Woop Woop~~!!! It's Double A's anniversary today and so far they've only released "Going Crazy" and one single. It's a shame that they're unknown but soon guys... soon... They also released a youtube clip for their fans yesterday but Joowon isn't there

Double A - Teasaer photos

Oh damn Joowon's teaser photot was just ... O__O
I'm a bit confused over their comeback because they're uploading things here and there. I thought they already had their comeback (they released a MV a few weeks ago) but apparently they haven't ê___ê

AA (Double A) - AGEHA Dance [MV]

This track is co-produced by ‘Aoora & Frankie A.’ who both have a long working history with the group. They were inspired by “AGEHA“, the biggest dance club in Japan, so they created this track.

The music video was shot by the AA members themselves and also edited by member Aoora.

As you patiently wait for their official comeback, check out the MV for “AGEHA Dance” below.
- Allkpop

OOOOH, so this isn't their actual comeback? haha I see. And this sounds promesing. I like those kind of MV's ^^

Not the best "home-made" video out there, BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE! And they're finally back! I honestly never had a huge crush on these guys, but they belong to my "I just started with kpop"-era. So that's pretty special.. ^^
The song was.. ok. I'm not really thinking about putting it in my phone. It's good, but not that good O__o

But omg, the guy with that hair?! I hope you know what guy I'm talking about..

Yes, the guy with the rainbow on his head. Hahaha that is so freakin' cool!! I want that xD But I always wear a hat.. so that's kind of pointless ^^ But still..

Anyone here who is fangirling over their comeback?

AA comeback!!!

I'm like what the heck dude?! I've been seriously stalking AA 345678123 years and I haven't been able to snatch anything about a comeback and all of a sudden allkpop starts to troll around and writes a big fat essay on their comeback XD *inside rage* Well not really I'm actually really hyped!!! They'll have a comeback soon :D

"We always appreciate all of you who have been patiently waiting for AA’s comeback. Not to let you disappoint, AA and all staffs are hardworking and finally we are 100% ready to comeback! So there are a few things to let you know.

First of all, it’s about “AGEHA DANCE”. Music Video of “AGEHA DANCE” will release soon, before the official comeback. (The song will also release after a couple of weeks, with title song.)

“AGEHA DANCE” is co-produced by ‘Aoora & Frankie A.’ who have been always working with. They were inspired by “AGEHA”, the biggest dance club in Japan, so they created this amazing song. (As you already knew, AA was invited by “DAISHI DANCE” to perform in there last summer.) The video will release on AA’s Official YouTube Channel at 11PM, October 2nd.

To get much closer to W, the video of “AGEHA DANCE” was shoot as self-camera of AA members. (Especially Aoora edited the video on his own.)

Second, we want to let you know that some teaser videos will release from October 8th until the comeback. 20 teaser videos will be uploaded on AA’s Official YouTube Channel. They are preview for 12 songs, and watching the video, you can get to realize when the comeback D-Day is. So you should check every detail in them!

But you should know that the title song of AA is never included in teaser videos. It is totally brand new style that can take you to another level. (Trust me! :-D)

Most of all, it’s about time for AA to come back to all of you. Please notice that AA is finally ready to return. AA has been patiently waiting and hardworking to meet W again, just like W did. This is the moment that we all have been waiting for. So AA want W to come back again and show the greatest love and support ever.

We will be back soon with new things to notice. Please wait until then with passionate attention and love for AA. Thank you for reading this long notice."




What. The. Heck. did I just read?! 20 freaking teasers o________________o I don't know if I'm that hyped anymore... XD Wanted to write "JK" but I'm serious here. Why?! Waeee?! Do you guys want to bring up those harsh memories during EXO's debut?!

Oh well... I have to admit it does sound interesting. They've been in Japan for so long now and they're finally home I bet that their whole album will be Japan inspired :3


Let's wait and see guys... wait and see... >___>



Some pictures of AA in Japan :3

For you who don't know who AA (Double A) is.. search for them XD They're a group who debuted with a song called "Going crazy" (?) And I've been seriously waiting for a comeback now... However there aren't any news about them having a comeback yet but I saw some pictures that were uploaded on fb during their time in Japan. Or maybe they're in Japan now O_O

Happy 100-day anniversary AA~

Debut 100 Days Anniversary
Music Remix and Video Made & Directed by AoorA

So freaking cute TT__TT Kimchi <3 XD
Good Job Aoora that guy knows his shit ^^ And like I said before "If they just removed Woosang's makeup a bit then he'll look really good" and all I have to say is ASFGSDKGNDSLGK!! Just look at him! O_O


Well sorry for the weird update today, yeah we've been dead xd No but we weren't really able to do many post today. But everything will be fine tomorror ^__^

AA comeback!

Haha, another group to have a comeback in February!!!! xD
I really liked their debut song 'So Crazy' and I'm really looking forward to their comeback! :D

Song: So Crazy (debut song)
Group: AA (Double A)

Über happy ^__~

Huhuhuhu waiting eagerly!~ I seriously LOVE their song Because I'm crazy, I listen to it EVERY day... feel like a freak -.-'
They're pretty talented. They write and make the choreography themsleves. Well they did it in their debut song (I think XD)

I seriously dare someone do that "doin-it-on-the-floor" move...

