you’d kiss

O_____o . . .

kiss ey...
Do they mean that ohh-so-deep-kiss-on-the-mouth-/almost-making-out or just a plain kiss on the mouth?
Well I guess they mean the first one :K *naughty naughty*

Ohh that was a hard one TT__TT
I just pictured myself kissing every single member from 2PM and I did sooo not fit with Junsu and Taecyeon it looked awkward (in my head) XD Lol...
But the one that actually looked okay was with Junho, dunno...

So that's the answer I would kiss Junho because it looked good in my head HAHAHAHHAHA not because I want to...
The plus is that he also look like Rain hohoho




Yahh seriously O_o
Love the way he smiles! >w<

Day 23: Your favourite 2PM dance battle

Say wuuuuuuttt! Nahh just kidding. The one I saw wasn't really a dance battle... it actually was, my bad...

You can feel the perviness grow inside you hahahaha!
I was like ohh what are they gonna do now, and BAM they took their shirt off *__* I was literally waiting for them to rip the shirt off and Jay just made my day. However it was a shame that the whole group didn't do it TT__TT

Personally I think that 2PM won over SHINee, their dance was more bad-ass and SHINee danced the H.O.T (group) dance. The creepy group that gave me nightmares e___e
You can read it here X'D

Ohh Chansung looks so CUUUUTEE!!!~~ ;D

2PM never disapoints you...

The funny thing is that Joon from MBLAQ is probably the only one with the "flashing-abs" (<-- my version of honey abs) in MBLAQ and everyone is like OH MY GAWD!!! HIS ABS, BUTTER, EGGS, NOW! LET ME LICK IT!!! Or something...
But everyone from 2PM has ABS, but everyone is like ohh how pretty... or Haawtt!
That's it?

I'm like



Day 22: Your favourite 2PM cover of an American song

This group doesn't make any freaking covers -.- I just found one English cover and I loved it, seriously. But I somehow hate it -.-'
I got dissapointed when it came to "split" the parts. Junsu sang the whole freaking song. I wanted to hear Junho a bit more.
But Chansung took the price he only repeated "and it's only because of you" 4 times, in matter of fact not even 4 times he didn't even have the chance to say "of you" on the fourth time so that makes it 3 -.-

His voice didn't sound that good either, his voice was to "light" like Justin Biebers XD but I just wanted to listen and see how he sings in English TT__TT

Two reactions:


Cover: Because of you - Ne Yo

Bad quality, Great sound

Day 21: Your favourite tweet by a 2PM member

I don't really have any "favourites" but I checked Nickhuns twitter a while ago. And I'm like STOP WRITING IN THAI!!! TT___TT Then I read Junsu's STOP WRITING IN KOREAN!!! TT__TT Hate it... feel like a lost donkey ass ... ?!

Well I collected some favourites that Nichkhun tweeted ^^

He's so sweet >w< Loved that wierd cheesy tweet XD
He and that goddammit t-shirt hahahahahahahahha ;D You made my day...

Get the job = Free coffee + free T-shirt
Like you don't have a life already -.-'

Day 20: A 2PM song that reminds you of someone/something


I don't really want to write anything long but this is the song... and together with the "MV" (It's actually a movie called Blind, I really want to see it, Haven't found it yet. I've searched for it... ehh for 4 months?) It gives me a special connection to the subject blind... not because of my sight -.-

The little guy is pretty cute ^^
Ahh.. the laugh at the end kills me! I WANT TO SEE IT GODAMMIT!

This movie is about a girl who was a police officer. She lost her job because she was involved in a car accident and lost her eyesight and her brother's life. Now, the other police officers are trying to find witnesses of the accident. The girl said that she was picked up by a cab after the accident, whilst the witness (pizza delivery) said it was not a cab but a car.The 3 of them set off to find the car.The girl then finds out that she is stalked by a mysterious man. /Youtube

Day 19: Your favourite 2PM interview

Interview?... It's not like I'm sitting and google their interviews... maybeeee O_o *sight* Then let's do it!
Well I found one ^^ I've uploaded something similiar to this I think it was the "opening" NG or something. But this is a pretty funny interview but a sad one as well:

Jay *English* - Hello I'm Jay
Nickhun *English* - I'm Khun
Chansung *BAM Korean* - I'm Chansung
Me: !"¤!#"%? O_o

HAHAHAHAHA Breaking the chain Chansung ;D

It was pretty sad somehow when they said that some of the members went on a diet. Sure I shouldn't be chocked but my Chansung was apparently one of them and had a haircut.
"But he's much sexier now, right?"
- Taecyeon
Well what to do, they have fought their way up. The funny thing was also when they tried to describe themselves

Jay: A lonong and deep story
Khun: A looong and deep story
Wooyoung: A looong and sweet story
Junho: Natural! <--- His only word XD

Day 18: Your favourite 2PM cover of a song*

Okey I know I suck but I didn't find anything so instead I will entertain you with a dance practice ^^


First you were like ohh a perfect practice I see... just keep watching then..

The first fail - Junho drops his mike but cover it nicely (REALLY GOOD...)
The second fail - Junsu dance the wrong steps
Third fail - Taecyeon became a camera whore
Fourth fail - Jay suddenly plopps out
1235124436 fail - Jay crawls on the floor, Chansung jumps, Junho have ADHD syndrome, Taecyeon doing I-don't-know-what, Junho takes his shirt off, Wooyoung is sticking/climbing on the wall and Nichkhun is standing in a bitchy position and thinks "not again..."


