In Honor of Taemin's Birthday


SHINee & EXO - Lucifer & Sherlock [Dance Practice]

There is too much going on!! In the beginning, the guy in the red hood.. poor guy dancing with the wall xD And Taemin in the smiley shirt when he spreads his legs (0:11). Then the guy at 0:38 who still hasn't gone to the wall, when he is at the wall and SHINee comes against him.. hahaha he looks like he's going to get raped! xD

I like this.. too bad it wasn't longer ^^

SHINee - 1000 Year, Always By Your Side [MV]

Oh wat is dis? XD SHINee has seriously been going all-in during these months. First Sherlock and now 2 japanese comebacks is a row... they had a japanese comeback 2 months ago, literally.
That awkward moment when you thought that the song would be a really sad-badass ballad one. I haven't seen their teaser for this either XD But yeah there's probably a really sweet and sad story behind the MV but I didn't get a shit >__> The only thing I got was that SHINee was those 5 black cats outside the window. I think... 
Did the dad die or? asdfghjkl *retard* Have to find out the story one day XD Or are SHINee those death-time catcher something -___- Okay I give up :_____;
Secondly... dude... you can never wake up so perfectly after an operation like the little kid did. I got a operation when I was around 6-7 years old and I felt like a dry poop when I woke up XD
But the song itself was... okay. I fangirled more on sherlock but this was nice to hear... *lost on words*

SHINee - Dazzling Girl [MV]

OMG LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH XD  Me and Tudou aren't really bff's since 2 years ago so it took me over 40 minutes to actually watch the MV and 15 minutes to find the html address >__> Why haven't SM uploaded this yet?
I was seriously in daze for 4 minutes and 12 seconds *dazzling guuurl*~ Their pronounciation was really good on "Dazzling girl" I thought that they would have a really bad accent but it was really good (Y) Minho and Taemin didn't really have so many lines, especially Taemin but everything was compensated through their massive camera time. 
I'm in a fangirl mode here because everyone looks so good O__O Especially Taemin! Damn boy what happened?! I LOVE his hairstyle in this MV, it's probably his best style so far BUT Onew... what the heck was that?!
Wae are you having a pot on your head boy?! =___=
And Jonghyun was the only one wearing a vest, flashing his muscels here and there *not complaining* XD
I really liked the dance during the chorus when they jumped here and there. It made me smile like a little freak but it entertained me at the same time X''D
It was awefully good for a Japanese song so good job (Y) I feel like a proud mom ;w;
                               I notice some Keyho? Minkey? (heck with OTP names...) moment there >:3

SHINee - Dazzling Girl [Teaser]


I’m a bit late with this but ehh what the heck…

This was just wow! HAHAHAHA I sat there all focused on the chick watching herself in the mirror and then BAM everyone in SHINee came and throw themselves everywhere *wobble* *wobble* XD But the dance looked really awesome! And their concept now is somehow new but old. You start to think of “Hello” because of that cuteness but it isn’t a 100% cuteness. It’s more like cool-cute >__> and I like it!


For the fangirl part: OMFG ASDKFAJSDHJHSAB THEY'RE SO PRETTY AND HOT!!!! Taemin has *pfffft* changed soooo much since their debut XD Mushroom hair...

I’ve also been dreaming about SHINee lately *random* It feels weird… apparently they know how to speak Swedish in my dreams ê____ê


If I ain’t wrong the MV or “PV” will be released October 10th so shawols’, be patient~




BoA - Only One [LIVE ft.. someone you like]

It's Taemin who is the secret guset ^^ And it's so smart putting these two dance-machines together. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THEM MOVE!!! It's just to bad she's lip syncing. But I guess I understand since she's dancing very intese and it would just sound bad (even if she sings great) because of all the movements. But yes, this song is slowly growing on me xD

Jonghyun & Taemin, all fans go crazy!!!


My bad, this is like gold!! Oh my sweet mother of God!!! WHAT IS THIS?!!!!! WHY AM I SO EXCITED?!?!?!?!?! Taemin is stealing my man, but it's ok?!?!!!

I need to find the whole video OMG...

