Remember this group??? M.I.B (most incredible busters. Not men in black -.-) Hahaha I used to obsess over this group, but don't know what happened after their song "Only Hard For Me". Hmm.. not that I look back, it was only 4 months ago xD It wasn't really my favorite song from them, but after listening to it a few times (just like all the other songs) it grew on me.

My favorite song though is without any doubt "Celebrate"

WHY SO LITTLE VIEWS?!?!?!?! Come on, this song is amazing and so is the MV!!! It's so fun to watch you know ^^
No more rage, this should be a happy post O__o

So today, it has been exactly one year since they released their song "G.D.M" (girls drink money). No wait.. it was released yesterday.. minus a year?! Hahaha waaaah, I'm one day late!!

Well happy 1 year anniversary you guys!!! Apparently they'll make a combeack in november as well. Good, I MISS YOU GUYS!! I actually do ^^

Don't Forget MIB Livestream Today!!

Drop by June 26th, 2012 at 10:00PM EST (You Can Convert Times Here (EST – North America) to watch M.I.B answer your questions LIVE on our special event page. Oh, did I also mention 5 lucky winners will be picked from our forums to receive an autographed CD? - Allkpop

(So if it's at 10:00PM in Korean time, that would mean 3:00PM in Sweden and 9:00AM for you guys in the East Coast of USA)

And the link to the Livestreaming.. thingy: http://www.allkpop.com/exclusive-mib-live-stream-only-on-allkpop
I can't see them even if I really want to because I have wrok :/ But I'm telling you guys, these guys ARE good!! So give them a chance!! :D

Haha it's just so funny how they went frm this:

To this:

I remember when I heard this song. I was like WTF? hahah I thought you guys were gangsters!! Haha noo, but really a 180° change ^^

But my favorite is their song "Celebrate".. as you may know ^^

M.I.B - Only Hard For Me [MV]

This MV was out a couple of days ago (May 29th), but better late than never xD

So the song.. yeah.. not my style. But the guys are 8D Hohohiheho~ No but I always saw M.I.B as this swag group, and then they come around with this song. That really surprised me..

The MV is good, not great but not bad either.

0:12 - KangNam

0:42 - 5Zic

1:27 - Cream

1:48 - Sims

So I liked the two blonde ones (5Zic & Cream). Hehe just so you know xD
Actually, now after I've listened to the song 2-3 times, it's not that bad anymore. It's still not my style, but I don't mind listening to it ^^

M.I.B - Only Hard For Me [MV Teaser]

Remember M.I.B? Men in black? haha naaah, don't really know what it stands for.
Most Incredible Busters, thank you WIKI xD (Omg.. it even said Most Incredblablabla on the Teaser haha!)
But we have a category on our blog just for M.I.B if you want to check it out?! ;D

Anywho, I don't really know when they'll have their comeback.. but here's a teaser! 8D

O__o I think I saw Block B's Zico at 0:17 haha. But it sounded.. very soothing. Not that hype I thought this group would aim for, but it's not that bad. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when the MV gets out ^^

M.I.B - Celebrate (1min ver.)

It looks so much fun throwing colors at eachother! xD Poor girl though, not being able to throw back O_o

This looks like such a great song. The MV looks so awsome and fun and I loved the song, even though it was only like 50-55sec. long ^^ M.I.B will release their comeback album 'Celebrate' tomorrow (April 5th) and give a comeback performance on M Countdown.

M.I.B - Celebrate [Comeback Teaser]

well look at that... yeah what to say I don't really listen to this group >_> But I'm gonna do it now so we'll see if they're gonna be a favourite. But they are once again one of those 3897643278 rookie groups that debuted last year.

