Day 29 - A post dedicated to Key

I'm too lazy too write down things right now.. But Diva, that's the word popping up.
Let me just express my feelings through pictures!

Ohh hahahahahahahahahah!


You're just awesome!

Sorry had to post this pic up hahahaha XD It was this one I talked about ^^

BTW! It's a special day today muhahahaha!

Day 28 - A post dedicated to Taemin

Right, I was the one taking over this challenge...

Taemin... Taemin.. Taemin.... .                  .                      .

Well you were one of the 2342435 reasons why I started to listen to kpop. It was becuase of that zebra t-shirt you had during the dance version of Lucifer. end!

Well little boy, you're growing ^^ two words. Be careful. There's a lot of peddo noonas out there... we can say that I'm reading *cough* one *cough* blog *cough cough*... chesus I think I'm getting sick... *cough* XD
Take care of yourself and don't feed Onew.
The whole macro-world is getting overfull with Onew and his chicken XD

thiz iz whut I mean!

I feel like one of those über pervs everytime I search for some kpop celebrities/groups. In every picture they stare, and look right into your soul...~

Day 27 - A post dedicated to Minho

Well wo-ho B.R.A here.. such a surprise -.-'
BO is finally studying, now he know what kind of hell I'm going through -.- He said that I should take over the 30 days of SHINee, so here I am!

Okey a post dedicated to Minho. I always thought that he where the shy type. Doing nothing and saying nothing.
But after seeng some pictures and clips everything changed!
Keep beeing a awesome rapper and one day you'll find that it... and be a good boi~

Take some breaks because all of us Shawols see how tired you guys are but you're still doing 12435 concerts. So take care of your health and don't suffer while doing all of these kinds of things, you should enjoy it and not see it as a duty you have to do ^^

Enjoy your dream and be happy~


Day 26 - A post dedicated to Onew

Onew.. my chicken lover ^^
You're so funny, just being your self. Don't know if you're actually trying or if that's just the way you are. However I love you! You actually make me laugh. Hahahaha and your Onew condition.. Priceless!!!!

I love your voice! Seriously.. when I hear SHINee songs, I can immediately tell wich voice is yours. You and Jonghyun are the two that I can really hear in your songs. It's sad, but I have to concentrate to hear any diffrence at all between Key and Taemin.

Does Minho even sing? But I do know when he raps ^^ Hahaha, anywho, back to Onew.

I just love your personality. Okey, haha is there anything I don't love??? ^^
I'll just end this post like I did with the one before. WITH MACROS!!

Day 25 - A post dedicated to Jonghyun

OH MAAAA GOD!!! I've been waiting for this day for like.. 25 days now!!! ^^

Where to start..
Well, I love you, let's start there. You're freakin' gorgeous and your voice *giggles* makes me smile. Have you guys heard JoJo? And in the beginning when he sings. (*^^*)

Anywho. You are one of the main reasons I want to go to Korea. If only I could see you once. ONCE, and I would be happy. Just the thought of being in the same room as you makes me blush. Hahahaha I know, lame, right? But it's true.

And your personality! You're sooo funny, and sooo wierd. Hahaha love your expressions ^^
And your smile.. it's to die for!

One day my friend, our eyes will meet, and we'll fall for eatch other. Just so you know ;)

haha. No, but Jonghyun fighting!!!!
Now, here are some photos of him ♥

Funny expressions ^^

Day 24 - The SHINee member you would want as your brother

This one is very hard.

Okey, so Key would be very fun to have as a brother. I mean, just imagine going out shopping with him. It would be like having a best friend as your brother!

Then we have Onew. He would also be a great big brother. He seems very mature, but yet very funny! You know, just an awsome guy you would want to hang out with.

Minho. I don't know.. he might not be my ideal brother. But I guess.. why not? He's funny, cute and can rap ^^ I feel bad though. I like him alot, but maybe not as my brother..

Taemin. Hahahhaha he would be like my cute little big brother ^^ But he's maybe to cute. I mean, I don't want to get feelings for my older brother. That would just be wierd O.o Hahaha, so no. He's cute, funny and just.. %¤"#!" hahaha. But no ^^

And last but surely not least, Jonghyun. NEVER EVER would I want to have him as an older brother. First of all, just being in the same house. I would go crazy! I would never let him go, and that's not a very healthy realationship to have with your brother ^^ So, noo!!!!!!!!!! Not ever..

