Nu'est comeback!

It's official now! Nu'est will have their comeback:
2 weeks left!

I can't belive that...

Before I start here I usually have a thread between the title and my text here so if you think that my way of starting a text is weird then read the title first... Okay back to *poiting up*
... NU'EST actually have over 11 million viewes on FACE O__O
I'm like when the heck did this happen?!?!? 11 million, not even... yeah I can't really come up with anything. 
Oh oh!! Not even EXO's MAMA has that many views *only 8 milllion..* and it feels like EXO's fanbase is somehow bigger than NU'ESTs. But this is amazing, whatever you guys did good job (y) However I'm a bit sad that they aren't nominated for anything in MAMA =__= Not even the rookie award.
Btw I love this war between all the EXOTICS, Baby's and NU'EST fans (L.O.V.E) because of MAMA XD 

NU'EST facts [part 2/2]

A few days ago I made a part 1, and you can read it here~
So let's continue with part numero dos ^3^
Lol I bet that 85% of the fangirls somehow gave up on Aron now. Pfft... innocent my ass we fangirls must probably be one of the most dirty minded people on this planet XD
On the other hand I believe that when Aron's fans decreased, Baekho's fans increased instead ;'D
Daaaaaamn O___O  I hope that the room is a big ass one... 5 people in 1 room isn't little...


NU'EST facts [part 1/2]

Daamn these facts are hard to do ;w; especially the picture ajdfabsjdf TT^TT After sitting here for I don't know how long, here you have some of them... btw the background picture for the facts is an animated version of their "Face" album cover, they're so pretty even if they're animated OuO
They should make a manga with these character kekeke >:3

NU'EST - Not Over You [MV]

Excuse me? I didn't even know they would make another MV for another song O__o

Ren.. shave? (0:46) Hahahaha wae u so funny pledis? He no have m2stasch xD But he could get.. If you know what I mean ;D

An Baekho omg, so cute!! Hahaha I don't think I saw him once not smiling with his mouth closed.
And to the MV. YES!!!! It was almost like one of those homemade MV's I love so much. It was like 50% MV and 50% something else ^^ And I totally understood the lyrics O__o because they had some english in it plus that the MV was very good at showing the story.

Plus that the song was cute as well, SO I LIKE IT!! :D

NU'EST picture thing style

Don't know really what to call these things, "Day Dream gifs?" "Freaky fangirl imaginations"  well let's skip that part... as you probably know it's Minhyun's birthday today so let's dedicate this post for him, gosh I sound so lame right now XD
My first try:
Lol the irony... Minhyun all over again, but seriously these kind of stuff should be called  "Freaky fangirl imaginations" do you know how big my grin was?! I even scared myself this is the result of our messed up minds >____>


 image  image  image




NU'EST - Action [1st Mini Album]

Not Over you
Happy Birthday

Aww ;___; Happy birthday was so pretty... but, okay I may sound harsh now but their voices didn't feel "right". I didn't quiver nor did I hear anything special in their voices even if it was a ballad. The song was sweet and beautiful but nothing that made me go all jdfndsak.
The song Sandy was a bit weird O____O Dunno why but it only felt weird XD but Not Over You was good and Action was awesome!
The whole "structure" in Action was exactly like Face, I hope that their next comeback song will be a bit different otherwise I liked thier mini album OwO Howeve I'm a bit sceptical right now about buying their album...

NU'EST - Action [MV]

I just wanna cry TT_TT I can't listen to this right now so I'll write some more stuff about it later~
Update: So now I can write some stuff XD I've got to admit the song is really good I'm fangirling by myself over how pretty they are O_O I'm really fascinated over how charismatic Ren is, it's like he was born to be a camerawhore. No just kidding hahaha XD
I also love that even in their comeback NU'EST still had that... NU'EST feeling. Well I hope you know what I mean =_= It's the same with B.A.P
However there's just one little thing that I'm "#%#%" over and I'm not only implying on NU'EST now, but on every idol out there and that is I want something "new". I want an awesome MV! The best ones are probably Sunny Hills those are some unique stuff. Or Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth sense, Abracadabra, Cleansing Cream. So I'm just waiting on a group that'll schock everyone!

NU'EST - Action [1 min Teaser]

Kekeke I love Pledis ent. Woke up a minute ago so this was a good start ^o^

The song is REALLY good! O_O I fell for it right away. And I love how they managed to make  a MV from their teaser picture *cough SM.. cough*  The first part gave me that opera feeling with the music or the whole teaser gave me that opera feeling~
Gonna buy their album if it's good :D (y)

NU'EST - Action [Teaser]

Aw mai god HYPE!!!! This is some good s**t! Their comeback will be more awesome than their debut!! :D The members didn't undergo any "brutal" makeovers at all, or not that much. Ren looks beautiful as always and the rest of them is just !"%"!"@£$ ^3^
I love that they whispered the group name in the end. Finally I know how to pronounce that group name >_> ME and Bo always thought of "Newest"
Also found a funny comment:
Hahahahaha lol XD for the first time I saw a translation in that description box ;'D


NU'EST rumoured to have a comeback soon?