I always wonder how they think when they film the choreography... no just look at it. One of them have an ear muff, one have a wierd mask on the face and the third have a freaking autumn jacket -___-' The only one having okay cloths are Kimchi and Ho-ik *look at the arm muscles hohoho*

That's a really good way of describing it! Because... yeah I always thought of the little more opposite and... never mind! But he does look like a pure diva O__o even more than key heh...

AA bomb!!

aa-woosang:  sleep well ma bebe …. see u in ma dream&#160;?! zzzz Bye, goodnight?! ㅋㅋ Goodnight Kimchi, goodnight Oora hyung&#160;!! Jajangjajan ~~ yfrog.com/nxbd7gvj


Are they really practicing? Ò__ó


kpopboyzlove:  kimchi twitter

There's Soooooooooooo many pictures on them but now I can't find them -.-

Extra: Two types of greetings


Best friends:

Hahahahahahhahah BO XD *facepalm* If you saw our way of greeting each other X'3


AW MAI GOD! Aoora and Kimichi BROMANCE FTW!!! *crying rivers* TT___TT <-- will give you the real deal!


*Sounds like Seyoung in the beginning of Message*
hahaha XD no lifer...


Hahahaha mindfuck... X'3
Well I actually have some comments *careface*

#1 I was finally happy that every member from this group had the same amont of "singing parts" (except for the second rapper he could've gotten a few more lines)  otherwise me are happy ^^ (Not like MYNAME where Chaejin has 4 lines and 3 seconds camera time -.-)

#2 Reminded me a lot of MBLAQ's Stay when they where on that red heart thing part... O_o

#3 The maknae's voice *crying rivers* so pretty... it's almost like Jang Geun Suk's...

The MV was released 2 days ago...


Finally AA made their stage debut like today? Now?

I'm sorry hahahahhahahahahahah you made my day ^w^
I'm not claiming that he's ugly or anything but he's somehow... creepy... he doesn't really "pull-off" that heavy eyeliner. It makes him look wierd... He's the only one in the group with such a heavy makeup. If they removed it everyting would probably look... better o.o

you know it's pretty funny how I always have this ehh "stuckness" among maknae's. I always get interested on te maknae and the leader.
When I first heard SHINee = Taemin
MYNAME = Chaejin
2PM = Chansung
INFINITE = Don'trememberhisname + the leader

And now....

AA = Ho-ik the true maknae... he was the one with the angel voice U__U No matter what I'm always stuck to these maknae's. I thought tha Kimchi would have it so the link/chain/thread could brake or whatsoever. . . <-- Three miserable dots ;___;
Well ehat to do...

It's pretty impressive Aoora is the one who has coposed/produced this song and Woosang is the choreographer. He has also made choreographies for Super Junior and.. anothergroupIdon'tremeber
Well congratulations for you guys! Looking forward to your success... ^^ mohahaha XD

Here it is!

Really thankful for this one! ^w^

Aoora - My gosh he seems cool X'3 Have to luuv that hair...!
He's 25 O_O . . .

Woosang - It just doesn't look right... XD HAHAHAHHAAHAH!

Juwon/Joowon? Different everytime... (L) and Ho-ik - Geez he doesn't look like the maknae O.o


Wanted Aoora to be the leader... dissapointed B.R.A TT__TT

Me didn't know TT__TT

I will write a post about their birthdays later... For you stalkers hohoho XD (including me...)
I thought the blondie was the maknae TT__TT *le sadface*

There's a lot of groups that doesn't "make the oldest member the leader" these days... well I can only think of MYNAME for now...

HAPPY FACE! new group...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I posted a new group just a few hours ago in the morning (taadaa~)
Bo you really had to text me  and say that there's a new group eeeeeyyy -.-'

If I get tired of these rookie groups, yes!
If I like them, it depends!
If I like this one, me don't know!

They actually debuted a few days ago O.O YAH! DO YOU KNOIW HOW HARD IT WAS TO FIND ANNNYYYTHING ABOUT THEM?! NOT A SINGLE PICTURE (okey fine just a few... but no group picture... okey maybe 2 or 3...) OR EVEN THEIR SONG!!!

*sight~* Give it up fooooooor:

AA (Double A)

After 500 years I finally found their debut song, audio too -.-'
When I heard a bit, it didn't really give me that WOOOW! feeling but after listening to the whole song... I heard a Suju frase from Sorry Sorry hahahaha X'D (1:15)
And I also heard a wonderful voice, an angels voice... ~.~ *shineeee* (Not SHINee , shine o.o) I'm dying to know who's voice that is TT___TT Make a MV! NOWW!!!

The membah's!

I actually got stuck on the maknae XD he really look like Young Saeng (SS501 it's his birthday today ^w^)
It's the blonde duuudeee ;D They say that he has a dark voice and he's the lead singer ^^ (wierd...), maybe the angel voice ~.~ *shineee x2*

After searching for 900 years!! I finally gathered all the members name

Aoora - Leader
- Maknae (the blonde one) SOO COOOL!! HAHAH THE STAGE NAME XDD Kimchi...

I don't know who's who -__-'

BUT!! There's another reason why I like this group! They don't really have any look alikes (except for the maknae) It feels like in every other rookie groups, the company had to pick these new look alike people from these bigger & famous groups to make a new one... did you get that?! O_o

On the previous (new) group post I said that at least 4 new groups will popp up during this month... I bet a new one will come tomarrow X'3

Well although there's a lot of rookie groups that has debuted this year MYNAME, BLOCK B, N:SONIC and maybe AA is my favorite rookie group for this year ^^ But we will see... we will see... *dark-face*

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