So a lot of text, and no desicion. But I gues that it would be Key ;D

Day 23 - Your favorite SHINee collab performance with any other K-Pop band/artist

Hahaha, if you've followed this blog for a while now, you might have seen a video I posted with pretty much every guy group performing a girl groups song ^^. Well, this is SUJU and SHINee performing Girls Generation's song Gee!!!!

Gosh.. so cuuute! However, I know that it's only Taemin and Minho in this video, so I'll show you anotherone as well ;)

The first time I saw this was... 5minutes and 30 secounds ago ^^ Haha, But I really liked it! This is fan service! ^^ However the great performance, I wanted to see Jonghyun dance TT.TT. But I think it might have been because he had an injury that he was stuck in the cage. I don't know, but I've seen other videos of him just sitting in the corner and singing because of the injury.
But as I said, I don't know ^^

, and a last one. This is Key from SHINee, Lee Joon and Mir from MBLAQ and SUJU's Shindong performing 4minute's muzik ^^ And let me just say, Key is freakin' hot!

Day 22 - Your favorite SHINee interview

Well, I don't really have a favorite, but I'll show you some of the ones I like :D

Taemins aegyo!!! (*^^*)
And why does every korean (ok, not everyone but alot of them) like noonas? I mean.. is that something cultural?
Because if it is, then I don't have a slightest chance with Lee Joon T.T

HAHAHAHAH, found a comment on youtube:

Hahahahhahaha, and if you look at their faces ^^ It totally fits!
Well they are human. So it would'nt surprise me at all. But of course it's pretty darn embarrassing to get a question like that ^^

Day 21 - Your favorite SHINee couple pairing with any other K-Pop star

Day 21 - Your favorite SHINee couple pairing with any other K-Pop star.

This question is the only reason why I have'nt been posting anything in this category. Why? Well, I don't know any pairings besides the ones within the group. So day 21, go scr*w your self. Hahaha, no but I'm not doing this one. Just for your information ;)

But today, I'll post day 22. So stay tuned!

Day 20 - Your favorite SHINee moment

LOL.. wtf.. lol?? YES, LOL!!! hahahaha, I love all SHINee moments (how can you not??) But there is some I really can't stop enjoying.

Is it wierd if I like.. get excited? Don't lie!!! You get excited to, right?!?!?!?!?!?! (*^^*) Gosh... Key is such a camwhore!! But a very sexy one (A) And Taemin.. hehe *pervy laugh*

They're all just soooooo cute!!!!!!!! And look at 00:56. Naaw, a TaeKey moment ♥

Day 19 - The funniest SHINee member

Well.. *sigh* I don't know.. They're all funny. Actually Taemin is just cute, Minho's hot and Key is sexy. So I guess it would have to be between Jonghyun and Onew. Aww, Onew condition and all od Jonghyuns facial expressions ^^

Hahaha, and with the background music. Gosh, it's kinda scary. In the beginnen he's like. Dude.. I know you took my chicken ^^

And last but not least, just funny moments with SHINee :D

They have much better "funny moments", but this is the one I could find. So enjoy!!

Day 18 - The best dancer in SHINee

Well.. this is a hard one. NOT!!!! Hahahaha, ofcourse it's taemin. His not the lead dancer for nothing you know ^^

Ouf, the beginning.. HOT!! (*^^*)
He's a very sexy dancer, for all of you who did not notice that ^^

Day 17 - Your favorite variety show cut of Jonghyun

Hahahaha, he's saying "BACKWARDS! I'M FALLING BACKWARDS!!!" ^^ And do you hear his voice while saying it? ^^ "Sigh" Jonghyun, Jonghyun, Jonghyun (*^^*)

But hey, what'd you expect from my man? *B'tchy voice* ^^ ahahah

Hahah "Is this the kind of reality you all wanted?!"

The three last clips was from "Hello Baby"
I reeeeeeeaaally have to see this show!!!