There are a lot rumours around the rookie group NU'EST right now (You know the one who had a kickass debut this year? XD). Well, one of them is that they'll have a comeback around July-August with a summer inspired album/look but they'll still have the feeling from their FACE concept XD I don't even know what I'm writing about... >__>

Apparently they'll get a new makeover, but I like them as they are right now u_u AND The second rumour about their new makeover is that Ren will maybe go back to having brown hair~ Yes, he had brown hair before they dyed it and I'm not 100% sure but he'll maybe go back to beeing brown again ^^
So cute! ToT well ehm... I would've looked like a hideous monster high on crack if you placed me beside him -_-
My point is that he's cute no matter what kind of hair color he has XD

NU'EST (Love is in the air)

So what you di that you press the "Prnt Scrn" button. Then if you have paint or something like that you go in there, press ctrl + v and then you have your own love story with someone from NU'EST!!! xD I got this:

Yeah.. I only have one thing in response

Hahahahha JR, I wanted you to be my love T_T

NU'EST - Face Album

NU, Establish, Style, Tempo


I'm sorry

Geez I don't know how I forgot to upload their "album". Or truth to be told I didn't even know that they had an album to that extend. I thought they where like any other rookie groups, releasing a song and do a comeback later. But they had 2 extra songs however Face will be the best one no matter what. ^_^
You can clearly hear Ren's voice in I'm sorry, it really sticks out. So yeah here you have NU'EST album? Mini album? Über mini album?

NU'EST ELLE Girl Magazine Photoshoot

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

NU'EST Elle girl Magazine! - nuest photo

Ending with one of the most cutest gifs ever TT_TT

Ren! - nuest photo

askfjbsakjfbaskfjcbaskf Baekho and Ren <3 Wonder how the fans will name the couples XD <-- totally interesting
Rekho? Khore? hehehe hard khore XD

Morover they also released the first episode on their reality show CLICK HERE to watch the first episode with ENG subs~

NU'EST I'm Sorry + FACE (live)

"FACE" is such an addicting song! And shesus, JR!!!!!!!!!!!! Is his name supposed to be "Junior" (because Jr. stands for junior ^^) or just basically "Jay Are"?

I don't get the punches Baekho is giving his fellow members at 1:58. First of all, he dosen't hit them with passion, he just walks there like "yeah.. hit, hit, hit. Whatever.." and that the others don't fall back as if they actually got hit? Yeah.. whatever -.-'

Other than that, NU'EST, come at me bros!!!!!! xD

NU'EST gonna do a reality show~

Woop woop~
I've been waiting for this somehow, they're like... B.A.P #2 XD
If a rookie group gets more populer then they'll get their own reality show but enough chat let's warch the teaser:

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Ren *trollface*~ Everyone looks so badass and then... Ren and his lollipop XD
JR he's... really beautiful O_O *drool* 
But I wonder if Ren really chose to have this image. You know to look like a girl or if it was something the company made him do to be more populer. Well that's a mystery~

Old clip on NU'EST :3


HAHAHAHAHHAAH!!! Their voices sounds so... mature and good in their debut song but in real life... everyone is in their puberty XD That reeaaally high pitched voice, especially JR, the heck ;'D

JR - A mix between Jonghyun (SHINee) & Mir
Ren - Kevin (U-kiss)
Baekho - Sunggyu (INFINITE)

That's all the look alike's I could find for now XD (Well maybe not in this clip but in their song FACE) And of course Aron took over the English part with the new site
Everyone else: *Trolololo*
But it's sick, everytime I see them I get depressed =__= SDJBSLDJSDLJ WE ARE AT THE SAME AGE!!! BUT ALSJBDFLSJBDL!!! ....

*brb running to a corner*

NU'EST - Face MV

0:13 BAEKHO- Main Vocals

0:20 Min Hyun - Main Vocals, Center

0:31 Ren Choi Minki - Mood Maker, Maknae

0:37 Aaron Kwak - Vocals Hometown: Los Angeles, California

1:03 JR Kim Jonghyun - Leader, Rapper, Dancer

Hahaha, sorry, but the kicking scene at 2:25 just looked so fake!
I don't really get the video. It feels like it's the entire school against them. And I honestly don't know when it's them or when it's.. not them. Haha, but I guess I'll learn with time ;P

And what's up with Ren.. like seriously, do they WANT us to think he's a shemale? O__o


update: Apparently there is members from tempest in this MV. Tempest is another (not yet debuted)
KPOP group from Pledis (Pledis is the name of the company NU'EST belongs too.)

UPDATE 2: OMG!! Look what it said in the info-box:

SWEDISH COMPOSER?!?! HOLY SH*T, I live in Sweden!!!! xD

NU'EST's Member Aron (teaser)

Ouf.. that car 8O

Hahahaha no, but only me who thought of B2ST's Kikwang those last 6 seconds? I guess it was because of those eyebrows. OH, did you guys btw know that I have a thing for eyebrows? It's not that big of a deal, but I really like thick eyebrows. And if they're darker then the haircolor.. AMAZING!

SHESUS, he was spekaing english in the video! Hahaha and very good english as well! But he probably don't speak that well IRL. None of the korean men do.. Except for U-KISS members xD

What he said: "This is a story about a dwarf and a giant, but its gonna end, just like David and Goliath. Keep up with my pace, if you can. Don't lag, Wile E. Coyote, cause I'm Road Runner, Fast !"

Hahaha read it on youtube. Thought it was a joke at first, but then I listened to what he said. Interesting...

Update: He's half American, he lived in California before, stupid... -.- <-- BO


Uh-hu now I'm seriously fangirling, dunno why... I'm really really really really looking forward to this group. :D Muhahahahaha!!


JR - 8 June 1995 (Leader)

Baekho - 21 July 1995

Minhyun - 9 August 1995

Ren - 3 November 1995 (makne)

Aron - 21 May 1993

Are you freaking kidding me?! It's 3 who's born 1995 You can see how the age is going down for every group that debuts. Last year was the year of 1993 and this year...
But the most depressing thing is that those 3 guys are even older than me TT_TT

Dear mom...


// B.R.A

OMO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I SAW WRONG IT'S 4!! 4 WHO'S BORN IN 1995. THE FREAKING LEADER IS 17!!! Or 16 now but... THAT GUY UP THERE IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD! WAEEE!!?!?! *brb dying and crying in a corner*

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