This video will have to do for now.. O__o



No I haven't forgotten them yet but I just wanted to sit alone writing this... okay I'm always alone so that was a really bad excuse =_= Well back to the point, believe it or not SHINee are a really important group for me even if I don't pay that much attention towards them in our blog. Without them kpop wouldn't be a big part of my life nor BO's.
SHINee debuted May 25th 2008 with their first mini album Replay.
They were the first group I ever payed interest toward to and I got so freaking fascinated when I first saw their dance version of Lucifer. Okay Taemin's long hair and shirt made me all mindfucked so I had so search more. And THAT'S when I started to fall for kpop.

So HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!! It has probably been 4 amazing years for all the Shawols. I hope that you'll keep beeing awesome and dorky <3

Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho & Lee Taemin~ ♥






Wanting Minho blonde?

I saw a picture on Minho beeing blonde and went all "NO WAY?! HAS HE BEEN BLONDE BEFORE?! When...?" O_O But no he hasn't... it was just a photoshoped pictures fans made. A matter of fact a lot of fans has made photoshoped pictures on Minho beeing blonde. And a lot of fans want him to turn blonde as well... I have to say it looks good, REALLY good ÔuÔ

Check it out:


So what do you think? kasfksjdfbs pwetty right? ಠυಠ
SM should seriously consider to color his hair blonde because he fits in it soo freaking well!!! The first picture made me just melt and die...

RIGHT! I bet that SHINee, f(x) and Hana Kimi fans already knows this but IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! Minho and Sulli
are going to play the lead roles in the Korean version of Hana Kimi!!!
I really love the Japanese version so I hopa the Korean will be awesome as well, AND MINHO WILL KISS SULLI trolololololololololoolswdoignvasodj >____________>

Jonghyun's "schkhg" + SHERLOCK dance lesson

NOOOOOOOO idea how to spell that. But SHINee's Jonghyun always does that weird noise. Why? O__o

Jonghyun.. so cute! That's why you're my bias in SHINee xD Among other reasons..

You can hear that "schkhg"-sound he does at 1:32. Haha, he does that like all the time!!!!!!! Does anybody know why? Would love to know ^^
So PLEASE, if you know, tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D

Did you know that...

Apparently Taemin has abs . . . O____O

It's somehow half...

I was like:

After a while I realised that it surely was amazing! (<-- Taemin having abs) so the reaction turned into that *points up* to this:

then I realised that... this post didn't make sense at all:

And 5 minutes later my mom called and said that I had to boil some potatoes I was like:



 <-- omma

But now I'm like

I'm gonna have a hectical week (3 tests this week, gonna do one now, 2 homeworks, 1 essay and a project that need to be filmed)



SHINee - Sherlock & Stranger (live on Music Core)




It must be hard to hear the fans sing with you. It would make me lose focus and sing at the wrong time if they sang when I sang xD But they sounds great!! Remember how they sounded last year? O__o I saw a clip of them singing Lucifer and gosh.. that was horrible ;w; They all looked so tired and they couldn't really hit the notes etc. But not they're back, stronger than ever!!!!

What's up with Taemin's skirt? xD Firts Bi Rain, then Thunder from MBLAQ (Mona Lisa) and now Taemin. I bet you there has been others with the same type of "skirt" ^^

WELCOME BACK SHINee!!! (not that you guys were ever gone.. ^^)

SHINee - Sherlock (dance ver.)

Gosh, the move at 0:21.. HDASLAREBGWÅAW!!!!!! xD (when they all make a pose and just stay there for like a second) And I also like this whole "domino" thing where one of them starts doing a move, then the person next to him does the same and then the person next to him starts doing it and so on.

Anyone knows if they've performed this on like Inkigayo yet or something? O__o

PS. Anyone else noticed Onew's fail at 0:31? xD

SHINee - SHERLOCK!!!!!! (MV)

SPAZZ, OMG brb *dying*

OKEY, and I'm back! It was amazing!! The beginning was soooo hot and öFKJASEkdjDk!!! However I got one thing I didn't like.