Day 16 - Your favorite variety show cut of Onew

Hahahaha Onew is just awsome!!!! ^^ I like him... (*^^*)

OMG!!! when he sings the girls part, and then all of a sudden he starts singing like that guy.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! :D

He dropped his mic, tried to catch it and....??? ^^ 

And you might have seen this one before on SHINee misstakes, but it's just so damn funny!!! ^^ However we all know that his voice is to good to be true. When he fails (but in a funny way) it only shows that he is human as well :P

Day 15 - Your favorite variety show cut of Taemin

I have said it before, and I'm going to say it once more. I have not seen any variety shows of SHINee. So I just pick some random clips that I like ^^

Naaaaaw, ahhahaha so cute!
Translation from youtube: 

"I am SHINee's maknae, and is in charge of cuteness"

Then he does aegyo and there are noona's screaming "Oh How Cute"

You go girl!!! I mean... boy ^^ hahaha naaah, just kidding. But well done!!! He got that other guy down in like 3 seconds!! ^^

I'll end with this video. And truth is, he is veeeery cute! Don't you think? haha (*^^*)

And at 00:35, I was like.. Minho and a girl? wait a minute... OOOOHHHHH!!!!
Hhahahahhaha ^^

btw.. this video reminds me alot of my and B.R.A's MBLAQ kkaeal player teaser video. You know... becuase of the song in the background :P

Day 14 - Your favorite variety show cut of Key

As I said before, I haven't seen any variety shows of SHINee. So I'll just put up some funny clips on him ^^

Hahahaha Mir at 00:18 ^^ But Key.. our favorit diva!!! Dang, he sure can dance to girl songs. Haha, and the crazy thing is that he looks while sexy doing it!!!

OKEY.. this one was not funny, but it was just sooooooo cute!!!!!
I really need to see this show!

Day 13 - Your favorite variety show cut of Minho

Weeell.. haven't seen so many variety shows of SHINee. Actually.. I have not seen even one variety show starring SHINee ^^ So I decided to just pick som random youtube-clips of Minho :P


(Before the comments Taemin says "Woo I have so much I want to say") Then:

Taemin: You're way to tall!

Minho: While Hyung was growing what were you doing?! (Saying Taemin is young)

Taemin: I can still grow taller! (He's saying that Minho is old)

Day 12 - The very first SHINee song you listened to

I can still remember this one. B.R.A had just started to tell me about this thing called K-POP. She then showed me some songs, Oh yeah by MBLAQ and Ring Ding Dong by SHINee.

My reaction:
1. Ring ding dong? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, wtf?? Koreans are wierd.
2. Well.. there wasn't any second reaction. I just decided to not listen to K-POP. I mean.. Oh yeah? Ring Ding Dong? hahaha. But then when I heard 2pm's Hands up I started to give my attention to K-POP. And before you knew it, I was hooked! I mean.. It's a very big part of my life now? Hahaha, and this just happened a couple of week ago!!!!

So.. to the point. The first SHINee song I ever heard was Ring Ding Dong. The song I thought was a joke became one of the songs I can't stop listening to ^^

Day 11 - Your favorite SHINee music video

Gosh.. I bet everyone think's that I'll take Lucifer. Truth is that Lucifer is probably their best MV. But that would be sooo boring! Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong is like the only song's I've used in 30 days of SHINee :(

You know what that means? That means that I'm not going to pick Lucifer. Nope, I'm going to pick... Hello.
Why? Well..

Reason 1: They are soooo freakin' cute in this mv!!!!!
Reason 2: It kinda has a story in it.
Reason 3: Jonghyun.. my SHINee bias, looks sooooooo good in this MV!!
Reason 4: This MV can actually make me blush (*^^*)

Day 10 - Your favorite SHINee couple/pairing

That would have to be between JongKey and 2min. Actually.. JongTae is also veeery cute! But JongKey would probably win this one. Maybe it's because I've seen so many macros of them, or maybe it's not? Haha, because I've seen macros of Jonghyun and Taemin as well ^^

So the reason is probably just that they look so cute together!!!

Hahahhaha, Key totally flirting with Jonghyun! ^^ 

And wtf is this?? ^^

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