Oh my kasbhdfjsdbfsjahf! faq! I seriosly thought that he was a woman... then I saw the teaser. For god sake this is even more confusing that Ren. This picture just broke the record O_O

M.I.B at "Will I Am in Seoul"

Remember when I told you guys I would post M.I.B's performance up here? xD

Hahaha, Don't know if this counts, but there isn't any other videos out there yet. But this felt more like a club then a concert. Maybe it wasn't a concert? O__o And they all looked hot, you know, because it sounded like hip hop and they did hip hop moves! xD

Guy + Hip Hop = HOT
(even if he's really not, as long as he goes Hip Hop he can hip hop into my heart.. C WHAT I DID THERE? xD)

M.I.B to open for Will.I.Am

Black Eyed Peas's Will.I.Am is going to hold a concert in Seoul called "Will I Am in Seoul".. makes sence ^^

Anywho, the opening act will be held by M.I.B
Remember them? xD B.R.A did a "G.Y.H.H.O" about them (click here)

Song: G.D.M
Group: M.I.B

Not such a bad song, eh? xD But the "girls drinks money" is weird and the grammar.. is not correct. Girls drinkS money? Hahaha, but it's not like I was expecting 100% english grammar (truth is.. I don't even have 100% english grammar O.o)

OHHHHHHHHH, hahaha if you look at the comments it says that it's supposed be "Girl Dreams Money" not drink. But.. that must mean.. that their english sucks!! Sorry, as I've said before, just keeping it real ;)

So yes. The concert will be held on February 29th. That's tomorrow O__o Guess I'll post the video of their performance then! Until then.. STAY HEALTHY! ^^

M.I.B - Music

I know that M.I.B is a new KPOP group that debuted on October 25, but I found some videos with each member singing. Solo. So I thought that I would post them up!!!

Artist: Cream (M.I.B)
Song: Do U Like Me

Don't know why, but this song reminds me soo much of USA. It might be because it sound like every other American music you hear on the radio. Hhaha, but I liked it ^^

Artist: 5Zic (M.I.B)
Song: Beautiful Day
This was actually also a very god song. It's like nothing I've heard of before. It's... unique! And it does not really sound like KPOP O.o

Artist: SIMS (M.I.B)
Song: Hands Up
This song was.. not as good as the other two. It's was not so catchy and the melody was not so good either.
Artist: KangNam (M.I.B)
Song: Say My Name
This was not a great song either, but at least it's better then 'Hands Up' ^^ It actually got a bit better at the end. But it's supose to be great from the beginning. And did he really kiss that girl in the MV?! Okey, dumb question. But still.. that's, almost never been done before?! Hahha, just hope that the girl won't get to much haters ^^

These were all uploaded on October 2011. Sooo, which song did you like best? Presonally I liked 'Beautiful day' the best!!! :D

BIG FAT *sigggghhhhtt!* another new group...


Okay ehm, it isn't just me RIGHT?! That's starting to get tired over these new groups that plopp up EVERYWHERE!
I fear for next year TT^TT

This time it's..


They also debuted a few days ago
here's the stage performance:

Before watching any groups stage performances I always listen to their MV first (to get the "good" impression)
And they aren't that bad actually. A pure hip hop group, not a pop group.
It reminded me a lot of T-ara's Roly Poly and Justin Timberlake's my love X'D <---- Dunno how I find these similies . . .

Love their lyrics, they have these ehh.. "wierd" messages behind them, and their not saying say girls dreams money. It's girls drinks money.

Bo and B.R.A style yeaaah!~~ XD .. or not

Well thumbs up for M.I.B even if I get confused, tired and ASDLKFD for all the new groups that popps up.
It's a competition on how to get populer, right?
85% of them will either be B-groups that only a few knows or even disband, while 25% of them will eventually make it to the top like SHINee, MBLAQ, Suju etc.
(For example) 2PM that I like, they haven't really reached the top like those groups *points up* but they are somehow on their way.

SO KEEEEEP FIGHTIIIING!!! <-- cheerleading voice

Ohh! I also read that they were said to be debuting with the most expensive debut album, 1.7 million USD

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