I didn't really like how they styled the guys. It's not bad, but they looked much better before. And be honest, didn't Taemin look a bit... funny at 2:53? And remember how I said that Key was the hot one now? Well not anymore -.-' Why didn't they let the hair be as it was in the teaser photos? O__é Sure, his hair was okey at the end, but still. Yet the girl looked beautiful! BTW, did you know that the girl is SNSD's Jessica? xD

TAEMIN!!! You don't sound like a girl anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D
Why didn't Minho get as much screentime as everyone else? TT_TT
What's up with the "Most Beautiful Girl In The World" thing? ^^
And Jessica totally helped them to find the Jewelry, so I think she should get some credit to! xD

Okey, mixed emotions, but overall it was AWSOME!!

SHINee's 4th mini album "Sherlock"

Why is everyone releasing ther 4th mini album? xD

01. Sherlock

02. Clue

They sound... the same? O__o

OHHHH.. Makes sence ^^ Thank you yuinyanfromhell!!! xD

03. Note

Now where have I heard this song before? O__o maybe in a teaser? Haha, can't really remember. No.. yeah it's probably from a teaser! xD

04. Alarm Clock

05. The Reason

Really liked this intro.. and the song in general ^^

06. Stranger

SHINee's version of "FANTASTIC BABY"? xD But this song was also pretty good ^^
"ola la la la la la LA!!~" (0:11) and "ooooh oooh ooh oh. OOOHOOOH. OH~" (0:22) and the part after the "OH" right before the chorus was awsome. That's probably going to be stuck in my head now xD

07. Honestly

Aaaaww~ I love guitar songs <3
Love the fact that this mini album had everything! A "dance"-song (Stranger), a guitar-song, a typical "SHINee"-song (Sherlock), a pepp-song (Note) and some slow songs ^^

SHINee's Sherlock Audio

For you who wanted to hear it ^_~

Aww these boys are seriously back *cries* TT_TT
As I said before this song really reminds me of their debut days, wonder if the whole album will do it :3

It's kinda weird as a kpop freak (I know it's fan but freak sounds so much better) you're able to tell which song "belongs" to which group. For example this is a typical SHINee song, you just know it. Something that we call
sisxth sense >:3

That's why I got so confused when Big Bang released their mini album Alive, it didn't give a typical Big Bang feeling at all (except for Fantastic Baby) But I'm not saying it as something bad, their mini album is awesome and they must be the first group (for me) that breaks that weird "group-song-feeling"

Okay sucky explanation here...

As BO said: "The awkward moment when Key became the hottest one in the group" True... but Taemin didn't look bad at all in the teaser :O

SHINee's Sherlock MV Teaser

ASFJVCASDLJBASDF I've been spamming youtube right now!!!
You know I haven't really been hyped or fangirling over SHINee's comeback but this made me go DKADDALJBA especially that "SHINee is back..." that dance~ >__>
The song reminded me a combo between Love like oxygen and Juliette


What is this? O___o - New teaser(?) photo

Saw this picture on tumblr. IT'S A NEW PICTURE???? Because they have those new hairstyles that we... love so much ^^ To be honest, they kind of ruined Jonghyun TT_TT. He fits better in longer hair. But he's still a sexy little t-rex xD

Plus that they were recently spotted outside:

Jonghyun, heeeeere you look like that charming guy you are! Actually, they all look good here! Haha, maybe it's just the styling on all the teasers they've done that made them look like they did ^^

To see more pictures of them outside (photos taken yesterday) you can click here.

SHINee - Sherklock (Dance Teaser)

Hahahha Key.. keymera! Of course he found the camera and had to stand infront of it xD But damn.. It's almost like Key is the hot one now in SHINee!!!!!!! O__o

Anywho, the dance. That's the dance they showed us in the teaser photo!! xD

Buuut.. they danced the other way in the clip? Like Onew's fingers are pointing right, Key's and Taemin's were pointing left. I guess it's just the camera ^^

SHINee - Sherlock (Teasers)

Here you have what the song "Sherlock" sounds like:

JONGHYUN!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSED YOU!! xD Haha that mini heartattack you get at 0:26.
And his shirt.. isn't that from GD and TOP's "High High"? Or maybe it's just the playboy's mansion rabbit ^^

SHINee's back. back. back. back~

And then we have a teaser photo for their upcoming MV!!

It's getting closer! Their comeback.. it's their comebaxk that's getting closer xD

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