Day 18: Your favourite 2PM cover of a song

I'll make this one and 19 tomarrow, have to listen to their covers...

Day 17: Your favourite 2PM CF

I haven't really seen so many CF's with 2PM. The first one was their Paris Baguett, Oh my hahahahahahahaha!
It was pretty lame but gosh the music was catchy - Marry, Marry Christmas!


However I prefer these behind the scenes, they seem funnier. My first one was with Taecyeon and Nichkhun, and boi I didn't mind at all... they were beautiful...
But I really liked Lotte Duty Free Shop CF (making) The 6 village idiots XD

Somewere at 1:49 Junho say Jack Sparrow WEEEEHOOO 8D
Love how Taecyeon fake pukes and all of a sudden an emotionless Chansung shows up and pat his back X'3

Day 16: Your favourite 2PM lyric and it’s meaning

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hands up! - Party every night, it's too early X'D
Ohh they have a lot of songs but there's two that I really like. Only you and Thank you. But it feels like I should pick Thank you because the song is dedicated for us... HOTTEST! <3 WEEEEY!!~~ Saranghe 2PM ;D

That's probably it... I love the beginning when all the fans are singing and then BOOM the beautiful piano comes and that sweet voice of Junho shows up
The lyrics is really beautiful

I didn’t know I was going to tell you like this
No words were enough
I couldn’t say anything
I was so thankful
I didn’t know what to do

Why do you like me
Why do you choose me among so many people
What I could do for you is so lacking
So I made this song for you

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

I know how difficult it is
to live while loving me

But you keep standing in that place
without any change
Just for me

Why don’t you turn around
It must be so tiring for you, why do keep loving me
I didn’t know how to repay you again
So I made this song

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

That heart of yours,
The tears you cried,
All that, I.won’

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

I wasn’t able to do anything for you,
But you just keep on giving without stopping

So I thank you thank you thank you
and I love you love you love you

Because of the love you gave me,
I’m standing here like this

YOU ARE DOING A LOT MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!! A crazy hottest coming through! TT_____TT
So we thank you, thank you 2PM
And we love you, love you ^^

Mihihihih This is for my hottest ;D I feel like a 110% geek right now

Day 15: Your most played 2PM song

I've already showed you guys 2 pictures. The most played one is Hands up xD However their japanese song I'm your man has been played over 85 times in a week, so it's a record...

It feels like I have nothing to write about becuase I already wrote pretty much everything about hands up yesterday. So...
Let's just entertain ourselves with some macros/funny picture from 2PM >:D
Btw it's so sweet that every member from 2PM support Junsu's solo debut. Everyone hope for the best! FIGHTING JUNSU!!~~ Omma is proud over you (How do you say it Umma? Ummah, Omah? -.- Well I say omma...)

Chansung TT___TT

Eww..                                                                                Oh my... *looks around* .... *smiles like a perv*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! WTF! Why is that man standing over there X'D

Me in the summer...

Day 14: A 2PM song you never get tired of

I nevet get tired of their song, love all of them >//>
but there's one song that I'll NEVER get tired of...
put your hands up put your hands up pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-put your hands up and get you drinks up

This must be the MOST AWESOME song and video everrrr!!
Their cloths xD Especially Chansung... They have two different outfits one where he have a red jacket and another one where he has the most UGGLIEST jacket I've ever seen T_T It looks like an old rag from ... ****** ...


A funny thing that happened a few days ago when I hade badminton tournament, I played with a guy I was not familiar with but it turned up that he was pretty awesome and hillarious ;'D

He - YEAH BITCHES SCORE FOR US! <-- screams it

Me - YEAH! PUT YOU HAAAAAANDDSS UUPPPP!!!!! <--- screaming again

He - Do what?

Me - Nothing... *looks around*


The reason why I like korean songs is because of their "messages". Amercian songs right now is more like "party-sex-drugs-weeehooo-I wanna die"
However korean songs have a "meaning" especially when you look up for the lyrics. But I'm doubting with hands up HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Korean songs can be beautiful but they can also be so freaking RANDOM!

Day 13: A 2PM dance you’d like to learn

Put your hands up WEEHEEEYYYY!!! Hahahahahahah XD Thay don't even have a choreography ;D I think...
A dance... I'll be back is cool O__O or without you!!! That OK sign X'D Lol..

But I want to learn Heartbeat. I LOVE that hansicap/trash-doll dance

It's hard to drw those OKEY?! I don't remeber the name of these dolls -.- I searched for trash dolls and Barbie dolls showed up hahahahahaha! :'D Barnie... 8D
Well but I hope that you get the point. That's why I want to learn the Heartbeat dance,
Listen to my heartbeat it's waiting for you~~ na na na


Day 12: Your favourite 2PM photoshoot

Are you kidding? What photoshoot?!

I've only seen one photoshoot and that is from Wild Bunny, but it was the most funniest photoshoots ever X'D
Everyone looked like... idiots except Nichkhun *__*
Let me just show you in pictures!
BEFORE I do that I should explain (for you who's already read about this when I wrote it on the first day can skip it) 2PM was in a show called Wild Bunny and they had a photoshoot were they could chose which theme they wanted. Because in every photoshoot they have, there's always instructions on how you should look, expression etc. but this time they chose EVERYTHING and some of them... were disasters hahahahahah XD








It was hard to find any pictures on Junho, so this is the only one... >_<


Taecyeon wasn't there unfortunelly...

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